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I have been working on this, on and off, have no direction where this will be going but I do have a few ideas up my sleeves. Would this be worthy to continue? One can only hope. I am about to play a major catch up game on all the stories I have missed :(. Also I will write more on my other story but believe it or not I am stuck on it, maybe this story will help me with my other?

Dont own, only my mistakes and errors and my crazy ideas.



Like every other night, tonight had started out like every other Saturday night for as long Mike could remember whilst being on tour. Kicking the summer tour with hosting their annual Projekt Revolution, they managed to get an amazing line up for this years festival, every night all of the bands would rock their way toward the centre of stage enough to give the crowd the adrenaline rush they all have been aching for, and with their big explosive finale was when Linkin Park would always headline the shows.

Fast forward later in the evening from their show and the band found themselves winding down the last leg of the tour as they could all finally see the last of the ending stretch for them all. The night was still young, well according to the band’s deejay as Mike could never recall ‘twelve a.m’ being young at all, once the Emcee could barely keep his eyes open. So here he sat, on the slouchiest sofa’s he could find in the bar. The ambience of the dingy bar, gave off one of those sleazy vibes you would find in any b-grade adult films right before the stars were about to get it on, not that Mike would know because the Emcee of the group was not into that kind of shit, now was he?

Or so he keeps telling himself that. Pulling his mind away from his wondering thoughts he just sits there now, his eyes focusing on something tasty that he surely would love to sink his teeth into. He knows he has been watching him too, staring for too long now, hiding behind his glass with his poison of choice; Johnny Walker, for the night. His dark eyes drink in the sight of the beautiful angel who somehow has lost his wings and that has been put out on display for him, inconspicuously. The faces in the crowd all begin to blur and all the Emcee could see now was this beautiful angel, devil in disguse.

He watched as the man Mike had been admiring from afar throw his head back, his bottle milk skin glowing magnificently under the the dim lighting, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down as the man that has peaked Mike’s interest was laughing at some joke that the other man was telling him. Mike pressed the glass to his quivering lips, watching carefully as the beautiful, slender man would run his hand through his short, spiky locks as Mike really did admire the way his band member would always take pride in his hair as it would bounce back from using too much hair spray.

He watched as the pale man’s eyes twinkle under the light, catching the man look Mike’s way several times now, as the creases on the sides of his dark and hypnotic eyes would deepen in the corners as the man of Mike’s infatuation would look away, back to the other man that kept trying to grab all of his attention away from Mike.

Mike felt a deep surge ripple through his veins, spreading his body apart almost as if there was a wild fire beginning to surface inside the pit of his stomach. He knew exactly what was happening to him, and he couldn’t believe it himself. He was jealous, he was jealous to see the lead singer of Julien-K saddling up quite cosily with his fellow band mate, and on again, off again main squeeze; Chester Bennington.

Now if you were to put their relationship to simple words, the answer was not all that simple at all as Mike didn’t know where he officially stood with the lead singer of their band. Were they lovers? Sure he loved to hate the man as for the most time spent on tour with the insufferable-lead-singer of the band as they spent more time bickering then actually getting along, but deep down inside he knew that he was completely smitten for the guy as he couldn’t get enough of him, he is the drug that Mike keeps on taking and coming back for more.

Possibly they were just fuck buddies or friends with benefits. Bed buddies, however you want to call their situation, maybe Mike liked the idea of sharing his bed whilst on tour and cuddling up with someone after sex so that he would never feel lonely especially with living out those long days and even longer nights whilst on tour. on the other hand Chester liked to use Mike as an excuse to get his dick sucked, or fucked whenever he was horny and needed to release some kind of sexual tension, well at least that’s how the Emcee sees it, and if anyone was to bring it up on how this situation between them all began, the answer for that is? Well... It’s not that simple as Mike couldn’t really pick the exact moment where his sex life came tumbling down along with Chester.

