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I'll be home for Christmas by halvlang

Happy Holidays

Dear family,

This is a little present in form of a standalone for SonataNocturne, but she said I should upload it, so that everyone can read it! So here we are ;)

It’s fluffy nonsense. I mean it. I don’t know what else to say, other than HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of you, I hope you like it and it brings you in the mood for Christmas or whatever you might or might not be celebrating.

I might not be uploading anything else the next days, so I also wanted to say thank you for an incredible emotional year. For all the great stories, that helped me a lot to not feel alone. Thanks guys, let's keep this going in 2019!



”Brad, get out of here!”

With a slightly annoyed voice, Rob is trying to make the guitarist leave the kitchen. He thought that closing the door and telling the other man to stay the hell out of his Christmas dinner preparations would be enough but here they are. He has made a mess and his shirt and face are covered in flour and other things he doesn’t want to think off. One of the reasons why he wants Brad to leave him alone.

There is only one way and so Rob narrows his eyebrows together and spins around to throw an oven glove into the direction of the door. Brad is shielding his face off with his hands, just grinning at the drummer when he actually missed his aim. That the younger man has a kitchen towel in his hand, waving around with it, makes the situation only funnier and Brad grinning evolves into a loud laugther.

“Rob, do you have any idea how adorable you look right now? Why haven’t I seen this before?”

Rob lets a dark growl coming from his throat before he grabs the second glove.

“Because normally, you are at your parents. And now, get out!” This time, he hits spot on and Brad is not fast enough to duck away or protect his face.

He starts rubbing his forehead and his voice is whiny.

“Ouch. That actually hurt.”

With a few fast steps, Rob is standing in front of him, pushing Brad’s fingers aside and looking at the spot with worried eyes.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

He gets interrupted by Brad’s lips on his. He is stunned for a second but then he is kissing Brad back. Only when his partner’s fingers are getting entangled in his hair, he pulls back.


“What?” Innocent, large eyes are looking up to his face and once again, Rob is wondering how the other is doing this. Being just a little smaller than himself and still looking up to him. Maybe it’s because he is so skinny, especially in comparison to the drummer, who develop some impressive muscles over the years. Gone are the days where he looked like a lost kid in the oversized shirts and hello to the days where normal fitting shirts were actually stretching over his chest.

“Did I hurt you?”

“No, I just wanted you to come closer.” Rob is rolling his eyes but kisses him again anyway, before he turns Brad around and shoos him out of the room with a clap to his ass.

“Find something to do. I’ll be busy for a while.”

Pouting, Brad is turning around again, placing his hand on the door before Rob can close it.

“But I don’t know what to do. I’m bored. It’s only… two in the afternoon.”

Rob is sighing and really blaming Brad’s parents for this. They had this really nice arrangement. It worked all the years, just perfectly. On the 24th, Brad would drive over to their place in the morning and… yes, that was basically it. He would be out of the house for hours and Rob had time – and peace – to cook, set up the tree, get the presents ready.

This year, a threatful call had reached them, just before the third advent. Brad’s parents had decided to break with the good old traditions of having their son around the whole day, before he would return in the evening to a tasty and evolved Christmas Eve dinner and a decorated tree with presents under it, all done by Rob while he was gone.

“We have some great news! Friends of ours had booked a trip to Paris. The Gregory’s, Brad, you know them, don’t you?”

His mum doesn’t give Brad even the chance to answer and he is just shrugging his shoulders, looking a bit confused. The phone is lying on the desk in front of him and Rob. It is on speakers so that Rob can hear the drama unfolding in person.

“We had this really nice trip with them over Easter, you know, this really nice hotel, with this really good cheese every evening. That was such a lovely time, your dad and I really enjoyed it. Walter has an excellent taste when choosing those arrangements, your dad and I had nothing to worry about, just pack out bags and go there. Brad, it was so…”

“Mum, please. Come to the point. We are… “ He is looking down himself and then scanning Rob from head to tooth before his hand is returning to the drummer’s thigh, a bit lower as where it had been when the phone rang a few minutes ago.

