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The Brightest Nights by Screaming-Suicide-4-Chaz

Ok, this is the sequal...so....yeah....hmmm...


Kneeling down, I placed a single black rose on Chester’s grave, tears stinging my eyes.

It’s been exactly one year today since he’s died. He loved black roses...

Wiping the tears away, I closed my eyes, envisioning him, his amazing beauty. I sat a punk-rocker bear on the tomb that Chester loved, a picture of the whole band when we had first got together, and Chester’s favourite CD of the Stone Temple Pilots. Things that he absolutely loved.

“I.. I miss you, Chester. God, I’m nothing without you, baby,” I whimpered, tears falling uncontrollably.

“Why did you have to leave me? It’s all my fault.. I said I wouldn’t let you die.. but you did.. oh god, you did.. Chester, please come back..” My voice was cracking terribly, and soon, I had broken down into complete sobs.

“I miss your voice, your touch... you... I miss everything about you, Ches. And like I promised, I’ll never let you go. You have my heart and you always will... it’s impossible to move on...” I cried, running my fingers over the letters of his name in his tombstone.

I stood up, sighing, and wiped away the tears. Kissing my hand, I blew a kiss to his grave and whispered, “I love you, Chester.”


“Mike! Wake the fuck up!” Brad yelled in my ear, and I shooed him away with my hand. He slapped it and I grunted, pulling my covers over my head.

“Go away, Bradford,” I groaned, and he shook me, saying, “Get your ass up! It’s 10 o’clock at night! You’ve been asleep all fucking day!” Sighing, I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes, flicking Brad off.

“Your such a pain in the fuckin’ ass, Brad,” I stood up and scratched my head, making my way to the bathroom.

“Where’d you go today, anyway?” Brad asked, following me.

“Somewhere,” I groaned, pulling out my dick to piss. Brad stood in the bathroom doorway.

“Where though?”

“None of your business,”

“MIKE! I wanna know! Where?!”

“Chester’s grave, ok?! Jesus,”

“...oh...” Brad said, nodding slowly.

Flushing the toilet, I said, “I’m gonna take a long, hot bath, ok? We’ll talk later.”

Brad smiled and nodded, walking out of the bathroom doorway so I could close the door. I locked it and started the bath water. Sighing, I removed my wife-beater and boxers, pouring bubbles into the bathtub. Yeah, a little girlie, but hey, I’m gay.

As the tub was filling up, I stepped in, wincing at the scalding hot water. I lowered my body down into the water slowly, wincing and mumbling obscenities under my breath.

Finally, I was all the way in and I laid back in the tub, closing my eyes, feeling total karma take over me.

I couldn’t help but think of Chester. He loved taking baths together. Usually, he’d make sculptures with the bubbles, or make a full body bubble suite. I smiled, remembering one time that he covered his face with the bubbles, claiming he was Bubble Man and here to save soap.

Sighing, tears stung my eyes and I wiped them away, trying not to think of the bad things.

‘Happy thoughts... think happy thoughts, Mike,’ I said to myself, sighing again. Suddenly, a huge grin plastered across my face, and a single tear of happiness fell down my cheek when I thought of me and Chester’s first time together...



“Mike! Where are you taking me?!” Chester asked, a smile on his face.

“You’ll see,” I said, still holding my hands over his eyes and slowly leading him up a flight of stares carefully. I finally got to the bedroom, and I closed the door with my foot.

“Are we here?!” He asked, and I laughed, whispering in his ear, “Yes, you can look now...” Moving my hands, I let him view where he was and he gasped.

I noticed his eyes shimmering with tears, and he turned to face me.

“M-Mike, this... this is beautiful,” He kissed me slowly on the lips, full of passion.

I had decorated the bedroom with tons of candles, rose petals, and the lights were dimmed; enough for us to see each other.

Slowly, we made our way to the bed and Chester lay down, and I crawled on top of him, both of us removing our shirts.

“Ches,” I moaned in his ear, gently biting the lobe and sucking on it. “Baby, I wanna go all the way with you,”

“Mmmm... yes, Mike...” He whispered, trying his best to unbutton my pants. I stood up for a moment to remove my pants and I got between Chester’s legs, unbuttoning his pants also. I removed them fully and then his boxers, removing my own also. I kissed his lips slowly, and made my way to his beautiful, small pink nipples, sucking on each of them, causing him to moan lowly.