But he knew one thing is for sure, as he took another sip of his alcohol, the tartness from the poison perking him right up from his seat, and that was Chester was his. Or so he thought.

He watched on, stewing in his own self pity party for one, as Ryan placed a large hand on the small of Chester’s back, the same back Mike could recall biting hard and scratching the night before as Ryan had his hands all over it. The taller and broader man with dark bangs suddenly made his move.

Catching the lead singer completely off guard, as the next thing that transpired between them both had Mike’s mind going into complete oblivion of destruction, his insides were roaring with anger now as he could see Ryan Shuck, that sleazy-sonofabitch-mother fucker had his lips and hands all over his Chester and with fleeting defeat Mike could see the lead singer was really getting into the kiss. He smoothed his hands along Ryan’s shoulders, looping his right leg around the Julien-K singer, only a move Mike has ever known that Chester has done to him from the past, as he was now trying the move on Ryan.

“Oh for god sake, can’t that man keep it in his pants just for one night?” Said the tall man with curly, dark hair, trimmed nicely with dark, curly facial hair appeared from what Mike could gather, almost out of no where. He hadn’t even noticed that Brad had been standing there before as the Emcee had been too busy watching the scene fold out into an explosive ending with the Julien-K singer making the moves on Chester, his Chester and what made Mike’s heart sink was that Chester was actually enjoying himself, as they were still locked by the hips and lips, almost losing balance from the side of the bar a few times.

“Earth to Shinoda? Did you hear me-“

“Yes I heard you the first time. You know what the man is like? Will fuck anything with legs so it seems.” Mike’s words were of poison, tasting bitter against the tip of his tongue as he spoke.

“Well give the dude a break... He did go through his divorce with Taly-“

Delson, pa-leaseeee... That has been what? Four or so years now? And we both know they both ended their relationship on mutual terms... The guy is still friends with his ex for fuck sake,”

“Yeah I guess, just fuck man, I didn’t realise Chester swung that way, y’know?” The lead guitarist tried to lighten the dampness of the conversation, now making himself comfortable on the seat beside Mike, who was feeling everything but comfortable as all he could feel now was resentment and jealousy, maybe a little turned on and in his mind wanting nothing more then to rip himself off this couch away from Brad and claim back what was his to begin with.

“Mike are you okay? You’re, like, shakin-“ Brad began, but paused, carefully scanning over his best friend’s actions before following Mike’s blazing stare toward the two lead singer’s, who were practically dry humping each other now whilst face fucking each other, as the lead guitarist then let out a rather large gasp, one that could be heard by everyone in the bar if the music wasn’t up so loud, as he squirmed before he bounced up and down on the couch, like a jack rabbit malfunctioning. “Wholy shit! You have the hots for Chester, don’t you?”

Automatically, Mike craned his neck, snapping his eyes away from the scene of the crime, his attention was now all on Brad. The Emcee had almost forgot what he had been doing before, as his large eyes widened to impossible lengths if they could, his mouth was the next to widen to ridiculous widths. He knew he couldn’t deny it, he made it all that obvious just before that he did have the hots for the lead singer with him not being able to take his eyes off of him since the arrival of Brad, maybe it was the alcohol and him not being able to control his actions and hide his true feelings for Chester but he knew that he had finally been caught with his charade.

“I, uh-“ Mike began, but couldn’t find the right words to say. He carefully studied his best friend’s facial expressions to know that the curly haired man was now feigning a hurt look in his eyes.

“And thought not to tell me at all man? I am completely hurt, utterly and disgustingly hur-“

“Alright, I get it, sorry? It’s not that easy to come out to your best friend that you’re gay and that you’ve actually been sleeping around with the lead singer of our band?”

