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A Linkin Park Story- When They Met by mkstar

What it Really Means

Linkin Park- A Mike And Chester Story

A/n: Howdy yo! All you fanfiction hoes! I'm back and 1/4 black. Hehe. I am actually.

I got this idea from watching the LP DVD so much (frat party yea yea!) and the whole "Linkin PArk"

explanation that Chazzy Chaz was talking bout. This first chapter is like the future chapter. Then it's all in the past/present. OK? alrighty! Yea there are gonna be different designs. oooooh Ahhhhhh


Mike was leaning against a wall the pitch black room, watchign Chester be interviwed for their first DVD.

"Linkin Park just happened to be one of those things," Chester never took his eyes off the camera but felt Mike's presence.

*One of those special things you wait for all your life. That thing were everything happens! Something you never forget* Mike smiled to himself, as he felt that warm feeling inside.

"It really doesn't have any meaning and it's not really significent to anything."

Mike's jam dropped open. *No meaning! WHAT THE HELL? That's where everything happened! The band! The group! Everything. Even us*

"and it's what i like about it," Chester's side glance fell upon Mike, then he quickly looked away. Mike couldn't listen any more. He quietly left but his body language was shouting hurt. Mike walked down the halls with his head down. He was too upset to drive home, but that really didn't matter since Chester drove him there. The thought of Chester made his heart ache. He phoned a taxi who picked him up rather quickly.

Chester's voice became rather dull as he spoke. He began to grow impaitent with the interviewer. He didnt' want to speak to Mike, but he knew before he could crawl in a ball and think his life over. "Thanks Chester you can go," he nodded and left the room. As he was walking through the halls Rob ran over to him.

"Heeeeyy Ches-" Rob cutt himself off as he saw the Chester's current state. Chester looked up slightly to see Rob turn away and walk away.

"Whatever," he mumbled and continued walking out the building. He walked over to his car and sighed. He got in and could of cried. A few hours ago everything was fine. Mike was laughing and playing around with his breakfast. The engined roared and he took off towards Mike's house. By the time he arrived it was pitch black. He slammed his car's door and winced. He knew Mike heard that. Indeed he did. Not that he wanted to surprise Mike, he but didn't want Mike to know that he was coming either. Mike walked over to the window. What he saw made him chuckle. Chester was glaring and cursing at his car door. He didn't knwo what was happening with Chetser. But it was always like this with him. On and off. Love then Hate. If only Chester didn't act like Chester but Chester. Confusing. Yes. But Mike understood it. He watched Chester's silky slim body reflect in the moonlight as he walked to the house. He knocked lightly. Mike's mind went crazy.

*Answer now?* He got up but stopped half way. *Or would that make me look anxious?* Chester knocked again with alittle more force. *Why am i freaking out? Is Chester freaking out? Should I answer with a soft smile? Grinning? Miserable? No, then he would see what he does to me.* Mike heard Chester let out a growl. *Damn!* Mike sighed out his worries and answered the door. Chester was about to knock again when the door creaked open, revealing a emotionless looking Mike. Mike stared Chester down. *Why am i beginning to hate him now?*

"Can I?" Chester nodded his head to the couch peaking out of Mike's living room.

"Sure" he stepped aside and let Chester pass. Mike closed the door and followed Chester.

"Whatz up Mike?" Mike sat across from Chester and looked at him in disbelef.

"Mike I saw expression on your face. What's wrong?" Mike leaned back on the couch but then jumped up.

"WHAT'S WRONG! HOW-THE-HEELLL CAN YOU ASK THAT? WHAT'S WRONG? Ches! THAT'S LIKE ASKING A BLIND MAN 'CAN YOU SEE THAT'?" Mike paced back in forth, casting glares at Chester as he yelled.

It was Chester's turn to yell. "WAS IT ABOUT WHAT I SAID?"

"DaMN RIGHT! How the hell could you say that?" Mike's toned softened. Chester walked up to Mike who stopped pacing. They looked at each other dead in the eye.

"What the FUCK was I suppose to say Mike? Huh? I'm a FUCKIN' queer. Cause I'm not. That Lincoln Park is where I met you? Where i screwed the hell out of you? Where I fell in love with you? Where we met our faggot friends? Where we all met someone gay and screwed them there? Oh yea and we just happened to want to be in a group?" Chester spat at Mike looking at him disgusted.

Mike slightly gasped then growled.

"You fucking son of a bitch. YOu FUCKING QUEER. You ARE a queer chester. You could of said it meant something"

"Yea and have the fucking media and fans breathing down our backs about what it means, until one of us cracks?" Mike didn't want to admit it but he knew Chester had a point.

"Get the fuck out my house you so called straight son of a bitch! Go crying back to Sam!" Chester was about to slap the shit out of Mike but the door swung open revealing a rather loud Brad.

"HEY! Where are you jay birds? I mean gay birds. Hehe," Brad's voice was happy and pain free unlike Mike's voice. Mike and Chester continued to glare each other down.

"Ch-" Brad looked at the two. Chester looked away, turned on his heel and left. Mike didn't even flinch when the door slamed.

"Mike whats wrong?" Mike walked past Brad.

"He says Linkin Park means nothing and that he is straight...again." Mike jogged up the steps and into his room.

"Well once your gay you can't swing another way!" Brad heard the door slam and he smiled.

"I'll stay in the guest room until you wanna talk!" Brad yelled. "Rob really won't like this..."

ECN- (End Chapter Note) Like that gay wing thing. hehe me too! I made it up while i was writing this. Tomorrow i might right because SOME WHERE I BELONG IS GONNA BE ON Y100! Rob say world premire. THis is future/present chapter the rest is past/present. Like it takes place before this chapter but it's not like looking back but is but not...o.0? Sure get it? got it? good! your cool! Read over till it makes sense. BYE!

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