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Sweet like Sugar by becisamonsta


While I am fairly sick with the flu, and having no motivation to write my other chaptered stories (sorry :( ) I had this one written a little while back. But didn’t think it was worthy enough to post. Sorry no slash in this one, but just a snippet of Bennoda fluff. It’s silly, quite short and sickly sweet towards the end. Thank you all for reading my previous works, really appreciated the support and love I receive from you all :) and I will be back on track soon I promise.

Do not own, just my own ideas and errors.


“Stop being such a party pooper!”

The unmistakable cheery voice belonging to the lead singer of the band would sound off in each ear, as the Emcee would look up from his scuffed converses above the gravel pathway to find five pairs of eyes staring up at him, and to much dismay, Mike’s grimace would slowly pull upwards into a smile, despite of the grevious feeling tearing him apart.

But not just any typical shit-eating-grin you would always picture on everybody’s favorite Emcee, No, as this particular one was certainly forced and labored, once most of the band members were now completely convinced that their Emcee was ok with the idea of taking the day off during their tour to visit the local carnival that was operating for one night only.

“Am not! I just hope you all realise how much work we have to get set up for the next sh-“

“Yes, Mother dearest, we all know... But we are taking the night off.” A flaming red by the name of David Farrell would sound the air now, and Mike had to almost take two steps back, once he would catch on the Bassist rolling his eyes up at the Emcee.

Everyone went about their own ways now, with Rob and Dave taking charge of buying the entry fee for each band member, whilst Joe and Brad were talking quietly amongst themselves now, leaving Chester lagging behind to follow Mike who was seen in charge of his own devices, as the Emcee was left to stew on his own now.

He tried to ease his mind, realising that these past few weeks the band had been doing nothing but travelling around the country side whilst on their tour. So taking one night off from the tour couldn’t do any harm, Mike would only hope, call him the workaholic that he was, he could almost feel his eye twitching now just at the thought of it.

“What’s with you man? Does it always have to be work, work, work with you all the time?” Chester would say, his voice was close enough to a whisper in which respectively Mike was thankful for, for the most part that Mr. Nosey, a.k.a Bradford Delson, wasn’t listening in on their conversation and earnestly Mike wanted to keep it that way.

Not that it was any of their concerns to begin with, as the Emcee wanted to share his doubts for coming out tonight and joining the band in the festivities, when realistically he would rather be back in his hotel room, drinking a bottle of scotch whilst working on the next set for their next show.

He knew he had been too quiet for some time now, once he could see the look of impatience streaming across Chester’s face once they locked eyes. For a moment Mike had rendered himself completely speechless, fallen completely victim in his own game to stay quiet, once he was now looking into the dazzling shade of molten chocolate hues belonging to his singer.

With Chester’s cheeks dimpling slightly from his charming smile now, Mike knew it within himself it had been a bad idea to come out tonight, once the Emcee could see that by the end of the night he would become a blubbering mess especially whenever he would spend time with Chester, as he couldn’t deny the crush he had on his lead singer.

“I’m fine-“ Mike’s gruff, and yet feeble voice would sound the air now, watching Chester cock an eyebrow up and the Emcee knew the look all too well that Chester was giving out to him to know that the older singer was not convinced at all from hearing Mike’s short lived response. So clearing his throat, he swallowed hard, blinked twice and looked up at Chester, noticing now just how far they were lagging behind the rest of the band members now.

“I’m just tired, worn out, counting the days down until the tour is over... Finding some real food, sleeping in my own bed wondering who else has slept in the same bed as me before in every other hotel we hav-“

“God, Mikey... You’re such a germaphobe, before you know it you’ll be back in your own bed-“

“Can’t wait-“

“Come on guys, let’s go! Got the tickets, I wanna find me the corn dog station before we hit the bumper cars.” A bumbling drummer, Robert Bourdon, would pipe up, flagging the rest of the band members who had been lagging behind the entrance, ushering for everyone to follow himself inside.

