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A Christmas Wish by BBB's Sex Toy

A Christmas wish

Michael Shinoda stood in his empty cafe sighing. It had been almost two hours since the last customer.

"I guess if no one comes, in the next half hour, i'll just shut it."

He saw the wind blow a pile of rubbish in front of his shop and he grabbed the broom and headed outside. The bell jangled as it opened and Mike Began to sweep the rubbish away from the door. He swept it to the ally at the side of the cafe and just as he was about to turn an go back, he saw an angel, well what could be mistaken for an angel.

There lying against the wall of the building was a young man, with blonde curly hair tucked under a baseball cap, huddled up tight with a very thinly worn blanket. The guy shivered as the wind hit him over and over.

Mike froze and his breath caught at the most beautiful guy he had ever seen. Mike didn't know how long he had been standing there, when the guy stirred a little. He slowly opened his eyes and when he saw Mike standing there looking at him with a broom in his hands, they widened.

"I'm sorry mister, i'm leaving, please don't hit me! You don't hafta call the cops! I'm going!" The guy stuttered and attempted to move.

"No! It's ok. I'm not gonna hit you. Please! It's ok really!"



Mike's eyes swept over the guys body and he tingled as he imagined what he would be like pliant inderneath him, or better still strong over him, fucking him hard, making Mike scream and.......

His thoughts were interrupted as he saw the guy returning to his position.

"Hey, look how about you come inside for a little while and get warm, maybe get something to eat?"

"I don't have any money."

"That's ok, it's on me."

"I don't do charity!"

"It's not, look no one's been in for ages and I have some soup that's only gonna go to waste if no one buys it! It's yours if you want?"

"It's gonna be chucked?"


"Ok! Yeah ok, thanks mister."

"Mike, the names Mike." Mike held out his hand and Chester eyed it wearily. Then he held out his gloved hand and shook it.

"Chester, i'm Chester."

"Well Chester, how about that soup!" Mike led Chester into the cafe, showed him to a seat at the counter and went to get him the soup.

A few minutes later Mike arrived back with a huge bowl of piping hot chicken soup and some bread.

"I hope chicken's ok, it was the only one I have left."

"That's fine, i'm not fussy when it comes to food, what's with the bread?"

"Well it's only gonna go stale. I've decided to close up, it's no use, no ones gonna come in now!"

Mike locked the door and pulled the shutters down. Then he sat at the counter next to Chester, watching him.


"Yeah, very! Thanks man."

"No problem, like I said was only gonna go to waste."

"You work alone in here?" Chester asked between mouthfuls.

"Yeah, I don't get a lot of people wanting to work here, I can't afford to pay them much, which is a lot lower than anyone wants."

"How much?"

"I can only afford $3 dollars an hour."

"How many hours?"

"Four or five a day. Why? You interested?"

"Yeah like you'd give me the job!"

"Actually I would if you wanted it."

"Really? But I have no home, no address, no clothes to wear, i'm a street kid!"

"SO? I have some clothes you could wear and if you need somewhere to stay, I could let you have the spare room. It's needs fixing up but it's liveable and way better than outside!"

"Just like that? You don't even know me, I could be a murderer or soemthing!"

"Nah, I don't think so! I'm pretty good at reading people." Mike said as he walked into the kitchen.

"Yeah pretty! You got that part right!" Chester murmed.

"What?" Mike asked as he returned from the kitchen with some donuts.

"Er nothing."

"Want one?" Mike offered a chocolate covered donut to him.


"Throwing them out, see the date is today, can't sell them tomorrow!"

"Sure. Thanks!"

"So do you wanna work here?"

"Yeah, that would be, yeah!"

"Ok then, you start tomorrow, I only open for Lunch, 11am 'til 3pm. I'll show you how everything works before that though."

"Great thanks."

"Say how about we go up to your room and you can get settled in?"


"Great, oh wait." Mike grabs a few more items from the shelves and loads them up on a tray. Then he puts the half eaten bowl of soup and the bread on it too. "You may as well take al this up with you. It's only gonna....."

"Get thrown out! I know! Here let me carry it."

Mike takes Chester upstairs to his room.

"This one's mine, that's the bathroom, closet and this one's yours." He opens the door. Chester can't believe it, it's perfect, granted it need a good clean and airing out. But it's perfect. It's in the most delicate shade of blue he's ever seen. Chester falls in love with it immediatelty.

