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Say It’s Not Over? by becisamonsta


First time writer long time lurker who has taken a break as I have shifted house with three children, I have no idea where this going or if it’s worth continuing? I will update if you think it’s worthy to update.

Don’t own, only my own errors and mistakes, sorry


Mike could not depict the exact moment when his affair began with the lead singer of their band. Was it the one too many glasses of champagne they had one night that resulted in some very questionable predicaments that was left unheard of the next day, or was it, this affair that they had between them ran a lot deeper then a few words of declarations and a few bubbly refreshments they shared between them, that in fact the words that Mike had been wanting to say to his fellow bandmate since the moment he knew his feelings for the obnoxious yet endearing lead singer were a lot more then just platonic since the moment he had met him back in the dingy studio.

With a steady breath, counting backwards from the number ten, he blinked hard trying push the blurry images of his night he had spent alone with Chester from out of his mind. He knew it was easier said then done, as the Emcee thought the next best thing to do was to pull up his laptop from beside him and concentrate on his ‘to do’ list instead of procrastinating about a certain lead singer that would have Mike almost dropping his boxer briefs to his ankles if he could just by the look of his best friend’s sly grin and those cunning ‘fuck-me-hard-Shinoda’ eyes.

“Hold your shit together, Shinoda,” The Emcee mumbled, softly and yet assertively, almost convincing himself that he can get through this, that he can do this, what was he suppose to be doing again? Oh right. He would be writing lyrics with...

For a moment his mind had drifted off once more again as he was faced with another dilemma, that had him wiping the sweat off his forehead to realise that at any moment Chester Bennington will be knocking on his front door in precisely ten minutes, as the lead singer was very well known in the band for always being on time, as it was their task in the band to come up with lyric ideas for their next coming album. At this rate there was not going to be a next album if Mike would continue acting like some kind of love-sick puppy dog with his tail between his legs every time he would think or see more of Chester.

He slammed his laptop shut, frustrated now at his own personal demons that he can’t seem hold himself together as he thought a quick shower would do him some good. He propped himself up from his lavish sofa, the very sofa that no less then 48 hours ago he found his legs spread wide, boxer briefs discarded from across the room with the lead singer right between his ankles, as all that he could remember all too well now was just how god damn wonderful Chester’s silky and warm mouth felt around his throbbing dick. He cupped himself through his thick denim jeans, almost staggering himself into the wall that was behind him as he took another glance at the sofa, feeling his vision blurred to the next memory once he could now see himself standing beside the sofa at the furniture shop from where he purchased it. Arguing over patterns and fabrics with his wife; Anna, as he remembered clearly how well that day panned out for the both of them once they were both happy with the selection of the sofa they both made together in the end.

That’s right, how could he be so fucking stupid, and forget that he was still married, happily married at that to his wonderful wife of 16 years. With Anna gone for several weeks on her second book tour around America. Mike had been left to his own devices for many weeks now, one of which was involved with two drunken encounters with Mr. Chester Bennington, in two very seperate occasions and locations. He knew that this was a discussion he would have to bring up with Anna once she would get back from her tour as he was dreading for the outcome of what would happen next after he would tell her.

He knew it would be over, that was for sure, as he knew Anna was not one to take cheating so lightly and she would greatly show her cheating, asshole of a husband to the front door as Mike knew she would have every reason to throw his cheating ass out onto the street, what makes matters worse for the poor woman would be embarrassed to her acknowledgment to realise that her cheating husband of 16 years, had been with another man.

Then what would happen next after that? Would he then move in with Chester and Talinda; his wife? Did Mike forget to mention that Chester Bennington was also married as well just to make this whole situation all the more messed up just hearing about it? Which made Mike believe that Talinda wouldn’t take the news so lightly either once her husband would tell her the dirty deeds that he has been up to as well, once on tour a few weeks back and again less then 48 hours ago.

Would she too kick him out? Or give him the benefit of the doubt and give him another chance? Mike had a feeling Talinda would be a lot more understanding if she knew her husband had been drunk on both encounters but would she be as easily forgiving to him? Mike could only hope for his best friend’s sake as the last thing he would want is for his best friend to take several steps back into his depression that he has always dealt with many years ago.

Before he could make another wondering thought about wives and blowjobs, his eyes had then snapped up from his worn, holy socks to the front door adjacent from where he stood as he heard someone knock from the other side of the door. He took a deep breath, feeling his nerves jump from one to ten on his personal Richter scale, making him tremble at the sound of Chester’s soft and silky voice entering the house, as it had sounded out to Mike for him to open the door once the lead singer realised the door was locked from the inside, out.

