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Hybrid Zoo by BBB's Sex Toy

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Mr Shinoda, Chester is coming in today at 9:00am do you want me to get Brad and Dave for you” Anna the secretary asked through the intercom leading to Mike Shinoda ‘Hybrid Zoo’s’ owner’s office.

“Yes please Anna get them to meet me by the Lincoln Den at 8:45 thank you”

“Your welcome sir”

Anna imminently picked up the phone and dialled the extension to Brad’s office.

“Hullo? This is Dave”

“Dave is it possible you and Brad can meet Mike in the Lincoln Den at 8:45 for Chester’s arrival?”

“Yup thanks Anna later”

“Bye Dave”

I’m Mike’s office he was on the computer looking through Chester’s files when his phone rang.

“Hello…This is Mike Shinoda…hmmm ok then…hopefully that wont be a problem I’ll keeps an eye on him myself …Status report? Rob is on holiday I though you was going to send down a team…oh right…ok I’ll do it…thanks Mr Dallas Goodbye”

Mike hung up the phone and sat there looking very pissed off he pressed the intercom button on his intercom.

“Anna slight problem Dallas has had problems with an Elephant at his place so his team that supposed to attend here to report Chester’s behaviour can’t make it so I’ll have to do it myself. So can u draw me up an report book the papers from the last project should be in the history book say deadline 9:00?”

“Mr Dallas told me to make copies for the team and send me the files so I already have them here Sir with all the medical history and health charts from the last few years”

“You are my shining star Anna thank you”

“No problem Mr Shinoda”

“Mike! Bye Anna”

“Bye Mike good luck”

At the Lincoln Den Brad and Dave awaited for Mike.

“Dave are u sure Anna said 8:45? Where is he?”

Just then Mike turned the corner carrying all the reports for when Chester arrives.


(Chester’s P.O.V)

‘Where the hell am I, where’s my mom, OMG! I’m moving HELP HELP! I’m in trucky thingy oh shit there goner kill me they took my brother in one of these and we never saw him again HEEEEEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!, oh they stopped I’m hungry *sniffs* I can smell sommin’ Chester looked through the gap in the truck wall and saw 2 big guys shouting at another guy he couldn’t see the smaller guy the two big guys were blocking his view, he kept staring until he heard the truck being opened ‘Ok here goes nothing’.

(No P.O.V)

Benji the guy who was driving moved to the open the truck he never heard a sound as he slowly opened the last catch ‘He must be sleeping’ he thought that was cut short as the animal inside ran dead bold to the door and barged it open the flap fell down trapping Benji under it as the animal ran straight towards the two men who were eyes wide shaking with fear they both passed out which made the animal see the smaller guy behind them and stop in his tracks and stare. The animal started walking closer to Mike who was shaking in fear Chester could sense this and looked into him eyes ‘what a beautiful animal’ Chester though as he got closer to Mike his face was inches away from Mikes and he was looking right into his eyes.

(Chester’s P.O.V)

‘Mmmm very tasty so that was what I could smell *sniffs* cute little thing, I wonder what he’d do if I licked him *licks* jumpy little feller ain’t you don’t be scared of me *licks* nope umm maybe if I do this *nuzzles* kinda worked oh I know it’s cuz I’m bigger then him I’ll lie down, yeah that worked he’s ok now’

(Mikes P.O.V)

‘OhMyGod I though I was a dead man why is he being gentle he supposed to be killing me not like I mind, wow he has gorgeous eyes there like human’. (– end p.o.v)

Mike crouched down to pet the tigers head but fell backwards when the animal lifted his nose to his crotch, ‘hehe got ya’ Chester though and he crawled over the man and laid on top of him. Mike laughed and petted the Tigers head while the Tiger purred.


Mike sat on the bench filling in the report watching Chester prowl his new home. Mike was surprised a wild animal could be so gentle and loving Tiger’s are normally aggressive creatures when trapped or cornered. Mike had been out there for over 3 hours he was cold and he had an headache, he got up and walked up closer to the cage, this made Chester get up from his resting and get closer towards Mike. Mike set the paper’s down and leaned his lean body on the railing, as he pressed him entire weight on the cage it collapsed beneath him causing Mike to lose his footing and fall in to the Tiger’s Den. The last thing Mike saw before he passed out was the Tiger running straight towards him and then Darkness hit him and his body went numb with cold.


“Mmmm that feels good!” Mike lay still as he felt his boyfriend nuzzle his cock through his pants. Pants!! Since when did I wear pants to bed? What the hell Mark and me were over mouths ago! HOLY SHIT!!!. Mike Shot up as his brain started functioning telling him he fell and got knocked out in the tiger’s den. Mike felt the rubbing at his crotch again looked down to see the animal rubbing his nuzzle against Mikes pant clad crotch, Mike’s eyes widened and he spasmed into orgasm falling back to where he lay realising he was in the Tigers den.

“How the hell did I get in here?” Mike asked, Just as it hit him as what had happened, the animal just made Mike have an orgasm. Mike started to back up into a wall to get away from the animal.

(Chester’s P.O.V)

He looks so cute lying there sleeping; I hope he’s ok he took a pretty bad fall. I move a little closer to him keeping him warm it’s cold outside this morning I hope he don’t get a chill poor little baby I’ll make him feel better, I move my nose to his crotch and inhale his scent, Mmmm he smells good. I continue to rub my nose up him until he wakes up (- end p.o.v)

The animal mover closer towards Mike purring when Mike stopped crashing into a wall then sitting down by his feet staring into Mike’s eyes. Mike sat there looking at the large animal while he wondered how he got inside the den he knew he fell but that was outside he was under the shelter. Then it-clicked Chester had dragged him into the Den out of the cold. He glanced at Chester; the animal’s whole body sagged to the floor with a sad look on his face. ‘He must think I’m scared of him wanting to get away from him by backing the wall’ Mike thought. He moved closer to the Tiger and started petting it’s head, Chester purred crawling closer to Mike until his face was close enough to lift and lick Mike’s nose, Mike giggled an whispered to the animal ‘Thank you for saving me Chester’.

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