“…about to head out, dinner with… friends.” Rob is arching his eyebrows and grabs a pillow that he is placing in front of his dark-red face to suppress a moan when Brad’s hand is moving upwards, right to his dick, the place where it actually had been when the phone rang.

“Sorry, Bradford. Why I called… Walter got sick and they can’t go on the trip. They offered us to take over and we said yes. We will be heading to Paris next weekend and spend the holiday there.”

Now Rob is moaning for two reasons. This can’t be happening. Having Brad home on that day is his nightmare. Fingers that move up and down his dick, pushing this thought to the far back of his head and just on the side he hears Brad saying his goodbyes to his mum, promising to call tomorrow. And then Rob is in heaven, forgetting about his personal hell for a while.

“Rob? Robby?” Brad is calling out for him and the world comes back to focus. Brad is standing right in front of him again, worry in his eyes.

“You zoomed out big times there. What were you thinking about?”

Rob needs another second to clear his throat and then he shakes his head.

“Nothing. Just… Your parents. Brad, can you please let me just do the cooking?”

The guitarist is chewing on his lower lip and lowers his eyes to the other man’s lower body. With a smile on his face, he covers Rob’s crotch with his hand.

“About my parents… interesting…”

Now it’s Rob biting his lip, moving a step back. Brad is following him immediately.

“About… the call… And what you did to me while pretending that we were just about to head out for lunch.”

More steps back and his ass is hitting the kitchen island. Brad is so close in front of him that not even a piece of paper would fit in between their bodies.

“It said dinner. We need to stick to the story, Robby. But that’s a better answer. I would be worried about our relationship if the thought of my parents was turning you on.”

Rob is suppressing a moan but now his hips are moving forward, to get more friction from Brad’s hand over his pants. His eyes are shut and annoyance is being replaced with excitement, a fact that he can’t hide and that only encourages Brad to place his lips on the exposed part of Rob’s neck when his head falls to the back. Nibbling on the sensitive skin brings out the reaction he had hoped for and now the drummer isn’t holding back anymore.

Holy night, silent night? Not in this house, apparently. But, to be fair, it’s nowhere near night-time, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Brad is shoving the t-shirt out of the way and asking Rob without words to lift his arms so that the disturbing unnecessity can be discarded to the floor. Then, he lowers himself to his knees, fumbling with the buttons of Rob’s jeans. For a moment he thinks about starting a discussion on the topic of naked cooking but decided that it’s not the time for this now. Instead, he has Rob’s pants around his ankles with one smooth move and his fingers are dangling over the elastic waist of the boxer shorts. Before taking this a step further, his mouth is ghosting over the hidden erection, alternating between kisses and blows to the wetted fabric, the spot of pre-cum growing with every second.

He looks up to his boyfriend, who is holding onto the edge of the kitchen island with such force, that his knuckles turned white, without removing his lips from the crotch. Seeing the heavy breathing and the blushing on the drummer’s face, makes Brad fastening the whole thing and just a wink later he is sucking on Rob’s dick while his hands are keeping his waists in a fast grip. He feels one hand on his head. Brad takes this as a sign and swallows more of Rob’s length, while his fingernails leaving traces on the soft, pale skin to hold him in place.

Rob doesn’t understand how the situation could escalate that quickly. He was busy cooking and making sure that Brad wouldn’t interrupt and cause a mess of his precisely planed food. Like every year, Rob had searched for a challenge and wanted to make sure that they had a special dinner. He loved cooking and it was even more fun when he had the chance to present it in a nice way, a romantic candlelight-dinner with the person he loved most on this world.

Right now, the thoughts of self-made pastry, the potatoes that he was about to smash and process to baked delightfulness, don’t even cross his mind anymore but he tries to get Brad to fasten his movement. The other understands the frantic noises and the fingers that are entangled in the strands of locks, nearly painful. He does what Rob wants him to do, his head budging back and forth while his tongue is doing some kind of magic.