"Oh my god! It's perfect!"

"Yeah? You like it? Great! It's all yours!"

“Oh Mike! Thanks man."

"You're welcome." Mike pulls two chairs that are stacked ontop of a small table, he pulls the dishcloth out of his apron and wipes them down.

"Here you can put the tray down on it." Mike walks over to the bed. "I'm afraid that's all the spare sheets I have, but tomorrow I can get you some new ones. I'll get the curtains washed and the window, oh and i'll vacuum the carpet in the morning too!"

"You don't have too, I can do it!"

"Nonsense, i'd love to do it! I'm kinda a neat freak, though you couldn't tell by the state of this room! But it's been shut up a while and i've never had time to do it before, especially as it's not being used."

"Thanks, we could do it together."

"Sure! Look I'll let you get settled, if you need anything to let me know, ok?"

"Yeah, oh Mike?"


"Thank you! Goodnight."

"You're welcome. Goodnight."

Mike is in the kitchen making breakfast, when a weary eyed Chester shuffles in.

"Good morning Chester! Sleep well?"

"Yeah, the best night's sleep i've had forever!"

"Great, after breafast we can make a start on your room and get anything we need for it, before the Lunch shift."


"What do you want for breakfast, I have eggs and bacon if you like?"

"Do you have any cereal?"

"Er yeah, I have some Cap'n Crunch, I think? Yeah here it is. You want it?"

"Yes please, thanks."

An hour later the pair were cleaning Chester's room. Mike vacuumed while Chester dusted. Mike washed the curtains, while Chester washed the window. Eventually a couple of hours later, the room looked lived in again.

"Well, all you need is some basics, let's go to walmart and pick some up."

"Oh. maybe I can go later, there's no hurry is there?"

Mike was about to answer, when he realised why Chester was stalling.

"If it's about the money, i'm buying!"

"You've done more than enough already! I can't take your money too!"

"Ok well how about you pay it me back out of your wages?"

"Ok, yeah that sounds good."

"Ok then, let's shop!"

Mike and Chester walked in the local walmart, Mike immediately went over to the bedding department.

"How about these? The colour is pretty close to the room." Mike asked as he held up a duvet cover.

"Yeah, I like it, does it come with pillowcases or are they seperate?"

"Er? Hang on."

"Well surprise surprise, Mike Shinoda in the bedding section, heck Mike why don't you go into selling that, you of all peolple have more experince on your back than anyone!" Came a deep voice.

Chester turned around to find it's source, his face filled with anger.

"What the fuck's that supposed to mean? Who the fuck do you think you are saying something like that about Mike?"

"Chester, it's ok, this is Rob, he's one of my friends."

"I don't care who the hell he is, you don't go saying things like that!"

"Whoa Chester, I didn't mean anything bad, it's kind of a in-joke!"

"JOKE? JOKE? I don't find anything funny saying that Mike sleeps around!"

"Oh Chester, he wasn't saying that," Mike laughed, "I have a reputation for SLEEPING, anywhere anytime, that's all."

"Oh. Sorry." Chester hung his head down.

"That's ok, actually i'd have done the same thing, if I heard someone slagging off my friend." Rob added.

"Friends are very important to me. I don't take it lightly." Chester explained.

"So how do you know Mike?"

"I...er...I was...erm..."

"He's my new assistant and he's gonna be living in my spare room."

"WHAT? You finally found someone dumb or desperate enough to take the measily wages you were offering?"

"HEY! Chester's NOT dumb or desperate! Thank you very much!" Mike shouted.

Chester's face broke out into a small smile at Mike's defence. His heart twinged.

"He's doing me a HUGE favour! We're a team, right Chester?"

"Yeah! A TEAM! Like the A-Team!"

"Yeah? Which one of you is Murdock, the crazy one?" Rob laughed.

"HA. HA. Rob." Mike frowned. "Very. Funny!"

"Actually, Mike is face, the charming sexy one!" Chester said.

Mike whipped his head around and stared at Chester in shock, his eyes wide and his mouth gaping open.

"Yeah, you got that right!" Rob said as his eyes scanned the gorgeous body of Mike.

"Wha, what?" Mike spluttered.

"Yeah and i'm MR T, all muscles and stuff!" Then in a voice imitating the character, "I pity the fool who messes with us!"

Rob bursts out laughing, holding his sides.

"Oh Mike......Man you have to keep him......He hilarious!" Rob gasped out between laughs.

