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Twisted Perfection by becisamonsta


Hello, just a quick and brief authors note to say I’m still hanging around. I haven’t been feeling myself lately just with family drama that has happened recently and being busy back at work. This is a short and sweet standalone I wanted to share with you, feeling a little rusty I must say. Now I am off to read all your fantastic stories that are posted, might take me a while as there are many great updates :)


The sun had already set later in the evening, as the night had already fallen. With the crimson darkness of sky sweeping of the city that they would find residence in for just one night, once the humid air would sizzle and it would pop, adding extra heat into the night fall. From a distance two bodies, moving in perfect harmony, as two souls would melt into each other, creating one of the most electrifying and provocative dances that was shared between two lovers tonight. Inside the dingy, eighty dollar per night, room you would find two men splayed across the slippery, satin sheets of the king sized bed they would share.

Both completely beautiful in their own separate ways, with the youngest man’s darker toned skin clashing magnificently against the older males skin, whose skin was almost breakable by the touch and pure by first sight. Both inquisitive, and both unique in their own ways. The youngest man, whose beautiful large eyes would curl inwards towards his strong nose, giving his whole look an a exotic flare to it would keep his eyes trained in on the older male’s eyes before him, whose dark eyes would glaze over with lust, luring the younger man to kiss him.

And so the man, with the exotic flare to his looks would, just like a magnetic force, it would pull him in until their lips were seen almost touching until he would put the brakes on what he was about to do.

“Chester, baby, should we be doing this, won’t the band realise we are gone?”

The younger, darker man’s voice was soft and timid at first, which only made Chester bite back the grumble he had there in the wake. He pulled back slightly. With his hands on the younger man’s hips, he would keep his eyes focused in on the younger male.

“Mike... I have been waiting for so god damn long for this, forget about them just for one night... Please.” Chester knew he had come off a little too desperate. Possibly borderline a little too needy. But in truth, he had been waiting for this exact dream that would haunt him in the night, to finally have it come true for the lead singer, once he would realise how close he was now to having sex with the Michael Shinoda. The Emcee had always been described as every women’s fantasy, and every curious men’s wet dream. He could see Mike was looking around now. His dark eyes furrowing slightly, as they would scrutinise the room that surrounded them both, which only made Chester feel a little nervous at the thought of Mike backing out of this.

With a sigh to the lips, his left hand would slide up along the length of his lover’s chest, before his exploring digits would end by cupping Mike’s cheek. His simple movement certainly grabbed Mike’s attention, as the younger band mate was now looking into Chester’s eyes. The older band mate was silent for a moment, realising that the look Mike was giving him was simply a look of nervousness, one that Chester could relate as he could remember back to his first time sleeping with another man. He knew he had to take the reigns, and to ease Mike was going to be difficult, but for what it was worth Chester knew what he wanted and that was to make love to Mike tonight.

“Mike, are you ok? We don’t-“

“Chester, please, just kiss me.” Mike would say with plea, his voice twining the same desperation that Chester was feeling now, as the lead singer wasted no time to fulfill Mike’s request once he would pull his body forward across the bed, with his knees planted on either side of Mike’s long legs, he would straddle Mike and he would place his soft lips along Mike’s.

At first the kiss was respectively timid and shy, with tiny nips and giggly kisses exchanged in between. But as the heat of the night would simmer along their bodies, it would curl over as it would blur over with their minds, their kiss would then turn a little more ravishing and heated once the warmth and the delicious friction would take over their bodies completely now. Chester would grind his ass against Mike’s thighs, appreciating the feel of his lover’s hard cock brushing up against his soft skin hidden behind his thick denim pants. The hot friction created between the two lovers was enough to make each of them moan softly, each twin moans sizzling into the warm air that would surround them.

One by one, the clothing that they had both opted to wear tonight would pull away from each other’s firm bodies, littering the floor beneath the bed they would share tonight. As Chester would roll his tongue along the curve of Mike’s neck, collecting the essence of his lover’s sweat between each eager lip he would then press on a smile once he could feel the vibrations of Mike’s moan hitting the air, but immediately he would clamp his lips shut. With wide eyes, he would stare at Chester, as the lead singer would catch on with his actions.

“Mike, it’s ok... We are all alone... We are completely and utterly alone tonight.” Chester would coax Mike in again, his soft voice was nurturing and just like silk, as it enough to make the younger Emcee cry out softly once he would feel it simmering across his flushing skin.

