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All through the house by Duchess

Chester watched Mike out of sleepy eyes as he drove. The streetlights lighting the freeway gave his tanned skin an orange glow and the darkness surrounding the car only emphasised the look of relaxed concentration on his face. The radio was playing Christmas songs softly in the background and Chaz let his thoughts wander in the direction of his lover. He was so tired, but sleep was being elusive due to the anticipation warring with weariness in his body.

“What?” Mike asked, a small smile creeping over his face as he caught Chester unabashedly staring at him from the passenger seat of the car, a sleepy smile on his face as his chocolate eyes glinted beneath drooped lashes.

“Where are we going?” He murmured and Mike shook his head refusing to speak.

After Christmas dinner at Mike’s parents and a quick phone call to the rest of the band to wish them a happy Christmas, Mike packed a bag for him and Chester and whisked him out to his car. They had been driving for an hour, and even after pestering Mike to near insanity for a half hour, Chester was still in the dark. Literally too since the sun had set a while before.

“You’ll just have to wait, love.” Mike said, turning the radio down a touch more. ‘Get some sleep, baby; we’ll be a while yet. Ches closed his eyes and settled down to try and sleep again. He loved it when Mike called him baby…

Mike watched Chester’s eyes slip shut out of the corner of his eye, and the focused his attention on the road again, however his thoughts remained as firmly fixed on the exhausted singer as ever. The last year had been hectic to say the very least, with Reanimation being released, and the touring. Mike had been glad to have a break over Christmas to spend some time with his family and Chester.

Another stress of the year had been caused by his relationship with Chester. He loved the blond with all his heart, and they had been together since Chester’s divorce had been finalised 9 months ago. The first 3months had found them sneaking around behind everyone’s back, too scared of the other band members reaction to previously straight Chester dating wallowing-in-the-closet Mike. Although the band between them had been strong, the secrecy had taken its toll; Chester had lost weight, didn’t eat properly no matter what Mike and the others tried to do, and Mike had been stressed and snappy with everyone, crying himself to sleep every night on the tour bus.

After Mike had broken down in Chester’s arms for the last time, they made to decision to tell everyone about their relationship. The guys had mostly been cool about it; Rob had been a bit apprehensive around them for a while, but had come around eventually. They decided to keep it between the band, but if the media found out then so be it.

Now, seven months after all they had been through Mike had finally had the time to arrange a few days alone with Chester; a Christmas present of sorts. No one knew, because Mike had not trusted anyone to know; Chester could be very persistent when he wanted to be and not everyone had the willpower to resist those big puppy dog eyes.

Before he knew it, Mike found the exit he needed and pulled the car smoothly onto the side road. He smiled as a few snowflakes hit the windscreen, then a few more. Soon he found himself having to flip on his windscreen wiper to see as a steady stream of snow fell on the car. He hoped everything at their destination would be arranged; he wanted this to be special for him and Chester. To be perfect.

Chester was still sound asleep when the tyres of the car crunched over the snow-covered driveway to the secluded log cabin. He could see the lights in the windows burning through the curtains and paused to admire the blanket of snow that covered the roof.

He parked the car at the front of the cabin and shut off the engine. Mike turned to watch Chester as he slept on the seat next to him, his face peaceful and pale. He took a moment to look over his lovers striking face, half of which was squashed against the seat, his hair so carefully spiked that morning flattened to the side of his head. Mike smiled and smoothed his knuckles over Chaz’s cheek.

“Wake up baby.” He said softly stroking lightly until those light brown eyes flickered open slowly. “We’re here.” He said and gestured out of the windscreen with his head.

“Mmmm?” The older man stretched and blinked, fumbling for the glasses safely tucked in his pocket. He stared at the cabin from behind the strong lenses, jaw hanging open slightly.

“Damn.” He exhaled at the picture perfect scene in front of him.

“C’mon, lets go in.” Mike opened the door to the silver Hyundai and stepped onto the snow to retrieve their bags from the trunk. He drew the keys from a chain in his pocket and unlocked the front door, leading Chaz into a small porch. He dropped the bags and toed off his shoes while stopping his boyfriend from entering the inside door.

