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Coerced Pleasure by JellyfishLP

Coerced Pleasure

This is my first smut with three people involved. No wives and/or girlfriends exist in this story. Oneshot, please read and review :)


Mike was shifting on his spot on the couch, sitting next to Chester, who was between him and Brad. He couldn’t keep his mind off of what had happened only a few minutes before they had entered this room. They were scheduled for a short five-minute-interview called ‘the bandmate game’, where they were supposed to interview each other, and Mike knew he had to be careful in front of the camera.

He couldn’t let it show how uncomfortable sitting was right now, or how fuckable he thought his bandmates looked. The cameras were on, none of these media people should know about his and Chester’s affair, and that Brad occasionally joined in on their games. As he sat there, joking around for the camera, laughing and patting Chester’s knee, his mind drifted to what had happened before.

xxxxx one hour ago

Mike and Brad were walking down the corridor when Brad pushed him against a door, the deep kiss following taking him by surprise. Usually, it was him who called the shots, not Chester, not Brad. But not this time, apparently.

“What are you doing? We don’t have time for this…” Mike complained, but still enjoying what Brad did to him.

“Oh, we do, Mike. We do.”

And with that, Brad opened the door, pushing him into a room. Mike wasn’t used to be manhandled like that, and there was more than a hint of annoyance in his voice when he said:

“What the hell, Brad? We’re supposed to have this interview in an hour! And where the fuck is Chester? I swear, if he’s late again, I’ll make him pay.”

“I’m here, Mikey.” came Chester’s voice from the corner of the room, and Mike spun around.

He looked from Chester to Brad; something was going on, he just didn’t know what.

“You’ve got the ropes?” Brad asked. He just smiled when Chester nodded, pulling two pieces of black rope out of a backpack that was next to him on the floor.

“Guys? What’s going – “ was all he managed to ask before they started undressing him.

First his sweater, then the t-shirt he wore underneath, and as soon as Mike wanted to say something, Chester started gagging him with his own t-shirt, twisting it into a knot behind his head. He was helpless against his two bandmates as they manhandled him face first against the wall, quickly tying the rope around his wrists. He felt them also tie his upper arms and connect that rope to the one that bound his wrists. He was bent over a table with Brad behind him and Chester in front.

Straining his arms against the rope, he started to struggle, but maybe it was time for him to give the steering wheel away once in a while? He had had the both of them at his mercy last night, and he had pulled them through a lot of blissful pain and teasing. Sensing that Mike was thinking too much, again, Chester yanked at his fluffy hair, forcing his head up.

“Look at me, Mikey. Just look at me. You wanna know what Brad and I have planned for today, don’t you?”

Mike nodded, inwardly stressing about the time. They needed to be ready for the interview in about 50 minutes, they really didn’t have time for this.

“And now you’re worrying about the time, aren’t you? I know you, Mike. Just let go. Don’t think.” Chester said, grinning and nodding at Brad, who started unbuckling Mike’s belt and pulling the zipper of his jeans down.

This can’t be happening…no…we don’t have time…I WANT to let go. I WANT to enjoy this. But it’s less than an hour until we have that interview, we’re already in the building, what if we get caught? Also, I’m the one in charge in this relationship, what do they think they’re doing? They can’t just drag me into this room, tie me up and do whatever the hell they want with me!

Mike was snapped out of his thoughts when Brad pulled down his jeans and his boxers at once, leaving them hanging around his ankles. Biting down hard on the gag, he felt himself getting aroused against his will.

“And now, Mikey, Brad will punish you for what you did to us last night, although I have to admit that I really enjoyed it…” Chester said. “And when we’re sure you’ve been properly punished, he will bang your brains out.” he added, flashing Mike his teeth.

Mike had always admired Chester’s ability to talk about sex like other people talked about the weather; so open and honest and totally unashamed.

“Mmmmhh!” he complained through the gag when he heard the obvious sound of a belt being pulled through the loops. He knew what was coming because he had done the exact same thing to Brad last night, who had certainly enjoyed it, like he always did.

“I’ll ungag you, but you’ll have to stay quiet, Mike. Not a single word, or else.” Chester threatened.

He loved the look in Mike’s eyes as he glared up at him. They had chosen the one hour they had before the interview to teach their master a lesson in trust. They could be trusted to be on time for the interview, and they could be trusted to do what they had planned in private, so that no one would catch them. Mike needed to let go of the control, and most importantly, he needed to learn to let himself go when he wasn’t the dominant one. Sure, they both loved being Mike’s sluts, being at his mercy in the bedroom, but today, he was going to be their slut. Chester untied the knot and gently pulled the t-shirt out of Mike’s mouth, smirking down at him. There were so many emotions in the glare Mike sent Chester; impatience, anger, a tiny hint of fear, and lust. Yes, Chester knew just how hard Mike was already; he and Brad had planned this for days, knowing exactly how he would react to their attack.

Brad chose this exact moment for the first smack of his belt, and Mike almost screamed when the painful heat spread all over his butt. More in surprise than in pain, at first, because he knew that the first few smacks never hurt that much. What was worse for him was Chester’s grip in his hair that forced him to hold his gaze the entire time while he was being whipped. It was pure humiliation, it was infuriating and…so hot. His cock was trapped between the table and his stomach, and since he was restrained, there was no way for him to touch himself. He had a feeling that his cock wouldn’t get any attention today, anyway, which made him even more furious. He struggled against his restraints, biting his lips when the belt came down on him harder and harder every time, leaving angry red marks.

