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Haunted Fantasy by The Liquid Idiot

Chapter One

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( Brad’s P.O.V. )

This year of success has overwhelmed all six of us. Just a few years ago we were scrounging around in our couches and cars, if we had one, to find any spare change to add to our weak collection of money. We’d use that money, which ended up being every cent each one of us had to our name, to buy two hours at the recording studio to record our demo tape, to send out to all the record companies to try to get signed. It seemed like just yesterday. Today, we can hardly go anywhere without people recognizing us, and we have numerous companies supplying us with everything we’d need, because we’d help advertise their product by using or wearing it. Yep, we’ve climbed to the top of the game. Fortunately, none of us think of ourselves as famous people. We don’t let all the sudden attention and fame go to our heads. We’re just normal guys, really. Normal guys who work our asses off to do the thing we love the most, and to make sure that all of the people out there who enjoy our music, will be satisfied. That’s what we do. That’s what we love. To make music for the fans. That’s what we’re all about.

We’ve just finished our headlining tour, Projekt Revolution, and we have a chance to relax and catch up on our rest. Even though we spent every waking moment with each other, crammed in a tour bus for the last month and a half, we still find it difficult to spend too much time away from each other since we’ve been home. I miss Chester and Joe’s psychotic, humorous energy bursts. I miss playing the Playstation games with Phoenix, even though he kicked my ass every time. I miss Mike’s constant joking and I miss Rob’s random comments, that leaves the rest of us in awe that the shy, 23 year old could think something like that up. So, I’ve taken it upon myself, to put together a short get away for the six of us. The six of us will travel to a place where no one would really recognize us…where we could just sit back and relax all day..where we could have constant, amazing home-cooked meals. Yum.

I’m taking them to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousin. They live in a small town a few hours outside of Austin Texas. I know it sounds corny, and boring. But the quiet and isolation would do us some good. It’s hard to find that in L.A. Growing up, I’d always take trips to visit my Aunt Lisa and Uncle Scott. They live on a ranch, a 56-acre piece of land in what they call the “hill country”. Surrounded by miles of hilly countryside, and it’s all covered with trees. They have a big lake, a really awesome go-kart, a boat for fishing, and lots of horses. It may still sound a little boring, but I think we could all really use this. My cousin is the absolute best. Her name’s Lanie. She’s 18 and she lives with some friends in Austin, so she’s pretty up to date on everything in the music industry, being that Austin Texas was the live music capital of the world. She’s currently helping with South by Southwest, which is a huge music festival, which lasts about 5 days, where tons of bands from all over come to play in different clubs, to try to get noticed and signed by the talent agents from all of the big labels. It’s a huge deal, and it’s a great chance to get noticed and signed, which makes it so popular. When we were still called Xero, we went and watched some of the bands play, it’s a really kick ass place.

Anyways, I’ve called the guys, and the plane leaves in about two hours, which means I need to get my ass in gear and get everything ready, so when Mike gets here to pick me up, he won’t have to wait. We’ve had this planned for about a week, so it’s kind of unorganized, but Lanie is supposed to pick us up at the airport in Austin, and drive us back to Haysville, which is where the ranch is.

I grab my handy-dandy hat and pull it on, turning it at a slight angle, like I always do. I’m all set to go, I got my bags, my ticket, my lucky hat, everything I need to spend two weeks in the country. Including my bug spray. I hear the mosquitoes are huge.

I hear a car honk outside, and I grab my two bags, and step out, locking the door to my house behind me, and I jog down the sidewalk to Mike’s black car. I open the door for the backseat and I toss my two bags in next to Mike’s luggage, and then I shut the door. Opening the passenger side door, I climb in and glance at Mike, pulling the door shut as I grin. Mike was bobbing his head to the music, wearing his black Arnettes, and his hair was spiked some. He’d cut his hair a while ago, and just enough has grown back for him to spike, and now it’s red and black again. I strap myself in, knowing how Mike’s driving can get this early in the morning, and I lean back.

“What up, my straight-shootin’, hog- tyin’, partner?” Mike asks in an overly southern drawl. I just grin and shrug, pulling my own pair of dark red Arnettes from the pocket of my baggy pants, and sliding them over my eyes.

