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There's a first time for everything by _tainteddreams_

Making the 1st move

Disclaimer: I do own both Mike Shinoda and Mark Chavez they edited the story and made sure I didn’t leave any good stuff out. This did really happen, I did! We each have a copy of the video tape, that I my self have watched many times ;) As a matter of fact they have just recreated the scene before me…….

I’m just kidding, although I wouldn’t object to any of that happening. I don’t own Mike or Mark, they own themselves. I don’t own the lyrics used the story. This is fiction, it came directly from my somewhat perverted little mind ;) This story is slash ( In ch.2 & I'm not to sure how good it is though), if the thought of two hot guys getting it on bothers you, I’d advise you not to read.

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[Mark’s P.O.V]

I been sitting here for about the last 30 minutes listening to Linkin Park play an amazing set. I’m sitting off to the side of the stage watching the performance as I have every single night since Projekt Revolution began. I’m a huge fan of Linkin Park, especially of Mike Shinoda. How can I not be? Every thing about him is wonderful. That gorgeous smile that is overly infectious, just the though brings a smile to my face. The way he dresses, dose his hair, everything! It’s just so, Mike Shinoda and I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s not just Mike’s looks that draw me too him although they are a plus, the man is beautiful. He is one of the sweetest and friendliest people I’ve met ever. He always around willing to help or just hang out.

Mike and I have been doing quite a bit of just that since the tour began. There is something that just makes us “click”. We gotten pretty close since the first time we met before their album Hybrid Theory came out. Since day one I been feeling more than friendly about Mike. I never let him become aware of this though. I’m not sure he would respond to well to that.

Their starting another song. I see I was too busy thinking about Mike again to notice. It’s “A Place For My Head”. This is one of my favorite songs by them. But then again I seem to like any song that includes Mikes beautiful voice.

I really do love watching Mike on stage. He is a damn good emcee, it’s obvious how much he enjoys this time on stage. Just watching him run around on stage and listening to the words pour from him mouth is starting to effect me. I know, I know I’m pathetic but you wanna know what’s even more pathetic I don’t know when or if I’ll be able to tell him. I could just settle for watching him from afar each night......

“Turn around and star asking me about

Things that you want back from me

I’m sick of the tension

Sick of the hunger

Sick of you acting like I owe you this

Find another place to feed you greed-

While I find a place to rest”

Just as Mike is finishing his part, he turns and looks in my direction.

He flashes me that trademark Shinoda smile and I feel my self match his grin with one of my own. Next thing I know he winks at me and then continues on with his next part of the song. I can feel the butterflies forming in the pit of my stomach. I can’t believe what just happened! He winked at me, Mike Shinoda winked at me! The man I’ve been secretly been lusting over flirted with me. I’m so excited right now I could do a little happy dance. I decide against it since I’m sure I look stupid enough sitting here alone with a huge goofy grin on my face.

What should I do know though? I think it’s time for me to make a move. It’s can’t be too hard right? I’ve never flirted with a guy before but I guess if I can put the moves on a chick, then I can surely flirt with Mike. Yeah I can do it. I can, and I will.

[No P.O.V]

Mark decides to put his plan into action tonight, He rises from his seat on an equipment box and walks toward the dressing room area. Once he reaches his locker room, he enters only to find it empty.

(a/n: quick p.o.v switch….I dunno I just felt like going back to marky)

[Mark’s P.O.V]

I walk into the dressing room expecting to hear the guys, but all I get is complete silence. I wonder where they are? On well I have to find paper and a pen.

I grab what I need and take a seat on the couch. I’m not sure what I wanna write so I decide to make it short and simple. I’ll write and then give it to him as he’s coming back stage.

Confused about what to say, I just write the first thing that comes to mind.


Meet me in room 211 at 11:00pm.

Love Marky

I really hope he feels the same. I would hate to mess up our friendship because of my horniness and the fact that of all people I had to fall in love with one of my best friends. If it backfires it will be my fault.

[Mike’s P.O.V]

We just finished an amazing show here in Phoenix, Arizona. As we walk off the stage I can still hear those kids going crazy! I live for this, it’s an amazing feeling. Knowing how much our fans appreciate us is all I need to make me wanna do this as long as possible.

I’m the last one off the stage and as I’m walking I see the guys stop and say something to someone before going on to the dressing room. As soon as I see who the person is my heart jumps. It’s Mark, Mark Chavez from ADEMA. I suddenly find my self all smiles again. He does that too me every time I’m around him I’m happy. All I wanna do is be close to him.