Mike knew why both his slaves loved being spanked so much, and to be honest, he almost came right then and there, having forgotten all about time pressure before the interview. Damn, Brad is great at this, he thought while trying not to make a sound and also not breaking under Chester’s stare. He kept telling himself that he was still the dominant partner, but deep down, he knew that the submissive position they had forced him into was a complete turn on for him. It was new and exciting, and when Chester opened his pants with his free hand and began stroking himself into arousal while smirking at him in the most devilish way, Mike knew what was going to happen next.

Both Brad and Chester were absolutely silent the whole time. The only sounds in the room were panting and moaning from Mike, who was immediately reprimanded with the belt smacking his ass and thighs. After five minutes of intense whipping, Mike was a sweating mess, and more aroused than he had ever been. He heard the belt being tossed away into a corner, a bottle of lube being opened, and then the sound of Brad opening his jeans, pulling them down.

“I’ll be gentle, just relax.” Brad said, pushing first one, then two sticky wet fingers inside Mike, scissoring them until he was wide open.

He slowly pushed his hard cock against Mike’s opening, just teasing, then past the tight muscles, eliciting a small cry of pain, waiting for Mike to adjust until he was ready to take him in fully. Seeing that Mike was in actual pain, Chester petted his hair to calm him down. Brad quickly set a fast rhythm, and purposely just barely brushed Mike’s prostate, driving him insane. He held Mike’s hips in a firm grip, watching Chester stroke himself.

“Fuck…more, please, more…Fuck me harder, please…” Mike whimpered, needing Brad to nail his prostate instead of teasing him half to death.

“Didn’t I tell you to be quiet? You’re making way too much noise. Time to shut you up.” Chester said, spreading his precum over the head of his cock with his thumb. He roughly pushed the wet finger into Mike’s mouth, forcing him to lick it clean. He removed his thumb a few seconds later, holding his already dripping cock at Mike’s lips.

“Suck me dry.” Chester demanded, but Mike wasn’t going to obey without resistance. There was still a shred of hope in his head that told him he wasn’t the submissive one here…

“Obey, Mikey. Just obey. You have no choice.”

Mike licked his lips at the sight of Chester’s hard, throbbing cock in front of him, and at that moment, he knew that there really wasn’t any other option than doing what he was asked.

“Be a good boy, open up…yeah, that’s it, Mikey…suck me like a good slut…” he rambled, shoving his cock down Mike’s throat and holding his head in both hands so he couldn’t struggle. “Now give him what he wants, Brad.” he ordered, and a second later, Brad changed his angle, now hitting Mike’s prostate dead on with every thrust.

“Don’t come before I tell you to.” Brad said, and Mike dug his fingernails into his palms.

This new experience of being at their mercy was something he wanted to do again, although he would never admit it. He needed to be touched so desperately, but with Brad holding his hips and slamming into him, and Chester fucking his mouth, there was nothing he could do but take it. His attempts to struggle against the ropes binding him were useless, and to drive him even more crazy, Chester’s left hand had begun to caress the spot where Mike’s neck and shoulder met; his weak spot. Mike couldn’t focus, couldn’t think, and was lost in pleasure.

“Swallow.” he heard Chester say.

Mike had never been one for swallowing, and both Chester and Brad knew that. It wasn’t that he disliked the taste of cum, it was just that the act of swallowing cum was another step of submission Mike refused to take. He was the one in charge, it wasn’t the other way around. He wouldn’t swallow. No. He tried to get away, but Chester’s grip on the back of his head was relentless. It left no escape, and when Chester came in his mouth, shooting his load to the back of his throat, Mike had no other choice than to obey his command. He swallowed everything, licking and sucking the last drops off of the tip while Chester rode out his orgasm, thrusting into Mike’s mouth until he was satisfied.

At the same time, Mike felt Brad’s cock throbbing inside him, and he knew Brad had to be close. The need to touch himself was overwhelming, and he tried everything in his power to get out of his restraints. He would never admit it to himself, but the tight feeling of the ropes holding him in place was breathtaking.

After Chester had come down from his climax, he had yanked at Mike’s hair again, forcing him to meet his eyes while he was being fucked wildly by Brad. His right hand holding Mike’s head up, and his left hand teasing his weak spot, Chester made sure to keep Mike in a state of constant, torturous arousal until Brad came with a loud moan, digging his nails into Mike’s hips.

“Come for me.” Brad said, finally allowing Mike release.

Squeezing his eyes shut and biting his lips until they almost bled, Mike orgasmed, trying not to make a sound. He came untouched, all over himself and the table, laying there in his sweat and cum, panting.

They gave him exactly one minute to recover until it was time to get untied, cleaned up and dressed, and before he knew it, Brad, Chester, himself and even the table were cleaned up with supplies from Chester’s backpack. They got dressed in silence, and Mike was glad he didn’t wear a t-shirt, but a long-sleeved sweater today, there was no way he would have been able to explain the rope marks all over his upper arms and wrists…


At some point during the bandmate game, he rolled his sleeves up in front of the camera, just to hide them behind his leg that was crossed over his knee when he noticed. He knew he would be sore for days, but it had been worth it. The force they had used, the coerced submission he had felt, the pain they had pulled him though…he needed it again.


Thanks for reading :)

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