Which numbly, the Emcee would find his legs would begin to move. Following Chester closely behind him now, as he couldn’t help the way his eyes would slowly take in Chester from behind. Mesmerised by the way he would swing his narrow hips every time his lead singer would walk, with the dip in his lower back accentuating the singer’s greatest asset, as Mike couldn’t help the involuntary lick to his drying lips that would follow on through out his actions.

It wasn’t long before he felt himself slamming into the back Chester, as he had noticed he hadn’t been paying attention since he had felt himself staring for too long, once the singer had just pulled on the brakes right in front of him.

“Whoa-“ Chester would say before letting out a tiny squeak of surprise, losing his footing and he would almost tumble to the ground from the hard contact made by Mike. The Emcee’s mind was in a whirlwind of panic now, with his natural instincts lying between each hand he would reach out and wrap his arms around Chester’s lower midriff, locking the smaller man in place, as he would hold him upright, catching the lead singer before he would stumble to the ground.

For a moment they had stayed in their positions, with the other band members slowly scampering off, too excited about the carnival to realise what had just happened, leaving the two leading men in the middle of the dusty and gravelly walkway, coddled up closely together.

The Emcee could feel his body shiver delightfully, his nostrils taking in the natural scent of Chester, as he would bring his nose in a little more closely, subconsciously unaware that he was now breathing in deeply.

Memories of his last trip to Hawaii and drinking from fresh coconuts would come to his mind now, once he could smell the fruity scent belonging to Chester, as he held the smaller close inside his arms. It wasn’t long before Chester was coughing awkwardly, bringing Mike back to reality once the Emcee would now realise that he had been holding Chester for far to long.

“I, I didn’t mean to run into you like that.”

“It’s okay Mikey, you don’t need to explain yourself-“ Chester would begin, and to much of Mike’s dismay the singer would pull himself out of Mike’s arms. Facing the Emcee now, with a knowing smirk bracing along his bright features now, which only made Mike want to shrivel up into a ball, realising just how obvious he had been with his actions with the lead singer, once Mike knew it within himself that he had been staring at him for too long. “-We both know you like my ass.”

With widening eyes, holding Mike completely tongue tied, wanting to retaliate back now. He wanted to say that Chester’s statement was clearly all false, but Mike knew that he would only be lying not only to himself but to Chester as well, as it was far from a lie.

He could see Chester laughing now, freely whilst shaking his head, giving another reason for Mike to check off the many reasons as to why he was completely smitten for the lead singer and that was hearing his cheerful laughter and never taking life too serious, something that Mike could take a page out the lead singer’s book, as lately all had been doing his stewing in his own self pity and discouragement of whether or not he was in love with the lead singer.

“Relax Mikey, you look like you’re about to pass out.” Chester would say in between giggles, and Mike had to reel himself back in. Shaking his head mentally. Before softening his features.

“Am not-“

“Look over there! I wanna go on the Ferris wheel!” Chester would turn squeak, completely missing the bar that Mike had been checking him out, as the Emcee could see the inner child being brought to life once Mike could see the the twinkling lights dazzling over the singer’s face, lighting up his beautiful face with the carnival lights surrounding the two band members. He was jumping on his toes now, and Mike couldn’t help but the growing smile that would stream along his lips, ignoring those who would watch on at the fully grown man who was seen bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet.

“Why don’t you go on it?” Mike would encourage his lead singer. Smiling and gesturing for Chester to go on the ride that was to the left of each of them. The Emcee had briefly taken a look not before looking away, reminding himself that he had a fear of heights, and seeing as though the Ferris wheel was standing at least 250 feet tall into the sky, the Emcee could almost feel himself breathing in heavily, before exhaling slowly.

But the heavy breathing seemed to have melted away, once Mike was startled to find Chester’s hand slipping into own his. Blinking hard, Mike could see that they were standing within proximity now, once Mike could smell the minty toothpaste bouncing off the lead singer’s tongue, as he would speak.

