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Wanted by Nef

Title: Wanted.

Summary: Everybody Loves Rob, Everybody Wants Rob, Somebody Wants Rob, Some Body Wants Rob Dead.

Rating: NC-17 (Violence, cursing, sexual content)

Disclaimer: tral la la I’m a pixie full of love and caring, except towards these fucking Author notes/Disclaimer thingys! Argh! Kill! Kill! Anyway I don’t know or own LP I doubt this would ever happen to them but eh I gotta write something sick and twisted.

The room was fairly dim, standard white walls with several plastic chairs that were hard and uncomfortable. The room was empty of anything else except a standard sized television that was positioned in front of the seats, the screen blank and waiting. Six men filed into the room, five of them went to sit in the chairs, none of them talking, none of them smiling, two held hands, the one closest to the door clutching tightly to the hand that was his only protection, the door his only chance of escape. The sixth man walked calmly and steadily over to the Television, hitting a button so that the small VCR under it came to life. The five men that were now seated watched not asking questions, not smiling or laughing; usually when they watched a video it was for fun and they joked all the time; but that was when they were a six and not a five, not a five like they were now.

The dark one, the one with the richly tanned skin squeezed the bony hand in his, his dark eyes staring hard at the TV daring it to come to life, beside him the three other men were the same except their eyes were full of confusion and fear whilst the tanned one was full of anger and hate. He looked to his left at the man beside him, the only one too scared to look at the screen, too scared to lift his lightly tanned eyelids and stare at the blank screen with his dark eyes. The tanned one looked back the screen swallowing hard and setting his jaw firmly, praying that he didn’t become too angry.

“The footage you are about to see was shot two days ago.” The man by the television spoke in a calm audio able voice. “It’s quite long but it will interest you greatly.”

“Just get on with it.” The tanned one snapped he wanted to get out, he wanted to get them all out and forget the nightmare, to forget what had happened to the man he loved.

“Calm down Mr. Shinoda.” The man answered swiftly. “There is no need for hostility.”

He grumbled as he watched the tape slide into the VCR and the man hit another button making the screen come to life, he felt the hand in his squeeze tightly and breathed in deeply, he had to be strong, for them, for Rob. The white screen burnt his eyes making him curse silently, the room that was projected was much like the one they sat in only bigger and well lit. For a moment the screen was blank then the tape seemed to jump and suddenly there was a figure in a white wrap sitting on a chair, their skinny pale hands cuffed to the arms of the plastic seat.

“Do you know why you are here?” A formal voice came from the TV, the doctor, the doctor they had asked to do this, to take care of all of this mess.

“Yes.” Came the answer.

Mike felt the hand tighten around his and looked at the quivering man beside him. “Rob? You okay?”

“Yes?” it was faint, shaky but Mike didn’t ask any more questions.

“Can you tell us why you are here?” The doctor asked, his voice firm and emotionless.

“Because I did something very bad.” The voice that answered was childish but adult none the less. “I did something so bad I had to be punished.”

“What did you do?”

Mike felt Rob tense and slammed his eyes shut tightly as the memories came flooding back.

“What did you do?”

“I tried to kill some one.”


“A friend, a very close friend.”


“Because everybody wanted him, but they couldn’t have him.”

“Why could no one have him?”

“Because he was supposed to be mine.” There was anger in the voice now, cold and chilling. It made Mike sick to hear it, to hear that voice claiming possession over his man. “But no, I couldn’t have him.”

“Why couldn’t you have him?” They were getting closer now, closer to what they had all been dreading hear.

“ Because he was with someone else, he belonged to someone else. That wasn’t allowed; no one was allowed to have him.” Thank god for the cuffs.

“So what did you do?”

“I took him away, I took him away to make him safe but it didn’t work, so I tried to make sure no one got him, that no one got to call him theirs.”

“Does He have a name?”

“Yes.” The voice became calm and almost loving, sweet and sickly Mike didn’t know how much more he could take of this. “A very pretty name, it suits him but doesn’t do him justice, nothing can do him justice.”

“What’s his name?”

There was a long silence. It was heated, tense, sickening, Mike couldn’t stand it, he couldn’t breath, the hand in his was now limp, shallow sharp breaths coming from his side, he could tell that tears were falling, tears of fear and confusion.

“What was his name?”

“Rob.” Chester lifted his head and smiled sickenly at the camera making Mike cringe and look away from those dark eyes, sunken back into the skull from lack of sleep and food. “Robert Bourdon.”


Mike smiled and kissed Rob softly on the cheek as they headed towards the house, their evening had been magical, the guys had been nice enough to scarper on out for the night leaving them with the whole house, a beautiful dinner cooked by Brad earlier in the day, and then a nice long walk along Venice beach, the moon reflecting mysteriously off the steady, calm tide. The whole night had been something from a fairy tale, something he didn’t want to end.

“I love you so much.” He murmured as he pulled Rob close and kissed him.

“I love you too.” Rob answered and kissed back stumbling into the house and giggling. “The whole house to ourselves, I don’t think I can remember the last time we were alone.”

