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Sugar and Spite by Nef


Title: Sugar and Spite

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Chester has everything, good friends, a reputation that nothing (Not even his sexuality) could destroy, a good education and looks, but there is one thing Chester wants and he’s going to do everything in his power to get it. (C/R high school flick)

Disclaimer: okay this is one of my stories that are going to be really slow until I have everything else finished. I hope. Anyway I don’t know them but how ever I do own Mike (Give me Brad or Dave and I’ll set him free) peace.


Have you ever been to one of those schools where you are either it or not? No? Well let me tell you how this works, I, Chester Charles Bennington am it, I am what everyone wants to be. How do you figure that out? Well it’s simple, because everyone talks about me like I’m the best fucking thing since sliced bread, and what’s more everyone wants me, and I’m not just talking about the ladies. Even the teachers want me but for a different reason; you see my English teacher wants me to help students less educationally developed than me with essays and stuff. My sports teachers wants me to be on the baseball team because apparently besides this other dude I am the only one who can bat and finally the music teacher wants me because I am one of the few people who has the talent to sing. This is what it’s like to be it. What everyone wants. I can have anything I want, except for one thing…


I sat down in my favourite spot on the school bench. So far only Jonesy and Marty had turned up but those two were already becoming a bore.

“So did you get some last night?” I heard Jonesy ask, his crystal blue eyes sparkling with eagerness, he wanted to know about everyone’s sex life.

Marty made a face that suggested he wasn’t going to tell unless we made him. I sighed and leant on my hands, I hated Monday mornings since the day I could remember. In case of you didn’t know what day that it is, that’s the day that follows Sunday, which follows Saturday, a great day to go get hammered. How ever Mondays suck. Why? Because that’s the day all the homework you haven’t completed is due in, that’s the day you go into school and meet the girl or guy you fucked on Saturday night but couldn’t remember. Oh yes I hate Mondays. I sighed and started tugging at my spikes which I had recently had dyed red and black. I personally thought pink and black would have worked but someone told me it looked too girly.

“Guys do you think my hair sucks?” I asked breaking up the conversation Marty and Jonesy were having. I love it when I’m centre of attention.

“No, you’re the only guy who isn’t scared to experiment.” Marty answered before yawning, god he’s so rude. He stretched then suddenly made a face of disgust, looking well past me towards the entrance. “Head’s up the loser gang just walked in.”

I didn’t have to look around to know who he was talking about but did anyway. Five boys, most of them in my grade walked calmly into the school grounds, their heads bent against the wind. I knew most of their names after all; I did used to take pleasure in pissing them off until they stopped reacting. Mike Shinoda was the hardest to wind up; in fact I don’t think I ever managed to piss him off. He’s this dude who wears only black, black jeans, black shirts, coats, shoes, socks, I wouldn’t be surprised if even his boxers were black. He is also the only guy who beside myself, who will dye their hair ridiculous colours, today his is this baby blue colour.

The easiest has to be this dude called Brad Delson. He’s the best pitcher and batter on the baseball team beside myself if I join. He has a temper like a lion with a thorn in its side. I remember one time I accidentally (Yes, really it was an accident) I spilt cola all over him. He blew up so fast I barely had time to react so now I tend not to target him, partly because of the cola incident and partly because he tends to have a baseball bat with him when ever I see him, today being no damn exception.

My favourite targets (Before I found that the loser gang just ignored me) were two idiots by the name of Dave Farrell and Joe Hahn. Dave moved here about a year ago from Michigan and when I tried to make friends with him he brushed me off like I was a piece of dirt. Naturally a great guy like me would be pissed off, after all I just welcomed him into our school with open arms and he pushed me away and ended up being friends with those losers.

Joe, according to the grapevine was born in Texas, I dunno when I started noticing him but from what I gathered he was another one of those people who moved in from another state two years after we’ve all started high school. I don’t like him, not because he’s Korean and can talk three different languages besides English, but because whenever he looks at someone he looks like he’s giving them the death glare. He isn’t easy to piss off either because he rarely ever talks but like I said I just don’t like him.

