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With you... by CaRRo

Another sleepless night.

It’s true / the way I feel

Was promised by your face

The sound of your voice

Painted on my memories

Even if you’re not with me

I’m with you

You / Now I see/ keeping everything inside

You / Now I see / Even when I close my eyes


*Mikes POV*

I haven’t slept for four hours. Sure I’ve dozed off every now and then, but I just can’t seem to find peace. I can’t understand why. I know it’s not insomnia or something like that. Something is bugging me. Maybe it’s something that one of the guys did or some unfinished lyrics that laying around? No, they guys have been pretty normal. Not that they are very normal, but they haven’t done anything even more strange than they use to. Of course the Wal Mart experience with Brad and Joe was odd but, that’s not it.

We’ve almost finished Meteora so all the lyrics etc. is done. What could it be? Should I really answer that with a true answer?


Mike yanked the covers of his body and sat up in the bed. He put his warm feet on the cold floor and stood up. He felt a chill running through his body and he slightly shivered. The alarm clock showed “03:49” with big red numbers. This was going to be another sleepless night. He started to walk towards the door, but turned around and decided to lay down again. He could at least try to get some sleep.


I turned my head towards my nightstand. I saw a picture of the guys there. All of them were smiling and it looked like they were having a blast. When my eyes spotted Chester in the left corner of the picture my cheeks got red. Okay, hold on. You don’t put “Mike’s cheeks” in the same sentence as “got red”. I mean, come on. Me, blushing?

Okay, I blushed when I saw Chester. There I said it. Yes, I do have a tiny-wienie crush on him. A big crush. A very big crush. A huge crush. Okay, okay, I’m in love with the guy. So, are you happy now? I know what’s bugging me. It’s my feelings towards the wonderful creature that is Chester Bennington. If I knew that he felt feelings similar to mine, I would tell him that I was in love with him right away. But right now I don’t think that is such a excellent idea. Wouldn’t you freak out if one of your male best friends told you that he was in love with you? Exactly. But one thing’s for sure. I cannot sleep until I get these thoughts out of my head. I’ve got to talk to someone. Someone who knows me inside out. Normally that would have been Chester, but since he’s the one I want to talk about I’ve got to talk to somebody else.

Brad’s the one. I’ve know him since I was 13 and he knows me better than my mom do ,and she really knows me. When should I talk to him?


Mikes eyes wandered towards the phone on his nightstand ,but he decided that Brad probably wouldn’t like to have a phone call in the middle of the night.

__ __ __ __ __ __ __

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