“You’re not.”

They both froze and winced when cold light hit their eyes as a lamp in the lounge was turned on. They adjusted and stared at the dark figure standing by the door. Mike moved forward feeling anger rise up in him, he had begged the guys to do a disappearing act, pleaded with them until they had all caved in and made arrangements to get the hell out. Now there stood Chester, a smug grin on his face, his eyes dark and menacing.

“Chester I thought you were going out tonight.” Mike hissed motioning for Rob to come in. he glared hard at the vocalist angrily. “You promised you would make yourself scarce!”

“Did I?” Chester chuckled, it was low, sickly making Mike tense. “I guess I must have changed my mind, you know what I’m like.”

“Rob, go upstairs and get changed I’ll be up in a minute.” Mike ordered not taking his eyes off of Chester, his fists were clenched he would have killed Chester if it wasn’t for the fact that the older man was one of his best friends. He waited until he heard feet on the staircase before speaking again. “Chester what the fuck are you trying to pull?”

“Nothing.” Chester pretended to look innocent for a second then chuckled again and shook his head, his eyes growing darker. He clenched his fists in anger and stepped towards the emcee. “You know you’re a very lucky man Mike.”

“Huh?” Mike was caught of guard he tilted his head and raised an eyebrow at Chester questioning him silently.

“You heard me.” Chester growled, it was sickly, full of hate and jealousy. “You are so lucky, a loving family, great personality, but do you know what makes you the lucky man, Mike?”

Mike stepped back suddenly feeling the sparks of fear ride along his spine. He kept his gaze locked with Chester’s trying to read through the dark angry gaze that stared back at him. He could see the staircase in the corner of his eye, his only escape if he wanted to protect Rob too. “What is it?”

“Rob.” Chester growled and lashed out catching Mike off guard, the emcee fell back in surprise hitting his head against the wall and sliding down dazed and in pain. “You got everything! Even the man I loved you piece of shit! He was meant to be mine! I could have made him love me but you had to ruin it all! Well if I can’t have him, no one will!”

Mike felt someone lift him up, drag him roughly up the stairs to the bedroom Rob and him now shared, he heard two voices, confusion and mock concern. He tried to struggle but ended up collapsing to the floor making him moan out in pain. He closed his eyes trying to rid himself of the sickening pain that was clouding his mind, he had to help Rob, he had to get them away from Chester.

“Mike!” Rob stammered as he knelt beside the emcee and stroked his hair. “Mike are you okay? Chester we need to get him a doctor or something he’s bleeding!”

“Oh poor Mikey!” Chester spat sarcastically making Mike look up, he tried to warn Rob as the older man grabbed the drummer and slammed him against a wall. “Forget about him Rob, he’s not the one whose gunna need help.”


“What did you do to Mr. Bourdon?” The formal voice instantly cut Mike away from his memories, he had miss a good five minutes of the clip but he didn’t care, he knew had happened he didn’t need to be told again. “Did you hurt him, Mr. Bennington?”

“No.” The answer was sweet, full of denial. “We made love, right there in front of…”


“In front of who?” The vice prompted Chester to go, to tell him everything. Rob tensed feeling the bile rise in his stomach, he hadn’t made love to this man, this man who he thought was a friend, he had been hurt, abused, violated. “Mr. Bennington please answer the question, in front of who?”

“Mike fucking Shinoda.” The answer was icy and cruel.

“No.” Rob whispered and pulled free of Mike shaking his head, he stood up not sure as to where he was going, he didn’t see the questioning eyes on him as he stumbled back and ran out of the door choking and sobbing, he felt the bile rise into his throat and wretched onto the floor, hot tears spilling down his cheeks. He couldn’t believe this was happening, to any of them, he wanted Chester to be his friend again to go back to normal and to have the band back to what it was.


“I can’t take this Mike.” He stammered over the sobs. “I can’t take it, I want him to be okay, I want it all to go back to normal.”

He collapsed into the arms of the stronger man trying his hardest to fight back the memories that wanted to fill his mind. He closed his eyes as Mike held him tightly silently begging that this was all a nightmare.


“You are so pretty Rob.” Chester spoke as he pushed Rob down onto the floor. “What are you doing with a man like Mike? He doesn’t deserve you, no one does.”

Rob didn’t try to struggle though his body screamed for him to get away, to run but he couldn’t fear took hold of him and froze him to where he stood and now to where he lay as Chester kissed him roughly pulling down his boxers, he cursed himself for changing, for not leaving at least his pants on. He felt the tears rolling down his face as Chester moved to remove his own pants, he knew what was coming but he couldn’t fight, he heard Mike moan somewhere behind him and slammed his eyes shut, he didn’t care what happened to himself as long as Chester didn’t hurt Mike.

“This might hurt a bit.” Chester chuckled as his erection rubbed against Rob’s opening making the drummer sob in fear. “But don’t worry my love, it’ll be okay.”