Since before the album came out me and Marky has been almost inseparable. He’s become one of my best friends and that’s why I’ve kept my feelings for him to myself. That and I wasn’t sure how he would react. I haven’t told anyone about my new found love for Mark of the fact that I’m gay. Now that I think about it none of the guys would probably believe me anyway. They would think it was a joke. Huh, how would have thought Mike Shinoda, a gay man.

I always figured Mark was straight, I mean I had no reason to think other wise. This being another reason I haven’t talked with him about my feelings. I guess I’m just scared to ruin the great friendship that we have.

I can’t say I was scared earlier on stage when I spotted him watching the show from side. I was so pumped with the energy from the crown I was thinking about my nerves. Once I saw him I watched him until he locked eyes with me. I smiled sweetly and winked at him before continuing on with the song. I was very please to say the lease when I saw him smile and blush.

Once all the other guys have said hi to Mark, he walks up to me. "You put on a great show Mikey" he said, while smiling at me seductively. Damn him and his smile, he's got no idea what he's doing to me. "T-Th-thanks Marky" I say, realizing he has reduced me to a stuttering fool. "Mike-" before he can get another word out I hear Joe at the end of the corridor yelling for me, "Mike! Common we have to get ready for the Meet & Greet!."

I sigh knowing I have to go, even thought I don't want to. "Sorry Mark I, um gotta go, we'll talk later?" I state trying not to sound too eager. Before I have the chance to walk away he leans in to me. Oh my god is he gonna kiss me!? No, I guess not damnit he starts to whisper in my ear, "I hope I see you later tonight Mikey." The way he says "Mikey" mixed with the feel of his breath tickling my ear is beginning to excite me to no end. My pants tighten slightly with every move he makes on me.

Markys tongue running along my ear followed by a soft bite, is stopping me from forming any other complete thoughts. Soft lips, I don't think I've ever felt lips like his. I think Marky is enjoying making me shudder underneath his touch like this.

"Mikey, you like this don't you?" I couldn't find the words to speak so I just let out a low moan. His teasing is going to kill me, literally. While he speaks I'm hit with a wave of arousal all through my body when I felt Mark grabbed my growing erection through my pants while slipping something in to my front pocket.

I slowly backed away from me, smiling sweetly, almost looking shy. I look away from him slightly embarrassed by how aroused I have gotten from this small bit of contact. Realizing how much I want to kiss him, I take a step closer to him. Our faces now just a few inches apart. Just as I begin to lean in we are interrupted once again.

"Mike, Mike!! Where are you?!" I hear Joe yelling down the hall in a sing-song voice, irritating me more. "Damn Joe" I mumble to my self. "I'll see ya later Mikey" he says to me, while winking and turning to walk away.

I watch Mark walk away and I make my way towards Joe shaking my head. Lost once again in my thoughts. I swear he's gonna be the death of me. I wonder if it's possible to kill me with sexual advances? If I don't get him alone sometime soon I just may find out. I think back to the object Mark placed in my pocket. I dig in my pocket and find a piece of paper, I stop walking and open the paper and begin to read.


Meet me in room 211 at 11:00pm.

Love Marky

As I read the note and look at the room key that was wrapped inside of it, my heart begins to beat faster. My hand start to shake a little. This is so exciting but at the same time I'm terrified. I've never done anything with a guy before, but I guess there is a first time for everything, right?. If I'm gonna do this I would choose Marky with out a question. I know he hasn't been with a man before either, well at least I don't think he has, After what just happened I could question my

thoughts. That makes me even more nervous, If he has done this before I don't what to look stupid and do something wrong. Nah, I'll be fine. Marky will make sure of that.

"Mike! there you are!" Joe said while glancing down at the paper in my hand. "What's that paper and why are you smiling like a fool Mike?" Joe asked me while trying to hold back his laughter. "Nothing Joe, nothing at all" I tell him, continuing on towards the dressing room.

[a/n: There was only gonna be one chapter, but I decided to split it into two chapters. The second chapter will be the SLASH! everybody loves slash :), hopefully it will turn out ok. pssss! Did I tell you this is my first fic ever?? Well it is so be nice to me and review. Tell me your thoughts...if it's criticism I'll try to take it nicely, but I'll make no promises, lol. I just want to know if I should continue with writing stuff like this.]

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