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Morning After by Duchess

Mike woke slowly, the sense of morning rushing through his body with every slow breath. He could feel the light streaming in through the uncovered window, curtains forgotten in haste the night before. The room smelt faintly, and not unpleasantly of sex, sweat and male, the scent teasing his nose and bringing memories flashing before his eyes of hot bodies writhing together, powerful expressions of pleasure against cool white sheets.

He was half-afraid that the night before had been a dream, and he would find the bed empty should he open his eyes, so he didn’t. Instead he stretched out a hand and sighed softly with relief when it connected with a warm hard back.

His partner murmured unintelligibly and turned in his sleep, so the emcee cautiously cracked open one eye and slowly let his pupil’s contract to block out the morning light. He turned his head and looked at his sleeping lover; his blond hair was thoroughly mussed from gripping hands and stroking fingers the night before. His eyes were closed in sleep; lean body relaxed and pliant as he lay on his side, the sheet that once covered them kicked down to the end of the bed.

The sunlight made patterns across the bed; illuminating patches of skin and turning it pale gold. The blue flames at his wrists danced in the glow, licking out of the leather spiked cuffs the man still wore. His mouth had fallen open at some point during the night and his lips glistened with saliva, the simple ring through his bottom lip glinting in the light and making thin patterns on the bedspread.

Mike felt a swell of joy as he remembered the soft ‘I love you’s that had passed the singers lips the night before, voice husky with passion and lust as he’d covered the younger mans body with teasingly light kisses and licks.

As he watched, beautiful brown eyes flickered open and blinked a few times, trying to get the naturally bad vision into focus. Slender but strong arms lifted over his head as he stretched grandly, whipcord muscles tensing, shaking and relaxing as he indulged himself.

The grin on Mike’s face grew wider as he observed Chester’s early morning ritual. Once the final stretch had been made, and the breath he had been holding let out in a rush of air, Mike scooted closer to the older man. He had his head propped up on his hand so he could look down at the beauty next to him who was lying almost boneless on his back.

"Hey." He said, vocal cords rasping from sleep and overuse the night before.

"Hey yourself." Chaz leaned up and licked the tip of Mike’s nose, then settled back into his sprawled position against the white sheets. He watched as the emcees nose twitched before he stretched himself and lifted one hand to tease the blondes chest.

His fingers played across the broad but lean chest, tracing defined muscles lightly, ticking as he went. Ches giggled, trying to push the teasing fingers away, but they persisted, moving lower to dig into his ribs, making the laugh he had tried to hold in burst out in a painful rush. Mike grinned as the singer curled into a ball on his side, laughing hysterically and writhing trying to get away from the tickling pressure Mike was exerting on him.

With one last twitch, Chester flipped him over and, still laughing and pinned the darker man to the bed, wrists digging into the mattress beneath him. Mike looked up at his lover, glorious in the light and eyes shining brightly from the exertion of the small wrestling match. He still wore his spiked collar and cuffs, which was the only thing they both wore, and they glinted in the radiance through the window.

"You’re so beautiful." He whispered, barely noticing he was speaking aloud until Chester’s face softened into a smile. He leant down, removing his hands from the emcees wrists and tangling them in his dark hair. A swell of love warmed him from the inside as he stared down at his love, relaxed and quiet underneath him. Wondering what he had done to get such a creature, he leaned down and covered his lips softly, moaning low in his throat when even pressure was given back. He let his tongue slide out of his mouth, and it was met by its mate, tangling together and stroking as the kiss continued and deepened.

He slid one of his legs between Mikes and settled himself deeper onto his eliciting a groan from the man under him. He could feel Mike’s arousal against his hip, and he was sure he could feel his. The kiss grew more passionate as their hands started to wander, Mike’s up and down Chester’s strong back, stroking and petting softly.

Tingles ran from wherever Mike touched to pool in his lower stomach, making him ache not only for release, but also because of the emotions shooting through him. Joy, rapture, wonder and fear mingled into his being, firmly attaching themselves into his soul. Joy to have found him, in rapture of him, wonder that he loved him back, and fear he would go away.