Rob screamed when Chester pushed in, the pain was unbearable making him feel so sick and dizzy, he closed his eyes begging silently that this would be over soon, that he would wake up and find that it was all a horrible dream. He choked on the sobs that tried to break free, the pain growing more and more with each heavy thrust Chester produced. He blocked out Chester’s moans and curses he couldn’t bear to hear another man say his name in that way, to say his name with such sick pleasure.

Fresh tears fell as he felt Chester come inside of him, the vocalist moaning his name, thrusting still until he was completely spent before pulling out slowly. He kept his eyes shut rolling onto his side and curling up with the pain his felt inside, shaking from the cold air and Chester’s hot breath on his shoulder. He wanted it all to go away, he felt sick from the pain; his whole body was on fire making him writhe even more in pain.

“I am sorry I have to do this.” Chester murmured into his ear as the vocalist rolled him onto his back once more. “But if I can’t have you then no one can, I know you understand, please forgive me.”

Rob panicked when he felt Chester’s cold hands wrap around his neck, his thumbs pressing hard on his wind pipe, he choked struggling violently but getting nowhere, he tried to drag in deep breaths but couldn’t, his whole body was screaming for oxygen and his lungs felt like they were going to explode. He dug his nails into Chester’s arms but it did nothing, Chester barely flinched making Rob panic even more, he felt himself giving up, his body shutting down, he felt his eyelids droop and his heart beat slower.


“But you didn’t kill Mr. Bourdon.”

“I wanted to.” The answer was cold and harsh. “If he was dead then no one could have him, not Mike, not Dave, Not Brad, not Joe, no one.”

“Why didn’t you kill him?”

Dave tensed in his seat begging his eyes to remove themselves from the TV but they wouldn’t, he was forced to watch and listen to everything, he had heard Rob leave heard Mike follow and the door muffled the sobbing that followed. He shook his head and stared hard the screen daring Chester to say something.

“I was interrupted.” The sigh that followed sounded irritated, not just with the thought of being disturbed but also with the tireless questions he was being asked.

“Who interrupted you?”

“Dave.” There was hate in the voice again, an anger directed right at him making him cringe and finally look away. “He had to come home early!”


He knew something was wrong when he couldn’t get hold of Chester, the vocalist’s cell phone was off, his voice on the answer machine chirpy and joking. He shook his head and crossed the street to the band’s house freezing when he saw Chester’s car park on the corner, Mike was going to be mad if he knew Chester was home.

Dave rushed inside, closing the door as quietly as possible and looking around, a single lamp was on in the lounge, the cold light mocking Dave from where he stood, he shook his head and looked around doing a double take when he saw the blood on the wall. “Chester?”

He walked slowly up the stairs hearing muffled voices, sobs and moans. He swallowed hard wondering if he should go on into the couple’s bedroom or to leave and pretend he heard nothing. He stood there listening frowning at the muffled choking sounds, he had hardly ever been around when Mike and Rob decided to have some fun but when he was he knew it didn’t involve sobbing and choking. He walked slowly over to the door peeking through the small crack that was left when the door wasn’t closed properly, he gasped and threw the door open making Chester jump in surprise but not loosen his grip around Rob’s throat.

“Chester!” The bassist cried out and threw the vocalist off of Rob, punching him hard when the older man tried to retaliate. “You fucking ass hole what the hell are you trying to do?”

“He’s mine!” Chester screamed as he struggled against Dave trying to get at the lifeless Rob. “He’s mine he has to die so no one can have him! So none of you can have him!”

Dave heard Mike moaning and looked around to see the emcee shifting on the floor. He couldn’t let go of Chester but he knew that Mike was hurt and Rob needed help. He growled and slammed Chester hard against the wall making the smaller man yelp and struggle more the bassist hit him once more harder than the last time so that Chester slumped and fell to the floor.

“Mike!” Dave helped the emcee stand. “Jesus what happened? We need to get some help, Rob’s not moving.”

“Rob?” Mike choked and stumbled over to the drummer pulling him into his arms. “Oh god Rob! That bastard! How could he do this? Oh Rob, please be okay I love, please okay, everything is gunna be fine.”

Dave slowly pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and called the emergency. He waited barely hearing the ringing as the operator connected him to his call, he felt panic and anger and confusion run through him but managed to keep his composure.

“What’s the emergency?”

“I need an ambulance and the police.” Dave managed in a calm blank voice.


“Why did you do it Mr. Bennington?” The formal voice tore Dave away from the painful memories. “Why did you want to kill Mr. Bourdon?”

Chester didn’t answer, he lifted his head so that he was staring straight into the camera making the remaining three men tense and hold their breaths, waiting for the answer that had plagued their minds for so long. “Because everybody wanted him, everybody loved him, and yes I wanted him but I wanted him dead.”


A/n: ah yes you gotta love those weird little movies where they have flash backs and jealous psycho friends, inspired by The Ring oddly enough, if you have ever watched it you might know what part I’m talking about (shrugs) not exactly the same but with the same theme. Anyway review if ya wanna.

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