“Close your eyes.” He said, kissing Chester lightly on the lips.

“Close my eyes?” His lover repeated looking adorably puzzled.

“Yes!” Mike laughed “Won’t be a surprise if you don’t close your eyes.” And leaned in for another kiss from Chas’s cold lips, sliding his own against his until brown eyes fluttered closed. Breaking the kiss he pulled back and opened the inner door.

A blast of heat warmed Chester’s cold face, and the need to shed layers of clothing was instantly overwhelming. Mikes strong hands on his shoulders guided him into a room that smelt slightly of smoke and pine trees, and also vanilla.

“Can I open my eyes yet?” He almost whined, and nearly stumbled over his own feet due to lack of vision.

“Wait a minute.” Mikes velvet voice made him shiver as it caressed his senses, making him want to ask Mike to keep talking so he could enjoy the smooth sound for longer. A few clinks and rustles later and Mike was back slipping off his coat for him and leading his further into the room.

“OK, open them” He opened and beheld the space in front of him. On the far side of the small room a log fire crackled cheerfully providing most of the light to see by. Vanilla candles dripped scented wax down chrome candlesticks placed strategically around the room giving a soft scent, and illuminating the rest of the room subtly. A Christmas tree, fully decorated with gold and red stood in the corner of the room, warmed and fragrant by the fire. One cream overstuffed sofa was positioned at an angle from the fire, leaving space for the pile of soft blankets and cushions on the floor in front of the blaze. The entire area was straight out of a fairytale.

Chester felt arms slip around his waist and a chin on rest on his shoulder. He leaned back into his lovers embrace, happily overwhelmed and grinning like mad.

“Like it baby?” Chester turned in Mike’s arms and kissed him soundly and thoroughly.

“I love it.” The blond whispered when the kiss was broken. “I love you”

“ Love you too.” Mike murmured and framed Chester’s face in his hands to kiss him once more.

Chester moaned quietly as mikes tongue flicked out the lick his lip ring that glinted in the iridescent light, sucking it into his mouth lightly while slipping off the older mans glasses and placing them safely on a table.

Chaz’s hands slid over his boyfriends fleece covered chest, finding the hem of the cloth and pushing upwards, bringing his t-shirt with it to expose his tanned chest. Breaking the kiss, the men took the opportunity to shed their shirts and stood before each other in only jeans, shoes having been abandoned near the door.

Mike reached a hand out to trace the smaller mans collarbone, marvelling for the millionth time the softness of his skin. The fire cast a glow against the bare expanse turning to too pale skin golden. Mike trailed his fingers downwards, short, bitten nails scraping over hardening nipples, eliciting a gasp from the other man. Mike sucked in a breath at the sight before him; his beautiful Chester, head flung back, breathing heavy and uneven. A groan rumbled I his chest and he lunged forward running his tongue up the side of Chester’s exposed neck, tasting salt and skin, while catching the smaller body to his own, and feeling strong arms wrap around his neck.

Chester’s lips met Mikes half way, tongues slipping out instantly to tangle together. Chester’s strong hands gripped Mike’s biceps and he stepped back towards the warmth of the fire, pulling the darker man with him. When their feet hit the yielding blankets Chester dropped his hands from their position on Mikes arms, sliding them over the smooth chest to rest on the front of the emcees jeans. He trailed one teasing finger down the front seam, allowing only a slight pressure to tickle Mikes denim encased dick, before he slid his hand boldly up to cup the younger man through the stiff material.

Chester broke the kiss, smiling wicked as Mikes lips followed his, groaning at the loss of pressure. As his eyes, darkened with lush slid to half mast the older man slid gracefully to his knees in front of his lover, not breaking eye contact as he worked on the fastenings on the baggy jeans. He slid the material down Mike’s legs to pool on the floor and turned his focus on the tented blue boxers in front of his face.