It was then Chester would slide his wet lips along the base of his lover’s neck, dragging his teeth until he would meet with Mike’s left earlobe. Drawing the loose piece of skin in slowly, it was then Chester would carefully listen out at the whimpering sounds that Mike was now forming so brokenly from his quivering mouth. Chester would get to work on nibbling the skin softly with his teeth at first, breathing heavily between his lips as the warm air would hit Mike’s soft skin.

The simple yet effective actions sparked by Chester simply had Mike falling into a blubbering, hot mess, as he would grasp Chester’s hips with his strong hands not before pushing Chester down into the covers.

“Fuck, you’re fucking mouth... So good.” Mike would begin by saying, a charming smile placed along his lips now, which only made Chester smirk in return. With his fingers dancing along each shoulder belonging to Mike, he would pull his head upwards, his breath warm against Mike’s, once he would find his voice once more again.

“I am the lead singer after all? You and I both know how fucking amazing my mouth is-“

“Cocky, much?”

“Mmhm, definitely in the mood for your cock-“

“Seriously, Chester? Why do you have to sound so cheesy?”

And with a shrug to the shoulders and a smirk playing along his lips, the lead singer knew what he wanted, and the was to feel everything that Mike had to offer with his gorgeous body tonight. With his dexterous left hand, he would nudge it between their two naked bodies, until he would find the prize he had been looking for. On cue Mike would soon cry out, not before moaning brokenly, as he would lean forward.

Capturing Mike’s lips with his own awaiting wet lips, the lead singer would squeeze Mike hard, feeling the thick cock pulse in between his finger tips. With each swipe of their tongues fusing together between their lips, Chester would pump his younger lover harder, coiling his fingers around Mike, as he could taste the moan between his lips whenever Mike would make a sound.

“I, uh, please...” Mike would timidly say, his breath warm against Chester’s lips now. The lead singer would smirk, rolling the pad of his thumb against the slit of the head of Mike’s weeping cock, enjoying the sight of his younger lover falling completely victim to his hot and heavy touch.

“Please what, baby?” Chester would press onwards, awaiting the words that he simply had been waiting for a while now, as Chester was relieved that tonight it was all about them. This wasn’t the usual sneaking around in between dark corners of their dressing rooms before each show, or waiting up later in the evening whilst the other band members were tucked away in their bunk beds, no not at all as tonight it was all about them, as Chester was quick to think of bringing Mike to the hotel that they would be staying in tonight, whilst the band would sleep.

“Please, uh-“

Mike would begin once more again, failing to do so, as his words would stumble out into a blubbering mess, causing the lead singer to widen his smirk, taking in the giddy feeling once he could feel Mike tremble against his own lips.

To feel the Emcee crumble completely in his hands was certainly his kryptonite, as for a moment Chester was blinded by the lust spiralling in and out of control now. Before he could make his next move, it was Mike who would pull on the reigns, as he would push Chester’s hand away from his own throbbing cock.

The lead singer could feel his lips move slightly, the nagging irritation pulling apart his insides, but quickly his irritable mood slowly melted away once Mike’s strong hand would wrap around each of their cocks. Pulling hard, as he would jerk his wrist, bringing Chester closer to the euphoric pleasure that he had been seeking with Mike.

“Oh god, fuc-“ And before another word was carried out between Chester’s lips, Mike would push his body forward, with the touch of their chests’ melting together, sparks would fly once they would come together by the lips. Chester would close his eyes, watching the tiny freckles of stars streaming across the darkness as he could sense that he was close. But to his disappointment, Mike would pull away, with his hand slowly disconnecting Chester’s cock.

“Ches, please fuck me.” Mike would husk, his silky, soft words hitting the density of the humid room, and all Chester could do was slowly nod his head. Watching Mike smile, he would pull his body upwards, not before turning around until Chester could see that the Emcee wanted the lead singer to take him from behind. Chester tried to settle the giddy feeling streaming across his stomach, tickling every nerve ending of how excited he was now feeling, as it had always been a dirty fantasy of Chester’s to fuck his younger lover mercilessly from behind. Blinded by the lust, feeling the exhilaration take control, Chester knew it with himself that he no longer held any will power responsible for his actions once he would quickly pounce off the bed and towards the backpack where he would find the condom and small tube of lubricant.

Quickly he would get to work by ripping the seal open, and pulling the slippery device hidden inside the foil packet, Chester would take this short moment to admire Mike’s beautiful body that was simply put on display. With his head buried in the pillows, and the long curve of his body dipping below his lower back, the lead singer couldn’t help the actions he would provoke, as he would run his free hand along Mike’s skin. With fascination, watching the different contrast of their skin colors clashing together, Chester knew from that moment he had met Mike it had always been love at first sight for him.