“Nothing much, Tex. Ready to lasso some varmints and mosey on down to the rodeo?” I reply in a similar southern drawl. I think we’re both over exaggerating a bit, I called Lanie to set the trip up, and she doesn’t even have an accent. But Aunt Lisa and Uncle Scott do. So we get to make fun of them. Heh heh!

“Yee-haw! Let’s go then!” Mike drawls, and puts the car into drive and we head on out into the busy streets of Los Angeles, attempting to make it to the airport in half an hour.


When we finally make it to the airport, we have to literally run to the terminal to meet up with the other guys. We cut in line during the security check, receiving quite a few…discourteous comments. After we finally get through the security check, we have to haul ass down the rows of gates to make it to ours. We’re both out of breath when we arrive, and it looks like the only people who were there are Rob and Phoenix. They seemed to be wrapped up in some conversation about the correct Texan slang. Mike slumps into a seat next to them, and quickly joins in the conversation. I shake my head and watch them all snicker and laugh about each other’s “Texan” accent. I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn, but before I could even realize who it was, I was on the ground. I open my eyes and blink, feeling the weight on top of me shift slightly, and I look up at Joe. I know that look in his eyes..that big grin on his face…oh no…he’s..he’s..consumed sugar and caffine!..

“Braddles!!” Joe squeals and bounces on my stomach. I cough and act like I can’t breath, so he’ll get off. Apparently he isn’t that kind, he stays perched on my think form and continues to grin down at me like a maniac.

“Who gave you sugar?..” I ask slowly, narrowing my eyes into a glare. I’m not really mad, but I like them to think I am.

“..Umm…Chazy!!” he points suddenly to the half-asleep vocalist who trots up to the five of us, and drops into one of the seats. It looked like he hadn’t even tried to really spike his short, black hair, which meant that he really did just wake up. Chester would never go anywhere without making sure he looked perfect, unless it was an emergency.

I watch Joe scramble up and he bounds over to where Chester was slouched in the seat, his eyes shut. Joe leapt into Chester’s lap and licked his cheek. I held back a laugh and waited. This was going to be good..

“What the-?!” Chester’s eyes shot open and he looked at Joe from behind the clear lenses of his black-framed glasses. “JOE! You stupid fuck!”

“Chaaaaazy!!” Joe latched his arms around Chester’s neck and hung on tight, and Chester struggled to get away. Joe held tight though, and continued to lick Chester’s cheek, which earned quite a few lines of obscenities flowing from the vocalist’s mouth.

Mike, Rob, and Phoenix had all turned towards Joe and Chester, and were now watching with wide-eyes, and growing smirks of amusement.

“..I swear to god Joe..if you don’t get off me..I will rip..your precious Froggie’s…fucking head off!” Chester yelled at Joe, who immediately dropped from the lap of the frog-killer, and landed on his ass in front of me.

“NO! Not Froggie!” Joe screeched and gasped in horror. Chester’s scowl turned into a large, Cheshire Cat grin, and he nodded.

“Oh yes..death to Froggie!” Chester exclaimed and leapt out of his seat. Joe looked like he was going to burst into tears, and suddenly he shot to his feet and stepped up to Chester.

“Oh yeah?! Well…Jigglypuff is stupid and fat!” Joe verbally attacked Chester, and I snickered as the evil look was swept from the vocalists face, and was replaced with a highly offended look.

“Jigglypuff is not! You’re stupid frog’s the fatty!” And the fight continued on. I plopped down in a seat next to the other three, and we all watched the raging battle between Joe and Chester, about their beloved creatures.

An hour passed, and it was finally time to board the plane. We lined up and handed the lady our tickets, and then we headed down the covered passageway to the plane.

“..Jigglypuff sings better than you can!” Joe burst out with another verbal attack, and Chester punched Joe in the arm.

“Your frog sucks! At least I don’t get into arguments with my breakfast because they ‘claim to be a better DJ than me!’” Chester used the air quotations to emphasize his point about the other day when Joe threw his waffle across the room and screamed at it for threatening and insulting his DJ skills.

“Hey, that waffle was asking for it! It had it coming! Stupid glob of baked batter..” Joe whined and mumbled.

The four of us rolled our eyes and sighed. This was going to be a long flight.