It only takes a few more minutes and Brad’s vibrating throat when he tries to laugh because of the incoherent words Rob is spouting off. With wobbly knees, Rob is releasing himself and Brad is all too glad to swallow every last drop of the cum, grinning up to Rob, still on his knees when he lets Rob slip out of his mouth.

“That’s what I call an appetizer.”

The drummer rolls his eyes but drags Brad back to his feet for a deep kiss, tasting himself of the other man’s lips. He is leaning on the guitarist, panting heavy and lowering his head on his shoulder when he needs to suck in more air.

I that exact moment, the intimacy gets interrupted by a high noise that is forcing its way into the blurry brain of Rob, who needs a second to realize that the fire alarm just went off and that the smoky surrounding them, isn’t a result of the mind-blowing blow-job he just got but actually smoke that comes from the oven.

He shoves Brad away and tries to make his way around the kitchen island as fast as possible but stumbles over the pants around his legs. Luckily, Brad catches him and helps to pull the pants back up so that the drummer can turn off the oven and remove the black subjects from it to throw them in the sink. Cursing, he opens the windows while Brad is busy silencing the firebox on the ceiling.

“Fuck…” Rob is resting his hands on the countertop and looks at the burned dough, that was supposed to become the foundation of his meal, with sad eyes. Slowly, Brad is coming closer and hugs him from behind, resting his cheek on the naked back of the drummer.

“We still have all the other food. I know you, you made plenty of things, right…?” His voice is careful because he can feel how upset the other is.

Rob sighs and nods, closing his eyes for a second before he turns around.

“Yes, there is more stuff. I guess we don’t need these baked puddings… It would have been nice but it works without.”

“See… not need to look so sad, there are still those…” While Brad is lifting the ladle out of the pot in which some vegetables are cooking, he pours, by mistake, water in the sauce. Just when he hastily pulls back, he knocks over the pan that is standing on the stove right in front of him and everything falls to the floor with a loud clatter, spilling food all over the tiles.

With large eyes and an apologizing look on his face, he makes a few steps back.

“I’m so sorry, Rob… I didn’t mean to…”

Rob is just shaking his head and points towards the door, not even saying a word but only assuming that Brad understands what he wants him to do.

“Rob… I can… I can clean that up!”

Another headshake and Rob is collecting his shirt from the ground, discovering that it is basically covered in food. And so, he just starts using it to whip the ground while Brad is sneaking out of the kitchen.

Rob tries to figure out what he can maybe rescue and what he has to throw out but after a thorough survey, he figures that his plan is ruined. Yes, there are still the potatoes, he could still mash them and do the fancy baking-shit that he had planned, but not only did he just scratch the meat substitute from the ground and had to throw it out, but the gravy he had made before was messed up through the bitter water that Brad had poured into it.

A quick google search tells him, that absolutely no store is still open in their near surrounding and so, Rob gives up. He throws everything out that is ruined, cleans the surfaces, stores the vegetables and potatoes in the freezer and calls it a day. Instead of trying to safe something hopelessly lost, he leaves to the living room to check on Brad and ask if he wants Pizza or Chinese for dinner.

He heads to the bedroom and grabs a new shirt. A quick look around shows hi, that Brad isn’t upstairs.

Actually, the guitarist is nowhere to be seen but there is the box with decoration for the tree in the middle of the room. When Rob takes a closer look, he can see a lot of shards in the boxes that should contain perfectly intact Christmas balls for their tree that Rob had brought in earlier that day but didn’t manage to decorate yet because a certain man had insisted to stay in bed and watch a movie instead of letting him go through the normal Christmas routine that had worked so perfectly all the years.

As far as Rob could remember, he hadn’t gotten the decoration out of the basement, which only leads him to one conclusion and that is: Brad taking things in his own hand…

With fast steps, Rob is approaching the staircase to the basement and when he sees the lights downstairs, he knows that he is on the right track. The picture that is building up in front of him can only be described as hilarious. Brad is standing on a ladder, his whole upper body disappearing into the shelve, swearing as if he just had learned that actually, nothing bad happens when he uses the word “fuck” once in a while (or more often), a fact that took him a whole childhood to realize. Yes, his parents had been strict and it was only when he ran into Mike, having different kinds of friends, and started listening to different music than he was used from home that he discovered the freeing feeling of throwing in a “shit” and “piss” at any given moment.