I stared at them all hard for a moment and was about to look away when I spotted him. I couldn’t help but stare when I spotted what had to be the finest specimen of a man I have ever seen walking up behind the group, his shoulders down and dark brown hair ruffled by the wind and skin the most amazing lightly tanned colour. I shifted and watched as he hurried along the yard and stopped behind Brad when the group came to their usual position. As far as I knew he was in the grade below us and barely ever talked. Everyone left him well enough alone because according to Jonesy who is in the same grade, he has scars all over his arms and no one wants to know a dude who apparently cuts himself. Oh and if you are wondering why I am not referring to him by name, that’s because I don’t know it. No one seems to know it, not even Jonesy and he has the most classes with him!

“Chester…” Marty waved a hand in front of my face bringing me back to the present.

“What?” I whined and realised that Candy and Thomson had turned up. “Oh hey guys.”

“Hi there Chazy Chaz!” Candy beamed and plonked down next to me smiling so widely that her white teeth were shining in the early morning sunlight. “Nice hair, darling when did you get it done?”

“Sunday morning.” I answered sighing. As much as I loved Candy for her optimistic view on everything, she could really piss me off too. Her strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes were always so perfect and she constantly wore these really tight clothes like t-shirts or shirts that her boobs were practically falling out of. “Why are you so chirpy today Caz?”

“No reason.” Candy smiled and waved as more of our perfect gang approached.

In total there is about ten of us, Jonesy, Candy, Marty, ever intelligent and mysterious Thomson, Emily, Sandra (Candy, Emily and Sandra are all members of the cheerleading squad and hardly ever leave each others sides.) then there was Mark, Dan, Ben (Who’s real name is Benvolio, you know as in Romeo and Juliet.) and finally, everyone’s favourite guy – me.

“Monday already?” Emily sighed, she was the most practical one out of the three girls and the most intelligent. She sat down slowly and held her head whilst her black hair fell into her dark brown eyes. You would think she would have been given a name like Maria or Juliet or something like that because of her Hispanic background, she even talks and acts like a Spanish. Kinda sexy if you ask me; it would have been even sexier if she had an original Spanish name, but no her parents had to call her Emily. “I hate school, when do we leave?”

“Not soon enough.” I answered and rubbed my eyes from under my glasses.

The bell rang almost immediately after that making us all groan and stand up slowly. I really hate school. Immediately everyone around us hurried for the entrance to get a good seat in homeroom whilst we chose to take a little longer getting to places. I glance over towards the loser group once more and saw him sitting more or less away from the others, his body hidden in this huge black coat, his legs crossed and a book in hand, as if he hadn’t heard the bell. I sighed again, he was so perfect and beautiful how could he end up with a group like that? What did they give him that no one else did? I shook my head and grabbed my book bag before heading for the entrance.


I wonder if I held my breath, would I turn blue and if I turned blue would I pass out and if I pass out would I…

“Mr. Bennington can you please solve this equation seeming as no one else can.” Miss. Powell asked, shooting a disapproving glare to the rest of the class.

I looked around at the faces now all looking at me except for two members of the loser crew. Like I would care if they were looking or not! I took a quick glance at the board and groaned inwardly. It was quadratic equations. You know? N=a(nxn)+bn+c. I sighed and looked over the difference quickly before giving the answer with out even letting it register in my own mind. It seemed to be the right one because then Miss. Powell proceeded to lecture the rest of the class for not doing as well as I.

