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Change by Nef


Title: Change

Summary: Because It’s all change in the house of Xero.

Rating: R (For violence)

Disclaimer as I promised, something to do with “Back to School” but I plan to do a Joe/ Rob thing later, this is Chester/ Mike all told in Mike’s POV. I am a member of LPU, own practically every CD by them, have posters of them, worship them as gods for the music, seen them in concert, fallen in love with Chester’s Tartan Trousers, Mike’s eyes, Joe’s Frog, Rob’s smile and Voice, Brad’s hands and Phoenix’s…Erm…never mind. I do own the story line, I do own any of the characters that aren’t LP involved, I own the house, Mike’s Clothes, Chester’s clothes, Mike’s Puke (More on that later) and the old Fed Ex van LP drive. This is actually the second story of six, if you want to read the first let me know and I’ll post it but both “Change” and “Back school” used to be on FF.net so most of you have probably read them except I never got chance to finish this baby off for the. Other than that enjoy the show!



It was hot, too hot. It was like summer and it was only winter. The house seemed to close in around me and every time I closed my eyes it felt like I was on a roller coaster blindfolded and not strapped in. I groaned and stumbled over to the door quickly feeling the urge to vomit. I leant against the wall and dragged in deep breaths of smoky air. The smoke its self didn’t seem to help making the urge even worse. I didn’t know where I was going but I allowed Instinct take over and stumbled like a dizzy, feverish person towards the bathroom.

I felt my stomach muscles contract and my whole abdomen convulse in the movement. I felt the bile rise up and burn my throat making me slam my hand over my mouth and nose before running quickly into the bathroom and retching into the bowl violently. I felt the bile burning my throat and Lungs violently and coughed trying hard to stop the burning sensation. I groaned and fell to my knees, instantly feeling someone’s hand rubbing my back soothingly.

“Oh man Mike!” I heard the voice over the continuous beat of the heavy music. “How much did you drink?”

I moaned and collapsed further, I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t feel anything, someone could hit me right now and I wouldn’t feel a thing. Truth was I didn’t know how much I had drunk; everything had been such a blur, I couldn’t even remember arriving at this party. I closed my eyes after staring at the floor for some time in hope of making everything stop spinning. I didn’t even know why I had allowed the others to talk into coming. I should have stayed at home and finished my Essay or graphics work.

“Yo Mike! Wake up man!” Joe’s voice broke through my non-understandable thoughts viciously. “Come on! Or else we’re gunna be late again!”

I opened my eyes slowly and moaned. I was back in my nice comfy bed; my head pounding and my stomach churning violently. I couldn’t believe it was morning already! I couldn’t remember anything! Not even leaving or how I got home.

“Mike!” Joe barked impatiently. “Get up already!”

“All right!” I groaned and threw the covers off myself before standing up and looking over to Chester’s Bed in our shared room. His bed was empty; in fact it didn’t look like it had been slept in since the morning before. I frowned; Chester was always in his bed sleeping whenever I got up, I couldn’t understand where he would be at this time in the morning. “Where’s Chaz?”

Joe looked at me and shifted slightly. “You don’t remember what happened last night after you threw up?”

I shook my head slowly. “No.”

“Chester was taken to hospital.” He explained in a calm tone as if it was a normal conversation we were having. “You remember, you found him…he had another drug-overdose Mike.”

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