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Hello poppets

Welcome to my profile - here's some random facts about me:

Name: Rebecca

Age: Twenty something and that's all you're getting!

Sex: female

Location: Wales, UK

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Owner / Administrator / Author / Reader / She who communicates with Simon when something needs fixing / Deleter of the Mary-Sue's

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Category: Linkin Park

Description: "standalone from "Hey Rob..." - caution this may cause cavities. M/R

Genre: Love & Romance

User Rating: R

Created on 2008-03-01

Updated on 2008-03-01

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 7

Words: 1741

Views: 2694

Members Rating: (3)

1st Date

Category: Linkin Park

Description: Standalone from "Hey Rob..." - short conversation at the end of the 1st date and not wanting to say 'good night'. M/R

Genre: Love & Romance

User Rating: PG-13

Created on 2008-03-01

Updated on 2008-03-01

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 5

Words: 777

Views: 2022

Members Rating: (1)

Cutie Men & Slutty Guys

Category: Linkin Park

Description: An angsty little comedy of Mike’s journey to superstardom as he sleeps his way through the band. (finally the Bennoda chapters!!!)

Genre: Love & Romance

User Rating: NC-17

Created on 2003-11-28

Updated on 2019-01-19

Chapters: 17

Reviews: 282

Words: 92749

Views: 25229

Members Rating: (26)

Drummers need to rest and just be...like dolphins

Category: Linkin Park

Description: All done in jest, no offence meant. Sorry.

Genre: Comedy

User Rating: R

Created on 2008-02-23

Updated on 2008-03-10

Chapters: 6

Reviews: 57

Words: 6107

Views: 3617

Members Rating: (6)

Hey Rob, I know you want my ass, anything good on TV?

Category: Linkin Park

Description: “This never happens in the stories” I sniff…but what kind of crazy person would write a story about me calling Rob ‘Sweetie-Pie’, us both getting addicted to slash, my wife running off with Ben Affleck and we both secretly love each other but instead spend 7 years crying and cuddling without ever getting it on?...and who would be bored enough to read it?

Genre: Love & Romance

User Rating: NC-17

Created on 2003-10-11

Updated on 2008-11-02

Chapters: 35

Reviews: 957

Words: 122443

Views: 49466

Members Rating: (71)

Hot Spot

Category: Linkin Park

Description: Someone's watching Mike...what will happen when his wife takes a trip away?

Genre: Love & Romance

User Rating: NC-17

Created on 2004-05-19

Updated on 2004-05-21

Chapters: 2

Reviews: 23

Words: 21

Views: 5112

Members Rating: (4)

Like A Boomerang

Category: Linkin Park

Description: Project Revolution 2009: fighting, groping & truth or dare: "Is this what you all do on tour? Stupid drinking games that result in gay chicken?!" "There will be no games of gay chicken...or spin the bottle." Dave glared at Chester. Let the fun begin! Pairings: Bourdington with splash of Bournoda and a mild sprinkling of heterosexual wrongness!

Genre: Love & Romance

User Rating: NC-17

Created on 2008-11-16

Updated on 2008-11-16

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 9

Words: 11590

Views: 2856

Members Rating: (9)

LPfiction Mods/Admins Wanted

Category: Linkin Park

Description: Do you want to help run this website?

Genre: Angst

User Rating: G

Created on 2010-06-19

Updated on 2010-06-19

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 27

Words: 223

Views: 2074

Members Rating: (0)


Category: Linkin Park

Description: "It was easier than jacking off!" Rob shouted knowing sometimes you had to be cruel to be kind "that’s what he said, 'it was easier than jacking off' right after he finished fucking you." C/R and M/C Authors note: I originally wrote this under a different pen name, but wanted my fics together - third and final chapter now up.

Genre: Love & Romance

User Rating: NC-17

Created on 2005-05-02

Updated on 2006-07-28

Chapters: 3

Reviews: 48

Words: 16892

Views: 5380

Members Rating: (7)


Category: Linkin Park

Description: Mike is horny and sets about seducing one of his band mates!!!

Genre: Love & Romance

User Rating: NC-17

Created on 2004-04-02

Updated on 2004-04-02

Chapters: 1

Reviews: 31

Words: 25

Views: 5736

Members Rating: (4)

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