And now as he was staring at the body he had fallen so madly, and deeply for, he knew exactly what he wanted and that was to be with Mike. He wanted everyone to know the truth behind their relationship, as he no longer wanted to sneak around.

“Ches, you okay?”

“Yes, Mike...” Chester would reply softly. His voice was shy and a little fragile, which only made Mike lift his head slightly, turning his head over his shoulder, they would lock eyes.

“We don’t have-“

“Turn around-“


“Please, I want to see your beautiful face as I make love to you.” Chester would plead, he knew he sounded a little too desperate, but he knew what he wanted and that was to feel closer to Mike, knowing that this was their first time together, he knew he wanted to make it special for them both. Feeling a little solemn in his choice of hotel rooms, he knew in the long run he could have taken the time to look around for a half decent room, but he knew that watching Mike turn around slightly until they would come face to face that none of what he was thinking seemed to have mattered to them both for as long as they were together.

Chester would slowly unscrew the top off his lubricant, coating his fingers generously with the clear, sticky liquid, as he would nudge himself in between Mike’s long legs. With his eyes trained in on Mike’s, he would carefully watch his lover for any signs of discomfort and irritation, once he would push the first finger deep inside Mike’s virginal opening. At first Chester could have sworn that his eyes would roll to the back of his head, unsure of how much he could take without warming Mike up and skipping straight to the fucking, once he could feel how tight his younger lover had felt surrounding his fingers.

“Oh fuck, Mike, you’re so tight.” Chester husked out at first, his lips latching onto his lover’s neck as he would his finger out not before pushing it back in. Feeling Mike’s walls close over his strong digits, he knew he needed to feel more of Mike once he would slide in the next finger. Scissoring and stretching Mike now, he could see that the Emcee was now falling apart by his finger tips, begging to be fucked now, as he would cry out Chester’s name over and over again.

Once Chester was satisfied that Mike was stretched enough for what was about to happen next, he would slowly retract his fingers back into his balled fist. With Mike’s legs spread, and his heals digging into his lower back, urging Chester to move in closer, the lead singer would sink in. Each leading men breathing heavily, as Mike was seen gasping at the sudden large intrusion taking over his body, with Chester’s thick cock sliding into his body until they would merge together as one.

Moving together, they would kiss each other. Moans would sound the room, as the smell of sweat would linger the air. Mike’s blunt nails would dig into Chester’s soft skin, creating pink welted rivets along the way, as the lead singer would thrust into his body, encouraging the Emcee to move alongside with him.

“Fuck, so good, I love being with you.” Mike would whimper in between moans, as Chester’s mind would haze over with the lust and the love he would feel for Mike. Leaning forward, his lips would slide along Mike’s ear, pulling the lobe in between his teeth.

“I love you.”

“You wh-“

And before Mike could utter another word, Chester would drive his cock in harder and faster, making the Emcee almost burst between each seam, feeling the lead singer nail his prostate. Each leading men would see stars, as fireworks would explode between each closed eyelid. With the friction of Chester’s stomach rubbing against Mike’s toned tummy, the Emcee’s cock would begin to explode from the tip. Painting each stomach with his essence, Chester would mimic Mike, as he would clamp his lips over Mike’s ear lobe, biting back the scream as he would cum. Screaming the words of love, he could feel his body tumble over the edge.

For a moment, they would stay in their positions, as the lover’s would slowly try to catch their breaths. With Mike panting hard against Chester’s cheek, his dark eye’s painted over with curiosity, as he would catch the attention from his older lover.

“Wait... You said you love me?”

And all Chester could was nod, well aware that he could no longer talk, for he felt embarrassed for letting out his true feelings in a time of intimacy, unsure of how Mike really felt about him. Sure they loved to fool around and kiss, but Chester wasn’t too sure whether his band mate would feel the same way as he did. But as Chester would watch on, he could see Mike smiling softly, the twinkle in his eye had said it all once Chester could see that Mike had felt the same way.

“I love you too, always have since the moment I had met you.”

And with a kiss to the lips, each lover too tired to utter another word, as the morning would soon be in their reach. With Chester curling closer towards Mike, and the Emcee taking the liberty to clean each of them up, they would soon fall asleep, as they couldn’t wait to see what life would bring them for as long as they were together.


Short and fluffy, please let me know what you think. Thank you all so much for reading :).

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