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Cutie Men & Slutty Guys by Gummibear Queen

Chapter 1

Hi sorry not updated "Hey Rob I know you want my ass anything good on TV?" for a while, have had my thesis to finish and then had to stalk Linkin Park as they toured the UK, so have been mad busy.

Anyway here is something new. "Hey Rob..." will be updated sometime this weekend

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Thanks to Jackie for the title.

For Jo (Wedge)


“Is he kinky?”


“You know what they say about the shy and quiet ones, is he dirty?”


“Come on Mike, I wont say anything. You can’t just announce that you once had a thing with him and expect me not to ask questions. Spill!”

“Sorry I don’t kiss and tell.”

“I didn’t ask about his kissing I want to know if he’s a good fuck.”

“Who’s a good fuck?” Dave interrupted on walking into the front of the bus joining Mike and Chester at the table.


“Chester!” Mike yelled in annoyance at the blonde singer.

“You slept with Rob?” Dave’s face fell in disbelief, staring at Mike.

“It seems that they had a thing years ago and he refuses to give me details” Chester announced glaring at Mike still expecting an answer.

“You slept with Rob?” Dave asked again angrier this time, his eyes meeting Mike’s only half wanting his question answered.

“Honey it was a long time ago” Mike reluctantly replied softly to his boyfriend.

“Honey?!” questioned Chester shocked by the little scene he was witnessing.

“You slept with Rob!”

“Baby it was before I knew you and I didn’t think you needed to know.”

“Baby?!” Chester yelled even more confused now but being ignored by the other two.

“Rob’s gay!?” the realization hitting Dave and sitting down at the table next to Mike.

“You two are together!?” Chester stood up and yelled wanting someone to notice he was in fact still there.

“Yes and…er…yes” Mike turned to Dave first the Chester answering each of their questions reluctantly.

“Dave, you’re gay?” Chester grinned. “Ouch! What did ya hit me for?”

“You knew he was gay.”

“You told him?” Dave crossed his arms and stared angrily at Mike

“He didn’t need telling sweetie” Mike stroked Dave’s arm trying to calm his mood.

“How long have you known?” He shrugged Mike off and turned to Chester.

“From the day I met you.”

“Did you know too?”

“Yep,” Mike nodded with a smile.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me?” Dave questioned the two vocalists in utter amazement that they knew and he didn’t.

“I’m pretty sure I did,” Chester laughed


“Well there were the times when I would grab your ass, tell you how cute you looked and then tell you that you were gay. Sometimes I whispered it to you on stage as I shoved my hard on in your side and then there was the time I caught you crying watching The Little House on the Prairie.” Chester listed trying to keep a straight face as Mike began giggling.


“Do you want me to go on?” Chester asked before joining Mike in laughter.

“No that’s enough. Stop laughing.”

“Sorry precious but it was kind of obvious” Mike reached a hand onto Dave’s leg and stroked, taking pleasure in teasing his boyfriend.

“If it was that obvious why did you wait until 4 months ago before you hit on me?”

“Well you had a girlfriend.”

“I wish you had told me and spared me that hell.”

“I thought you knew,” continuing his tickling under the table.

“No!!” Dave yelled at his boyfriend in embarrassment.

“You mean Mike getting into your bed and kissing you didn’t give you a sneaking suspicion that you might be into men?” Chester shrieked with laughter at Dave’s naïve behavior remembering the last tour when Mike would get into Dave’s bunk saying he had had a bad dream and somehow end up straddling and kissing him.

“Chester!” Mike yelled at his now ex-best friend that had difficulties keeping his mouth shut

“You told him that?”

“It was…er…his idea.”


“It was part of the master plan to get you into bed.”


“Actually you were already in bed, let’s just say Mike had this teensy weensy huge obsession with you and he had to make you his,” Chester giggled ignoring Mike’s warnings.


“Really?” Dave asked his boyfriend relieved that he was no longer the embarrassed person.

“It wasn’t an obsession.”

“Of course it wasn’t. Did he show you the Phiphi scrap book and read you any of the ‘Ode to Dave’ poems?” Chester laughed louder enjoying watching the emcee getting redder.


“You wrote me poems?” Dave asked softly forgetting who was embarrassed, taking Mike’s hand from his thigh, holding it and moving closer to him.



“Maybe just a few” Mike blushed as Dave kneeled up next to him and began kissing his neck.

“You have a book full of them, there are drawings too,” Chester giggled as Dave crawled on to Mike’s knee and into Mike’s welcoming arms.

