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In The Blink Of An Eye by BBB's Sex Toy

In The Blink Of An Eye

In the blink of an eye, that’s how it all started. One minute I was sitting in my car, waiting at the crossing for the freight train to pass. The next I was …. Well I don’t know where I was, not exactly.

I guess really I should introduce myself, my name is Michael Shinoda, but most people call me Mike. And the night in question changed my life forever. What I can tell you? … What I do know for sure is ….. I was in a room, bright lights all round me and I know I couldn’t move, even though there didn’t seem to be any restraints holding me down. I tried to call out, but found I had no voice. Low muttering reached my ears as shadows moved around me. I tried to see who was there, straining against the intensely bright lights that burned into my retainers. My clothes begin to disintegrate, I watched fascinated as they shrivelled and shrank, leaving me nude and helpless. A hand clasped round my chin, pinching hard at my cheeks, forcing my mouth open. Blocks were slid into place, stopping me from re-closing it. I recoiled in pain as a steel pin was plunged into the centre of my bottom right wisdom tooth. I tried to close my eyes only to find them as paralysed as the rest of my body. Rough hands fondled my genitals, pressing hard on my balls, stretching and dividing them. Agony shot up into my groin as an injection was used to pierce one of my testicle’s, withdrawing the sperm stored there. My breath came in panicked pants I was helpless, confused, frightened. Without warning the spot lights went out leaving black spots dancing behind my eyes. The room temperature began to drop, before long I could see my breath in the frigid air. How long I lay on the slab I don’t know, ice began to form in my open mouth , my eyes stung as they too began to freeze.…. My mind screamed ….. I was being frozen.

Then ……. there was nothing.

I woke up laying on the grass my car abandoned by the side of the road, I was naked, disorientated , my jaw hurt as did my balls, penis and anus. I had been violated in the worse way but I didn’t know by who or why or even how. Getting back to my car without being seen wasn’t a real problem , the road was relatively unused, a fact that my car was still in front of the rail crossing proved. Stumbling round to the trunk I fished out a pair of sweatpants and a sweater from my suitcase that was still in there. Climbing behind the wheel I sat for nearly an hour shaking before I started the engine and driving home. Staggering into my apartment and collapsed to the floor, blood running down my legs. The phone was sitting on the hall table, so near and yet so far. My chest heaved as I reached for the life line, Why hadn’t I driven to the hospital? Something had made me go home instead. The room began to spin wildly out of control, my vision blearing and merging into one big colourful smudge, I remember begging god to help me before darkness over took me once more.

When I woke up I was once again on the slab in the brightly lit room. Fingers curled round my ankles, pulling my legs apart, exposing me to anyone or thing that cared to see. Pressure was put onto my abdomen, just above my pubic line. Prodding, poking. Then searing pain ripped through me I screamed a silent scream as hands delved into my gut, groping at my inner organs like they were meats on a butchers block. More whispers and mumbles, the culprits ignoring the terrible agony I was being subjected to. I must have passed out with the pain because the next thing I remember I was laying in the hallway of my apartment. I would have thought it a bad nightmare if it hadn’t had been for the thin white scar running width ways across my stomach.

Terror is a feeling that no-one should have to experience … it consumes you … paralyses you… bodily and mentally. It was hours before I was able to get myself to my living room. I needed some one … anyone … so I called Joe. Ten minutes later he came charging into my living room gathering me in his arms as I burst into tears. He kept asking me what was wrong, what had happened to me, the more I tried to tell him the more deluded I sounded.

“Mike are you trying to say you were abducted?”

“I think so yes.”

“By aliens?”

“Yes, no …. I don’t know Joe … I don’t know.”

He held me tight rocking me as I told him everything they had done to me, I showed him the scar on my stomach. He looked at me unbelievingly shaking his head.

“Mikey I think you just took some bad shit man, you need to sleep it off.”

I tried to explain that I wasn’t taking drugs and that I wasn’t on a ’bad trip’ He just smiled slightly and said “Yeah sure Mike.” He helped me to my bed and said he would call by and check on me later. As my apartment door closed behind him I felt the same disembodied feeling sweeping over me I screamed his name, begging him to come back. And then I was on that slab again, lights burning my body, the infuriating muttering crawling around in my head. My mouth was forced open and a fluid poured in before my jaw was clamped shut tight and my nose pinched giving me no choice but to swallow the vile liquid. The muttering seemed crisper, clearer, I was beginning to make out odd words. Mumble, mumble, mumble, reproduce, mumble, mumble, alterations. Who was reproducing ? what alterations? I wanted to yell the questions at them. Who were they, why were they doing this to me?. The lights went out and I was in the pitch darkness again. I began to cry, tears flowing unchecked down my face soaking my hair. “Please” I whispered. Shocked that my voice worked I whispered again. “Please, please let me go.” A disembodied voice flowed back “Please … please let me go.”

“Who is it? Who’s there?” I begged.

“Who is it. Who’s there.”

“What do you want from me?” I screamed

“Your body”

My breath caught in my throat as I gasped to breathe, Dim lights flickered on revealing a figure standing over me.

“ Not frightened.” The soft melodious voice soothed my tortured mind. “borrow, small time.”

“No, No don’t please.”

The figure leaned closer. A pair of bright brown eyes shone down at me, They belonged to a man, he was attractive his head almost hairless. He didn’t look like a torturous monster. He stroked my cheek almost tenderly. “I’m Chester.” It was as if he thought that explained everything. He took my hand, helping me into a sitting position. He smiled again reassuringly helping me off the horrifying slab.