Now, on the search for something that Rob was sure wasn’t existing, it was definitely the right situation to use all the swearwords he had ever heard of. To not scare Brad, Rob was clearing his throat but he is prepared for Brad to be jumpy anyway and so he stands right behind him when the other loses his balance on the ladder and stumbles into Rob’s arms.

“What are you doing down here, I thought you are in the kitchen?”

“Making sure that you are not escaping to Narnia. Seen how far you managed to crawl into this rack, it wouldn’t have taken you long to find the entrance.”

Brad’s cheeks are heating up and he struggles to get back on his feet.

“That’s not… I’m not trying to get away or hide! I’m just…” He is stopping himself, lowering his head and studying the pattern on his socks. They are having little Rudolph’s on them so they are actually quite interesting to look at. He could count them, see how many are printed on there, but his attempt gets interrupted by Rob’s startling close voice.

“You just what?”

Brad is fiddling with his Christmas sweater now.

“I… I wanted to help you. So, I carried the decoration upstairs and wanted to start with the tree. But… The box kind of slipped and crashed on the floor and… yes… I’m trying to find the old set of Christmas balls.”

Rob is placing his fingers under Brad’s chin and stares at him.

“I’ve thrown them out years ago. We both hated them, we only used them when we didn’t have any others on our first Christmas together and after that, when I got new ones, they ended up in the trash.”

Brad swallows once, blinks and drags his lip between his teeth.

“I didn’t know that.”

“I figured that much…”

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to…”

“I’ve heard these words before today.”

Rob is turning around and heading back upstairs, leaving Brad behind. There needs to be a way to fix all of this and he is willing to just ignore that the day has been a disaster so far. In the living room, he carefully removes the boxes with the splintered Christmas balls, trying not to cause any further accident. When the sad remains are securely found their way to the trashcan, Rob checks what else they have to decorate the tree with.

After he spread all on the table, he realizes that Brad is standing in the doorway, watching all of his actions without coming closer. He looks like a lost child and even though Rob is actually a bit pissed, he makes his way over and drags the guitarist in a hug.

“I’m not mad. Just… a bit disappointed. I had everything planned and…”

“… I messed everything up.” Brad is wrapping his arms around Rob and his face is coming to rest against his neck, placing little kissed there.

“I’m so sorry, love. I know I should have just stayed out of everything. I’m so clumsy sometimes.”

Rob is holding his partner close, stroking through his curls and calming him down. Yes, things are messed up but there is nothing he can do about it now, so he tries to not overreact and better try to find solutions.

“It’s ok. Let’s make a deal. You go downtown and get some Take-Out. Whatever you want, I’m up for anything that looks better as my stuff spilled on the floor. I will fix the tree-dilemma in the meantime, ok? Then we will have dinner, I still can set the table in a nice way, with candles and everything.”

Brad is moving his head so that he can look Rob in the eyes and see if this is an evil plan to get him out of the house and never let him back in again. What he is faced with, is affection – but after messing up big times today, he isn’t sure if he can trust this. Anyway, does he really have a choice? Nope. And so, he nods and kisses Rob, in the hope that it will remind the other how much he loves him and won’t have the locks changed by the time Brad is back with dinner.

That’s how their ways part. Rob is standing in the living room and trying to come up with a plan. He isn’t sure if it will take Brad long to get downtown and back. Are many people picking up takeout on Christmas or just those who messed up the dinner? Or in this case; where the annoying partner messed up the dinner because he wasn’t able to distract himself for a few hours.

No, this is nothing Rob wants to think right now. It’s Christmas, for god’s sake, they are supposed to have a lovely and peaceful evening. A special evening, after all the craziness that happened during the year. And being in a famous band that was touring is only the tip of the iceberg.