“That’s so sweet baby”…kiss…“I’d”…kiss…“love”…kiss…“to”…kiss…“see”…kiss”… “them.”



“I’d say get a room but I’m enjoying the show” Chester giggled becoming aroused watching the two men kissing.

“Perve!” Mike shot at Chester briefly breaking the kiss.

“You know it baby. Can I join in?” Chester asked reaching under the table and running his hand up Mike’s leg.


“Don’t stop! How long have you two been together now anyway?” Chester protested refusing to leave the lovers alone.

“A few months” Mike answered as Dave sat back down next to Mike.

“5 months, 2 weeks and 4 days” Dave counted, gazing lovingly at Mike who blushed.

“God Mike you’re just full of naughty little secrets.”

“Speaking of secrets, Chester and I want to hear all about your bedroom adventures with the drummer boy.”

“There really isn’t anything to tell, it was a long time ago, we were young, I had just started college, he was still at school and we were both experimenting.”

“Oh how cute you lost your virginity’s to each other” Chester almost sang genuinely believing it was indeed cute.

“Well…er…he…er…lost his to me; I…er…lost mine to…er…Brad.”

“Brad!!!” Chester yelled in shock.

“Brad’s gay too?” Dave whispered also in shock but remembering Brad was in the back lounge playing a computer game with Rob and Joe.

“No Brad’s straight…God he will kill me if he knows you know…he…er…we were drunk and... er…it just sort of happened” Mike whispered back wishing he hadn’t said anything.

“HOW DOES” Chester began realizing he needed to be quiet “How does that “just sort of happen” with Brad?” he continued complete with air quotes and overly shocked look when he said ‘Brad’, the very very straight, Britney loving guitarist that didn’t drink.

“He knew I was into guys but hadn’t ever done anything with one and he was a little curious I guess. We were at a party, had a few beers, got to talking about sex and thought as we were best friends, had known each other a long time and could trust each other that it would be…er…nice…er…to do it together.”

“Fucking hell Mike is there anyone in this band you haven’t had sex with?”

“Er Mike that the part where you are supposed to say ‘yes I haven’t slept with Chester or Joe’.”

“Well I er-“

“You two have slept together?” Dave cut him off pointing at them both.

“This surprises you?” Chester shocked again by how innocent Dave could be.

“Actually no. When?”

“Several times, he’s my on tour fuck buddy,” Chester smiled seeing Mike getting pissed again.


“I mean he was, not on this tour anyway, but on the last tour…fuck…we were at it like fucking bunnies.”


“We christened every bunk, the back lounge, the studio bus…”


“…Rob’s drum kit, the hotel balcony…”

“You had sex in my bunk?”



“What? Oh god do you remember when Joe found a sticky wet patch and you actually convinced him he’d had a naughty dream? Fuck me that was funny, you told him you’d heard him moaning and that he had screamed out some girl’s name.”


“You had a comfy bed and ooo this explains the gay porn we found in your pillow case. So…er…how do you like my Mikey? Doesn’t he give the best blow jobs?”


“Don’t be bashful Mike you know you give great head, don’t you agree Dave?”

“It’s that thing he does with his tongue, damn strong muscle, I think its all the practice he gets moving it quickly when he raps.”


“Oh and the way he grazes you with his teeth. I hope he taught Rob that?” Chester added mostly to himself, fantasizing about the drummer knelt between his legs sucking him off.

“I am sitting right here you know,” Mike announced frustrated with his boyfriend and friend for being so crude and discussing him like a sex object.

“Well did you?”

“Did I what?”

“Teach Rob how to give great head.”

“I don’t remember.”


“Look I really don’t like talking about this stuff.” Mike liked to keep things private, his sexual conquests were for him alone to know. He was afraid of everyone finding out, it was no secret he had slept around but at least before his band mates all thought they had a special bond with him, now they would just think he was a slut!

“That means he’s bad?”

“Or maybe he’s really good and just doesn’t want you to feel bad” Chester smirked at Dave.

“Is he better than me?”

“He can’t be as good as me; no one is as good as me.”

“Chester you’re full of your self.”

“And some times at night yo-”

“Not anymore.”

“You were the submissive one?” surprised, Dave turned to his dominant boyfriend.


“Sometimes!” Chester protested “We took equal turns.”

“You were submissive!” still very surprised Dave looked intently at his lover who was fidgeting.

“What you thought I would be!?!” Chester yelled finding the idea that anyone could think he was submissive utterly ridiculous. Mike had been the only man to ever fuck him and as much as he liked it he needed to be in control.

