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Getting caught is not always fun by JellyfishLP

Getting caught is not always fun ch. 1

Sequel to “truth“.

Mike and Chester are a couple and are trying to keep it a secret from their bandmates, but will they succeed?

Starts one month after the end of “truth”; will have every band member’s perspective. Their perspectives will start in ch. 3, the first two are just Mike and Chester. Will update quickly because I have most of this story already planned out.

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Chester was bored. He was alone in his and Mike’s hotel room, it was late afternoon, and their show would start in four hours. Normally, he would already be jumping around backstage, preparing himself for yet another dope concert, but not today. He was sick, and the doctor had told him to rest, and so, he was stuck in the hotel until Mike would return and pick him up. It was the first time the guys did an interview without him, while he was sitting in bed, watching tv.

There’s nothing good on tv anymore…what the fuck can I do to pass the time until Mikey comes back? I’m not even that sick anymore, they just want me to rest so I’m fit for the show tonight.

He switched the tv off, and his left hand wandered down his stomach, under the waistband of his boxers. I have some time until Mike comes back, I’m bored and horny, so why don’t I just have some fun on my own? he thought as he closed his eyes, beginning to stroke himself into arousal. He didn’t hear the soft click of the door opening and Mike entering the room as the first waves of pleasure washed over him.

Mike stood in the short corridor between the door and the sleeping area of the room, watching the scene in front of him. He thought back to that time he listened to Chester masturbating in the shower, standing there in complete silence. Watching his boyfriend pleasure himself was even better than just listening. Mike didn’t make any attempt to let Chester know he was there, no, he was just staring and trying to be as quiet as possible.

Oblivious to the fact that Mike was standing just a few feet away from him, Chester was lost in pleasure. He quickly got rid of the boxers and t-shirt he had worn in bed; his eyes closed the whole time. His right hand was playing with his nipples, twisting and tweaking them until they were hard, while he stroked his dick with his dominant hand.

Wow, he even takes his time with himself, Mike thought. When I masturbate, I try to be quiet about it and come as quickly as possible, so I don’t get caught. Chester lets himself go completely, he’s loud and plays with himself like he does with me when we’re in bed…God, I’m so hard.

…Wait. What am I even doing here? Thinking about how I would be beyond embarrassed if ever getting caught touching myself, I watch my own boyfriend doing it, and can’t help but stare at him like I would watch porn. I should just leave and come back later…

I returned to the hotel earlier than planned to surprise him and bring him some meds for his cold, and now I’m standing here like some pervert. Damn, I like it. I feel so fucking naughty for watching him.

Chester felt himself getting wet, spreading precum over the head with his thumb. He knew he was close, so he slowed down to make himself wait. He had time, Mike would be there in a few hours. He brought two fingers to his mouth, sucking on them until they were wet, and then, much to Mike’s surprise, Chester laid on his side and pushed both fingers inside himself, moaning and biting his bottom lip at the slight pain.

Mike watched as Chester fingered himself; by now he was painfully hard, and his right hand wandered down to his pants. He watched his boyfriend insert a third and fourth finger, although he knew it had to hurt because he wasn’t using any lube. He’s deliberately hurting himself, because nothing gets him off like pain, Mike thought, rubbing his palm over his crotch through his jeans.

Chester continued jerking himself off, and when he came all over his hand and the sheets with a loud moan, Mike had difficulties to breath quietly in order to not let him know he was there. He watched his boyfriend throw his head back on the pillow, arching his back, covered in sweat. Chester came down from his climax, pulled his fingers out, and his breathing slowed down to normal. There was a dirty grin on his face when he brought the hand he had came in to his mouth and licked his cum off, and right then and there, Mike came in his pants with a gasp.

Chester opened his eyes, quickly blinking a few times, his fingers still in his mouth, and looked at Mike in shock and surprise. Mike was focused on a little drop of sweat dripping down Chester’s neck, as he realized he’d been caught watching. For a few seconds, they stared at each other in silence. Suddenly, Chester realized he was still absently sucking on his cum-stained fingers, and he hastily pulled them out of his mouth, wiping them clean on the blanket.

“How long have you been standing there?” he asked, blushing.

“The…the whole time.” Mike admitted. “I’m sorry, Chaz…”

“No, no, it’s fine. That’s so hot, Mikey. And I see you’ve been having fun, too.” He said with a glance down to Mike’s pants.

Mike could clearly see the moment Chester’s initial embarrassment faded away and turned into something dirty.

Why is he not ashamed? Mike thought. I would die of embarrassment if I were caught doing this. I guess I’m just more innocent than him...

“I once listened to you jerking off in the shower.” He blurted out, blushing instantly after the words had left his mouth.

“You did what? When?” Chester asked.

“Um…well…a few months ago. Sorry…”

“No need to be ashamed, Mikey. Let’s go take a shower together.”


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