“We’re now starting our final descent into Austin. The current temperature is 89 degrees, and it’s clear and sunny. Thank you for choosing our airline, and have a great stay in Austin.” The woman’s voice on the intercom jolted me from my sleep. As soon as I had sat down, I was out like a light. I rub my eyes and sit up straight, seeing that Phoenix, who was next to me, was conked out as well. I glance to my other side at Rob, who was quietly reading a Drumming magazine. I glance across the aisle at the other three. Mike sat between Joe and Chester, to keep them separated, and judging by the airline sized, tiny bottle of vodka and the can of coke, poor Mike had experienced a not so great flight. Chester had his headphones on and his eyes were shut, and Joe was clutching his beloved, stuffed frog in his arms, and was gazing out the window. Mike was wide-awake, clutching the can of coke until it was dented, and glaring at the back of the seat in front of him. He looked a little stressed. I think I’d be throwing back alcohol and strangling coke cans too if I had sat between Chester and Joe. Poor guy.

I nudge Phoenix and he murmurs something that made no sense, and I nudged him again. This time he opened his eyes and looked up at me sleepily.

“We’re there, dude.” I said, nodding to the window, and he turned to gaze out. He nodded and then stretched and yawned, before sitting up straight.

Only minutes later the plane touched ground and we taxied to our gate. The seatbelt lights went off and we all unbuckled and stood up, grabbing our belongings and joining the line to get off the plane. Once we were all off, we stepped to the side and I looked around for Lanie. Hmm..I don’t see her anywhere.

“Is she here?” Mike asks me, stepping up next to me. Mike knew Lanie the most out of the other five. He’d been around her more, since he went with me a few times to visit, and he helped me show her around when she came out to visit me. They were good friends, and partners in crime. It was a scary thing to leave them unattended together. Practical jokes just happened to spring out of nowhere.

“I don’t see her..” I blinked and continued to look around, canting my head to the side and raising to my tip-toes to see over the crowds of people swarming out of the walkway. The only one who hadn’t met Lanie, was Chester, the other guys had met her when we went to Austin to catch that music festival. But that had been a few years ago, and she’d gotten older. The last time Mike and I saw her, she was 16. I wasn’t sure what to expect really.

“Do you want me to call her cell?” I glance over at Mike, who was motioning to his cell phone and I shook my head.

“No, I’m sure she’s here somewhere-“ I was cut off suddenly as something latched onto my back, it’s weight forcing me to stumble forward a few steps out of surprise. I blinked and I hear a giggle.

“Big Bad Brad!” I hear a feminine voice exclaim and the arms that had wrapped around my neck tighten slightly. I grin and glance at the other guys, who were looking on curiously.

“Zaney-Lanie!” I grin and I turn as my body was released, and I blink suddenly at the girl who stands in front of me.

She stood at about 5’7 or so, tall and slender. Her hair was jet black, with a few bright blue streaks running through it; it was pulled back into some kind of hair-do and the tips of her hair were spiking out all over. Her skin was pale, and showered very lightly with a few fading freckles. Her eyes were a light green color, and she had a big smile tugging at her icey-colored lips. Dark blue and gray dusted her eyelids, and thick black eye-liner had been carefully applied, moving into little points at the corners of her eyes, giving her an almost Egyptian look. Her labret was pierced with a little silver ball. A black Linkin Park t-shirt covered her upper body, leaving her pale arms exposed, and tons of different bracelets lined her wrists, and her fingernails were painted black. Baggy black pants hung from her waist, containing several zippers over the fabric, and two black straps hanging from the back of them. The pants were held up by a black belt that had two rows of silver, pyramid styled spikes. I blinked again, I didn’t remember her looking like this. This wasn’t what I expected. I was completely shocked, but in a good way. I was relieved that she wasn’t some cowgirl or something. I grinned slowly and she grinned as well.

“God..I haven’t seen you in two years, and look at you! You look awesome!” I grin and give her a hug. Out of every member of my family, besides my own parents, I’m closer to her. We’ve been best buds for as long as I can remember. She’s one of the sweetest, most awesome people I know.

“Well, I would say the same for you, but unfortunately you guys are everywhere I look. Magazines..T.V..everywhere.” she grins slowly and she glances over at Mike. I also turn my gaze to Mike. He still looked shocked. I snicker to myself and watch Lanie run over to him and give him a hug.