Mike shook his head, as he took a few steps over to the hallway mirror to peruse over his look one more time before greeting his best friend. Physically he looked okay, besides from the fact he was looking a little more frail and pasty from the lack of sleep but mentally he could hear his mind screaming at him to not open the door and instead to find himself a quiet corner of his house until the knocking and the voices from the front door would soon stop. He knew the latter option was his ideal option but knew deep down he could never avoid Chester, even if he tried. The older man made him feel insatiable and since their last encounter he could not stop thinking about those dark, hypnotic eyes that always had their way of drawing Mike in. And just like his voice, it found it’s way deep into Mike that he could not break away.

But he knew he had to be strong, had to fight against all odds of being with Chester. He knew the only option for them both was to end it before things between them would get too messy. He was in love with Anna, he would keep reminding himself that and that she was his safe haven. He knew that if he was to continue this inappropriate affair with Chester, it would only make things worse once he would have to eventually tell Anna. He knew what he had to do, with one large deep breath before exhaling he then crossed his way over towards the door where he opened it quite quickly to find Mr. Chester Bennington, and all of his beautiful, glorifying body leaning up against the brick wall by the door.

For a moment, Mike had completely lost his breath, once he locked eyes with his best friend and knew that this thing between them was never going to be that easy to just let go. But he knew he had to fight the urge that licked the insides of his quivering body to grab Chester Bennington and kiss him mercilessly up against the brick wall that he was causally leaning against. So instead the Emcee stepped aside from the door, mustering all of his will power, once he granted the lead singer permission to enter his property. With heavy booted steps, the lead singer then slipped inside before wedging his shoes off with his toes as he kicked them to the side.

“God I’m starving ‘Noda, got anything to eat?” The lead singer exclaimed, as the next thing to slip off his gorgeous body was his leather jacket, in which was precariously tossed to the ground which earned the lead singer a grumble from Mike’s lips. The Emcee then quickly scooped down to pick up the discarded jacket before respectfully placing it on the coat hanger that was by the door. Oblivious to the Emcee’s actions, the lead singer found his way further into the house where Mike closed the front door before locking it once more again.

“Uh-“ Mike began, realising just how hard it was to form any words around the man he was secretly so infatuated with that he couldn’t believe just how naive that he was now acting around Chester as all he could do was shrugged his shoulders in response. Knowing very well how silly he was looking right about now once he caught Chester shaking his head so freely before catching Mike’s eye once more again.

“Shall I order some pizza then? Haven’t eaten all day... Talinda has got me on this juice detoxing shit that’s meant to help you clean the toxins from your body and I can’t remember the last time I ate a decent meal with some real carbs.” The bouncy, lead singer said as he made his way towards the infamous sofa and flopped his body across it once he pulled his phone out from the depth of his back pocket. The Emcee shuddered for many reasons, his thoughts escaping him once he realised that Chester was obviously and completely over their drunken affair before it had even really began as he was happy enough to remind Mike that he was also married, who clearly was very happy with her and didn’t seemed bothered that for the last five minutes of him being here did he not once take any notice of the drool that was left there on the side of Mike’s lips, rhetorically speaking.

The Emcee knew he had to hold it together before he would have himself having a nervous breakdown right in front of Chester. He knew he was over analysing the whole situation right before the topic would even be brought up later and it was only making him feel more like shit just thinking about what he had to do. He was silent for only a moment, biding time as it was enough time for him to clear his mind, knowing that a shower would only temporarily bide him some more time before he would have to bring up the dreaded conversation with Chester that he wish he could just avoid all together. So clearing his throat, he grabbed Chester’s attention once he made a sound.

“You okay man? You look a little pale? Have you been sleeping? You look like shit man... No offence.” Chester’s slew of stumbled words hit the air like fine silk, and Mike found himself involuntarily smiling at the sound of his best friend’s voice. He also couldn’t help the giddy feeling that would jump start his heart to skip a beat to hear that his best friend was concerned for his own well being as well.

“I’m fine, I, uh, I need to take a shower. Order the pizza, wallet is on the kitchen counter and help yourself to the fridge there’s a few beers in there,” Mike paused, his legs were now on autopilot once he reached the bottom foot of the step leading up to the stairway. He then added with a not so subtle tremor in his voice. “We gotta get a start on this writing otherwise Brad will have us by the throat the next time we see him.”

How could he forget about his dearest, and oldest friend? Mr. Bradford Delson. The one who navigated this oh so brilliant plan in the first place to suggest to Chester to invite himself over to Mike’s house as Mike unwillingly did not want this happening in the first place. He knew he had to get a grip, he was a grown ass man, acting like a loved sick teenager who was about to touch his first boob for the very first time. But only this time, the situation that Mike could see himself now in was far more worse then he could ever imagine and what made it worse was, that he was completely smitten for his lead singer and that there would be no boob grabbing tonight and he sure as hell hope there would be no dick grabbing either.