As far as Chester knew, this was Mike’s first relationship with a man. He’d only split up with Anna a month or so ago, so Chester knew he was unconsciously waiting for the emcee to turn around and tell him it was a mistake, that he didn’t like men and they couldn’t be together.

Mike broke the kiss first, panting slightly and moving his hips against the rhythm Chester had started. The older mans lips moved to his neck, sucking lightly on the pulse point before licking up the strong column savouring the taste of his lovers skin. Large hands gripped that back of his head and he moved down nibbling on his collarbone before latching onto the golden skin below and sucking strongly, leaving a gasping Mike and a purple bruise in his wake.

He slid his body down the large one underneath him, shivering at the contact with the Mikes heated golden skin. The singer licked around the slight rise of Mike’s abs, the skin still salty and tasting faintly of sweat, Mike and himself. The hands on his neck moved up to his hair and stroked through the bleached locks sending chills down his spine.

Mike gasped as a soft tongue ran over the head of his cock, licking off the precum that had formed there and looked down to see Chester lick his lips once and cover his tip with his mouth. He couldn't help but groan at the warm, wet feeling surrounding his dick, and he let his head fall back onto the pillows. The head under his resting hands started to bob lightly, taking more and more of him in with every pass.

Pleasure rocked through his body with every lightly suck of the singers mouth making it hard for him not to push his hands down, but he managed to restrain himself. Without warning, Chester took a deep breath through his nose and plunged down, making the emcee yelp slightly at the feeling of the tight throat around him. He was being worked in earnest, Chester's silky tongue was stroking the sides of his cock as the suction drove him mad with pleasure.

A finger, slicked with lube procured from only god knew where was pushed gently into him, adding to the myriad of sensations rushing through his body. A second finger joined its mate and curved upwards slightly, undoing Mikes restraint completely and sending a flash of white hot heat through him.

"HOLY FUCK!" He scream, clenching the silky hair in one hands while the other shot to the bed sheets gathering them up in a tight fist. His head flung back and his eyes instantly closed, trying to hold onto the amazing feelings Chester was creating within him, never wanting the feeling to end, but needing it to so desperately.

Chaz looked up his lovers gleaming body, a fine sheen of sweat making him glow even more. He would have grinned if he didn't have a mouthful, but instead he dipped his head low one last time before swallowing over the head and humming tunelessly in the back of his throat.

The roar that the younger man gave was one to rival his own as he swallowed all he had to offer. Cleaning up the small drops of cum he had missed he moved up the strong, heaving body and settled on his side, trying to ignore the raging hard on he had from just pleasuring Mike.

Mike looked at the older man through exhausted eyes taking note of the tense features and hungry eyes that he couldn't quite conceal. Chester had never been a very good actor. Despite the intense relaxation that flowed through every muscle in his body, he lifted his arm and cupped the side of the singers face in his palm, drawing him down for a kiss.

If the expression on his face had not given Chester away, then the blatant hunger in the kiss would have. His lips clung to Mikes, almost begging them to never go away as the soft kiss continued. Mikes tongue flicked out of his mouth, running over the other mans full bottom lip and playing with the hoop of metal there.

Chester couldn't take much more. He was almost on the edge already, and all the emcee had done was kiss him. Taking charge once again he deepened the kiss quickly, crushing their lips together and invading Mikes mouth with his tongue, letting him taste the faint traces of himself from earlier. He grabbed Mikes hand and trailed it down his body until it reached his throbbing erection, sighing into the others mouth when the callused fingers wrapped around him.

Mike broke the kiss again and trailed small kisses towards his ear, dipping his tongue into the shell before whispering to him quietly.

"I want you in me."

Chester's entire body went stock still, as did the hand on his cock. The night before it had been Mike doing him, not the other way round, and Chester knew that the younger man had never done anything like that with a man before.

"Are you sure?" He asked, and he could swear that he got harder with every small nod of Mikes head as he consented. He was suddenly acutely aware of the tube of lubricant he was holding that had been grabbed off the side table earlier, and he took several deep breaths, willing his body to calm down so he could go slow. He kissed Mike quickly on the lips.

"Turn over, baby." He whispered and his lover turned onto his stomach, groaning and his still sensitive cock came into pleasurable contact with the Egyptian cotton sheets.