"I plan to." Mike said quietly as he continued to stare at the young man but this time with lust in his eyes.

Chester just stood there watching Rob almost wet himself with laughter. With a huge grin on his face.

Mike is showing Chester the layout of the cafe and how things work.

"How do you run this place on your own?"

"Well I have a set menu and I have everything made up, ready to be served. It's the only way I can manage. Of course it doesn't help with sales, customers want variety."

"Well now that i'm here, you can do that."

"Yeah, maybe I can. You might be just what I need Chester!" Mike says, 'In more ways than one.' He thinks.

By the time the first customers arrived, Chester had got the knack of everything, Mike was beaming with joy. Chester seemed like a natural.

With Chester serving, Mike was able to make more different types of meals to offer. The customers were lapping it up, Mike almost thought he'd run out of things to sell. It was amazing how fast everything was going. He knew he'd made more in one Lunch time than a day.

The last customer left and Mike and Chester began to clear up.

"WOW! That was great!" Chester said.

"Yeah, i've NEVER had a Lunch time like that. If things keep up like this, you will be getting a raise!"

"It was crazy!"

"Yeah! Well, I need to go shopping, almost everything is gone and i'm gonna have to replace it before tonight."

"Hey being as Christmas is nearly here, how about we have some festive food? People get caught up in the hype and go mad on this stuff."

"Yeah, we can afford it, thanks to Lunch and YOU!"


"Yep, if it wasn't for you, i'd still be selling the same stuff and not actually selling it!"

Chester blushed and picked up some Candy Canes.

"How about some of these? You could give one out free."

"That's a great idea, put a couple of boxes in."

Chester smiled and put four big boxes into the cart.

"Here ya' go, thanks for stopping by and have a Merry Christmas Ma'am!" Chester told a customer as he gave her a Candy Cane.

The Candy Canes had gone down extremely well! Business that night had been even better than Lunch. All thanks to Chester, he had a knack for the customers and especially the college students and kids.

Mike felt himself falling deeper and deeper for the young man with every moment. A little girl had come in with her Father. She had spilt her milkshake and was getting upset about it. Chester simply went over with a replacement and got up the spilt beverage.

"You can take for the Milkshake out of my wages, Mike."

"It's ok, Chester. I would have done the same thing. Don't worry about it."

"Thanks Mike." He gave Mike one of his brilliant smiles that made Mike's groin to twitch. Then went back to serving.

They had closed the cafe and were cleaning up. Mike in the kitchen and Chester out front.

"AH! SHIT!" Came a yell from the kitchen.

"MIKE? MIKE ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" Chester sped into the kitchen to check on him.

"Yeah, just cut my finger. No biggie!"

"NO BIGGIE! MIKE! Come here, it could get infected. Where do you keep the First Aid kit?"

"In the cupboard over the sink."

Chester went to the cupboard and found the kit than went about cleaning and dressing the wound.

"There all better!"

"It hurts!" Mike pouted.

"Well what do you want me to do? Kiss it better!"


They locked eyes for a second then Chester kissed the finger he held gently.

Mike shivered and reached for him, he grabbed him in a strong embrace and they kissed, softly, then Chester pulled him in for another, this one more needy and deep. Mike licked Chester's bottom lip, asking for entrance. Chester gave it by slightly opening his mouth. The tongue took access and swirled around inside the warm depths. Explorering every inch. Chester groaned at the intrusion and soon his tongue was duelling with the other.

Hands grabbed at the clothes that they wore, removing aprons, then unbuttoning shirts, when Mike suddenly pulled away.

"Not here! Let's go upstairs!" Mike stated and Chester just nodded and the pair scrambled up the stairs to Mike's room which was closer.

Mike flung the door open so hard that it smacked the wall. The pair swept into the room and began to remove their clothes. Shirts went flying into some part of the bedroom, soon to be followed by pants and shoes.

Until they stood in just their boxers, still lip locked and groping one another.

"Oh Chester, you taste so good."

"Mmm you too, god it's been so long Mike!"

"Yeah TOO long."

They worked their way to the bed, and Chester pushed Mike back onto it, the mouths parted and Chester's made it's way down the lean body. He slid his tngue down the sleek neck and nipped and sucked at it soft flesh, leaving marks behind.

Down to the collarbone, which he lapped over and over, then to the nipples, making Mike gasp as the hot tongue came into contact with the cold skin.