“Could you come on it with me? I hate going on rides alone... And, I don’t know where the rest of the other guy-“

“Ches-“ Mike would begin, his eyes snapping away from the puppy dog eyes his lead singer was giving him now and he would take a look for himself once more again. Watching the people, ages big and small, riding the large metal wheel, as it would turn slowly, the motors churning closely beside to two band members’ was almost enough for the Emcee to feel his stomach twist painfully now, grimacing at just the thought of going on such a big ride that would suspend you high into the air. “I can’t, you shou-“

“It’s ok Mikey.” Chester would sigh, a look of understanding was apprehensive along his face and for a moment Mike didn’t like to see Chester so upset. Knowing very how much going on this particular ride to him meant something to the world for the lead singer. So pushing aside his fears, Mike would smile softly, squeezing Chester’s hand, as he would grab the attention from his lead singer.

“But for you, I will do it. Just this once.” Mike softly said, letting out a tiny yelp of surprise once he felt Chester throw his body weight on top of him, crushing him into a hug as he would press his lips against Mike’s cheek. He could feel his body sizzle from the brief contact now, his body being pulled in under Chester’s hypnotic spell once the lead singer would pull away from the very quick kiss, leaving the Emcee’s cheeks in a lovely shade of red now, as the Emcee was refraining himself from reaching out to touch the same cheek Chester had just laid his lips upon, with the memory playing itself on a loop of Chester pressing against his own body just moments ago.

Taking a step back into his mind, Mike really didn’t think he would come out today, in all honesty he hated the idea of going out in public especially since they had been working non-stop these past few weeks whilst on tour.

And playing at every show didn’t stop there at all for the band, as in between each show their would be press conferences and television and radio interviews, not to mention the slew of the photo ops they also had to consider as well. So coming out tonight to the town’s annual carnival wasn’t something Mike had in mind to begin with, but once he could see the twinkle in Chester’s eye and his cheery smile, he knew he had made the right decision by coming along, despite of holding himself back from kissing Chester several times in the evening now.

Once he had faced his fears by going on the big Ferris wheel, not before closing his eyes and gripping the safety bar for the duration of the ride, he could tell he had made Chester happy and satisfied enough once their feet would find ground once more again and Mike was quick to jump off the ride. With his heart pumping thickly, and feeling the goosebumps slowly subsiding away from his shivering body, as did his heavy breathing as it would regulate now.

“Thanks Mikey, I know how much you hate heights. So as your reward you can do anything you want!” Chester would muse out, his eyes were lighting up now from the idea of Mike choosing the next thing for each of them to do. Silently Mike would think, really unsure of what it was that he really wanted to do, besides finding a dark corner and really expressing himself to Chester about his true feelings he felt for the singer.

But fortunately when he really thought he was at a loss of what it was that they could be doing, he felt his stomach rumble as it would make churning noises. Loud enough that Chester could hear, watching on as the lead singer would let out a string of giggles.

“Sounds like somebody is hungry. Maybe we should go find you some food instead for now?” Chester had suggested, to which Mike vigorously nodded, never realising how hungry he had become after the ride. He wasn’t sure if it was the appetite he had for his lead singer or what, but he knew for sure he needed something to eat right at this point in time, as the ride on the Ferris wheel really did stir up some kind of appetite for Mike. But with the next dilemma rising between each band member, would only set them back by two steps, as they would try to figure out what it was that they both wanted to eat.

“Corn dogs?”

“Argh, no, the last time I had one of those, I couldn’t stop throwing up, remember?” Chester would push out his distaste for the battery and greasy meat on a stick into word form, and Mike had to reel back to what it was that Chester was talking about in the first place, as he could briefly remember the last fair they both went to and in conjunction of what Chester was talking about.