Smiling, I kissed down his stomach, encircling his bellybutton with my tongue, kissing around it. Continuing with my kisses downward, I kissed both hip bones and then down to his groin.

Kissing each thigh, I coated my finger with my own saliva and slowly inserted it into Chester’s opening, causing him to gasp.

“Are you ok?” I asked, looking up at him. He nodded and balled the bed sheets in his fists, pulling somewhat. I slowly entered another finger into him, and he whimpered, saying, “Mike, I want you.. now..” I smiled and removed my fingers from inside of him, making my way up back to him to kiss him.

I coated my cock with my own pre cum and then used some to massage around Chester’s opening. Aligning my cock with his opening, I asked, “Are you ready?” Taking a deep breath, Chester nodded, and I pushed into him. He closed his eyes tightly and cried out in pain, clinching the bed sheets so tightly, his knuckles were white.

“Oh my God, Mike!... stop... it hurts...” He cried, tears falling down his face. It pained me to see him hurting, but I knew the pain would soon be replaced with pleasure.

“Shhh... it’ll feel better.. I promise..” I whispered, lacing our fingers together. I slowly pushed the rest of my length into him and pulled out, only to push back in, but very gently.

“Mikey.. it-it still hurts...” Chester whimpered in a shaky voice.

“It’s ok, Ches... it’ll feel so much better... I promise...” I whispered, leaning down somewhat to kiss him gently. Changing the angle I was fucking him from, I pushed back in with force and suddenly, Chester screamed my name, and I froze, thinking I hurt him.

“God! Keep going! Fuck, Mike, right... there!” He cried, pushing back against me, trying to get me to keep going. With more force and speed, I created a pleasurable speed thrusting in and out of him.

“Chester, baby, are you ok?” I panted out, sweat covering our bodies, giving us an exotic glow to our skin, the candles creating a sensual aura.

“...yes...oh God, Mikey, it feels so good..”

“What does?” I just wanted to hear him say it...

“You do... inside me... it feels so..good, Mikey..” I couldn’t help but grin and I began pushing deeper into him, gaining even more speed. Feeling his rock-hard cock between us, I took it into my hand and began masturbating him, and he bit his lip, moaning loudly.

“Ches, I’m so close... I’m gonna cum, baby...” I panted, pushing harder into him.

“Oh.. oh God.. M-Mike!!” Chester screamed, cuming hard onto my hand, and I came so hard inside of him that my whole body began shaking from the intensity, as I screamed out Chester’s name.

Panting hard, I collapsed on top of him, slowly sliding out of his tight opening and laying beside him on the bed.

Both of us covered in sweat, the heat from the candles adding to the hotness, Chester snuggled close to me, kissing me passionately on the lips.

“I love you so much, Mikey. That was amazing,” He said, smiling at me.

“I love you too, Chester,” we continued to kiss, never wanting to end the pleasure...

(((-end of flashback-)))


Sighing, I wiped away my tears and decided it was time to get out of the tub. I stood up and let out the water, grabbing a towel. I wrapped it around my waist, tied it, and walked out into my room.

I dried off quickly and pulled on a pair of boxers and then a wife-beater.

I walked down stares, seeing Brad and everyone else sitting in the living room.

“Hey, guys,” I said, smiling. They all greeted me back with a smile and I sat beside Brad on the couch, sighing.

“Damn, Mike, how hot was the bath water? You’re fucking red!” Joe exclaimed, making everyone look at me and laugh. I blushed and shrugged.

“It was very hot; just like I like it,” I said, yawning.

“Your still tired? You’ve been asleep all fucking day, and now it’s 11:45 at night and your gonna go back to sleep? Psycho...” Rob said, grinning.

I smiled and stood up, mumbling goodnight to everyone. I made my way back to my bedroom, and lay down in my bed, covering up.

Closing my eyes, I pictured Chester. I couldn’t help but smile. I missed him terribly, but, in spirit, he was with me.

I know he would want me to move on... but... that’s almost impossible. I’ll never find another love as great as him. He was amazing.

I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, thinking of Chester.

I’ll move on...


It feels like this is the beginning of my Brightest Nights...

~+~THE END~+~


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