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Closet Case by Duchess

Closet case 1

Closet case.

Mike and chaz get locked in a closet during new years eve party.

"Welcome to the palace of love!" Mike shook his head as a very hyper Joe slammed the door back against the wall in his haste to let the emcee into his house. Loud music blared from the speakers, and Mike could just about spot the rest of the guys in the sea of bodies that filled Joe's two story house. He shifted the load that was in his arms and shouted to Joe over the thumping bass.

"Where d'ya want this?" He hefted the case of beer he held and the DJ pointed towards the kitchen, where the light seemed to be shining the brightest in the whole house. Picking his way through the people in his way, many of whom he didn't recognise, he headed for the kitchen, looking only to put down the heavy load he was carrying and then go find one of his friends.

"Mikey!" He heard a voice squeal, and he was suddenly accosted by six feet of blonde menace, or more accurately blind menace, since Chester had apparently lost his glasses sometime ago. The shorter man threw his arms around Mike, almost causing him to drop the case he was carrying, but luckily the kitchen counter was not far away, so he managed to heave the bottles onto the surface before he made a mess of Joes kitchen floor.

He wrapped his arms around the singer for a greeting hug, and for a few seconds let himself get carried away by the disticnt smell of faint cologne, sweat and Chester. His crush on his bandmate was no new thing, having started on the first tour, when he'd observed Chesters reaction to the crowd singing along to their songs for the first time.

Skinny little Chazzy Chaz was apparently hung.

So caught up in the scent and memories, he didn't notice he was being moved until he stood under a doorway and Chester pulled away slightly.

"Guess what Mikey?" The husky whisper skated along his senses, giving him goosebumps, running straight through is blood stream to his cock, which seemed to have developed a life of its own.

"What?" The other man whispered, his voice just as low. The two men stared at each other for a long second brown eyes on brown, before they became aware of their surroundings and flushed.

Chester shook his head to clear it. Mikes gaze was so intense that he could just imagine that the feelings that he had felt for the man were returned. He had almost told him, just then. The feel of that hard body against his, his fresh, clean smell had made his senses go haywire, but thankfully he had moved back just in time before his mouth had decided to overtake his brain and confess his love for the younger man.

Oh yeah, Ches thought, that would have gone down well. He wondered what the hell he would have said anyway. "Yeah Mikey boy, before I forget I'm head over heels in love with you had have been for a while now. Fancy a beer?"

"Ches?" Mikes voice yelled in his ear. He'd forgotten where he was for a second. He'd forgot the pounding of the music, the people milling around that were beginning to stare, all because he had focused on the man in his arms. His obsession. He took a glance around the room to see who was looking at the two men wrapped in each others arms in the doorway to the kitchen, and mentally shook himself.

"MISTLETOE!!!!" He screamed at the top of his lungs and grabbed Mikes head in his hands, turning it so he could plant a big wet kiss on the bigger mans cheek before wrenching himself away and skipping over to the other party goers.

A smile stretched over Mikes face as he move himself back into the kitchen, ripping through the packaging of the beer he had bought and pulling out one of the bottles. He shook his head ruefully in Chester's direction, outwardly amused at the slender mans behaviour, but inwardly disappointed that he hadn't felt the same way.

With one yank the bottle top came off in his hand and half of the beer he was holding slid down his neck, as he took fast gulps to help cool his parched throat, giving himself something else to focus on rather than the diminishing erection that had previously, and he was sure obviously, tented the front of his dark baggy jeans.

He moved to the door of the kitchen once again and peered into the living room, thankfully both inwardly and outwardly amused at the display of crap dancing that Chester and Rob had engaged in on Joe's mahogany coffee table. His heart still tripped though, when Chesters dark eyes swung his way, and a huge smile spread over his face, the man obviously having the time of his life.

Mike waved back, glad that his friends were having a good time, before wandering out of the room to find Brad, the only band member that he hadn't seen yet.

Joe watched Mike's expression as Chester grabbed him for a hug. It wasn't the happy expression that someone should be wearing when greeted in such a fashion by his best mate; it had been a look of longing, bliss, and relief. He had seen that same expression on his face when he had thrown his arms around Anna a year ago when they had come back from their first tour.

His Mikey boy was in love.

Ok, it was with a guy, and while that was unexpected, it definatly wasn't unwelcome. Ok, it was with Chester, but that didn't matter either; they were both single, undoubtedly both horny considering it was a while since either of them had got some, and they were obviously hot for each other. Only, they were completely blind to it.