He slid a hand up one strong thigh and covered his erection, stroking him through the material and brining him quickly to full hardness.

“Oh god, Chaz.” Mike groaned and bought a hand up to tangle in Chester’s blond spikes, giving him no doubt as to what his love wanted, and sending a surge of arousal through his body as he witnessed Mike slowly becoming unhinged. He lent forward and placed a kiss on his boyfriend’s hardness before sliding the elastic down and urging Mike to step out of the fallen jeans and boxers.

In their haste, the excessive material tangled around the darker mans feet and Mike found his balance deserting him and he praised himself for ordering blankets placed on the floor as he toppled over, landing on Chester and rolling slightly to place his lover on top so he didn’t get squashed.

Chester laughed at the image the younger man made; spread-eagled under him, with a hard on and a disgruntled look on his face.

“Yeah, yeah,” he said sarcastically from his position on the floor “laugh at the wounded guy!” and dragged his fallen clothes from underneath his back, relieving his discomfort and making Chaz laugh harder.

“Wasn’t that funny.” Mike pouted and Chester stifled his laughs slightly and climbed onto his lovers lap to plant a kiss on his full lips.

“You’re adorable.” He chuckled, and started to kiss and lick Mike’s chest, moving down his body until he was back to where he started. His tongue darted into the indentation of Mike’s belly button and a moan was forced from above him, hands clutching tighter at the blankets beneath him to keep from just shoving Chester’s head where he wanted it most.

Moving down, the blondes tongue tickled the base of the emcees shaft before scattering light kisses and small licks up his hard length. A calloused hand cupped his balls and massaged them lightly while he took the tip of Mike’s cock into his mouth, sliding his tongue against the underside of the head.

The odd angle of his head was brought to the forefront of Chester’s mind when Mike’s hand left it position tangle in the blankets and found its way into his hair once more, and a shooting pain ran down his neck. Pulling his mouth off Mike and receiving a disappointed groan from the younger man, he shifted so he was laying between his lovers legs, and swooped down once more to take more of him into his mouth. One hand returned to Mike’s balls, while the other slid under his lover to tease his tight hole.

His hips thrust down involuntarily as Mike moaned, the pleasured sound turning him on further, and the need to relieve the pressure under him growing stronger.

After continuing his ministrations for a few seconds, Chester took a deep breath through his nose and took the hard cock in deeper, clamping down on his gag reflex to take it down his throat over and over, savouring the salty taste of the precum that he coaxed out.

Mike thumped his head back into the squashy blankets, mouth falling open and eyes shutting against the pleasure he was receiving; Chester was no amateur. One hand was twisted in the soft bleached locks, not forcing, but guiding, so simply holding since Chester knew what he was doing without any help from him.

The single finger teasing underneath him moved to just below his balls and firmly stroked, making his body jump and arc so he once again hit his head on the floor. The pressure built in his groin and his face contorted with pleasure; he knew if he wanted the evening to play out like he had planned he would have to stop the gorgeous man between his legs and soon.

“Ches, please,” he moaned and stroked his hands through the silky hair beneath his fingers, hoping Chester got the right message, but knowing he wouldn’t.

“So clos…Ches!” The finger pushed up slightly and his plea was turned into a high-pitched yelp of pleasure, and the only thing that kept him from coming was iron will power. Breathing hard he pulled Chester’s head off him and kissed the hurt look from his lovers face.

“Not like that Ches,” He babbled, still so close, but slowly coming down. “Not tonight.” He ran his tongue across Chester’s bottom lip and slid his hand down to stroke the singers arousal, which was begging painfully for release from the confines of his black pants. “I want you in me.” He pressed his lips to Chester’s again and deepened the kiss.

The two men struggled to shed Chester’s pants and maintain the kiss, and ended up banging noses more than once, but not caring in their passion. The smaller man broke the kiss and stood up to remove the offending garment. Seeing only Chester, naked and hard under his baggy black pants turned Mike on even more and he had to fight to keep from touching himself, knowing he wouldn’t last long if he did.