“You..you..you’ve grown up!” Mike sputtered, and gave Lanie a hug. He sounded like he was still expecting the little scrawny freckled kid that we’d grown to know over the years.

“No shit, Sherlock.” She exclaimed and grinned madly. She pinched his cheek like those old ladies at the family picnic used to pinch mine, and she snickered. “Aww..Mikey’s all grown up too!”

“Eh, knock it off!” Mike playfully swatted her hand away. They acted like they were related enough, but the way they teased each other. Lanie turned and glanced at the other four and smiled.

“Hey guys, I’ve met some of you, but I don’t know if you even remember.” She said as she stood in front of them. They’d all been quiet, but now Rob spoke up.

“How could I forget you?” he smiled and gave her a hug. “You and Mike rigged my door so that when I opened it, that little firecracker went off and scared the hell out of me.”

Lanie and Mike glanced at each other and shared an evil little cackle. She moved down the line to Phoenix, who was just a little taller than her.

“You don’t need to grow anymore. I’m gonna go into depression if you get taller than me.” Phoenix pouted and Lanie smiled and patted him on the head.

“Eh, don’t worry Phi-Phi, I don’t think I’m getting any taller..but I’d watch your pancakes if I were you.” We all had a snicker, except for Chester, who stayed quiet and looked confused. Phoenix blushed but grinned. We remembered the time that Lanie and Mike had planted fake ants and spiders in between Phoenix’s two pancakes..so when he bit into one, he spit out a spider and freaked out. Then he realized it was fake. Unfortunately, that didn’t keep him from freaking out again once he realized that his pancakes were covered with them. He had pouted the whole rest of the day. I told you Mike and Lanie were partners in crime.

“Joey! And Froggie!” Lanie moved down to Joe and patted both him and Froggie on the head. Joe smiled and pressed Froggie’s mouth up against Lanie’s cheek and made the kissie noise.

“Heh! Froggie missed you!” he smiled and hugged Froggie back into his arms, and Lanie gave a dreamy sigh.

“Oh, you sexy hunk of frog! I missed you too!” She giggled and then looked over at Chester curiously. “So..you must be the Molester, I’ve heard so much about.” Chester perked up and then grinned and nodded.

“Oh yes. I am Chester the Molester. You must be the annoying little brat I’ve heard so much about.” Chester grinned, joking mostly, but Lanie shot me a playful glare.

“I see. Well, pleased to meet you.” She reached out and shook his hand, then she turned and walked back towards me. “Alright, let’s move out. The old people are expecting us soon. And it’s about 3 and a half hours away from here. So we better get a move on.” She turned and started walking. We all picked up our bags and headed out after her.

“Oh! Nice shirt, by the way.” I grin and step up beside her. She turns to me and grins.

“Well, I have to help support my big cousin’s band, don’t I?” she paused, and then smiled playfully. “Has anyone ever told you that you guys kick ass?”

“No, not once. Thanks.” I give her my own playful smile, and we make our way out into the warm sun, moving across the large parking lot to the dark blue S.U.V. parked a few rows down. Thank god she had a big vehicle, we all had to fit, plus our luggage. We loaded up, and after a quick argument about music, Lanie put in the new Jimmy Eat World CD, and we all seemed to be happy enough.


The drive to the ranch went by quicker than I thought it would, since we were all sharing stories about what had happened on the tours, and where we’d gone. Lanie told us about her life in Austin and how much better it felt to be in the city and not the country. We were able to catch up, so we wouldn’t be behind on any information we should know about.

As we pulled into the gates of the ranch, I felt like a kid again. I remember when my parents took me to the ranch for the first time to meet my aunt and uncle, and cousin. I was so excited about everything, and I remember looking up at the gates and marveling at their size. They seemed bigger back then, and the horses had me overwhelmed with excitement. I glance back at the rest of the guys, since I called shotgun and got to sit in the front seat. They were all looking around curiously, their eyes wide. They all looked like little kids to me, and I grinned to myself. Poor guys, hadn’t they ever been in the country?

“Hey! You big penis!” I hear Lanie squeal and I look over at her. Mike had surprised her with a sneak attack, and had attempted to tug one of her clips out of her hair. He failed, and Lanie had smacked his hand and he sat back suddenly, but laughed at her comment.