“Well…er…no I…er…can’t see either of you being submissive.”

“That’s why we were never in a relationship, neither one of us wants to be the other’s bitch, but no matter how much he protests he does enjoy being pushed onto his hands and knees and fucked like the dirty slut he is” Chester grinned at Mike.


“Oh you know you loved it, if you didn’t you wouldn’t be blushing.” Chester knew Mike secretly loved it, yes he would act dominant but he liked nothing more than to be taken. Chester always assumed it was Mike’s soppy feminine side needing a strong man, which went hand in hand with his poetry and scrapbook. Not that Dave was a big strong man but from the curious look on his face, Chester knew things had just been spiced up a little more between them. Chester didn’t want what Mike wanted, he wanted someone completely submissive, someone pure and innocent “Anyway back to Rob.”

“What about him?” Mike asked looking fed up knowing there was no way out of this.

“Is he better than me?” Dave asked again looking for reassurance.

“Can he do that thing you do?” Chester asked wiggling his tongue and raising his eyebrows.

“He…er…taught it me.”

“Really?” Chester giggled in shock; so much for innocent.

“I thought you said he was inexperienced?” Dave questioned also puzzled.

“He was…well at the time we both were, we…er…read a lot of books and…er…just tried out new things?”

“Just how much experimenting did you two do?” Dave asked trying not to laugh.

“Erm about two years worth.”

“Two years!!!” Dave exclaimed not sure what to think or say on finding out that the ‘thing’ his boyfriend had had with one of his friends was in fact a two-year relationship.

“Why didn’t the two of you run off to Vegas and get married as well?” Chester laughed loudly, stunned by this revelation and unexpected behavior of Mike‘s past and current relationship. He knew Mike could be soppy and obsessive but he was a use ‘em and lose ‘em kind of guy. They could go out to a club together and compete over who could fuck the most men, this was something new.

“Who’s getting married?” Brad asked, walking in to the front with Rob and Joe.

“No one.” Mike answered quickly as Dave and Chester fell about laughing.

“What’s going on?” Joe asked Brad on seeing the three men at the table.

“I don’t know but one of them is running off to Vegas to get married, from the look on Mike’s face and the way the other two are laughing I’d say it’s him.”

“Who’s he marrying?”

“Rob.” Chester yelled through laughing.

“Chester!” Mike hit him trying to shut the big-mouthed singer up before he said the dreaded ‘m’ word again.

“Me!” Rob looked confused at Mike’s embarrassment and Chester’s outburst.

“Two years!” Dave grabbed his sides in pain from laughing unable to look at Mike or Rob and then setting off laughing again as soon as he looked at Chester.

“Mike and Rob are getting married in two years?” Joe asked still confused.

“Have you three been drinking?” Rob asked, also not wanting to hear the dreaded ‘m’ word said in the same sentence as Mike.

“No but I wish we had.” Dave answered trying to control his laughter and failing.

“Dave and I have been learning all about Mike this afternoon.”


“Would you two stop laughing and tell us what’s so funny?” Brad demanded

“Ask Mike” Chester giggled.

“Or Rob” Dave said finally controlling his laughter.

“Oh god yes ask him, I would love to hear his version of the story” Chester sat up, grabbing the table and getting over excited at the thought of Rob explaining how he taught Mike how to give the perfect blow job.

“What story?” Rob asked innocently although suspecting Chester and Dave had somehow found out about Mike and his past.

“I’d like to hear Brad’s too” Dave perked up.

“Dave!” Mike warned.

“Mike what have you been telling them?” Brad asked looking angry knowing whatever it was, was likely to be unpleasant and embarrassing.

“Nothing they know nothing.”


“Aww Mike it’s not nice to kick people, don’t worry Dave he still loves you.”

“Don’t count on it” Mike growled.

“But Mikey we have the poems to prove it.”

“Poems? Would you two stop laughing and start making sense?” Joe still confused began scratching his head.

“Mike wrote me love poems,” Dave said with a smile as Mike lowered his head to the table avoiding embarrassment.

“And illustrated them,” Chester added finally stopping laughing.

“Don’t bang your head against the table baby you’ll hurt yourself,” Dave whispered patting Mike on the head.

“Hey did you guys know that Mike and Dave have been together for 4 months, 5 weeks and 2 days?”

“5 months, 2 weeks and 4 days” Mike corrected with his head still firmly pressed against the table.

“Sorry.” Chester smiled.

