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The Linkin Buster's by ninja

I came up with this story a few month ago while talking with friends. I posted it on a chat but had written it quite fast. I rewrote it and thought I could post it there and hope to make you laugh/ smile

This week is hard, I know, but remember you're loved, and you matter

(I'm sorry for any mistakes, please don't bite me)


Chester is now an angel but he likes messing around, and therefore, wears horns too.

He decided to dye one of his bandmate’s hair, mess around with another one’s gear and tonight he goes to Brad’s house.

It's the middle of the night and Chester the Angel is at Brad Delson's house messing with Brad's curls, playing with them, singing the soft kitty lullaby, and then he plays some guitar.

But Brad wakes up, wondering what is happening, gets scared and runs away in his pyjamas screaming, scared as hell.

Then, Chester tries and run after him but it looks weird.

Try picturing a running Brad with Chester wearing wings, running after him asking him to stop, that he can explain, loves him very much and that the house isn't haunted.

Brad stops for a while, out of breath, the thing is, only he can see Chester so when someone passes, he sees the man talking to himself and wonders if he has gone insane.

He goes to Joe’s house and the DJ asks him what kind of drug he just took before shutting the door at the guitarist’s face.

Poor Brad is now outside, still wearing only pyjama pants, wondering what he’s going to do now.

So he goes head low to Mike’s and tries to explain, but the half Japanese laughs at his face and shuts the door.

Therefore Brad goes home to a still sleeping wife, oblivious to what just happened

The day after, it's Rob's turn

Chazzy Chaz is playing on Rob’s drums while he thinks Rob is asleep, but the drummer wakes up with an urge to play in the middle of the night because he has some inspiration.

The thing is, he hears the drums playing itself. When he comes in, he only get to see a pair of wings flying away. He gets scared and runs away.

Joe and Mike ask him if he's high on drugs, but he’s not, so he goes to Brad’s who's still asleep but he goes inside and wakes him up, scaring the shit out of the poor guitarist.

Rob and Brad are now in the kitchen drinking apple juice, talking about what they saw and try to find a way to explain that to the others without them asking them if they are high.

So they plan on talking to Dave because the bass player, at least, is a bit sane

At 5 in the morning and Braddle and Robble are knocking on Phe Phe's door. The poor bassist opens the door dead tired wondering what is going on.

They lead him to Dave's kitchen trying to explain the running Chester with wings and horns thing but he just looks at them, trying to process everything wondering if he's dreaming or not.

Brad and Rob cast Dave in the pool to wake him up and make sure he doesn't think he's dreaming.

After he promised that he believed them, he was allowed to dry himself.

Brad Rob and Dave are now in a car, on their way to Joe’s. It’s 7 in the morning.

When the DJ's sees the 3 men at his door he's wondering if there is an emergency, but no, they just want to talk about Chester running after Brad in the streets and banging on Rob's drums.

He sight,

But still listens.

Then Lord Phoenix, Braddle and Robble cast Joe in the pool. (Yes because why would it only be Dave that gets to be thrown in a pool in the morning?)

After Joe promises that he trusts them, Joe, Brad, Rob and Dave drive to Mike’s

They heavily knock on Mike's door

Mike listens to them and be like: “Is that why one morning my hair was blue?”

And the others are like “Maybe, how would I know?”

So, he's like “We need to investigate”

Rob and Brad are like, “There's no need, we saw him!!”

And Joe and Dave are like, “Emmm yeah we still need proofs”

The next night, they decide to go for a sleep over.

They decide to do it at Brad's.

So the wife and kids go to Anna instead because they don't want to deal with the 5 Linkin busters.

They are having lasagne and of course, there is a plate for Chester because an angel might be hungry after all this running. They eat, watch movies, small talk, till they hear a weird noise

“What can it be?” asks Joe

“The wind?” asks Mike

“The wind doesn't grind, dumbass” responds Rob

The 5 Linkin busters are now silent.

Waiting for the weird noise to make some noise again.

Now, they switched the light off. (Horror Movie Clichee)

They hear the noise again; Dave switches the light on again because he's not as insane as the others.

They see some light outside and hear footsteps with the light wandering around so they look at each other, wondering why there is a weird light outside.



a crazy half naked Chester comes in with his wings and horns screaming:


The 5 Linkin busters are now screaming in fear.

Chester is laughing his ass off.

Braddle and Robble are like: “See, we told you he was wandering around”

Mike be like : “Did you dye my hair in blue?”

Joe be like:” Did you mess with my stuff ?”

Dave be like : “Ches? is that really you? Am I dreaming?” then faints

So now, Dave is laying on the couch, while the others are sitting around him trying to wake him up, but it doesn't work, so they cast some ice cold water on him, and it works, poor Dave is, for the second time today, wet again.

But Chester left because he thought they were angry at him. This means the Linkin busters are now running outside trying to catch on a running Chester.

Now, Linkin Park is in a park but they don't find Chester.

They didn't think that when you have wings, well, you can fly which is why they go home all sad and now they are all crying until a wild Chester appears again and this time, Brad, Mike, Rob, Dave and Joe jumps in the vocalist arms, laughing, smiling, and holding him tightly.

The 6 of them, are, after all this time, reunited. Hugging in the middle of a kitchen

Chester tells the boys he loves them very much, they say they love him too and miss him. They decide to watch movies, play games, eat a lot of cake, and have fun like in the old days.

It's one of the best nights they ever had.

When they wake up, the day after, Chester is long gone, but they know that he was here; they know he's by their sides and he's watching over them. They decide to move forwards, with Chester's memory, and they will be okay and Chester will continue to live in our hearts, with his voice screaming in our ears because he's amazing, he's a legend and will never be forgotten.

“He’s looking down on us and wants us to be okay.”



I'd be happy to get reviews on what you think and what I can do to write better.


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