“Yes, thank you for noticing.” He snickered and glanced up at me, then over at Lanie.

“Oooh, don’t be so quick to gloat there, High Speed.” Lanie smirked and continued to drive us down the dirt path, we were surrounded by trees and fields, some with horses, some with cows. “Remember that I’ve seen you naked. I was scarred from that experience.” She gave a shudder for effect.

“Woah, how did you see Mike, naked?!” Chester asked, suddenly interested in this. Possible material to tease Mike with.

“Um, it’s not important. Really, I-“Mike had paled considerably and lost his grin, not wanting Lanie to spill the secret, but Lanie already cut him off.

“So glad that you asked, Chaz. You see, Mike came to visit with Brad once, and he was talking about how he’d do anything. Absolutely anything that anyone dared him to do.” Lanie continued, and I grinned, laughing, as I remembered this story.

“This was hilarious!” I snickered, earning a punch in the arm from Mike.

“It was not!!” he growled and crossed his arms.

“So anyways, I dared him to go skinny dipping in the lake. He started making all these excuses like the water was unsafe or something, and that it was getting to dark and all this. So I called him a chicken, and teased him until he gave in. So Mike, Brad, and I went down to the lake and covered our eyes as Mike stripped and he ran and jumped in the water. Then he yelled at us and asked if he could get out now. So we grabbed all of his clothes and ran back to the house. We waited for a good hour until he finally came to the door and knocked. He was pissed, it was so funny! He’d found a branch with lots of leaves and covered himself up with it and stuff. He didn’t talk to us for the rest of the night. He was such a baby! So Mikey, don’t be over exaggerating about your..uh..equiptment. I know the truth!!”

“HEY! It was COLD!” Mike defended himself, but the rest of the guys were in hysterics, including myself and Lanie. After a few minutes the laughter died down, but Mike was still mumbling.

“Oh Mike, calm down..I was just kidding. You know I am. I didn’t even see you naked.” Lanie glanced in the rear-view mirror to see Mike’s reflection. He sighed and nodded and she grinned. “Alright, here we are!”

She parked and shut the engine off, and we all piled out of the car and looked up at the large, old house in front of us. It was the same as I remembered. We grabbed our stuff, and I heard the door of the house open and shut and I look up.

“Bradley!” I hear Aunt Lisa’s voice as I see her short, rounded form make her way down the stairs of the porch and towards me. I grin and set my bags down and wrap my arms around her in a hug. She was the sweetest old lady ever.

“Aunt Lisa! How are you?” I asked, letting her hug me so tight that I thought I was going to die from air loss. She let me go and stepped back and looked me over.

“Oh! You’ve grown so much! Look at you! A big rock star now!” She squealed and clasped her hands together. She had such a southern twinge to her voice, not enough to be annoying like some of the other southern accents, but enough to make her voice sound so friendly. “I’m great, dear. Your Uncle Scott should be home from the shop in a few hours.” She looked over at the other boys. “Oh my! Look at all the handsome young men!”

I glance at the guys and they all blush lightly and glance down shyly. Aunt Lisa hurries up to Mike and gives him a big hug.

“Well I haven’t seen you for ages, Michael! How are you?” she asked happily, and Mike hugged back with a big smile.

“I’ve been great, Aunt Lisa. I couldn’t wait to come visit you, and have some of your incredible cooking.” Mike smiled and stepped back, and Aunt Lisa blushed and lightly pinched his cheek.

“Aww, you’re such a sweetie! I promise I’ll cook you whatever you want!” she moved down the line to the rest of the boys. They introduced themselves one by one and then we all headed inside the house.

“Hey Mom.” Lanie smiled and hugged Aunt Lisa tight, and we all headed into the living room, while the two girls caught up on what they’ve missed.

“Wow, you’re Aunt’s so awesome. She promised to cook whatever we wanted!” Joe exclaimed, setting his bags down and looking around the room with wide eyes.

“Yeah Brad, this was a great idea!” Rob said, and Phoenix quickly nodded, agreeing.

“Dude, this is going to be the best two weeks. This is just what we need.” Chester added in his two cents worth and we all looked back over to the doorway as Aunt Lisa walked in.