He lead me out into a steel corridor almost circular, his clothes floated round him like a mist as he glided before me drawing me along behind him. A panel slipped open and he lead me through. A huge bed dominated the room, the walls were curved like the corridor had been there were no windows and no other furniture. “Rest here.” He said and stepped outside the panel closing behind him, trapping me inside. I pounded at the unyielding steel till exhaustion overtook me and I conceded, curling up at the bottom of the panel.

I woke with a start soft hands caressing my cheek. Chester sat on the side of the bed his smile seemed to be a permanent fixture on his face. “You are hungry.” It wasn’t a question, just a statement. I nodded not knowing what else to do or say. The alien went to the wall and waved his had over it. To my surprise a panel opened. He reached in pulling out a tray, placing it on the bed beside me. I looked at it cautiously. “Its good, look.” To prove his point Chester popped some of the turquoise food into his mouth “Mmmm.” He said rubbing his belly. He lifted one of the jelly looking cubes to my lips. “Eat.” My stomach grumbled betraying me. Tentatively I parted my lips allowing him to feed me the unusual coloured food. I was surprised to find it was very good and I allowed him to feed me the rest of the tray. “Good.”

“What do you want from me?” Chester turned his face gentle, still with that infuriating smile on his lips. He rested his hand on my belly. “Your body.” He seemed to think that I should understand. “Soon”

He glided out of the room again leaving me to worry.

When he returned he had changed his robes. “Mike”

“How do you know my name?”

“He tapped his finger gently on my forehead. “ Told me.”

“You can read my mind?”


“Then you know what I’m thinking now?”

“Yes” again that irritating smile. “Soon”

“No not soon.” I yelled. “Now I want to know now. You steal me from my home, do god knows what to me and you just keep fucking well smiling. What do you want?”

Chester cocked his head, confusion written on his face. He took a step towards me and I backed away fearing that I had overstepped the mark and I was going to be dragged back to the terrifying slab in the cold brightly lit room. He reached out his hand resting again on my belly. “This”

“I don’t understand. “ I sobbed in frustration. Chester looked thoughtful. Then he smiled again “Reproduce, here” He patted my belly again. I gasped, the shock of his words reverberating in my brain. I shook my head backing away from him till the bed hit the back of my knees sending me flying backwards. He was on top of me in an instant. His hand caressing my face. He stroked his thumb over my lips, tracing down my chin strip. His fingertips found my mouth once more. “What called this?” He asked.

“Lips” I breathed. His face was so close to mine, I could feel his breath warm against my skin. “Pretty.”

He reached his hand down between my legs, rubbing the heel against my cock. “This called?” He asked innocence written on his face. I swallowed hard trying to ignore my growing erection. “P …Penis”

“P ..Penis” He repeated.

“N ..no just penis.”

He turned his head to the side regarding me seriously for a few seconds before breaking into his biggest grin to date. “Penis” he repeated. His hand slipped down further and I yelped in surprise as he slipped his fingers inside me. “This?” I moaned with pleasure as he pushed deeper hitting my prostate. I tried to wriggle from under him, I wasn’t going to give in to this. He pushed again deeper. “What this?” He demanded.

“Anus … Its called an anus” I breathed heavily as he grinned back down at me. Ever so slowly he lowered his lips onto mine. Licking his tongue sensually over my mouth, sucking my bottom lip into his mouth, teasing it between his teeth. He broke away looking into my eyes with chocolate brown orbs. “What that?” He asked.

“A kiss.”

He leaned into me again until his mouth hovered millimetres from mine. “Chester like kiss.” He whispered as he claimed my lips again, his tongue pushing into my mouth, rubbing softly against my own, engaging me in a erotic dual of ownership, I found myself being dominated, possessed as he slipped between my legs, grinding his own swollen organ against mine. “Reproduce.” He whispered “Here”

“You can’t, I … can’t. it’s not possible for my species. I am male. Female reproduces.” I tried to explain to him. He gently took my face in his hands. “Altered.” He said.

The weight of his words hit me. That was what they had done to me, the scar on my belly … I had been altered somehow and now Chester intended to mate with me. “No, No Chester I don’t want …”

His rose bud lips massaged mine cutting off my protest. “Not scared Mike.” He breathed “I’m Chester” He slipped inside me so easily almost as if we had been made for each other. “We were” He was reading my thoughts again. “Michael Chester’s.” He rolled his hips impaling me on his large organ, thrusting into me over and over, till I was moaning in ecstasy. A shiver ran through my body as I orgasmed hard, spewing hot cum over his and my stomachs within seconds he too had finished. His mouth claimed mine again. “Sleep now Mike.” He sighed and got off the bed disappearing through the open panel in the steel wall. I allowed my eyes to close drifting into sleep strangely feeling contented and whole.

When I woke up I was back in my bed, I was never abducted again. Months passed and I began to think that Joe was right, that I must have just taken some bad shit and couldn’t remember it. That was till my belly started to swell. I started wearing baggy sweaters, trying to conceal the growing bump. I couldn’t go to a doctor, how could I explain I was pregnant? When my friends teased me that I was putting on weight I just laughed and said “About time don’t you think.” But now my time is getting close and I’m beginning to get scared. I can’t give birth to this child, not without help and lots of it. Its not as if I have a way to get it out. Its nine months tomorrow since Chester first took me from my world and plunged me into his and I sit here staring out the window at the midnight sky looking at the stars. He’ll come for me I know he will. So now I finish this narrative, wish me and my child well.

Mike waited patiently his eyes fixed on the stars, waiting for the father of his child to come get him. A small noise behind him caused him to look round



“I knew you would come.” Chester placed his hand on the massive bump feeling the child move inside. He grinned widely. “Child mine” He said.

“Yes child yours.”

“Mike mine”

“Yes” Mike said “Mike yours too.”

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