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Don't Stay by Ice Queen

Don't Stay

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(Phi’s POV)

I let out a loud sigh of relief as I walk off the stage where we just finished the last show of our current tour. It’s been three long and very grueling months, and I’m ready to go home and crawl into my bed and let sleep take over for as long as it pleases.

As I’m walking off the stage, one of our roadies hands me a white folded up piece of paper. He tells me that he was told to make sure I got it, and I think him as he walks away, leaving my alone in privacy.

I un-fold the piece of paper as I let my eyes skim over the writing scrawled across it.

“Great show. Meet me on the bus after the meet and greet.”

I roll my eyes as I crumble up the piece of paper and throw it into a nearby trashcan as I walk towards the dressing room.


I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. He never take me seriously when I tell him it’s off, so why am I about to go meet up with him and try to tell him again? It’s because he’s got me fucking pussy whooped, that’s why.

I continue to let my thoughts fight with each other as I walk out of the venue and start making my way towards the tour bus. It’s not that far away at all, but I try and take as much time as I can to get to it.

It always goes the same way every time with him. I tell him it’s over between us, and he ends up fucking me raw while I scream his name in pleasure.

Maybe this time he’ll show some type of fucking emotion and stay, but I know that will never happen. I’m just an easy fucking lay for him, a mere booty call.

Has he ever let me shove my dick up his ass? Of course not, he always has to be the dominant one. I don’t think he’s ever had it up the ass, which is why he doesn’t know how much it hurts when he doesn’t use enough lube, or he slams into me too hard.

The walk to the bus is shorter than I thought as I stand in front of the door, hesitating to go in. after a few seconds of deep breathing, I muster up enough courage to open the door as I walk up the few steps so that I’m all the way in the bus.

All the lights are off on the bus, and I have to let my eyes adjust for a few seconds before I can see anything around me.

I look towards the bunk area of the bus for him but I don’t see him, so I assume he’s in the back lounge. As soon as I step into the room, Trent has me pinned against the wall as he starts sucking and biting on my neck.

I use all my strength I’ve got left over from the concert to push him off of me, causing him to stumble back and nearly fall to his ass.

“I told you it was over.”

Trent starts to walk back towards me until I feel my back hit the wall, and his lips are merely inches from mine.

“If you didn’t want this, you wouldn’t have come here. We both know that,” he says, moving his hand down to my crotch and rubbing my dick to life.

Every fucking time, it never changes. Why do I put myself through this? Oh yeah, because I like screaming his name.

There’s only one way this is ever going to change and that’s if I take over myself and that’s exactly what I plan to do.

I grab both of Trent’s wrists with my hands and push him back again; this time making us both fall to the ground, me landing on top of him. He looks at me surprised as I hold his hands above his head and connect my lips to his.

I manage to use one hand to keep his wrists pinned above his head while I use my other hand to unbutton and unzip is pants.

He manages to get his hands free as I slip my hand into his boxers, but instead of trying to stop me, he puts his hands on my lower back, pulling us closer together.

I hear Trent moan my name loudly as I start pumping his dick slowly. I’m going to make him pay for everything he’s ever put me through.

We break our kiss for a split second as he pulls my shirt up over my head, then does the same with his owns shirt.

After we kiss for a few more minutes, I pull my hand out of his pants and stand up, kicking off my shoes and removing the rest of my clothing.

I extend my hand and he grabs it, pulling himself up so that he’s standing in front of me. We make eye contact, and keep our eyes locked on each other as he too strips all of his clothes off, leaving us standing in the middle of the lounge stark naked.

After he’s finished undressing, I walk towards him and push him back so that he’s lying on the couch that’s against the back wall of the room. It surprises me that he’s not resisting any of this, wanting to take control, but I’m not going to complain.

He watches me as I sit on my knees on the end of the couch and spread his legs apart. I can hear him gasp quietly as my hand brushes against the inside of his thigh near his dick, and a grin spreads across my face as I think about what I’m going to do to him.

I spit in my hand and begin rubbing it on my dick using the spit as lube, and I can feel him getting impatient as I continue rubbing my hand up and down my own shaft.

Just as I let go of my dick, Trent puts his hand on the back of my neck and pulls me down until I can feel his hot breath against my ear.

“You’re sexy when you’re like this, but if you don’t hurry up and do something, I’m going to take control.” he whispers into my ear.

I move my head so that we’re kissing again, and I use this time to position my dick at his opening, pushing the head of my cock into his ass forcefully.

Trent gasps in pain and arches his back slightly as I continue to push into him until my dick is completely engulfed in his ass.

The look of pain that’s painted all over his face is enough to set me off right now, but I manage to compose myself as I pull out until only the head of my dick remains in him, and then push back in again.

He screams out in pain as I start up a slow rhythm, and I watch the expression on his face, wondering if this is what I look like every time he fucks me.

As I pull out of him again, I adjust my position a little before pushing back in, hitting his prostate dead on. This time his scream is that of pleasure, and I pull him into a kiss to quiet his screams.

Trent moves one of his hands down to his own dick and starts jerking himself off, but he doesn’t get very far before I grab both of his hands again and hold them above his head, on the arm rest of the couch.

I pull away from the kiss and whisper to Trent to open his eyes, and he does as he’s told as we stare at each other. I can tell by the look in his eyes that he wants to touch himself, but I keep a firm grip on his hands even when he starts to struggle.

I feel my orgasm start to creep up on me as the rhythm of my dick in his ass gets faster and harder. I can feel myself start to shudder slightly and my eyes roll into the back of my head as I come deep inside Trent, moaning his name in pleasure.

I continue to thrust into him a few more times as I come down from my high, and look into his eyes again. I can tell he’s right on the edge of his own orgasm, and that’s when I take the opportunity to pull my dick out of his ass.

The look plastered across his face is that of shock and anger as I lean down and whisper to him.

“I got what I wanted, now it’s my turn to leave.” I say before letting go of his hands and standing up off the couch.

I pick up all of my clothes off the floor and am about to leave when I turn around and look at Trent. He’s lying on the couch staring at me with his dick still standing at full attention, throbbing for pleasure. This must be what I looked like every time he was done getting off on me.

“It’s not fun is it?” I say, looking at him seriously.

“Have fun taking care of that.” I say, pointing to his raging hard on.

I turn around and open the door to the small lounge, but just as I’m about to walk out, I look at him one last time.

“Oh and by the way, don’t stay. This is the last time you’re getting anything from me.”

With that, I close the door and walk to the small bathroom to get dressed.


Two down……… a lot more to go.

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