For a brief second, Chester just stood there, golden and bare in the firelight, a thin sheen of sweat making his skin sparkle, lean muscles covering every inch of him, so pure an so amazingly male. Mike fell in love all over again.

Despite the heat, Mike felt bereft with the absence of his lover’s body touching him, and was relieved when Chester stretched out languidly over him returning the heat and passion and placed a kiss on his forehead.

“Do you have any…?” he asked quietly and Mike cut him off with a gesture towards his discarded jeans not far away from where they lay.

The tube was quickly found and Mike was able to pull Chester down one final time, enjoying the fact that they had no other reason to lose contact again. Their mouths met, hot and open against each other, kissing and sucking ardently, need over taking them.

“God, you feel good.” Ches moaned as he glided his body over Mikes thrusting their hips together to both relieve and intensify the sweet ache and the exquisite tension they were both feeling.

“Please Ches,” Mike panted, “I need you in me.” He groaned as Chester thrust their hips together, fingers digging into tanned hipbones, surely leaving marks “Now.”

At his loves entreaty he wasted no time in coating his fingers in the slick gel and sliding one hand down to where their bodies would join. One finger slid on effortlessly due to his lovers relaxed and aroused state, so he quickly added a second, scissoring the two gently and stretching the tight hole. Chester’s fingers felt amazing after the initial discomfort, and he soon craved something else. Just as the long fingers inside him brushed his prostate he gasped and manage to convey his desire.

“Now, Ches, just…now.” He demanded, bucking his hips slightly to meet the probing fingers. Their absence left him feeling empty for a few seconds, so he looked down his body to see Chester frantically stroking lube onto his own cock, face twisted into a pleasured grimace.

Finally the singer slid his body over Mikes and guided himself to his entrance, sliding his arms under Mike’s legs so he could ease the penetration, aware of his own size.

As Chester started to slide in Mike felt stretched and pain flicked around the edges of his senses. He could feel every inch, every millimetre filling him and he could help but gasp at the sensation.

Once all the way in, Chester stopped letting Mike adjust to the intrusion. As the pain passed, Mikes tightly closed eyes opened to witness Chaz above him, dark eyes swimming and a look of pure adoration on his face, only for him.

“You have no idea how beautiful you are, do you?” The singer rasped, voice husky with hunger, yet so softly, not expecting an answer. A tear escaped his eye and Mike raise a shaking hand to soothe him. “I want to keep you safe.” Chester whispered, leaning close to the younger mans ear and rocking inside him, starting a slow, hard rhythm, and simultaneously stroking Mikes cock between their two bodies. “Nothings going to hurt you.” Chester seemed like he was talking more to himself than Mike as he changed the angle of his thrusts slightly. Mike flung his head back as pleasure rocked through him, exposing his throat to Chester’s hungry mouth.

The blond made a choked sound at the back of his throat, holding onto his self control by a thread, stifled with emotion, as the pressure built and they moved faster together, Mikes hips coming up to meet his. “I promise you.” He forced out, holding tighter and moving harder, bring Mike closer and closer; so close he could almost taste the coming orgasm.

Chester pushed him violently over the edge with a hard thrust, and he spilled himself over their stomach. He pried his eyes open just in time to see Chester meet completion, a cry of unadulterated pleasure escaping him.

Chester collapsed next to Mike on the blanket as his body went limp and was unable to hold him up anymore. His breathing and heart rate slowing enough for his other sense to kick in and their surroundings to be noticed once more.

He leaned over, snuggling up to the larger man and planting a sweet kiss on his lips, harsh breathing mingling together as they basked in the after glow. The air smelt of sex and vanilla, a combination that will forever be Chester’s favourite scent from that day forward. He turned over next to so they were face to face on their side and took his hand so they were linked between them.

“I love you.” He said simply, smiling a tired contented smile as he felt his body totally relax and sleep creep upon him.

“Merry Christmas, Chazzy,” He heard before he fell asleep once more. “I love you too.”

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