The Emcee could also remember that Chester had at least five or six that day, as he was sure of himself he had lost count after his sixth corn dog, that later that day had Mike dragging a very sick Chester home that night. Biting his tongue, Mike would simply agree with a curt nod, knowing very well not to argue with Chester now. Especially a Chester who was not only hungry, but steadily he was becoming more and more ‘hangry’ by each passing minute, which was the combination of the words hungry and angry put together.

“Cotton candy?” Mike would then make his next suggestion and begging for that sigh of relief once he could see Chester nod his head quickly, a clear indication that finally they had made up their mind. Despite of it not being real staple food item, Mike was too hungry to care at this point in time, steadily bordering the terms hangry for himself, as all he could think about now was filling his stomach up with the sugary and overly sweet treat.

Inwardly smiling, he couldn’t help the giddy feeling spreading across his body once Chester would source our his hand, almost as if the carnival was bringing out the inner child within Chester that Mike was steadily growing to love, as the two men would walk side by side, hand in hand.

“Mikey, you don’t mind me holding your hand like this, right?”

“No, why would I?” Mike would quickly respond, almost afraid that he might have given out the wrong signals, as he would squeeze Chester’s hand for added measure, hoping it was more than enough for Chester to see that Mike was comfortable with the idea of holding hands together, as it had felt natural and right for the Emcee to have always Chester close by his side.

“I was just making sure-“ Chester would say with a smile, saddling up closer to Mike’s side as they would walk side by side, each of them passing blurred colors as they went by, finding the next location of their adventure. “-And besides, I really like holding your hand.”

Each band member would smile, and Mike could feel his heart skipping a beat once he would lock eyes with Chester’s. He could almost taste the kiss that was waiting there for him, once Chester would stagger slightly forward, from the result of a stranger pushing into Chester from behind. And if Mike wasn’t the foolish man that was hopelessly in love, he would find the confidence to finally give in and just kiss the damn singer now once he had the opportunity. But as time would pass by quickly now he could feel himself freeze over, completely tongue tied and Chester would furrow his brow forward, before pulling away slightly, giving them each ample breathing room.

Passing by each stall, they could see each one altering from the last, changing from show bags and stuffed prizes, to dart boards and bobbing ducks in ponds until they would find the one food stall that they had been looking for. Once they moved towards the front of the vendor. Chester had asked for two lots of the cotton candy, as Mike was quick to pull his wallet out from his back pocket once he caught Chester grabbing his own.

“No, I’ll pay-“

“Mikey, it’s really fine I can pay for my ow-“

“No allow me, please, it’s my treat.” Mike would plea now, knowing very how desperate he had sounded, which only made Chester smile adoringly up at Mike, his dark hues sparklingly under the sea of twinkling carnival lights.

Once they both received each of their fluffy sugary treat, both satisfying their craving for sugar they would soon walk away hand in hand. Upon first bite, sinking his teeth into his fluffy treat, the nostalgic memories came rushing back to Mike for when he was a child. He could remember going to the carnival with his parents several times, as he could remember making himself sick, with bleeding gums, with a sweet tooth every time he would fill himself up on the cotton candy. Now as a grown man, biting into the sickening sweetness, he couldn’t hold back the sigh that he had waiting there between his lips. Which would only make the singer beside him stir with laughter.

“Whoa, slow down there.”

“But me so hungry.” Mike would dumbfoundly say, his words stumbling on top of one another which only made the lead singer burst out into in a series of laughter from the lack of comprehension made by the somewhat genius known as the band’s Emcee.

He could feel his cheeks reddening, as he would slow to a stop from wolfing his food completely down. Watching Chester closely, as he would almost say he was embarrassed now. But he wasn’t, as he couldn’t help the sizzling stirring that would he could feel deep inside his lower abdomen. His breathing hitched, along with the best of his heart beat, once he would shift his eyes from Chester’s dazzling stare and towards the sultry curve of the lead singer’s lips.

