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I'm not gay... by Duchess

Hard time

For monica, who wanted Joe and Phi! Thanks to everyone who reviewed my last stories!

Part 1

The bus was in an uproar. Bags left everywhere for people to trip over, several guitars belonging to different people were placed reverently on bunks or dumped in a spare spot in the back room, depending on who they belonged to, X box games and half eaten pizza slices were strewn about the floor. In the middle of it all, two members of Linkin Park were sitting in front of the TV, transfixed by the screen and yelling wildly at each other while trying to beat each others players into a bloody pulp.

"Guys!" Phoenix said, walking into the back room and starting to move the most hazardous objects out of harms way before Chester got onto the bus, "We've been here for fifteen minutes, and this place looks like a toxic waste dump."

"It will be when the lovebirds get here." Rob said snidely from his seat next to Joe on the floor. Mike and Chester had come out to the band a short while ago after they had got together one night in a hotel on their last tour. They had sat the rest of Linkin Park down and told them that they were trying a relationship, all the while hanging onto each other hand in a grip that must have hurt like a bitch, considering the strength, hidden or not, of the two men.

"What is your problem Rob?" Phi snapped, just as the drummer lifted his hands up and whooped in victory.

"Hell yeah! I'm good!" Joe threw down the controller he was holding and stood, muttering about unpacking before moving towards the bunks clutching Mr Froggie tightly in his hands.

Rob had been the least happy about Chester and Mikes relationship and insisted on making snippy comments about them whenever he had the chance. It had been wearing thin towards the end of the last tour, and Phoenix had hoped that Rob would have had the sense to grow up some before they were all closed into a bus with each other for an indeterminable length of time.

"I wish you'd leave off them." The bassist said softly when Joe had disappeared, and edge of quiet authority to his tone.

"What, like you're not sick of watching them paw each other every second of the day. They're all over each other 24/7, and frankly its disgusting." Phi sighed, and closed his eyes for a second, trying to hold back the urge to just smack the younger man. Yeah, he had got a bit sick of it; the two front men were a very affectionate couple, but not for the reasons that Rob was. He was jealous. Watching the two lovers emphasised just how alone he really was. He wanted what they had, something fun and affectionate, but deep and intense at the same time. He shook his head and turned back to tidying, least their hyped up lead singer hurt himself on a stray guitar case.

"Who's all over each other?" a loud voice filled the room, followed quickly by a bouncing, sugar filled Chester, who quickly flung his arms around his standing band mate who he had not seen for only a few days. Phoenix returned the hug, and looked over the singer's slender shoulder to the grinning emcee.

"I thought you were going to hide the hide the sugar last night!" Phi accused as he was released in favour of Rob who Ches had practically picked up off the floor in his enthusiasm.

"I did, but he's stashed a few cans of Mountain Dew under the bed." Ches bounded back into his boyfriend's arms like a bespectacled puppy "This is caffeine, not sugar." He bent his head to kiss the shorter man, who couldn't even stay still to be kissed, a huge grin across his face, and just simply excited to be on tour again.

Rob made a sound of disgust at the back of his throat, and started to tidy away the various games thrown across the floor in their haste to start playing. Chester's smile dimmed considerably, and he visibly shivered, burrowing closer to Mike as if to fight off a chill. The emcee's eyes were hot and hard on Rob's back, and he steered his deflated boyfriend towards the front of the bus so he could cheer him up again.

"That was uncalled for." Phoenix said, jabbing his finger in the air at the drummer, before leaving the rooms also to unpack. He found a spare bunk below Joe's usual place and started to take out his CD player and sorting through his CDs, being a bit rougher than he should have been.

"What's up?" A voice from above his asked, and one strong finger tapped him on the top of the head to gain his attention even further. The bassist looked up at Joe, who was sitting cross-legged, Mr Froggie resting on one knee. A curled up copy of Rolling Stone was on the bed next to him, indicating that he had recently got bored of the magazine, and was looking for something else to do.

"Nothing much. Just a little pissed Rob hasn't grown up over the break." The DJ's head nodded and his eyes flicked to Chester's bunk where Ches, Brad and Mike were all squashed in, half of Brads body hanging out of the small space while they tried to play cards, which only seemed to work if Chester and Mike teamed up.

