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Dear mom. by Easier_to_run


Mike had invited his mother to have dinner with him and his roommate Chester.

During the dinner Mike's mother couldn't help but notice the glances the two young men shared and how they acted around each other. She also notcied that Chester was a very good looking man and she was starting to suspect that Mike and Chester were more than just friends. She decided that she would ask her son about it.

While Chester was in the kitching cleaning up, Mike mother sat down next to Mike in the livingroom and said:

"Mike, I've noticed the way you two are looking at each other. Is there something you need to tell me about Chester and yours relationship?"

Mike was suprised by his mothers question.

"Mom, we're just friends. Don't you think that I should have told you if there was something more than friendship between Chester and I?" he answered and stood up, leaving his mother alone in the livingroom with a michevious smile on her face

One week later when Chester was sorting the tableware etc. he noticed that their silver ladle was missing.

"Mike? Have you seen the silver ladle lately? It's missing."

"No I haven't," Mike answered and walked into the kitchen. "The last time I saw it was when my mom was here."

"You don't think she took it, do you?" Chester said and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Nah, but I could always ask her."

Mike walked over to the phone and dialed his mothers number.

"Hey mom, it's Mike."

"Oh hello Michael," his mother answered in the other end. She sounded happy.

"Uhm, I'm not saying that you did or didn't take our silver ladle, but it's been missing since you were here so..." he said.

"Well, Michael," his mother said and giggled slightly "I'm not saying that you are or aren't sleeping with Chester, but if he had slept in his own bed this past week, he would have found the ladle a long time ago."

"Oh", was the only word Mike could say.

"Good, we have sorted that out. Good bye Michael."


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