He would watch carefully now, scrutinising them closely with his own eyes, as Chester’s velvety, damp tongue would push between parted lips now. They would trace along each of his pink lips, licking the sugar particles that were left there from when he had taken his last bite out of his fluffy cotton candy.

He knew he had been staring for too long now, and that he should look away, but when he tried to find the moment to break away from the scene that was playing out before his very eyes, he simply couldn’t for the fact that he didn’t want to. He could see that Chester was smiling at him, and his dark eyes were smouldering now which only made Mike believe that just for a moment the lead singer felt the same for Mike as well.

“Mikey? Are you ok?”

Blankly, possibly a little absentminded, Mike would open his lips to reply, feeling the words slip right past his tongue now, not really sure why they it was necessary for him to say them, but felt right in doing so.

“Hold still, you have something on your face.”

And with Mike’s words sizzling the air, the Emcee would slip his hand away from Chester’s grip, before sliding his free hand across his lead singer’s cheek, admiring the soft flesh he would find there between each finger tip, where he would lock the singer in place. With inquisitive eyes, Chester would watch on, as Mike could feel his body moving in close enough, not really knowing where he had found this new found confidence to act out so freely now.

It wasn’t long before Chester was crying out in pleasure, the sound of his voice completely transparent now once they were pressing against Mike’s soft lips. The kiss itself was everything Mike had always imagined it to be, soft, unyielding, and a slow sweetness, as tasting the cotton candy between each nip was just the cherry on top for the Emcee. With the agonisingly long pressure lifting from off his shoulders now once he felt his body coiling closer towards Chester’s, feeling the heat transpiring between each of their bodies.

He knew what they were doing was completely crazy, outrageously wild and yet somehow Mike didn’t seem to care, as the sugary kiss between Chester’s lips had almost felt right and almost too natural to them both. He would steadily swipe his tongue along Chester’s pink lips, feeling the tissue slowly pull apart until Mike had enough leverage to slip his wondering tongue deep inside Chester’s sensual mouth. Tasting the cotton candy against Chester tongue once the first contact was made only drove the Emcee into a completely new sugar rush now, as he would find himself slowly becoming more and more addicted to the taste that was uniquely all Chester.

With their tongues dancing so freely in between each sugar coated lips now, Mike was able to slowly push Chester against the wall that was conveniently behind him. Wanting to feel more, but he knew it couldn’t last forever, the nagging feeling settling deep inside his mind once he would realise where they were standing, and who could be watching from afar if they were not careful enough with their unspoken actions.

With one last sensually delicious moan from each counterpart as their tongues would mingle together, Mike would slowly pull away, with the sounds of their lips disconnecting with a soft slippery pop. Both were panting hard now from the intensity of their heated make out session Mike would lean in close enough to nuzzle his way into the soft curve of Chester’s neck.

Breathing in deeply, he knew what was next for him and that would be the slew of questions Chester had waiting for him. But he didn’t care, not at this point, as he finally got what he had wanted and that was the find the encouragement all night to kiss Chester, telling the lead singer his true feelings would come later on in life, as he was happy enough just to celebrate that finally he got the kiss he had been begging for.

He knew it had only last a few moments, but in those precious moments he shared with Chester he felt a deep understanding that the lead singer felt the same about him as well for him to kiss Mike back. Once Mike could find his feet again, floating himself back to the ground. He pulled away slowly, only to see Chester standing there a little flustered and red in the face. His lips were slightly swollen and wet from each of their concoction of mixed saliva, as his eyes were shining with confusion mixed with the spiel of lust he felt for the Emcee.

“Did you get it?” Chester would softly say, his breath tasted sweet between each nostril, driving the Emcee completely insane now. Realising now he needed to taste a little more, as he would push himself in closer, their cotton candy long forgotten now, once Mike would nod slowly before pressing another kiss to Chester’s lips. With the sound of his whisper between his quivering, warm lips, as he would reply.

“I think so.”


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