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Don't Turn Your Back On Me by ninja

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Here goes another story with my favourite protagonists. *smirks*

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Elisa has been ignoring Brad for the past few weeks, and when she’s not, it’s to yell at him or when talked to and it’s driving him crazy. Even their kids are beginning to ask him questions as they’ve noticed something’s off and he has no idea what to answer.

He’s desperate, has been trying to talk to her, to her closest friends, even his closest friends but none of them seem to be able to give him an answer. Some said they’d talk to her, but he never hears more than that.

He’s now considering leaving for a few days but can’t abandon his kids, therefore decides he’ll take them for a weekend trip and he doesn’t care if she’s okay with it or not.

When he tells her, she looks at him defiantly but accepts. When told that she can come along, she tells him she’ll think about it even though he’s pretty sure this means no but stays hopeful.

He tries to ask again what he did wrong, if anything has happened to her, reminds her that she can talk to him, but she shuts down and is about to leave before he stops her, and makes her look at him. But she pulls back and leaves him standing in the middle of the kitchen. He sighs and calls Anna, hoping they might have talked. But she tells him the same answer as always. And when asked to talk to her again, she says she will but he doesn’t know if she really does. So he let her know he’s leaving with the children for the weekend so maybe she can invite her to hang out, to which she promise him to take care.

Friday comes and he knows for sure she won’t join them. He packs his and his kids bags and picks them up at school to leave directly after. They ask why their mother isn’t tagging along and he wishes he has another answer than

“She couldn’t come”.

Once they’ve arrive, they want to call her but he refuses, telling them they can call her the day after.

After a nice weekend well spent, without having to avoid his wife all the time, they need to go back home and to say he’s dreading it is an understanding.

When home, the 3 children jump in their mom’s arms and tell her what they’ve done and she seems happy for a while. She’s always happy with them. Why she’s not happy with him anymore is something he needs to figure out. After watching them from further away, he grabs all the bags and unpacks. The fact that she hasn’t even looked at him makes him break on the inside and he just wants to go away again and not come back.

He asks Anna again, if there is anything she can tell him that could take him out of this mess. But all she says is they need to figure it out together, as if he hasn’t been trying to do that for the past four weeks or so, she sighs and tells him they did hang out but Elisa wasn’t willing to talk about whatever was going on and she didn’t want to push it either. He thanks her and hangs up.

He works in the studio for a few hours and when going to sleep, she’s already sleeping peacefully and he wonders if she even wants him to sleep in the same bed as her, but she hasn’t said anything about not to. He lays beside her and tries to fall asleep. But he can’t, all he wants is pull her in his arms and hug her but he knows that she wouldn’t allow him to, so he watches her sleep, her back facing him. He misses their closeness, outside, they aren’t the type to show off but behind closed doors, they were very close, smiling, kissing here and there and holding hands whenever they can, showing their love around. But now, nothing, not even one look before leaving to drop the kids off to school. At that moment, he wishes he could read minds. He starts to wonder if there is someone else, even though he knows her, and she’s not that kind of person.

The next day, he gives her an ultimatum, she either tells him what’s going on or he’s leaving, with the kids.

“Don’t use our children against me!” she yells, harshly.

“Then talk to me! It’s been weeks and I don’t know what to do anymore!”

“I… I can’t.”

“I’m your husband, what could possibly be so bad you can’t tell me?! Are you having an affair? Is that it?” he yells.

“No! I would never do that!” she yells back, shocked by his question.

“Are you sick?” he asks, calmer.

“No.” she says, not yelling anymore.

“Then what is it?” he asks, impatient, but she stays silent “The house is mine, you’re the one that leaves. It’s your choice Elisa, but I’m not going to live like that forever.” He says after a while before turning around and going away from her to actually pack her bag and make her understand that he’s fed up. He doesn’t actually want her to leave but then it’s the only solution he could think of to make her talk.

“Wait, please.” she says, catching up. “Please, give me time” she pleads as she get that those weren’t simple threats.