Children were born, their band-family grew and everyone was on diaper duty once in a while. Yes, also Brad and him, even though they both stated to have absolutely no idea how to take care of a baby and ensuring everyone that they weren’t planning to get any.

Fights aroused (not about the babies but the music) and their manager decided to get a dog to “smooth things down through the calming presence of an animal”. Guess what, it didn’t work! And the poor dog was as traumatized as the band was after this sad attempt of “changing the working environment”. Rob really hoped that he had found a family that lived far out in nature and provided the dog with a lot of peace and love. He deserved it, after the shit he had seen in the studio. But as always, without a dog and their manager, they made it. People tend to forget that this wasn’t the first time and wasn’t going to be the last. Making an album was stressful and having six stubborn men in one room would necessarily lead to tensions. Nothing new about that and things always work out.

But again, that was nothing that Rob wants to think about right now. Everything turned out to be fine and they all left with a big smile into the holiday period, with hugs and the promise to not work. They all knew that at least Mike was lying but they were also sure that Anna would drag his ass out of the studio at some point.

Rob brushes through his own hair and shoves the long strands behind his ear before he starts on the tree. Some of the wooden decorations had survived and so did the chain of light. He starts with that one and drapes it around the tree before he adds some other decoration. When finished, Rob takes a few steps back to look at the result. He isn’t completely satisfied but it doesn’t look too bad and would do for the evening. Maybe he should call his parents tomorrow and ask if they had any old balls that he could borrow so that the tree would at least look a bit more presentable.

But that is a task for the next day and not now. Rob heads to the kitchen and comes back to the living room with plates and silverware. Just because the dinner would come out of a paper- or plastic container, doesn’t mean that they couldn’t eat it from nice plates on a nice set table, right? Then Rob remembers that he actually prepared the dessert yesterday already (when Brad wasn’t home, to be precise) and excitement is washing over him.

Within a second, he is standing in front of the fridge and moves around stuff until he finds the bowl with the chocolate mousse. Perfect! It looks just perfect! Exactly what he needs to lift his mood. Rob can control himself and that’s why he is not diving right in the fantastic smelling sweet with his fingers, but places it back to the fridge to keep it cool.

He gets a few candles and sets them on the table, some more decoration around and with a smile on his face, he decides that this is the best he can do and it actually looks ok. Not what he had planned and if Brad hadn’t been…

No. Rob stops himself. He can’t blame Brad for all of this, he simply can’t. First, because Rob knows that Brad gets really excited and can’t sit still for a second on Christmas. Second, because it’s Christmas. He can’t be mad at his partner on Christmas. Instead, he decides to be mad at his parents-in-law.

With a loud exhale, he falls to the couch. Yes, that feels better. Being mad at parents-in-law is a common thing, nothing to feel bad about it, not even on Christmas. Especially not on Christmas, because reading the news in the days after will always reveal how much trouble there is around the holidays.

Rob can happily blame them for going on vacation instead of having their son over to keep him out of trouble. This year is the ultimate proof that the guitarist is definitely not allowed to be home. If his parents decide to leave the country again, they have to find another solution. Maybe, Rob thinks, he can dump him at Mike’s. Then he can distract the children – or the other way around – and everyone is satisfied. Maybe not Anna, who has to deal with three kids, her husband and his best friend, what makes five children in total, but that wouldn’t be his problem then.

That reminds him of the presents he still has to wrap for the girls. They will have a huge get-together on the second Christmas day and while he had everything else prepared, the presents for the girls had just arrived yesterday and were still laying upstairs. But it can wait until tomorrow, now Rob is getting the presents for Brad from his closet. He eyes the boxed in things when his mind reminds him of one missing object.

Rob runs back upstairs and searches through his closet once more, before he moves to the drawer and frantically shoves socks and boxers to the side. Nothing. Ok, not nothing, obviously socks and boxers but that’s not what he is searching for! With a slight panic evolving in his guts, he opens his night-stand when he hears the door downstairs. Shit, Brad is back.

