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Love Connection by BBB's Sex Toy

Chapter 1

Love Connection

Samantha walked into the hotel room she was sharing with Chester.

“Hey,” She said putting one of the bags she had with her down and keeping one of them on her arm.

“Hey,” Chester said.

“Wanna see what I got?” Samantha asked while bouncing onto the couch.

“What are you so happy about?” Chester laughed.

“Shannon bought me this,” She said taking out this little black machine.

“What in the world is that?”

“It’s a love connector.”

“A love connector, Sam?” Chester laughed.

“Yes! It’s supposed to show how compatible you are with someone.”

“And you believe it?”

Maybe, I don’t know.”

“Whatever, so how does it work?”

“You type in your name and then the person you’re with and then you type in your birthday and then that person’s birthday.”

Chester shook his head.

“Hey! This is destiny.”

“So you do believe this is true.”

“Yes I do,” Samantha said matter-of-factly and started punching things into the tiny keypad.

“Who are you doing?”

“You’ll see.” Samantha grinned pressing three and then a two.

“Sam,” Chester said trying to look around her to see what she was putting in.

“Fine, you and me,” She said hitting the enter key. Her eyes bugged out a little and the she looked over at Chester.

“What? So...”

“So... what?”

“Don’t so what me. What did it say?” Chester grinned.

“It said...”

“It said...” Chester mimicked her.

“It said... that...”

“It said that....” Chester mimicked her again and she hit his arm with a pillow. “What did it say?” Chester asked as he put a piece of gum in his mouth and offered her a piece, but she shook her head no.

“It said that we’re only four percent compatible.” Chester nearly chocked on the gum that he had just put in his mouth. “Four percent, Chester, that’s really bad.”

Chester just shook his head.


Joe, Rob, Mike, Brad, Chester and Samantha sat around Chester and Samantha’s hotel room.

“Sam, show them your idiotic new toy,” Chester said.

Samantha groaned and smacked Chester’s arm before she got up. She walked over to the bed and picked it up.

“What’s that?” Rob asked.

Samantha rolled her eyes.

”A love connector.”

“A love connector?”

“Yes it’s a love connector, what is the big deal?” Samantha asked, a little annoyed at the constant asking of why.

“Why did you get that?” Brad asked.

“Shannon bought it for me.”

“Ok, so give me it,” Joe said grabbing it from Samantha.

“Who are you doing?”

“No one yet,” Joe said punching something in and everyone laughed. “Is sixty-three good?” He asked looking at Samantha.

She shrugged her shoulders.

“It’s better then what me and Chester got,” She said under her breath.

“And what did you two exactly get?” Joe asked.

Samantha rolled her eyes. “Four.” Samantha said barely over a whisper.

Mike cackled and looked at Chester.

“Shut up, Mike,” Chester said smiling.

“They got a four. They’re only four percent compatible,” Mike said and continued to laugh and Chester continued to stare at him and shake his head.

“So who are you sixty-three percent compatible with Joe?” Chester asked moving his eyes away from Mike.

“Gwen Stefani.” Joe grinned.

“Why did I even ask?”

“You do know she’s engaged right?” Rob asked.

“Don’t remind me,” Joe said banging his head on the side of the couch.

“Give me that thing.” Brad asked and Joe sat up and handed it to him.


After about an hour of seeing if they were compatible with the people they liked they started putting in stupid things, cause they didn’t have anything better to do. They put Rob with Samantha and they got a fifteen percent. Brad and Samantha got a 2 percent. Mike and Samantha got a zero percent, Joe and Samantha got eleven percent.

Then they really started to get stupid. Joe and Chester two percent. Brad and Rob six percent Rob and Mike four percent.

“Ok... C - H - E - S - T – E - R B - E - N - N - I - N - G - T - O - N and M - I - K - E S - H - I - N - O – D - A,” Joe said punching that in. “0 - 3/ - 2 - 0 - / - 7 – 6 and 1 - 2/ 1 - 1 / 7 - 5.” Joe continued and pressed the enter key. Joe’ eyes bugged out and he almost dropped the little black gadget. “Oh my god.”

“What?” Chester asked and Mike looked over at him.

“You guys...” Joe said staring to laugh hysterically.

“What?” Mike asked.

“You guys got a ninety six,” Joe said and the room went silent until Joe started laughing and then they all started except for Mike and Chester, they just kept looking at each other.


