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Unconventional by crazyLPgirl

A/N: Yo homefries! For those of you who are waiting for an update on “Sick” it is coming…I promise, i've just not been able to get off my ass and write the third chapter. The only reason i'm writing this one first is because I got the idea late last night, and I had to write it. I still don’t own LP…although there have been many-a-nights of shameless debauchery…but that is between me, LP, and Kelly; to whom I dedicate this story cuz she is one crazy mofo who has provided too many nights of pure insanity at the LPMB! Oh, I don’t own Stephen Richards either, but he IS locked in a closet with Rob and Brandon (Dry Cell) and I intend on joining them as soon as I finish this damn thing…so…on with the boy-smutty goodness.

Oh yes….and this first chapter is kinda just random boy-love. The “plot” will unfold more in the next chapter (or chapters, depends on how I feel).


Mike rested his head against the shoulder of his boyfriend, sighing through boredom.

“Daaamn it is fuckin hot!” Stephen grumbled and wrapped his arms tighter around Mike’s waist. Despite the heat the two sat together outside in swim trunks. They were laying in a lounge chair in the shade that was produced by the large house. It still gave no relief from the heat.

“Goddamn rolling black-out shit. California blows!” Mike huffed and pushed himself farther into Stephen’s crotch.

“Whoa, easy now!” Stephen giggled and placed a kiss on Mike’s right shoulder.

“Sorry, but I miss my air conditioner. It was my only TRUE friend.” Mike said with a huge grin.

“Ouch…that was a burn!” Stephen laughed and planted another kiss on Mike’s shoulder. He slid his hands to Mike’s sides and began mindlessly running his fingers along the damp skin.

“WAAA!!” Mike wiggled trying to cease the sensations. “That TICKLES!” He grabbed onto Stephen’s hands and pulled them away. “It’s too hot!!” Mike laced his fingers with Stephen’s and wrapped his arms back around his waist.

“Well…that’s not what you said last night…in the 100 degree bedroom of ours! If I remember correctly it was more like ‘Damn baby, you MAKE me so hot!’” Stephen leaned his head down and kissed the exposed skin on his boyfriend’s neck.

“Mmm…that was different!” Mike giggled when he felt Stephen’s warm lips attack his skin.

“Pfffft, different my ass!”

“What about your ass?”

“Nothing about my ass.”

“You have a sexy ass.” Mike grinned.

“I DO have a sexy ass, don’t I?!”

“Wow…someone is a little full of himself today.”

“I’d rather be full of you.” Mike snorted as he laughed at his boyfriend’s insatiable appetite for sex. “Oh wow…THAT was sexy!” Stephen spat sarcastically.

“AW….come on, you know you love me!” Stephen tightened his grip on Mike and rested his chin on the emcee’s shoulder.

“I DO love you…you’re just so easy to pick on sometimes.”

“Everybody picks on poor Mikey!”

“Yea, but when I make fun of you, I always make it up to you later.” Stephen said with a grin. Mike thought for a second.

“True, you ALWAYS make it up to me. So, I shouldn’t complain.” Mike leaned his head back onto Stephen’s shoulder and closed his eyes. He felt Stephen run his hands up and down his sides, and across his stomach. Stephen stared at the water in the pool. It was reflecting the bright sun making little burst of light on the surface of the crystalline water.

“Mikey, can I ask you a question baby?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Promise you’ll answer me truthfully.”

“I promise.” Mike sat still with his eyes closed.

“Have you ever thought about, well, fucking one of your band mates?”

“WHAT!?” Mike’s eyes shot open as he turned to look at his boyfriend, who obviously must be off his rocker.

“Oh, come on…it’s a perfectly legitimate question!” Mike just sat with his mouth wide open.

“N-NO!” he stuttered.

“So, you’re telling me you’ve never thought about sucking Rob’s enormous cock. And believe me when I say enormous…I have seen that boy naked before, and I think ‘enormous’ is an understatement. Or you haven’t thought about fucking Chester in that tight little ass of his! HEY…I saw that!” Stephen exclaimed.

“Saw WHAT!?” Mike was slightly puzzled.

“He moved! I got Little Mike’s attention when I mentioned Chester’s tight little ass!” Stephen was pointing menacingly at ‘little Mike’.

“Hey, don’t do that! You’re gonna give him a complex.” Mike grabbed Stephen’s hand. “Little Mike has ADD…so don’t listen to him!”

“Uh-huh…sure Mike…” Stephen rolled his eyes. He refocused his gaze on Mike’s tan stomach. The sweat made his skin glow slightly, making him even more irresistible. “You don’t have to lie, Mike. Quiet honestly, it would be pretty hot to watch that…” Stephen danced his fingers across the waistband of Mike’s swim trunks. “…to see Chester, completely naked, bent over…” He saw Mike swallow hard. His chest was rising and falling labouredly. He leaned so his lips barely brushed Mike’s earlobe each time he opened and closed his mouth to speak. “…to see you grab onto his pale hips and slid your hard cock into his tight ass…” Mike gasped as he felt his dirty-talking boyfriend glide his hand over the bulge in his shorts. “…to see you fuck him ‘til he comes screaming your name.” Stephen grasped Mike’s erection and ground his own swollen appendage into Mike’s ass. Mike let out a low moan as Stephen captured his earlobe between his teeth. Stephen’s head snapped back and he removed his hand from Mike’s arousal. “You know…it really is too hot. I’m goin in the pool.” He stood up from behind Mike, his erection brushing up against Mike’s sweaty skin. He walked over to the edge of the pool and sat down submerging his legs before lowering himself into the deep end of the pool. Mike still sat, speechless. It hadn’t been the first time Stephen had gotten him all worked up, and then just left him hanging.