“Time?!” he asks, in disbelief.


“Get out” he spits.

“I didn’t say goodbye to…,” she tries to protest.

“I don’t care! Come back when you’re feeling like talking to me again! But don’t wait too long!” he cuts her off, picking her stuff, making her get out of the house and slamming the door in her face.

Elisa knows she won’t be welcomed back home and drives to Erika’s and Rob’s place as the drummer’s girlfriend is a very good friend of hers. She hopes they’ll let her crash there a few days until she finds out a way out of this mess. They accept, knowing things are a bit messy between the couple but they also don’t want to take sides, which she knows. They tell her Brad is worried but they get that she won’t tell them what happened just yet.

The kids ask questions of course, and aren’t pleased that their mom left without saying goodbye but he tells them they’ll see her soon.

When Mike and Dave come and visit him the next day, he tells them the news and they comfort him a little but he feels like they disagree with how he handled things and he feels as if that they are on her side.

“So, do you know what’s going on?” asks the guitarist.

“No” answers Mike.

“Then don’t blame me” he snaps.

“We’re not, we’re just asking questions” intervenes Dave.


“And your kids will want to see her.” Reminds him Mike

“I know, haven’t figured this part out. I’m just hoping she will come back and talk to me before I need to think about that.”

“I’m sure it will be okay.” Says Dave, wanting to comfort his friend.

“Yeah sure, this whole thing is a huge mess. I have no idea how I’m going to resolve it.”

“You’ll figure it out, you always do.”

“I just want her to love me again.” he sighs

“She does, whatever is going on, I’m sure she does.”

“I miss her, this is not how I had it planned. She was supposed to talk to me when I threatened her to kick her out”

“You know she’s safe though; she will come back.”

“Yeah, Rob told me she was staying at his place and that Erika would try to talk to her again. Maybe a miracle will happen, who knows.” Says the guitarist, wishing she’ll call him soon.

*dialogue Elisa and Erika the day after*

“Did someone hurt you? Or is threatening you to hurt your family if you talk?”

“This is not a spy movie.” Says Elisa, glaring at Erika.

“We’re worried about you. If someone did anything to you, you need to tell us.”

“No. I just... I don’t know. And now Brad hates me” And she’s actually sad, she wished she had had the gut to tell him instead of staying silent. She knows he wouldn’t even be angry.

“I think he’s confused, but he doesn’t hate you.” Reassures Erika.

“It’s just that I don’t know how to tell him. It’s been too long! I don’t even know why I kept this for myself. I mean…,” She sobs.

“Do you want me to ask him to come over?” she asks, when Elisa nods she grabs her phone and calls the guitarist, telling him to stop by.

He arrives one hour later and when she sees him, she feels the anxiety rising. Erika leaves them alone to let them talk privately.

“Do you hate me?” she whispers.

“Should I?” he asks, a little too harshly even to his liking

“Brad, please.”

“I don’t know what I think.” he sighs.

“I’m sorry I was so distant lately.”

“Do you still love me?”

“Of course I do, it has nothing to do with you.”

“Oh really? Then why did you push me away for weeks?” he asks, his voice raising, still bitter.

“I don’t know! I just…,” she says, with the same tone.

“Just leave it. I didn’t come here to have the same argument that we’ve been having for the past few weeks” he says harshly, before turning around, beginning to leave.

“Wait, I…”

“I’m tired of waiting!” he yells at her as he turns around to face her again.

And then, she tells him. It’s a whisper and he can see that she wants to disappear right after saying it. He looks at her with wide eyes, trying to work out the information he just got from his wife, who’s looking down, staring at her nails that have become much more interesting than facing her husband.

“Please say something.” she whispers.

“You said it wasn’t about me.”

“Because it’s not.”

“I agree on the: your body, your choice Elisa! But you still could have talked to me. And why blaming me?!”

“I didn’t blame you!” she defends herself.