"Phe!" Joe yelled and grabbed at the other mans sleeve as he walked past, drink in each hand.

"Hey, watch it!" Phe yelled back, the unidentifiable substance in the paper cups in his hands edging dangerously close to the top. Once balanced, the older man looked at his friend, ready to listen to what he had to say…shout.

"Have you noticed anything weird about Chazzy and Mike?" Joe pulled him closer to the wall, away from the speakers so they could carry on the conversation without broadcasting it to the world at large.

"Other than the fact that they're psychopaths…"

"Apart from…"

"…and they completely want each other?" He took a mouthful of one of the drinks in his hands, "No, nothing. Why?"

Joe gave him an incredulous look that spoke volumes and Phoenix placed both the drinks on the nearby mantelpiece to make things easier.

"How long have you known?" Joe asked, sill flabbergasted that Phe would with hold this kind of information from him.

"Oh, ages now. Thought everyone knew." The bassist shrugged, broad shoulders lifting under the black hoodie he was wearing. "Brad and me have already made bets on how long they would last." Joe gasped in mock disappointment.

"David Farrell! I'm ashamed of you!" he paused for a fraction of a second to get the timing right. "Want to win?" Dave looked at him slightly uneasily.

"I dunno, Joe. We're not certain, and what if it all goes wrong?"

"It wont, trust me."

"Last time you said that I ended up naked in a hotel corridor, 'trust me' will not work on this guy." He turned to walk away when Joe grabbed his arm once again.

"Ok, don't trust me, but just listen to me." He pulled the other man down to his height and whispered his plan into his ear formulating it as he went.

"OK," Phe said as he pulled back, "That could work."


Mike was sitting on the back of the sofa, back to the wall. He'd found one of the roadies from the last tour and was chatting to him about nothing important, just enjoying the relaxed feeling of the bass through the wall, when Phoenix appeared out of nowhere, stumbling slightly.

"Mikey!" he yelled loudly, even though the music in the room where they were currently sitting wasn't half as noisy as in the living room. He took the wobbling hand that Phe held out and was unceremoniously hauled against the other man into a tight hug that was terminated almost immediately. Mike could help but think that Phe didn't smell as good as Chester.

"There's someone I want you to meet." The bassist slurred slightly, and wrapped a surprisingly strong arm around his friend shoulder, refusing contention of his order. Mike did anyway.

"Phe," He tried to move the other mans arm from his shoulder, but to no avail; the man was stronger than he looked. "Phe, not right now, ok. I'm not looking for anyone right now!" No, he thought, I've already found someone.

"Oh, come on, you can at least meet them!" while he spoke, Phoenix steered the stubborn emcee up the stairs and into the room directly opposite the staircase: Joes room.

"Oh, no." Mike said, ducking under Phe's arm when he wasn't expecting it, and starting back down the stairs. "I am NOT going into a bedroom with someone who wants to 'meet' me!" He said, and was startled when Phe yanked the back of his t shirt, and guided him into the room.

"Just talking, I promise. It's loud down there!" He looked pathetic, he really did. Phes face had taken on a forlorn look, and he was attempting puppy dog eyes, which Mike was certain only Chester could get away with looking cute with.

"Ok, Ok." Mike relented, and walked around his friend to stand behind him. "Where are they?" He heard a muffled sound, and looked behind him at the door of Joes walk in closet that was tightly closed, and on closer inspection, locked.

"In here!" Phe quickly unlocked the door, and threw him into the confined space and before he could react, locked the door again behind him. The force that the bassist had put behind the shove had been enough to make him trip over his own feet, and he found himself, flying through the air to land on something soft with a thud.

The soft thing under him moved, and gasped in pain, trying to draw breath into lungs that suddenly wouldn't work. "Ow!" They squeaked, and shoved at the young man on top of them, desperate to get his weight off, but stopping once he had caught a whiff of the soft scent of the other person.

"Mikey?" a voice wheezed into the darkness of the closet, breath not quite returned after their collision. Mike turned towards the voice, not believing it, but somehow knowing that it inevitably would be the one person that he did not want to be trapped in a locked closet with for fear of exposing his secret.

He felt around the wall for the light he knew was in there, having borrowed clothes from Joe many time before. He found the switch and clicked it on suddenly, his eyes adjusting to the sudden light, and focusing on the gorgeous blond, sitting on the floor, rubbing his eyes against the sudden illumination.


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