“You fuckin’ tease!” Mike finally managed to say. Stephen turned around in the water.

“You know you love it!” He grinned like a moron as he stared at Mike, who sat agitated with a painful erection. “Now, are you gonna come in, or are you gonna mope around in that chair?” Mike scowled at Stephen, who in turn winked at the emcee. He shook his head and stood up from the lounge chair. He made a disgruntled face at the discomfort his dick was causing him. He adjusted it quickly and walked over to the steps of the pool. He sat down on the second step and watched as Stephen made his way over to him. Mike raised an eyebrow at the some what predatory look on his boyfriend’s face.

“What do you want?” Stephen stood in front of Mike, the water reaching just below his crotch. The water making his swim trunks cling to his skin, outlining his hard on. He bent down resting between Mike’s legs and pressing a gentle kiss onto the older man’s lips.

“I’m sorry baby. Will you forgive me?” He leaned in for another kiss. This one slightly hungrier. He slid his tongue along Mike’s thick bottom before slipping it in to his mouth. Their tongues battled for dominance in the other’s mouth. Stephen finally pulled away, needing air. He looked into his lover’s eyes. Even though the sun shone brightly Mike’s eyes were dilated to dark lust filled pools. Stephen ran his hands along the tops of Mike’s thighs and finally wrapping his arms around his waist and pulling him in for another kiss. He leaned Mike down as far as he could go without hurting his back on the pool steps. He ground his erection into Mike’s, emitting a squeak.

“I’ll forgive you as long as you fuck me!” Mike grinned and grabbed Stephen’s hips pulling him even closer. Stephen ran his wet hands across Mike’s stomach to the button on his swim trunks. He leaned his head down to mike’s neck and sucked and nipped on the hot flesh before moving his lips lower. He caught one of Mike’s nipples between his teeth. Mike groaned as Stephen did the same to the other nipple. He licked his way down Mike’s stomach and dipped his tongue in the emcee’s belly button. It made Mike giggle slightly, but he soon stopped when he felt the zipper on his swim trunks being lower. It created delightful friction on his aching erection. Stephen pulled Mike’s wet shorts off his body and flung them onto the pool side making a sloshing noise as they hit the hot cement. Stephen sat up to look down at his boyfriend.

“God, you’re so gorgeous.” Mike blushed and pulled Stephen down onto his sweaty wet body. The sun was beating down on Stephen’s back making the skin hot, and he would no doubt have a sunburn. He ran his hands down his back to his ass. He slid his fingers inside the waist of the shorts and tugged on them.

“Loose ‘em, NOW!” Stephen sat up and undid his wet shorts. He had some difficulty removing them due to the fact the shorts were floating. He discarded them along with Mike’s and returned his attentions to the naked man below him. He leaned down kissing him one last time before slipping his hand down to grip his own erection.

“You ready babe?” Mike nodded and propped himself up on his elbows. He bit his lip as he felt Stephen push against his entrance, the water acting as a lubricant (A/N: sorry kel…no peanut butter). Mike winced slightly at the pain. He still wasn’t used to Stephen’s massive size. He shut his eyes at the intrusion and tried to relax as much as he could. Stephen let out a quiet moan when he was completely in Mike. He stayed still for a few moments before pulling out and pushing back in.

“Mmm…harder” Mike said barely above a whisper. Stephen kissed mike gently and pulled out nearly all the way before slamming back in. Mike threw his head back and let out a strangled moan. Stephen continued like that for a few minutes before leaning down to rest a hand on one of the steps. He pushed into Mike even harder prompting him to ramble obscenities as he kept up his pace. Mike’s erection was begging for attention. He reached down to relieve the pressure himself but was stopped. Stephen wrapped his fingers around Mike’s throbbing arousal and began pumping in time with his thrusts. Soon Stephen didn’t know how much longer he would last. Mike had been reduced to one syllable words or incoherent moaning.

“Oh God, M-Mike…I can’t…ugh…fuck!” Before he could finish his sentence he felt his body give out, as his orgasm pulsed through his body. Not long after Mike nearly screamed as he came, exploding onto himself and Stephen.

Both men lay there trying to catch their breath. Stephen kissed Mike passionately before pulling out of him.

“I really hope the neighbors couldn’t hear us.” Mike chuckled.

“Well…it wouldn’t be the first time.” Stephen kissed Mike’s forehead and pulled him up. He turned his head toward the house as he heard the central air conditioning turn on.

“YAY! My friend is back.” Mike exclaimed as he grabbed his shorts from the side of the pool.

“Good, now we can go inside and have more fun!” Stephen grabbed Mike’s wrist and led him back into the house.


A/N: OKIE homies…there really is no plot in this chapter, but there will be a “plot” in the next one so no worries. *humplickhump* now be good lil’ kiddies and review…I’ll give you some peanut butter.

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