“And Mike and Chester used to be on tour fuck buddies, they did it in all our bunks and on the hotel balconies.”

“You forgot the studio bus, the back lounge, Rob’s drums, oh and we did it on this table too.”

“You fucked in my bunk?” Joe asked looking ill.

“They left you a present” Dave answered moving his arms off the table.

“Oh my god that’s gross!”

“My drum kit!”

“Robbles Robbles Robbles Robbles Robbles, we really would like to thank you.”

“Well Chester you can start by buying me a new one.”

“Oh not for that, Dave and I want to thank you fo-”

“Chester!” Mike yelled lifting his head up off the table to look angrily at Chester

“Dave and I wo-“


“Would like t-”

“Chester! No!”

“to thank you for tea-”




The bus shook from the force of Mike’s head hitting the table.

“What?” Joe now stared at Rob hoping he would make some sense of this.

“You told them?”

“Oh don’t worry he didn’t tell us much,” Dave reassured Rob.

“Just that you were together for 2 years “experimenting”” Chester grinned evilly again with air quotes.


“Your gay?!” Joe asked Rob ignoring Mike hitting his head.


“Since when?”

“I’ve always been gay, I thought you knew. I just don’t shove it in your faces like those three.”

“Hey I’ve only known I was gay for 5 months, 2 weeks and 4 days.”

“Really?” Brad asked in astonishment.

“I’ve always thought you were gay.” Joe added

“Me too.” Rob stated looking slightly puzzled by Mike’s new boyfriend.

“Brad did you know Rob was gay?” Joe quizzed.

“Yeah he told me years ago.”

“What about you two?”

“I found out today,” Dave answered as he began rubbing Mike’s head again.


“I saw him jerking off a guy in a gay club 2 years ago.”

“You did?” Rob looked at Chester horrified.

“Mike would never let me talk to you about it, kept saying I wasn’t your type. I thought it was because he was jealous and wanted me all to himself, guess I was wrong.”

“What?” Mike quickly looked up at Chester.

“You didn’t want me to have Rob because you wanted him.”

“No. I wanted Dave. I didn’t want you to go after Rob because you are not his type.”

“That doesn’t matter. No man can resist Chester Bennington.”

“That’s the problem.”

“See I was right, you wanted Rob and couldn’t have him so you didn’t want me to have him either!”

“I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Well how did you mean it?”

“I’m saying that you’re not good enough for him.”


“You would use him and hurt him. I wasn’t gonna let that happen, not again. I’m not good enough for him and you’re an even bigger slut than I am!”

“I’m a bigger slut than you! Of the five of us in this room there is only Joe you haven’t had sex with!”

“What was that look?” Dave said without thinking glancing between Mike and Joe.

“What look?”

“You and Joe just looked at each other funny. Why?”

“No we didn’t.”

“You just did it again.”

“We were just thinking about how ridiculous that would be” Joe insisted.

“Holy fucking crap, you fucked Joe too!” Chester laughed.

“No he didn’t” Joe protested breaking out into a sweat.

“Mike what’s wrong with your face?” Chester asked as Mike began to twitch.


“He looks like he’s chewing a wasp!” Brad remarked.

“Oh God he’s thinking about it,” Chester giggled

“Baby what’s wrong?”

“Joe what did you do to him?” Chester turned to Joe in amusement.


“Mike stop scratching” Brad said reaching over to pull Mike’s hands from his face.

“Dirty” Mike muttered.

“Mike?” Chester now becoming worried tried to get him to look at him but he just stared out into space muttering.


“Calm down stop shaking” Brad held Mike’s shoulders as his twitching increased.

“So wrong.”

“Mike what happened?” Brad asked rubbing Mike’s shoulders.


“You had a threesome? With Joe?” Chester shouted looking between Mike and Joe.

“Breasts…oh god…so dirty.”

“You had sex with a woman!” Chester asked quietly trying not to laugh, he knew Mike liked women, thought they were very nice as friends but would rather die than see one naked.

“Gonna throw up. Move!” Mike pushed Dave out of the way and ran to the bathroom.

“Joe what the hell was that about?” Brad turned to Joe neither one of them unsure whether to join Chester laughing or Dave looking worried.

“Well…er…remember Claire?”

“The girl you were seeing a year ago that looked like Jennifer Aniston?”

“Yeah her, she…er…wanted to have a threesome and Mike agreed to join us.”


“And what?”

“What went wrong?”


“So he’s in there puking his guts up because he’s having flashbacks about fucking a woman?” Chester laughed louder on hearing the sound of Mike retching.