“Alright boys, there’s plenty of rooms upstairs. You can go up and put your stuff in them and get all settled, and I’ll start on dinner. I know you all must be starving!” and with that, she hurried into the kitchen to begin to cook.

I grinned and turned to the guys and then grabbed my stuff and headed upstairs, followed by Mike, then Joe, Chester, Rob, and Phoenix. We all took a room, and put our stuff away, and we explored the large upstairs. The house was huge, built back in the old days where it wasn’t really expensive to build your own houses out in the country, so they could be as big as they needed to be. This house has been around for years and years. I know that Aunt Lisa’s great grandfather built it after he and Aunt Lisa’s great grandmother got married. So since then, it’s been passed down.

“Tomorrow I’ll show you guys around some, okay?” Lanie’s voice got our attention and we glanced over at her, all of us nodding. “We can ride horses, or go swimming or fishing or whatever you guys want. I can also take you down all of the back roads. They’re supposed to be haunted, but I don’t really believe it.”

“Haunted?! No way!” Chester bounded to Lanie, all excited. I know how he is about all of that scary stuff. He can’t get enough of it. Mike quickly follows behind Chester and I smile slowly. Mike and Chester. Hmm, somehow I think there’s something going on between the two of them. I watch them as they excitedly discuss the possible paranormal activity of the old forests surrounding the back roads. Chester was always kissing Mike or pinching his nipples of something like that. Mike was always playing around about how him and Chester are really lovers. It makes a guy wonder. The thing that frightens me though, is that I think I want it to be true. The idea of Mike and Chester actually doing intimate, erotic things…it turns me on. I don’t know why. It worries me, so I don’t let myself think about too much.

“Brad?! Earth to Bradley!” I hear Joe’s voice and I snap from my momentary trance. I glance at him quickly.

“Huh?” I blink and watch him as he nods towards Phoenix and Rob, who were leaving the room.

“Me and Rob and Phi-Phi are going to go look at the horses really quick before dinner. Do you want to come?” he gives me the whole puppy dog eyes thing and I smirk.

“Nah, I’m going to stay here with Mike, Chester and Lanie and talk about going to the haunted forests tomorrow night. I’ll come get you guys when it’s time to eat.”

Joe pouts, but nods and quickly brightens up when he realizes he gets to go see the horsies and he bounds out the door. I shake my head and smile, turning back to the other three. I notice Lanie had left the room, and Mike and Chester had moved to the bed and they were laying on it. I pause, wondering if I should leave, but I realize that they were just having an innocent conversation. I make my way over and pull up one of the old chairs next to the bed, and sit down, relaxing.

“Hey, Big Bad Brad, are you coming with us tomorrow night to the haunted forest?” Mike asks, and I glance over at him, gazing right into his big, beautiful, dark brown eyes. I pause for a few seconds, getting lost in his eyes completely, and then I suddenly kick myself for thinking like this. But I can’t help it. I shouldn’t give myself enough time to think about them like this. I nod and smile.

“Sure, I’ll come along. But I doubt we’ll see anything.” I state, shrugging my shoulders, but the idea of spending time with Mike and Chester without the other three guys, intrigues me. I’m not worried about Lanie, because I know she has a boyfriend, and she’s not interested in Mike or Chester, or any of the other guys for that matter. And I know Mike thinks of her as a cousin too, and Chester doesn’t know her enough to think of her as anything else, plus she too young for him anyways.

“Yay! Brad’s coming along!” Chester jumps up and does an entertaining little jig, then plops himself down in my lap. I blink in surprise, shifting quickly until I feel his hips pressing hard into mine. I stop moving and just stare at him, he looks so innocent when he’s not acting all tough, or screaming out our lyrics. I swallow hard, knowing that it was just a Chester thing to do to just sit in peoples laps like this, and it’s never effected me before, but now I’m thinking he better get up before he feels something in my lap that he probably doesn’t want to feel. He gives me a big kiss on the cheek, and then playfully leaps on top of Mike. I sigh in relief that he got off my lap right after that kiss, because I feel myself becoming slightly aroused. I look over at the two of them, hearing them laugh.