“So you ignored me because you felt like doing so?” his voice full of sarcasm.

“No! I don’t know. I felt so bad and then I…”

“Stop it. I’m gonna leave now. I’m the one who needs time now.”

“No, don’t, I want to come home. I want to be with you and our kids. Please, let me come home” she pleads him, holding his arm like her life almost depended on it.

“Come back tomorrow if you want but give me time to process that information.” he tells her.

“Let me come tonight, I won’t be in the way, I swear.”

“How many weeks?”

“10, approximately.”

“And you went all by yourself?”


“You know I would have been there to support you?”

“I know.”

“What about birth control now?”

“I changed it”

“Were you scared I would force you to keep it?” he asks, trying to figure out why she didn’t tell him anything sooner.

“It did cross my mind. And then I got scared it would happen. I mean, I had taken the appointment and could always cancel it but the date came and I went there alone.”

“But we already have had this talk. I would never have forced you to keep it when I know you don’t want more kids.”

“I know that. I was a mess, I didn’t think straight.” She tries to explain.

“Are there more secrets like that that I should be aware of?”

“No” she says silently, looking at him pleadingly.

“Pack your things and come home.” he says, after a while. Right after saying that, she falls into his arms, out of relief, and hugs him tightly. He returns the hug and at some point, sees Erika through the door that came checking on them. She nods at him with a smile and let them be.

*Later same evening. *

“Are we fine?” she asks, after joining him in his home studio.

“Yes.” He answers her, looking at his computer screen.

“I’m really sorry.”

“You already said that.” He says, still not looking at her.

“So you’re the one who’s going to be distant now?”

“No, I told you I needed some time and you said you’d give me space. So could you please just leave me alone for the night?” Now turning around to face her.

“Right, I said that. Goodnight” she simply says, before leaving again.

The next day, he wakes up, remembers his wife is back home and he smiles as he looks at her sleeping form. He doesn’t know how he feels about her earlier confession. He’s not mad at her for ending a pregnancy of a child she didn’t want but he cannot comprehend that it took her so long to tell him. He wouldn’t even have minded not knowing if she hadn’t put him on the side like that. He sighs, kiss her lightly on the cheek before getting up to prepare breakfast for his kids and get ready for the day.

When they all are around the table, she arrives and asks him if he wants her to drive them to school but he has other things to do so he’ll drop them off.

“When will you be home?” She asks him.

“I don’t know.”

“I’ll drive them to their trainings tonight.”


“Look, I… Maybe we can have dinner together tonight? Just us, once they are in bed” she tries to offer, unsure of what he wants to do now but willing on proving that she’s sorry for ignoring him for weeks.

“Sure.” He accepts with no way for her to know if he’s happy about it or not.

When they leave, and he doesn’t say goodbye, she feels horrible. She doesn’t blame him as she knows he’s hurt. She wishes she had done things differently and wants to be out of this messy situation. The fact that he said yes about spending time with her during the evening is positive though.

He goes to Dave’s place, needing to clear out his mind a bit. His friend comforts him, and tells him to keep the communication open, spend time together and see how things go from there. Brad asks him to keep it for himself, which the bassist promises. He feels guilty for throwing her out when she might have needed him the most and doesn’t know how to make up to her for that. Dave tells him she’s feeling bad too and therefore, they need to talk, be honest with each other and spend some time together.

“But I don’t know what her plans are today.”

“You have a phone.” he reminds him, glaring at him.

“Oh, right.” he says, like it’s the revelation of the year.

Dave chuckles and tells him to call her and go get some quality time with his wife, which he does. She has nothing important to do so he joins her back home willing to show her he’s not mad and loves her with all his heart.

As the days go by, things start to go better and their children are happy to see them as close as they used to see them. When their parents tell them they are going on a weekend trip in the mountains together they cheer, wanting to build snowmen and have snowball fights. Elisa smiles at Brad, who smiles back, and she knows that they will be okay.

The End

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