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Behind the Back by Buffy

why not

Disclaimer:I dont own anything. I'm poor and all I have is my work *tears* okay maybe not but LP and Disturbed own themselves.

this is AU people :) No wives or girlfriends and people may be slightly taller in the fic than in real life *cough David*

This is for XeroKool who gave me the idea of c/d slash. :) There will be plently of boy smut:) dont fret:)

I wait in the hotel hallway wondering if this is right. It sure as hell doesn't feel right. Morally, well morally I'm an asshole. So why am I still wondering? I know I should turn tail and leave but I can't. I feel a wave of guilt hit me when I think about Mike in our room fast asleep. Probably dreaming of me or something. He was so in love with me. And I loved him too right? Of course. So why am I here?

I suppose this may be a tad bit confusing to some. My name is Chester and I'm in love with the most amazing man in the world. His name is Mike and we've been together for almost a year. We're in the same band and we spend hour upon hours together and I can't get enough. He is beyond good to me. He takes care of me when Im sick, which happens frequently, and he's an amazing friend and lover and well everything. He's beautiful.

But right now I'm preparing to betray my lover in the worst possible way.

We're on tour with Disturbed right now. Its awesome. David is incredible and lately we have been joining one another on stage. I've been doing 'Walk' by Panatara with him for the past two weeks in a row and after every time I'm so fucking hard... Its not like normal either.. Its not the crowd. Its David. His incredible body, sweaty and in leather, perfectly formed arms and muscled chest. His powerful voice...

I have to stop my thoughts because I'm getting hard. But isn't that why I'm here? Isn't that why I accepted the key he gave me to his room? Sure was. He wanted to fuck me as bad as I wanted to fuck him. I get the courage up and unlock the door and hurry inside, almost as if I'm afraid of being noticed. A little silly now I suppose. I had been standing there for at least ten minutes.

I turn the light on and sit on the bed. He'd be back soon. God can I do this? I don't want to hurt Mikey but damnit I can't get David out of my head. If I do this then I can just forget about him because the sexual tension will be gone... Right? I fall back against the crisp sheets and my mind drifts to earlier.

I stepped into the Disturbed's dressing room and casually looked around. I was hoping to find David so I could talk to him about maybe another cover song. The lights were on but no one appeared home, so I took it upon my self to snoop. I walked over to the dressing table and touched a small pile of CDs. My heart leapt into my throat when a sexy voice whispered into my ear, "Curiosity killed the Chester."

I spun around and came face to face with a shirtless David and I felt my cheeks blaze. "Sorry man, I didn?t know you were here." He grinned and I tried not to stare at his chest. Kind of hard to not stare when that was what was eye level. He's taller than me. I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to run my hands over his chest.

He stayed close to me and I swallowed hard. He smiled down at me and got a little closer. I backed up more and my ass hit the tabletop. He grinned wider and I suddenly wondered if this was what little red riding hood felt before the wolf tried to eat her. Well minus the hard on I was getting of course.

"You seem nervous Chester. Anything wrong?" He asked almost innocently. He placed his hands on either side the table top, effectively trapping me. I swallowed again and shook my head. He was so close I could smell him. A clean but musky smell that was making me dizzy.

He began to press into me and for a moment I panicked. What if he felt it? He smiled again, even more wolf like than before and rubbed his hand over the bulge in my pants. I couldn't hold back the moan and he squeezed harder.

"David.." I gasped. "Mike... I can't"

"Fuck Mike. I can see you obviously want this. I've known for weeks now Bennington."

I whimpered as he rubbed against me. The friction he created made my head spin. I didn't want this I have Mike... So why was I letting him? My thoughts got jumbled as he unbuttoned my jeans and reached his strong hand inside grabbing my aching cock.

I moaned louder as he slowly began jerking me off. I gasped out and he squeezed hard enough to cause pain. I moaned loudly and thrust my hips at him. "Ahh I see our little Chester isn't so little and he's a bit of a freak."

I tried to push him away but my body didn't respond. All it wanted was more of David. He continued to stroke and squeeze as I gasped. "Do you like that baby?" He purred.

I nodded and moaned his name. My dick seemed to get harder, even though I wasn't sure how it was possible. As I came closer he got rougher and I could barely hold myself up. "Don't stop..God Davidpleasedontstop." My words blending together from the intense pleasure David was creating. I practically screamed his name as I came hard in his hand and on my jeans.

"You made a bit of a mess." He chuckled. I groaned and got my bearings as he slipped his hand out of my pants and up to his mouth where he cleaned off his hand. I bit back another moan as I watched him. Fuck he is too sexy..

I zipped my pants and ignored the mess. What the fuck was I thinking? Did I just let him jerk me off? God what do I tell Mike? I pushed away from him and moved to the door. My face was flushed and I felt lightheaded. I've never come that hard from just a hand job before and it scared me. Guilt was already eating me up and I just want to run.

"Chester, wait." He says grabbing my arm. "Here." He pushed a key card in my hand and I stare at him blankly.

"After the show. Room 342. 3am." He pulls away and seems to loose interest in me. I grip the card tightly.

"Fuck off. This was a mistake. I'm not going to your hotel room..."

"You will if you want to get fucked."

My mouth went dry. No.. I can't, I've already done enough. I stood there for a second and then tossed the card at him. "Go to hell." I mumbled and walked out of the room. I could hear him laughing as I made my way down the hall to our dressing room. I grabbed another pair of pants and moved to the showers and stripped.

This isn't happing. I squealed when the cold water hit my skin, and I quickly turned the knob for more hot. I was quick, not wanting to be caught. I couldn't explain to Mike why my other pants are covered in cum. I didn't think he'd appreciate the answer...My heart stopped when I heard a voice call me name. God I'm gonna get busted.

That all I have for now. Short I know but if you review I will update. Crazy how that works.:) Intrested readers makes a happy writer! If I get enought reviews Ill post the second chappy which is done:)

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