I allowed my thoughts to wonder back over to hoping this class would end already. I didn’t have my watch on today so I couldn’t see what time it was when I wanted to and Miss. Powell never seemed to have a clock. The only good thing about today is study hour, in which I actually get an hour alone with no one else bugging me because everyone else has a class of some kind. It was also I perfect time for me to finish off any homework I needed to and to daydream some more because the only people in the library was a class from the twelfth grade and the eleventh which meant…

I nearly screamed with delight when the bell rang and I jumped out of my seat almost too quickly making me sway. I smiled happily to myself and quickly walked out of the room to my locker where Dan and Ben were already waiting. I growled and pretended to be pleased to see them.

“Hey guys haven’t you got metal works next?” I asked dumping my books into my locker and grabbing my writing pad and homework.

“Yeah.” Dan answered.

“But we just wanted to ask you.” Ben carried on.

“If you are going to that party.” Dan took over.

“Yeah the one at Thomson’s on Friday night.” Ben finished.

I shrugged not really caring. “Sure I guess I’ll be there after all it is a party.”

“That’s cool.” Ben nodded looking at Dan. “We’d better go.”

“We don’t wanna be.”

“Late again.”

I chuckled and watched as Dan and Ben walked off. I loved it when they talked like they were feeding off the same mind, it really made my day most of the time but right now one thing was going to beat that and he was would be in the library right now. I quickly slammed my locker closed and tried my hardest not to run down the corridor towards the library. The huge area was piled high with books and the silence was thick and musty. It was pretty busy for a Monday; usually the eleventh grade would bunk off somewhere. But today everyone seemed to be in here including him.

I searched for a seat that was close to him but not so close he would notice me staring at him. My luck was out. The only seat free was the one’s around him or one at the back of the library where there was total privacy. I would just have to chance it. I put my books down on the heavy wooden table as quietly as I could, choosing the seat at the furthest end of the table from him. He didn’t even flinch when I sat down and opened my writing pad to where I had just finished writing the last sentence of my English homework.

For a long time I tried to concentrate on my homework but couldn’t, from where I was sitting I could smell his aftershave, a light delicate fresh scent that was purely intoxicating. I lifted my head a little so I could see him in my view but still looked like I was working. His head was bowed forward, his shoulders hunched in concentration, his dark brown spikes shining healthily in the cheap sterile light. I could see his hands moving as he wrote, his long bony fingers guiding the pen across the page. I bit down on my lower lip, completely forgetting I had just recently put a ring through it and nearly yelped in pain. God he was amazing, why the hell was he so quiet, why wasn’t he mine already?! I shifted in my seat and allowed my eyes to wonder over the books before him to see what he was interested in.

So he likes modern art, from what I could see most of the books didn’t belong to the library and one wasn’t even a book, more like a scrapbook that was full of black and white photos. I looked quickly back at my page when he shifted in his seat and pretended to carry on reading what I had written last night. I really wanted to know his name and I didn’t know how to go about it, surely he would have his name written down somewhere, preferably somewhere I could see it. I shifted and almost hugged myself to death when my new position gave me a perfect view of his notebook which had a name written on it. I tried to make it out from where I sat with out drawing attention to myself.

I could see the letter R from where I sat and the letter B but something in between which looked like an ‘a’. Rab? Reb? Rob? That’s it! Rob! His name must be Rob! I sighed and smiled to myself. What a cute name for a beautiful guy. Rob. Now I know his name! I was so happy with my new revelation that I barely noticed that the bell had gone and people were getting ready to go.


That snapped me out of it, I was scared for a moment I had said it but when I looked up from my work and saw Rob looking over his shoulder I knew I hadn’t. My gaze followed his and I nearly cringe physically when Brad and Mike’s icy gaze met mine momentarily. Great, they just had to ruin my little dream.

“Come on, the others are waiting.” Brad spoke, his gaze still on me and his voice dripping with authority.

I watched as Rob stood up, collecting his book in a hurry and following the older boys out, his shoulders hunched once more. Goddamn he is so cute! I sighed dreamily and closed my books. So now I knew his name, the man of my dreams, Rob, what a guy and I want him.

I want him to be mine.

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