They were rolling around on the bed, laughing and wrestling like little kids again. Their hips would press together and their arms would wrap around each other as they moved. One of them would suddenly be on top, and then the positions would quickly change, leaving the other one on top. They smile and laugh, seeming so innocent and completely carefree. Finally Mike pins Chester, being the bigger of the two, and straddles his waist to keep him pinned. I practically gape, wondering if it’s possible to get this turned on so quick. I glance down and find out that it’s extremely obvious that I’m this aroused, and I jump up, making a run for the door.

“I..have to go to the bathroom!” I yell back to them as I exit the room and run into the bathroom across the hall and shut the door, locking it quickly. I pant lightly and sigh, turning and pressing my back against the door. Shit. That’s not supposed to happen when you watch your friends play wrestle. You’re not supposed to get turned on and wish that they were both naked. What the hell’s wrong with me?! Maybe I really do need these weeks off.

I look back down to my crotch, finding that my problem is still there, in full force. I sigh and shut my eyes, deciding to quickly take matters into my own hands, no pun intended, and I slide one of my hands down into my baggy pants and boxers and wrap it slowly around my fully erect arousal. I sigh in pleasure and begin to move my hand up and down it’s length. Hey, they don’t call me Big Bad Brad for nothing.

Images flash through my mind. Chester in a large bed with black sheets. His wrists tied to the bedposts, wearing nothing but his boxers. Mike climbing into the bed next to him, also wearing only boxers, moving his body over Chester’s, kissing him roughly on the lips, his tongue forcing it’s way into Chester’s mouth. They kiss like this for a few minutes, while Mike’s hands move down and travel along Chester’s body. Down into his boxers slowly, and Chester moans against Mike’s mouth. Mike’s hand continues to move quickly inside of Chester’s boxers while his mouth leaves Chester’s and travels down along his neck instead, nibbling and licking at the pale skin. Chester’s back arches some as Mike takes one of his nipples into his mouth and sucks. Chester cries out in pleasure as Mike moves lower and lower, and then Mike’s hand leaves Chester’s boxers and he quickly yanks them off Chester’s small hips, exposing his rock hard, fully erect arousal. Mike licks his lips and looks up at Chester, and then moves his mouth down, parting his lips and sliding Chester’s length slowly into his mouth, his lips closing tightly around it and he-

Shit! I came all over my hand and boxers. I quickly yank my hand out and turn on the sink, rinsing my hand off and drying it on a towel. I look at myself in the mirror. My pale cheeks are slightly flushed, and I realize that I’m lightly panting. Fuck. Those images..they were really getting to me. I shut the light off in the bathroom and move to my room. Shutting and locking the door, I shed my pants and boxers, and go to my bag and pull out some clean boxers and pants, and I yank them on.

“BRAD! Time to eat!” I hear Lanie knock on my door, and then I hear numerous footsteps heading down the stairs and I hear Lanie giggle. “Woah! Slow down guys!”

I sigh and take a deep breath, wiping any mental images I have, out of my mind, and I head downstairs slowly.


Dinner was amazing, and I was able to keep my mind off of Chester and Mike most of the time. The food was excellent and I wasn’t the only one who thought so. Everyone scarfed down their food and got seconds, except for Lanie, who said she was already full after trying to eat her first plate. Uncle Scott came in just in time for dinner and he met all of the guys and we shared a few stories. I found myself glancing at Chester and Mike a lot while we were all in the living room talking. Uncle Scott was sharing some story about the haunted woods and the things that have happened there, but I wasn’t really listening. I was concentrating too much on Mike and Chester. They were sitting close. Mike’s hand was almost touching Chester’s thigh. So close. I feel a slight stirring in my boxers. Not again. I quickly advert my attention to the story, the gory details of a story Uncle Scott was describing quickly turned me off and I sighed in relief.

After the story we all said goodnight and retired to our separate rooms. I stripped to my boxers and took my hat off, setting it on the dresser, and I got in bed. I gazed at the ceiling for a long time, just thinking about everything. Why I was suddenly so obsessed with Mike and Chester. Why I wanted to see them together in bed. Why I got so turned on just thinking about them fucking each other’s brains out. God, I need to sleep. I roll onto my side and pull the blankets over me and shut my eyes. I attempt to go to sleep, knowing that as soon as I do, my world will be filled with more pictures and images of Mike and Chester doing those naughty things to each other.

Finally sleep slowly takes me in, and I fall into a world of no other than..Mike and Chester.

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