Chester slid between the emcees parted legs and lent over him, kissing in between his shoulder blades while he covered his fingers in the slick substance. He bit down slightly to distract the other man and slid one finger back into him, so aware of the tight heat that it was almost painful. He added another and stretched his lover, fingers scissoring gentle to prepare him, while he continued his assult on the back of his neck and any other skin he could reach.

He quickly found what he was looking for and massaged the gland softly, bringing Mike back to full hardness. The younger man bucked into the sensation, moaning loudly and squirming as Chester prepared him gently.

Satisfied that Mike was as ready as he was going to get, the singer removed his fingers and spread some of the slick substance on his own cock, hissing quietly at the sensation. He reluctantly pulling his hand away by sheer will power, because all he wanted to do at that point was keep stroking. He placed himself at Mikes opening, and pushed slightly, one hand massaging between the younger mans shoulder blades as he sunk into his body.

Chester stopped when he was half way in to let Mike adjust to his size. The urge just to thrust was there and strong, but he resisted and waited until the emcee relaxed and pushed back on him, asking for more. Mike was so tight it was unbelievable. White-hot heat shot through him and the tight pressure on his cock made his eyes cross in pleasure. He stopped once more when he was all the way there, waiting for Mike to relax before thrusting gently; taking things slow so as not to hurt his love.

It hardly hurt. Mike was pretty surprised; after the night before, he was under no illusions about Chester’s size, which was impressive to say the least. Apparently though, Ches knew what he was doing, because although there was a slight discomfort, he felt hardly any pain, but just a pleasantly full feeling. He could hear Chester’s harsh breathing, and revelled in the sound, his earlier orgasm having taken off the desperate edge that Chester himself seemed to be riding.

He groaned when Ches started to move, the perfect ache growing in his stomach with every thrust, the delicious friction building him slowly back up to his peak.

‘Are you ok?’ Chester panted against his back, smoothing one palm over his side as if to comfort or soothe.

‘More than, baby.’ Mike bucked backwards slightly; pushing himself into the older mans sweat-slicked body. ‘God you feel so good.’

Ches could hold back anymore. Hearing those words from Mikes lips, coupled with the tight feeling surrounding his throbbing erection, and his already close state did him in completely, and with a moan that must have started from his toes, he pulled out almost all the way and, changing the angle slightly, thrust back in.

The emcees head flung back as Chester’s cock hit his spot dead on and sent a bolt of arousal through him that almost made him black out. The singer set a fast, but not rough pace, gently coaxing out pleasured cries from Mikes mouth, while trying to hold back his own completion, wanting Mike with him when he went over the edge. The ache was almost painful, he was so close, but he could feel the younger man tighten around him, and the cries from his lover were rowing ever more intense, signalling that he was also close.

He picked up the pace, leaning his neck down so he could kiss and lick the expanse of back in front of him, tracing the straining, sweat slicked muscles and revelling in the unique taste of Mike. He bit down lightly on the tanned shoulder in front of him, and Mikes inner muscles clenched involuntarily, making, sending pleasure bolting through his body.

He threw his head back, battling his body, but unable to stop himself from coming. The pleasure was so intense, he thought he passed out at one point. When he came to his sense, he was pressed tightly against the large body beneath him, which was gasping for breath and twitching, with the aftershocks.

‘I love you.’ He whispered quietly into Mikes back, rubbing his cheek against the smooth skin and kissing him tenderly before pulling out as gently as he could. He flopped instantly onto his back, his muscles that had been worked so vigorously burning but sated, unable to hold him up any longer. Mike made a small sound of pleasure at the back of his throat, and snuggled into his side.

‘You ok, baby?’ Ches asked, scared that he may have overstepped the mark with his declaration.

‘Just basking.’ The emcee sounded happy and not a little sleepy, so Chaz closed his eyes and drifted a little. He loved the feeling of Mike in his arms.

‘Chaz?’ Mike whispered, placing small kisses on the skin that he could reach from his relaxed position.

‘Hmm?’ He wasalmost asleep, darkness nipping at the edge of his consciousness, pulling him down once more into dreamland.

‘I love you too.’ Chester smiled and tightened his arms around the younger man, finally letting himself fall asleep happy, not scared anymore.

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