"Wanna get something to eat before we go?" The dark haired man asked, climbing down from the top bunk and dragging Phi out of the bus before he could answer.

An hour, two McDonalds cheeseburgers and a happy meal later two giggling Linkin Parkers wandered back to the bus, walking behind a small wind up toy that kept of getting stuck on the gravel of the bus station. As they reached the bus Joe bent down and picked up the still whirring piece of plastic and shoved it into the substantial pocket of his jeans, unwittingly giving Phoenix a full view of his denim clad ass as he bent to collect it.

He stopped in his tracks, the image burnt onto his brain, sudden visions of memories and fantasies over the years flashing behind his open eyes. Joe stepping out of the shower in a random hotel when they had roomed together, Joe stretching lewdly after being asleep on the bus for a few hours, Joe writhing underneath him while he pounded…

"Are you coming?" Joe's smooth voice cut through his thoughts from the door of the tour bus, hand already gripping the handle to let them in.

Not yet, Phi thought, and discretely adjusted his growing hard on before walking towards his band mate who had already entered the bus.

Joe was thinking about the strange look that had graced the bassist's face as he entered the large bus that they would be spending far too much time in over the next month or so. He resolved himself to finding out what had put it there as soon as he could corner Phoenix alone again.

Before the DJ could call out a greeting, a small white pillow flew rapidly towards him, hitting him almost squarely in the face. Childish giggling could be heard heading towards the back of the bus, where a suspicious silence was coming from. Picking up the pillow and motioning for the man who had entered behind him to follow, he crept along the short, now dark space between the bunks, heading towards the back room.

A high-pitched squeal and another flying pillow greeted him as he flung open the sliding partition, but he was ready this time. Ducking and rushing forwards, he threw his ammunition at the nearest person he could see, which happened to be a howling Mike. Ignoring the sound of indignation from Phoenix about being hit in the face with the well aimed cushion, he blocked blows to his body from a giggling Rob, who had apparently got over his earlier resentment, and was now teaming up with the once again hyper Chaz in trying to beat Joe with pillows. Joe let out a yell, and snatched one of the feather pillows out of the guys hands, counter attacking with all he had, and laughing like a mad man.

He loved pillow fights.

Feeling a surge of adrenaline, he jumped onto a sofa, brandishing his weapon, and trying to see through the flurry of white that was obscuring his vision. He could just about see Mike and Phoenix through the mist, pillows abandoned and wrestling playfully on the floor. He felt a tug on his shirt, and due to his precarious position that was all it took for him to fall on the floor, landing thankfully on the pillow he was holding.

Mike sat up suddenly, having been playfully pinned by Phi, dislodging the bassist from his position on his chest, making the older man roll hard onto Joe, temporarily knocking the wind out of both of them, before charging into the fray, once again wielding a pillow.

Joe was surprised at the jolt of pleasure that Phi's weight along his body gave him. He had never looked at the other man like that before. But now, with one of the other mans legs between his and their lower halves pressing together intimately, the DJ couldn't really help but notice. It didn't feel weird like he thought it should have.

It felt right.

Phi lifted his head after a second, and looked straight into Joe's eyes, something blatant and hot burning in their depths, and for a few seconds Joe's heart stopped, the world around him shrunk away, leaving them in their blissful little bubble for what seemed like eternity, but must have only been a few seconds. Joe wondered if this was what Chester and Mike felt, all those time where they seemed lost in each other, and he felt a longing so great, that it scared even him, and he shifted uncomfortably.

That's when he felt it. His face must have shown something, because Phoenixes dark eyes widened, and he shoved himself up from the floor, muttering an apology and stumbling out of the room. The dark haired man just lay there for a second, trying to get his head around what just happened.

No longer in the mood to play around with the other guys, he retreated to his bunk, noticing Phi's curtains were tightly shut, and a quiet bass indicated he had his earphones in, and loud. On though tormented him, as he climbed into his dark bunk, and drew the curtain shut. He lay there thinking, quietly, something unusual for Joe.

Phoenix had been hard.

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