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Embrace by Xero-girl


so here's the first chapter of my new fic and my first fic posted on ff.log.

hope you enjoy it, and whatever you think of it, please leave a review.


Mike glanced around the room at his bandmates. The band had been touring incessantly for 3 months and were showing the strain.

Phi and Joe battled each other on the PS2 in the front lounge. He couldn’t see them but he could hear them yelling at each other.

“You bitch! That’s not fair” came Joe’s unusually high-pitched voice.

“Yeah, just admit you can’t hack the competition. I beat your ass every time” Mike could see the teasing expression on Phoenix’s face in his head as he said it.

“Do not” Joe replied under his breath.

They can be so childish, but at least it always provides something funny to watch when your bored. And on tour that’s quite often.

Rob was lying on his bunk, with the curtains open, reading a magazine they had picked up at the truckstop the previous day.

Chester and Brad were sitting opposite Mike on one of the small couches. Having an argument.

“I’m going out,” Mike called, to no one in particular. None of the guys looked up, or said anything except maybe a grunt of approval. If they had looked at Mike when he got up from his seat and left the bus, they would have noticed a strange, serious and conflicted look on his face, which could only mean bad things.


“Where ya going?”

Mike heard the gruff, husky voice and forced a smile as he turned to face Bob Dallas, the bands tour manager.

“Just thought I’d take a walk, they’re driving me nuts,” the emcee replied with a grin, motioning towards the bus, and his cabin-fevered band mates.

Bob returned a knowing smile but told Mike to hurry up, cos’ the band were due to “get back on the road and drive to the next city” on the schedule in a couple of hours.

Mike nodded and as turned on his heel to walk away, he felt the heaviness in his chest return as he let the fake smile drop from his face and became immersed in his thoughts once again.

Bob stood and watched the young man walk away and wondered what on earth was wrong with the emcee. Bob had noticed his lack of his usual bright character and how withdrawn he seemed. He had been almost silent for three days. The man he had just spoken to was not the Mike Shinoda he knew at all.


His thoughts whirled in a never-ending hurricane in his head. He felt nauseous and couldn’t think straight. Every time he tried to make sense of it all it would keep coming back to him. That moment. That look. “I’m leaving you”

Silent tears ran down his face as he kept walking away from the bus, his pace much faster than normal, though he didn’t notice it himself.

He couldn’t get the scene out of his mind. It replayed over and over in his head but each time it seemed to make less sense. “Why did she leave?” he thought they were happy. They were meant to be getting married, for gods-sake! He carried on walking oblivious to his unfamiliar surroundings, further and further away from his friends.


there ya go, my lil' fic monkeys.

yes i know it was short but theres more coming!

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