Chester sat up in bed, he couldn’t fall asleep. Samantha had her arm around his waist as she slept. Chester carefully moved her arm and then quietly got up out of the bed and walked over to where the love connector was and walked into the bathroom and closed and locked the door behind him.

He sat down on the closed toilet seat and opened the small black thing. He sighed as he started to punch in the names. ‘C - H - E - S - T – E - R B - E - N - N - I - N - G - T - O - N and M - I - K - E S - H - I - N - O – D - A.’ He swallowed hard and continued. ‘0 - 3/ - 2 - 0 - / - 7 – 6 and 1 - 2/ 1 - 1 / 7 - 5.’ He sighed before pressing the enter key.

He closed his eyes as he heard the little noise it made when it was processing and then the last beep that meant it was done. He opened his eyes and gasped. ‘Ninety seven percent, it went up?’ It’s not that he didn’t believe Joe before, he just needed to see it for himself. ‘What does this mean?’ Well he did know what it meant he just didn’t want to admit that’s what it meant. He got off the toilet seat and unlocked and opened the door. He looked over to the bed and saw his girlfriend sleeping.

He walked to the door and opened it, letting the light from the hallway shine through. He quickly closed it and walked to the room next to his. He knocked on it lightly at first and the when no one answered he started to knock harder almost playing some sort of tune with his knocks. He was staring at the wall that he didn’t even know that someone had opened the door until he heard someone.

“Chester.” Chester picked his head up and looked directly at Mike. “We’re just knocking Tearing Up My Heart?” Mike asked.

Chester smirked and shrugged his shoulders.

“So what’s up?”

Chester shrugged again and stared at the love connector in his hand.

Mike shifted his gaze from Chester’s face to what Chester had in his hand. “Is that bothering you?”

“Yeah,” Chester said almost squeaking.

“You wanna come in, Ches?”

Chester nodded.

Mike opened the door wider and Chester walked in.

“Why is it bothering you?”

“I... I don’t know. Should it?”

“It shouldn’t, Just, we’re just best friends.”

Chester sighed and walked over to the bed and sat down.

“Before I came over here I did it again, we were ninety-seven percent.”

Mike’s eyebrows arched. “What are you saying, Chester?”

“I don’t know.” Mike sighed.

“I’m not a mind reader, you have to talk to me.”

Chester sighed and fell backwards on the bed.

Mike walked over to the bed and sat down.

“Mike, this isn’t the first time I thought there was something between us,” Chester said shocked that it had actually come out of his mouth.

“What are you saying?”

“I... I think I might have feelings for you.”

Mike gulped back the lump in his throat.

“What kind of feelings?” Mike said in a whisper.

Chester sighed and moved closer to Mike, and put his head on his knee, and immediately Mike’s hand moved into Chester’s soft curls.

“That,” Chester said motioning to Mike’s hand in his hair.

Mike quickly moved his hand out.

“No, put it back I like it there,” Chester said and Mike put his and back shakily.

Chester picked up Mike’s other hand and interlaced their fingers.

Mike looked at their hands and Chester looked up and Mike and then their eyes locked.

Chester brought Mike’s hand to his lips and kissed them, never breaking eye contact with Mike.

Mike swallowed hard and leaned down.

“Mike?” Mike ignored him and kept his eyes locked with Chester's and Chester swallowed really hard when Mike’s lips were just above his.

“Yeah,” Mike said.

“Don’t stop.” Chester whispered and then Mike’s lips touched Chester’s softly at first, but then Chester opened his mouth and let Mike’s tongue enter his mouth. Chester scooted over and up on the bed to allow Mike more room. Mike moved up closer to the top of the bed without ever unlocking his lips from Chester’s.

Chester pulled away and smiled at Mike. He looked over Mike’s shoulder and smiled.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Mike.” Chester whispered.

“But it’s...” But Chester pointing over his shoulder stopped him.

Mike turned his head and looked at the clock and smiled. It read 12:04.

“Happy Valentine’s day, Chester.” Mike whispered and Chester leaned his head on Mike’s chest and reached over to the side of Mike where the love connector was. He rolled onto his back and opened it. He turned it on and immediately started typing things into it.

“What are you doing?” Mike asked but Chester put his pointer up and Mike nodded as Chester continued to type it in with just one hand.

“Ninety-eight percent.” Chester smiled and leaned closer to Mike.

“Us?” Mike asked looking at the tiny screen.

Chester nodded. “Yep. Maybe next Valentine’s Day we can make it to a hundred percent,” Chester said and moved his head up and kissed Mike’s lips.


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