In that second, Rob remembers. He had placed the present in the glovebox of his car because he knew that Brad would have a peek into his closet. The guitarist was too curious to not do that and Rob had to make sure to wrap everything so that none of his presents would be revealed before Christmas. But with this one, he wanted to make extra sure to keep it a secret and therefore, he had placed it somewhere else.

Rob’s mind was racing. How was he supposed to get it out of the car when Brad was already back? What kind of apology would be reasonable to leave the house, once they had started their dinner? He decided to come up with a plan later and meet Brad in the kitchen, to not make him suspicious.

The smell of Chinees food hits Rob when he joins Brad and he sees a bunch of different boxes. Brad has gotten out a few bowls and plates to serve it nicely.

“I saw that you set the table so romantic, I thought it would be stupid to place the boxes on there. This looks better…. Doesn’t it?”

Brad is slightly worried that Rob is actually mad at him, even if he had said that he wasn’t. That he was able to enter the house lowered his concerns but he still has this feeling inside that something is off. What reinsures him, is that Rob comes over to drag him into a kiss. Not just a peek to the lips but a real kiss.

“It looks perfect. Shall we?” Relieved, Brad is nodding and taking as many things as he can carry at once. He gets stopped by Rob immediately and the drummer takes over a few things.

“Not another disaster, please.” But he says it with a wink and a smile, so everything is fine. Brad understands that he is careful. Better safe than sorry!

It is an odd composition; Chinees takeout and expensive wine. But somehow it works and soon, the room is filled with a conversation, laughing and the intimacy of a couple of a few years. Brad is glad that Rob is smiling and not thinking about the food or the tree anymore and Rob appreciates that their evening is basically back on track.

When they are done, they both collect the dishes and put them in the sink, not carrying about cleaning anything yet. It’s Christmas and they are allowed to be a bit lazy. Also, Rob feels like he has done his part in cleaning the kitchen today.

Now it’s Brad turn to put his presents under the tree and he is placing a quick kiss to Rob’s lips before he runs upstairs with the words “Don’t spy on me”! Rob isn’t sure why he isn’t allowed to spy because, in fact, he will see the presents in a few minutes anyway. But he actually doesn’t mind that he has an excuse to stay away and he uses the time to sneak out to the car to get what he was searching for earlier.

When he opens the glovebox, his heart jumps. Like, not a small happy jump, but an absolutely not happy big jump. He holds his breath and his eyes are wide open in disbelieve. He is so sure that he had put it in the car. Rob feels dizzy all of a sudden and he sits down for a second. But he knows that he has to get himself together because there is nothing he can do about it. It’s gone, must have fallen out somehow. He opens the glovebox again and takes another look. Nope, definitely not in there.

With a long and deep breath, he gets back inside, where he finds Brad on the couch. He looks comfy and Rob’s heart is full of love for this man while is brain is still trying to not freak out because of the lost present. Brad’s voice is dragging him out of it and Rob is coming closer.

“You know what, Robby? That was a premier. Me providing us with food on a special day.” Brad is chuckling, obviously tipsy from the wine. Man, Rob for sure chose a good one and they had the second bottle open before the food was finished, which totally explains why Brad is bringing the topic back where he actually doesn’t want it to go. But now it’s said and Brad is waiting for a reaction.

He doesn’t get one. Instead, Rob is turning around and heads to the kitchen. There is still the chocolate mousse and he is sure that it will calm down his nerves. He grabs two spoons and then he also gets the bottle of wine from the table when he is back in the living room. Yes, chocolate and alcohol. That sounds absolutely perfect right now.

Brad is eyeing him a bit suspicious but doesn’t comment on his observations that Rob seems a bit rattled. He hopes that it’s not because of what he just said. Brad gets hold of the bottle and makes sure that both of them have wine in their glasses again, before he actually sees the dessert in Rob’s hands.

“Where does this come from?!” Excited, he tries to get hold of the bowl but Rob is dragging it away.

