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Glory Days by Crimson

Washed Up

A/N: Okay, so my computer has given up on me. I managed to save some of my stories, but I'll have to continue My SinSation and The Perfect Balance whenever I get a new computer. Which, hopefully will be in a couple days. So until then, here is something I wrote down in my notebook during school.


I could hear the sea from my room. It beckoned me, fascinated me, soothed me. I should be asleep, regaining my energy for the next day, but no, the sea was calling me. I'm such a child. I'm seventeen. I need to think about how to put food on the table, not how gentle the sea sounds. I find it a thing of comfort for the terrible excuse of a life I live.

It's the mid 1800's. I live in a town that borders the sea. My father is a very powerful man here. He runs the docks where most of the town's business is. My mother stays at home to clean, and I do whatever my father asks of me. Not because he is my parental figure and I should look up to him, but because I am afraid of him. He is a terrible man and won't share a cent of his admirable wealth with his own family because he is a greedy no-goo-!


Speak of the devil. What does he want this late at night? Suddenly, I heard screams. My mother's screams. I was on my feet in an instant because my father is a very violent man and my mother was quite a frail, slender figure such as myself.

I ran from my small room and into the main part of the small cottage me and my mother inhabited. I froze as I saw two men drag my mother outside as my father just stood there and watched. "Stop!" I protested and darted after them.

A big firm hand grabbed my shoulder and yanked me back like a doll. I tilted my head up to gaze into the dark eyes of my father. "What is going on? Where are they taking her?" I asked, trying to wrench my shoulder away.

"Your mother is a greedy, cheating bitch, boy," My father snarled in my face.

I glared at him at how ill he spoke of my mother. She had taken care of me when my father was away, too greedy and lustful for money to care about the family he had back home. "She is not!" I shouted. Oh, big mistake. His hand struck me across the face, leaving me dazed.

"She's been sleeping around and spending my money!"

"You have plenty and she hasn't been sleeping around! She's been here, preparing the house for when you come home! Which is never!" I managed to yell back in my mother's defense. Of course, he hit me again and I collapsed with my heartbeat sounding in my head. I let my eyes flutter closed as the strength in my body faded. The last thing I remember was hearing gunshots from outside.


"Hurry the hell up, boy!"

I glared at my father, but continued my task of loading supplies onto the ship. I listened to the sound of the sea as I worked, also feeling the breeze touch and caress my body and blonde hair. It's been a year since my father's "friends" dragged my mother outside and shot her due to suspicions of her cheating and blowing off my father's money. Which he has more of now.

Things had gotten worse here. My father managed to weasel his way into the higher class of people here, giving him the power to boss people around and to deceive them into giving their money to him. The poor were worse than poor, living out on the streets, dying from hunger, begging for money. I was among them. The higher class were just like my father and treated us terribly. I can safely say I hate them with a passion, including my father. Now, I was forced to go on this ship to God knows where to deliver these goods. I would get paid a few cents, but it was better than nothing.

"Chester! Hurry up!"

I shoved the last crate on and climbed aboard the small ship. There were ten people aboard that were here for the same reason I was. I didn't even turn to wave goodbye as we set off. I glanced up at the sky and noticed a few dark clouds. A storm was approaching. Wonderful.


"Brace yourselves!"

I grabbed onto the side of the boat tightly as another wave crashed into us. Rain pelted down on us as thunder and lightning sounded from above. Another wave hit and my hands slipped. I gasped and hit the deck. I rolled, smacking my small frame against the soaked wood.


I heard wood snapping above me. I looked up to see the mast leaning towards me.

"Watch out!"

I dove to the side and felt the long wooden pole crash down, making more wood shatter. I felt the water around me in an instant. The mast had basically cut the boat in half. Men were slipping and tumbling into the churning waters as the sea I loved to listen and watch swallowed our ride.


I turned and gasped as a crate tumbled towards me. I tried to move, but my side of the boat tilted downwards, making me roll towards the water. I fell in with a loud splash, submerging for a second before I popped back up with a gasp. I opened my eyes just to see the crate right in front of my face. I dipped my head and felt it collide with my skull, forcing me back into the water. I thought I was going to get knocked out, but the crate must have just held cotton.

My head pounded, but the sound was dulled from being underwater. I glanced around and spotted the rest of the crew falling into the water. I wasn't sure if they were moving or not. I kicked my feet and emerged, taking in a sharp breath. I grabbed a broken piece of wood and clung to it tightly as the waves washed me away.


Voices woke me up. Voices? The last thing I remembered was the storm and the boat being wrecked. I opened my eyes slowly and was greeted by blinding sunlight. My head throbbed and the voices kept talking, making it worse. I blinked a few times and made out faces. Two faces. Both men that looked a few years older than me.

"He's awake," One of them with black hair and Oriental features said.

"No shit, Hahn," The other with curly brown hair muttered with a raspy tone.

I tilted my head to get a better look at them since they were standing above me. They wore cotton white shirts, the one with curly hair wore a black vest over it, they both wore tattered black pants and shoes. They weren't dressed like regular townspeople.... I felt my body rock a bit and realized that I was on a boat.... They were pirates!

I tensed up and jumped to my feet, only to sway and collapse with my head feeling like it was about to explode. I've never encountered pirates before. I've heard plenty of tales on how terrible and dangerous they were though. I heard they used blood to warm their rum and how they would carve the marrow right from your bones! They were the center of everyone's nightmares and they raided towns all around us.

"Ha ha, where are you goin'? You have no where to run, boy," The Oriental one called Hahn laughed.

I swallowed the bile that was built up in my throat. I glanced around and noticed the enormous size of the ship. It had several masts with black sails. It was a clean, well-taken care of ship.