Chester sucked it like a baby on a teet, Mike moaned and writhed as Chester devoured it.

Then he moved down the chest, down to his abs, when he reached the naval, he paused to look up into Mike's eyes.

"You are so fucking sexy, you take my breath away, I want you so bad baby. So bad it hurts."

His tongue whirled around then dipped in deep.

"I want you to have me Chester!"

Chester pulled Mike's his boxer's down and off, releasing the trapped hard cock from it's bounds, it sprang up and stood inches from his face.

Chester took his own off, Mike eyed the throbbing dick, wanting it in him, making him scream.

Chester ran a finger down the shaft of Mike's cock. Causing it to twitch and jerk, the slit was oozing so Chester licked it with the tip of his tongue.

"Yeah, it's good, want more!"

So he did, he took the head into his mouth. Sucking and tasting a mixture of pre-cum and sweat.

"Ohhhhh Chesterrrrrrr! Uh. yeah. Uh. UH. Fuck!"

More of the dick slipped further into Chester's mouth and he swipped the balls with his tongue.


The rhythm intesified as Chester moved up and down on the cock, faster and faster, sucking as hard as he could, he could feel Mike tighten and quickly he withdrew.

"Wha.What? What are you doing?"

"I want you to come with me, with me inside you."

"Yes! Oh Chester yes!"

Chester rubbed his cock with Mike's, wipping Mike's pre-cum that flowed freely fom the tip, onto his own hardness. He then smeared it along the shaft with his hand and began stroking himself.

"Baby please! NOW!"

"Wait baby, I don't wanna hurt you. It's been a long time I need to make sure your ready for me!"

Chester swapped hands, he kept stroking himself while the other probed Mike's ass, he pushed a slickened finger into the puckered hole. It slid in easy, then he added another, a little tighter, then he added yet another. He felt the muscle fight back a bit, then slowly it gave in and he was finger fucking Mike with ease.

"Oh Chester! Please baby! I'm SO ready!" Mike said as he pushed back onto the fingers deep inside him. Mike fisted the sheets as the fingers pumped in and out.

Chester removed them quickly and positioned himself with the stretched hole. He pushed firmly and then slowly slid inside, just the head, then waited for Mike to say it was ok. He slipped in more until he was all the way inside.

"SHIT!" Chester gasped.

"FUCK!" Mike moaned.

"Oh god, you are SO tight Mike, oh baby, I don't think I can last long!"

"It's ok honey, I can't hold on much longer. Fuck me Chester, hard and fast!" Mike pleaded as his cock ached for release.

"Oh you want it rough ay? Ok baby, you got it."

Chester picked up a fast and furious pace. Moans escaped from them both, Mike cried out in ecstasy at the immediate feeling of fullness.

"OH MY GOD!" He moaned, as Chester's throbbing shaft continuously hit his prostate. "Just like that, babe," he gasped. Chester's eyes were almost closed, he gasped with every thrust. He had forgotten how good this felt, it had been so long.

Mike could feel his Chester getting closer. His thrusts were getting shorter and faster, and he was constantly moaning.

"Come inside me, fill me baby." Mike panted.

Then with a shuddering gasp Mike came, spraying thick, creamy ropes of cum, splattering all over himself and Chester. His body spasmed and convulsed, his empty cock continued to jerk and twitch, still needing, still trying to come.

Mike's intense climax sent Chester over the edge. He cried out with each explosion of the orgasm, still pounding into Mike mercilessly, the hot cum splashed deep inside of his lover.

Completely and utterly spent, they collapsed onto the mattress, their breaths were coming in gasps. Mike lay his head on Chester's chest, he could hear his elevated heartbeat as he snuggled close to him.

Eventually the aftershocks passed and there was blissful silence.

Mike turned his head to look into Chester's eyes, then said,

"I wished for you."

"You did?"

Mike nodded.

"I wished for you too." Chester ran his fingers through Mike's long wavy hair.



"You make me feel alive again, I was alone for so long, I never thought i'd find love again."

"I was lost. So lost. I didn't care that I lived on the street, the hardest thing was being alone."

"You will never be alone ever again Chester, I promise."

"Neither will you Mike, this is it forever. YOU and ME."

"I like the sound of that." Mike replied, "now are you gonna kiss me or what?"

"Yeah i'll kiss ya', but I love the sound of the 'or what' too!"

They giggled together as Chester drew Mike into a passionate embrace.

The End.

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