“Not so fast… I made it yesterday already. I forgot about it during the chaos today but luckily remembered that I had it in the fridge. So… some homemade dessert, at least.” He seems genuinely happy about this, even though something is still off.

They both ignore it and after Rob got settled next to Brad and handed him a spoon, they both start eating the delicious mousse out of the bowl. The guitarist is basically moaning and drags Rob close for a kiss after he had enough and that kiss taste like the best thing in the world. Rob and chocolate.

Rob can only smile into it, his mind distracted from the earlier encounter. He doesn’t know how Brad is doing it, but after all the years he can still trigger so many happiness and love through a simple kiss. Okay, this isn’t a simple kiss in fact but the start of a serious making-out session. Rob is placing the bowl aside without looking and moves closer to Brad to get his hands under the sweater and in his hair. Another moan is leaving Brad’s mouth and now it’s because of Rob’s tongue that is slowly licking along his jawline. Before they take this any further, Brad is moving back slightly.

“Let me take out the big light. Just the candles… And you and me.” Rob nods and lets him go, shoving the bowl, the wine and glasses a bit further away to make sure to avoid another mess. Then his eyes go directly back to Brad who is coming back, losing his sweater on the way. His pale skin looks beautiful in the light of the candles and Rob’s hand moves automatically to his own crotch. He follows every of Brad’s movements. How he is touching his own chest, rubbing over the dark protruding nipples before he moves his hand down into his own pants.

Rob’s voice is husky and demanding when he stands up.

“Get rid of those. Now.” Brad is all too happy to submit and opens the button, slowly sliding the pant legs down. It’s one of the most erotic things Rob has ever witnessed, even after the thousands time and he cannot imagine anything that could destroy this for him ever.

But then, with a slight thud, something fells out of Brad’s pocket and both men freeze in their movement, their sight directed to the little present that is lying between them on the floor now.



Both try to say something at the same moment and both stop to let the other man talk first. This results in both of them starring at each other, waiting for an explanation. Finally, it is Rob taking the floor.

“Brad… where did you get this?” Ok. It is just a question but better than nothing, isn’t it?

Brad is trying to find the right words, then he bends over to get hold of the little present. He doesn’t bother to put his pants back on but steps out of them and sits down next to Rob, who had fallen to the couch a minute ago in disbelieve, fiddling with the little box while he doesn’t really dare to look up.

“I… I took your car when I went downtown earlier. I needed some coins, a tip for the restaurant, and I didn’t have any with me but I know that you always have some in the car, so I opened the glovebox. That’s when I saw this and…”

The guitarist stops himself and raises is head, just to be faced with Rob’s puzzled eyes. Dark brown eyes that he loves so much, that he immediately starts talking again, just to make the other man feeling less confused.

“I know what’s in here. I haven’t looked, I promise, but the size and the box…. And I assumed that you had planned to… to do this tonight. And I didn’t want that.”

Rob is exhaling loudly and jumping up from the couch in disbelieve and with his mind dizzy from more than just the wine and the sugar shock that he probably got from the chocolate mousse. Immediately Brad is standing up as well, grabbing Rob’s hand and trying to find the right words to bring things back where they are supposed to be right now.

“No, love. Not like that! It’s just… Listen. You planned this whole evening and I didn’t want you to feel forced to do it tonight, just because that’s what the plan was. You are such a perfectionist and asking me this now, even though that I messed up the whole plan, that just seemed wrong. Not because I don’t want to – but because I don’t you to regret anything.”

Rob looks still confused but at least sits back down, allowing Brad to still hold his hand and soothing him by moving his fingers over the warm skin of his wrist. It’s silent for a while but here is a question that needs to be asked.

“What did you plan to do with it after getting it out of the car?!”

Brad is shrugging his shoulders and Rob is not sure if that’s supposed to mean that he doesn’t want to tell or that he doesn’t know. The drummer knows his partner well enough to be aware that it could be both things, sometimes even at the same time.