He quickly ran up the stairs, leaving Chester in charge with dinner duties as he found his way into the bathroom. With his back pressed up against the door, hearing the door click shut behind him. Almost immediately he got to work by pulling off his shirt, as it would cling to his skin, realising this now just how much he had been sweating the whole time since Chester had arrived. Cursing under his breath, a task that would simple for anyone, and yet Mike still managed to almost double himself and fall over once his left foot got caught up in his jeans once he tried to pull them off his body.

Next came his boxer briefs, avoiding the sight of his painfully hard semi, which he guilty did feel ashamed to realise that despite of having Chester just as little as breathe the same air as he did, can cause the Emcee to get a semi. He really was being pathetic now, wasn’t he? He got to work by turning the shower on, adjusting it, and stepping under the warm water once he was happy with his decision of choosing the right temperature. He wasted no time by getting to work by lathering the soap along his body, scrubbing hard at his tired body until his skin was marred pink from the abrasion of his loother.

He closed his eyes only for a moment and almost wanted to cry out once he could see the vision of Chester sprawled out along his sofa. He tried to shake the thoughts away, but the more he resisted the more insatiable his thoughts had become as he could remember the contrast of Chester’s milk bottle skin against the red, leather. His long legs spread only slightly, but wide enough for Mike to be able to wedge himself in between them, as he could remember the first drunken encounter they bother shared together and the memory of just how delicious Chester had tasted between his lips, that still haunts Mike to his core.

“Fuck!” Mike moaned out softly, completely unaware now that whilst he was day dreaming about his best friend that was stilldown stairs, that his hand managed to slide across his bare, soapy belly and towards his cock, in which was now fully erect and weeping now for Mike’s attention, ideally he was hoping for Chester’s attention but he knew that was out of the question as much as it had pained Mike to think.

He ran his thumb along the tip, feeling the exhilaration rush of his precum hit the pad of thumb as he shuddered from the adrenaline he felt knowing the Chester was only a few meters away from him as that he could get caught at any moment. He knew deep down inside he would still have the talk with Chester and that soon it would be all over between them two, even before it really took off but for now he was enjoying his very own little sanctuary, deep inside his mind and that was to relieve himself. He knew it was wrong, on so many counts, as he was married to Anna. Happily married to Anna for 16 years he would have to remind himself again as he really did try to think of her, and how beautiful she always looked naked whenever she was around him. But he knew that somehow his thoughts of his beautiful wife would would turn awol and for some time it would always end with Mike shooting his load at the thoughts of Chester.

He ran his palm along the base of his cock, where he would squeeze hard, trying all his might to think of how wonderfully tight Anna would feel around his cock every time they would make love. How her hair would brush up along his hot bare skin, with the stroke of her beauty as she would ride him would only have his mind spin out of control as thoughts of his wife would soon slither away and his thoughts would soon be met with the first time he ever did lay his lips along Chester’s.

He remembered just how sweet and shy their kisses were, but as the kiss went on, the alcoholic buzz would soon take over from what was left of their sober thoughts. The kisses had then turned more deliciously harder as Mike found confidence within himself once he remembered how hard he man handled Chester, something he could never do with his delicate wife, as the animal deep within his body came out from its own cage realising just how much he needed to taste Chester.

He remembered hoisting Chester up from off the ground from where they shared their first kiss and smashing him hard up against the hotel wall. He remembered feeling Chester trying to squirm to get away, but Mike held him close, pressing his hard body against Chester’s body giving himself the satisfaction once he felt Chester cave in and gave in to Mike’s animalistic actions and began to respond back by pressing his own groin up against Mike’s body, as they would dry hump each other. That was enough to set Mike into a euphoric state as he came hard against his boxer briefs that night, just thinking about Chester’s little moans and cries that night had Mike cumming against his palm, as he milked out the last of his orgasm.

He slowly gained consciousness once more again as he opened his eyes, watching the last of his sinful act wash away from the hot soapy water. He couldn’t believe that a memory that seemed so distant and yet so minuscule now could get him off still like it did. He felt guilty on both ends, one for not thinking about his wife whenever he needed to get off on his own resources since it had been so hard with her gone and, two having sexual thoughts about his best friend, who is male, Mike might add into his own list of own problems as the biggest one he would always face every time he would think of Chester and that is, is he gay? Surely not as he can still get off thinking about his own wife, usually, so with careful consideration Mike thought long and hard about this one as he came up with his own conclusion that he could be bisexual after all? Nothing wrong with thinking that the opposite and the same sex are equally as attractive as the next one.

Before he could think another silly thought he could hear Chester call out to him that the pizza had just arrived, which made him believe he had spent at least a good 20 minutes avoiding Chester which he felt good about until he realised he still had the night to write lyrics with his lead singer as he couldn’t help but want to mentally kick himself as to why he thought that this was a good idea in the first place. Oh right, he really had no choice as Bradford Delson and Chester Bennington came up with this brilliant plan while Mike had next to no acknowledgement about it. With heavy thoughts and a sigh to his lips he very well knew that this was going to be a long night.


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