"She's a beauty isn't she?" Hahn murmured.

I could only nod. I was still in shock.

"Brad, let's get him up before Phoenix tramples him. You know how clumsy the man is when he wakes up in the morning," Hahn chuckled.

Brad nodded and grabbed one of my arms.

I flinched, but allowed him to pull me to my feet.

"Relax. If we had wanted to kill you, we would have done it already. Besides, we did save you," Brad murmured.

I nodded, steadying myself. "Th-Thanks," I stuttered.

"What is this?!"

I jerked my head up to see a man walk towards me. He had dark shaved hair and short stubble around his face.

"Found him clinging to a piece of wood, Rob. The storm must have gotten him," Hahn answered.

Rob smirked. "His boat obviously couldn't handle it. Small boat?" Rob asked me.

I spotted a dagger hanging from his belt and nodded.

Rob laughed. "Shows how much wit he has!"

I opened my mouth to defend myself, but another man stumbled towards us.

"Can you guys be any louder? I'm exhausted after last night. What is this?"

I was getting tired of being referred to as "what."

"Washed up, Phoenix," Brad said.

Phoenix chuckled. "Ah, fought the sea, didn't you, boy? I'm surprised you made it."

"Well, he's going to have to fight it again because he isn't staying," Rob replied gruffly.

My eyes widened. They were going to throw me overboard?

"I think that's for the Captain to decide," Hahn murmured.

"Go fetch him, Joe," Brad said, turning to Hahn.

Joe nodded and jogged off.

I rested against the side of the boat, shaking a bit. Could you blame me? My fate was about to be decided.

Rob turned to Phoenix. "He better get kicked off. He won't last anyway."

I was slightly hurt at the words, but he was probably right. I heard the sound of boots on wood behind me and my heart stopped. It must be the Captain. I turned my head expecting a dirty, old man with an eye patch, maybe some gold teeth, and a huge beard, but, wow, my mind was blown.

A man that looked a year or so older than me walked towards me. He looked of Japanese decent with dark brown eyes. He had trimmed, well kept, black facial hair, making me take a swing that he had black hair. A brown hat rested upon his head, a cotton white shirt covered his chest with a long brown coat that nearly reached his feet over the shirt. Black pants covered his legs and were tucked into knee high black boots. A beautiful silver sword hung from his leather belt and gleamed in the sunlight.

"A true observer, isn't he?"

I snapped out of my daze and realized that he was talking. He had a deep voice that was slightly raspy as if he yelled a lot.

"Captain Shinoda," Brad greeted with a respectful dip of his head.

"Or Mike," Captain Shinoda chuckled. He looked at me, letting his eyes explore every inch of me. "Your name?"

"Ch-Chester," I stuttered.

Captain Shinoda flashed me a smile. "Welcome aboard. Storm gotcha?"

I merely nodded. How were they so well kept? I always heard how dirty and disgusting pirates were.

"He doesn't belong here, Captain," Rob growled, shooting me a glare.

Captain Shinoda crossed his arms. "Now, we will discuss what to do with him later. I think he deserves a rest," Captain Shinoda murmured.

I shifted on my feet awkwardly and nervously. They could still be dangerous, especially Rob.

"Are you hurt?" Captain Shinoda asked me gently.

I shook my head and then winced as the sharp movement made my skull ache.

"Mm...let me take a look," Captain Shinoda said and approached me, his footsteps loud and clear on the wooden deck. He stood half an inch taller than me, but didn't intimidate me at all. He lightly grasped the side of my head and tilted it down to get a better look at the top. "Took a nasty hit, didn't you?"

I nodded, feeling the rings he wore on his fingers press against my head.

"I'm afraid all you can do is rest," Captain Shinoda said, releasing my head.

I looked up at him and met his warm gaze. His eyes were deep and complex, flaked with dark brown coloring. Someone must have noticed that we were staring too long and cleared their throat.

"Take him down below," Captain Shinoda said, cutting off our intimate stare. He turned and walked into a door that I guess led to his cabin.

A firm hand wrapped around my forearm and I jumped, heart pounding and thinking it was my father for a second.

Rob stared at me for a second before smirking. He tugged on me roughly and led me the opposite way of Captain Shinoda.

I could only stumble after him since he had an iron grip.

"Don't hurt him too much, Rob!" Phoenix called.

Rob laughed and stopped. He bent down and grabbed a handle that was randomly on the deck. He pulled and it opened up like a door, revealing a staircase that led below deck.

I waited for him to drag me down there like a doll, but he just pushed me instead. I tripped on the first step instantly and tumbled, hitting my head a few times until I finally hit the floor.

"Whoops," Rob smirked and sauntered down the steps.

I pushed myself to my feet and opened my mouth to yell at him, but he had the tip of his dagger at my throat before I could even suck in a breath.

"Say a word and I'll slit your throat," Rob growled with absolute seriousness.

I merely glared at him. I was tired of how he was treating me, but I didn't have the courage to confront him about it, especially since his blade was against my neck.

Rob drew away and grabbed my arm again, purposely applying unnecessary pressure to my skin. He led me down a hallway and then into a space that held cells. Cells?!


"Shut your mouth!" Rob snarled and shoved me inside one of them. He closed the barred door and drew a key from his pocket. He locked it and sneered at me. "Sleep tight."

I glanced around and noticed that the cell was empty. No bed or anything. I heard him chuckle and then walk away, his deep voice and footsteps echoing off the walls.

I sighed and sat on the floor, leaning my back against the wall. What else could I do? I thought Captain Shinoda was kind? Why would he stick me in here? I brought my knees to my chest and reflected on these thoughts until the smooth rocking of the boat lulled me to sleep.

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