“I guess so.”

“Guys it’s not funny” Dave thumped Chester but also was trying not to laugh now

“No it’s fucking hysterical.”

“He’d never had sex with a woman before?” Dave asked not sure if anyone would know the answer to the question

“No” Joe smiled remembering the look of fear in Mike’s eyes that night and the 5 shots of vodka laced with Viagra needed to get him into the bedroom.

“Oh god he really did loose his virginity to Brad!” Chester screamed with laughter pointing at Brad.

“Brad!” Rob exclaimed trying not to look hurt.

“Mike I’m gonna kill you!”

“You slept with Mike?” Rob questioned Brad before looking away willing himself not to cry, really not wanting an answer.

“I was drunk and confused and…er…drunk.

“Also they thought it would be a nice bonding experience,” Dave smiled. Only now realizing that his boyfriend had fucked everyone on the bus, not including the driver…well actually now thinking about it Mike had probably done him too…but he was the only one that Mike written poems about, was obsessed with and was currently sleeping with so he still felt special.

“Mike get out here now!” Brad yelled pounding his fist against the bathroom door.

“Hey Mike! Who was better?” Chester yelled over the noise of Brads banging. The sound of Mike puking had stopped, he was now too frightened to come out of the bathroom and was crouched down in the corner praying that the bus would crash and death would come soon.

“Chester!” Rob warned really not wanting to know. It already hurt enough finding out that his first love was now happy and in love with one of his friends. Added to the threesome with Joe and being Chester’s fuck buddy…well he always suspected Mike was screwing Chester. They made too many jokes about it and neither one of them was as horny as the rest of the band, so they had to be getting some somewhere - he just didn’t think they would do it on his drum kit. But loosing his virginity to Brad, he had always understood Mike’s first sexual encounter was with a woman and then with some random man he met at a party whilst drunk. Rob thought he was special, there was a time when he thought he and Mike had something special and they did. Rob was still waiting for Mike to realize he was wrong and come back to him. Right now Rob wanted to go and cry in his bunk and cuddle his teddy bear.

“Well we already know that you give the best head.” Chester smiled at Rob noticing his sadness not understanding why. Over the past few years that Chester had watched Rob…and he had, a lot. Almost as intently as Mike watched Dave, only where the emcee focused his obsession into writing poems and doodling; Chester would go to the bathroom and masturbate, just wishing he was thrusting his dick in to the drummer boy’s tight ass. He had learnt that when Rob was happy he smiled, when he was tired he yawned, when he was nervous he bit his bottom lip, when he was angry he gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. And when he was sad he would look to the floor, pout a little, blink a lot and would usually go and lie in his bunk crying with his teddy bear. Chester found Rob’s behavior very simple, easy to understand and very cute, he was quiet and the sort of person you just want to cuddle. Chester also wanted to fuck him senseless.


“Yeah well Mike gives the best I’ve ever had and as you taught him I assume you’re just as good if not better.”

“Wow you taught him that?”

“So do you want to put it to the test?” Chester reached for Rob’s hand, ignoring Joe who was now blushing at having asked that and thankful Mike was still in the bathroom.

“I er-“

“Mike you’d better get out here, Chester’s propositioning Rob” Dave interrupted tapping on the bathroom door.

“Chester you lay on finger on him and I wi-”

“Mike did you eat her out? What was her name Claire? Yeah. Did she moan with pleasure as you shoved your tongue in her pussy? I bet she tasted real nice.” Chester shouted trying not to laugh as he heard Mike retch “That’s right you keep vomiting. So, Rob how does, dinner and a movie sound?”

“I don’t know. Mike’s right you really aren’t my type.”

“Look forget about what Mike said, its just dinner and a movie, nothing else has to happen, unless you want it too and I’m sure you would enjoy that too.”

“Why is there whispering? Are they touching? Chester you had better be at least 2 feet away from him” Mike warned from the other side of the door.

“Mike when you had your dick inside her and you were both thrusting your hips together, were you kissing her neck saying “Oh fuck Claire, Oh God”? Did you cum? I bet you even forgot that Joe was there” Chester smiled as Joe started to protest “Joe even agrees with me, we can arrange for it to happen again if you want? You know you loved touching her.” Chester almost felt sorry for Mike, almost “So Rob about dinner, let’s see we arrive at the hotel in an hour, think you can be ready for 7? No wait make it 6:30 if we are gonna watch a movie too. Okay?”


“Great it’s a date.”

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