“I’m not sure. Placing it back tomorrow and hope that you would think that you just overlooked it?”

Rob is raising his eyebrows and chuckles in disbelieve before he takes the little box from Brad, playing around with it.

“Do you know what I love most about you?” Brad is shaking his head no and waits for the drummer to continue. Because he is dying to hear the answer. Even though Rob is not responsible for any lyrics, he is good with words. And Brad knows that, it’s probably one of his favourite things about him. The ability to make him feel like the only person that matters on earth with just a few sentences.

“Your good intention in everything you do. Your heart is so pure and you would never intentionally hurt anyone. Even though it sometimes turns out to be an absolute mess, your intention is never bad.”

“You mean like giving you a blowjob while you are cooking and ruining the whole dinner by doing so?”

Now Rob is laughing out loud, pulling Brad into a hug and a kiss afterward, not sure how to proceed from here. And that’s what he dares to say out loud. Because he really has no fucking clue what to do next. They can’t just ignore it, or can they?

“Brad, do you want me to… I don’t know…. We could just act as if nothing happened?”

The guitarist is shaking his head no violently.

“No, no, no. As if I will be able to forget that you have this ring! I know I said that I didn’t want you to feel forced to do this tonight but here we are… So, if you don’t get down on your knees right now, I will do it. I don’t have a ring but I swear, if you are not…”

Rob is silencing Brad by dragging him into a standing position and giving him another kiss, before he goes down on one knee. The whole situation is surreal but now there is no way back. Rob clears his throat and looks up, right in Brad’s eyes that seem to see nothing else than the drummer right now.

“Brad… We have been together so many years and sometimes I can’t believe it. I still remember our first real date and all the other first times we shared. I know that I want and will spend the rest of my life with you, as my husband. I want to wear a wedding band that connects me with you on every imaginable level. I want to show the world that you are part of me. I don’t want to spend any day separated from you. With one exception: Christmas day, while I’m cooking. That’s my only condition.”

Brad is chuckling and has tears in his eyes but wipes them away before he falls to his knees as well, right into Rob’s arms.

“I promise, I won’t be home next year.”

Rob is laughing at this as well and pressing a kiss to Brad’s forehead before he places a hand softly against the guitarists face and opens the box with the other, without even looking down at the ring that now flashes in the candlelight.

“Good that you accept my term. So, I’m gonna ask you now, really officially. Brad, do you want to marry me?”

Now tears are floating down both of their cheeks but their smiles are brighter than ever before.

“Yes, of course!” Brad is sobbing slightly but still trying to kiss Rob. He needs to separate their lips and again to get enough air in his lungs and only slowly, both men are calming down, still clinging to each other on the floor where they are squeezed between the couch and the table.

When the tears finally stop, they bring a bit of space between them and Rob can slip the ring on Brad’s finger, bringing it to his lips to kiss every inch of the guitarist’s hand. He continues up the wrist and the arm, finally reaching Brad’s lips again, while the guitarist is busy opening Rob’s pants and at the same time tries to remove the bothering shirt for the second time this day.

A while later, they are lying on the couch, basically hot skin glued to hot skin. Brad moves a few strands of sweaty hear from Rob’s forehead before his hand glides down the other man’s body, all the way to his lower back, pressing him even closer against himself while his nose is nuzzling to the drummer’s chest.

“I love you, Rob. I love what you do to me, after all these years. And I can’t wait to be your husband and go all fucking romantic on this wedding, with candles and flowers and both of us looking so hot all dressed up.”

“So, this disaster of a proposal needs to be compensated with a romantic wedding?”

Brad is smiling and looking up to Rob, moving his other hand to carefully stroke his cheek.

“It wasn’t a disaster, it was just perfect. Imagine everything would have worked out the way you planned. It would have been as every other Christmas Eve and maybe we would even forget, which year it was, you asked me to marry you. But now… now we will always remember. It was the year I messed up everything and we still ended up engaged. And tired and happy, after the best fucking sex ever, right in front of the Christmas tree.”

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