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Figure.09 by SonataNocturne


A/N: Hi. So, first try on the drabbles. Challenge really, cause I think I can't do them. This first I wrote to a FB group and warning for the possible trigger. I thought for weeks should I publish this or not. But here we are. Also my first in first person o.O

The ones following aren't probably as sad. So once again please mind the warning and don't read if you feel like it :) And this is not how I feel about Ches.


I can't believe they actually mourn me. I chose this! Please don't. Go away and live your lives. Happily, without me. Like you are supposed to. You're all happier without me. I was only just a burden. Weighing you down, making the life painful.

It was painful for me too. Living with my own demons, that nobody else could see. Until they started to plague me so much that I couldn't handle it anymore. There was a small crack, revealing the demons, but then you all got used to them, and I was lost again.

Not that it would matter now anyway. I am dead. As I'm supposed to be.

You can't hear me cry anymore, I'm not a burden anymore.

I'm not there anymore.

So go on. Forget me, forget that I ever existed.

Like it was supposed to be.


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