“Mike we’ve been friends sinc- WAIT? What? Sleeping together? Since when? How? What the fuck, Michael?” Brad exploded, his hand gestures were all wild, flinging from side to side of his head, like he was somehow drowning from some kind of invisible bed of deep water. His eyes were bugging out and all Mike could do was bite his lip to realise that now Brad knows way too much for his own good and that Chester was personally going to kill him once he was to find out that he knows that Mike told Brad and now Brad knows, talk about getting yourself totally kicked in the guts all in the space of ten minutes. He also wanted to cringe at the fact that Brad had used his full name and that the only time the lead guitarist would ever use his name like that in a sentence is whenever he was mad at him.

“Brad promise me you won’t tell anyone, please, we need to use the best friend code for this, please?” The Emcee pleaded, knowing very just how much of a big mouth Brad can be especially when it came to the juicy gossip such as this, and Mike thought if he would use the best friend code card on him as he knew Brad would have no choice in the matter but to keep his mouth shut.

There was a short moment of silence before Brad nodded, his eyes were still at large, shifting uncomfortably in his seat now. Mike downed the rest of his drink, catching a quick eyeful to see that he had not lost Chester from his sight and that the lead singer was still too busy coddling up quite nicely to Mr. Ryan-imgonnapunchhisfacein-Shuck as he dared himself to turn his attention back to his best friend, knowing very well Brad deserved an explanation to this.

So, Mike took a deep breath, counting down from three in his mind. He opened his mouth and he spoke.

“It’s nothing serious between us, unfortunately. Yes I want something more, Yes it has been amazing, yes he’s good in bed, No he doesn’t want me more then just his little fuck buddy that he can play around with whenever he wants, Yes I could possibly and hopelessly be in love with him... Have I cleared up everything you were just going to ask me, because I really do not want to repeat myself again?” The Emcee rambled on, there was a nervous hick in every word but he knew once he had told Brad, he felt the chip come right off his shoulder and he was able to breathe properly again.

“Oh and I am sorry that I haven’t told you sooner, it’s not really all that easy to come out to anyone that you’re gay let alone having feelings for someone who basically has an a untouchable heart and doesn’t have the same feelings for you, yeah it kinda makes you feel like shit...” Mike also added to his slew of words for good measure. Mike looked to his knees, everything almost becoming more blurrier by the second, he couldn’t tell if it was the alcohol making him feel woozy or if it was the word vomit but whatever it was it was making him sick to the stomach. He could feel his heart pounding hard against his rib cage now, skipping a nervous beat every so often but immediately calmed once he felt his best friend place a gentle hand on his knee and began rubbing in a circular motion.

“Mike it’s okay, you being gay doesn’t make you any less of a man or any less of being my best friend either. I love you no matter what, you should know that by now? And if you’re in love with Chester then you should be telling him this... Not me, go and tell him now before that asshole takes him back to his room,”

“I think it’s already too late...” The Emcee whimpered, his voice sounding deft under the the music that was still playing as they both looked up and toward the bar to find that Ryan had his tongue dipping in and out of the shell of Chester’s ear. Mike could see larger man twirling the stud between his teeth every so often now. Ryan who could be seen by anyone who wanted to watch on, was now whispering something in their lead singer’s ear, it was of a secret language that only Chester could understand and comprehend as he nodded obediently whilst placing a hand in Ryan’s outstretched one. Mike didn’t need to guess twice what Ryan had asked his lead singer as Mike caught Chester’s dark eyes from across the room.

The hypnotic stare that lingered onwards, catching Mike’s hopelessly puppy dog eyed stare as it could only mean one thing for the Emcee. He could see that Chester was challenging him to take him back, to size Mike up to take his prize as it was another game for Chester. Mike could see the lead singer was clearly out of his mind, to be testing Mike’s patience like this as he felt as though he was just another pawn in the lead singer’s sick games.

The Emcee felt his mood switch from sadness and despair to anger and possessive as he growled under his breath, knowing very well that Chester had won him over. There was no way Ryan was taking his Chester away from him, he’s not his to play with. He knew what he had to do. He knew how to play this game with Chester and knew what he had to do to claim his prize back.


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