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Initiation by Yassim

Chapter 1- An Angel Sent From Heaven

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Chester Bennington sat with his three closest friends at a flimsy wooden picnic table. He smiled slightly as he watched all the new kids nervously walk up to the school doors as they started they’re first day of high school. He remembered how nervous he had been when he had first started; he had been told so many horror stories by his older brother how much of a nightmare high school could be if you didn’t get into the right “click”. Fortunately for Chester, he was accepted as one of the more popular people when he started at the school so he had gone through barely any hassle. Now, in grade twelve, Chester felt on top of the world and was ready to have his pick of the grade nines.

He sighed heavily; bored out of his mind as his friends chatted mindlessly about the new school year and all of the people they planned on getting it on with before it was over. He grinned and decided he didn’t want to be left out of the conversation so he quickly looked over several of the grade nines to find one that was appealing to him. He watched a normal dressed male as he passed through his vision and he couldn’t help but grin.

“Oh!” He exclaimed excitedly. “He is so hot!”

He didn’t really find the boy that attractive but he just wanted the attention to be on himself, not some cheerleader that Joe was planning to get it on with.

Three heads simultaneously turned from the conversation they had been having and all eyes landed on the plain looking boy as he headed toward the school doors. Chester was openly bisexual; although he swung more toward guys he could still hold a relationship with a girl if he wanted to. His school was pretty accepting to different orientations so he had never really had to hide it.

“He’s definitely not your type.” Dave deadpanned, looking away from the boy and turning to Chester.

“Yeah, Phi’s right, Chaz. I don’t think he could handle your personality, anyway.” Joe added.

“What is that supposed to mean?!” Chester cried, feigning hurt at his friends comment.

“It means you’re probably too insane for him to handle.” Rob filled in bluntly. “He looks straight, anyway.”

Chester just pouted and said nothing but turned back to check out the rest of the males (for obvious reasons, skipping over most of the females) walking up the concrete path that led to the school doors.

Every grade higher then grade nine had a competition, or some others liked to call it an initiation, each year to see who could get the most grade nine’s, or new students into their bed. Chester had to admit, it was quite cruel to the freshmen and newbie’s that would wake up the next morning and find their bed void of the partner they had slept with the previous night. Chester had never had to go through that experience and really was quite glad he never did. He knew the feeling of rejection and he didn’t like it. Although, it had never stopped him from including himself in the ‘initiation’.

He quickly scanned over several bodies until someone caught his attention. Quite unexpected to Chester, the boy was actually very attractive and donned a pair of red and black bondage pants, chains and straps clinking together lightly as he walked. Chester’s eye’s traveled over the black fitting shirt and paused on the boys face so he could take in the male’s features. His skin was tan and his dark brown eyes were almond shaped, leading Chester to believe he came from some type of Asian background, and outlined lightly with black eyeliner. His cheeks were slightly chubby and his lips were full and plump and Chester had a difficult time restraining himself from running up to the boy and crushing their lips together. Once again his gaze wandered back to the boy’s eyes. Chester couldn’t say what, but something was very enticing about those dark eyes hiding behind long feminine eyelashes. He was absolutely beautiful. Surely an angel sent from heaven.

Chester looked over the boy again and grinned widely. This angel must have committed quite a sin to end up here.

“Now he is definitely my type.” Chester drawled out, his gaze flickering lustfully over the other male’s body, his eyes catching sight of the slight sway in the boy’s hips.

Three groans erupted at the table.

“Fuck, Chester, stop checking out the freshmen! Don’t you get enough action from the people in our grade?” Dave exclaimed exasperatedly.

“No, for your information, I don’t,” Chester’s snapped. “I’ve practically slept with every male-that’s bi or gay anyway- in our grade and below, I’m sick of going to the same people for sex.”

“I think Chaz has actually got a point for once,” Joe intervened before an argument could break out. “The kid is actually pretty attractive and I don’t even swing that way!”

Rob looked up from the book he was reading to see what all the commotion was about and smirked when he saw the boy that had cause such a commotion.

“Hmm, not too bad of a choice for once, Ches.”

Chester grinned widely but froze when he realized what the comment meant.

“Hey, shut up! I have good taste!” He retorted angrily, turning his back to his friends and scoping out the hottie he had found earlier.

Deciding he might as well go pick up the best looking of the freshmen before they were taken, Chester abruptly stood up from the old picnic table and slid off of the bench.

“Chester? Where you going, man?” Joe asked, a bit startled by the determined gleam in Chester’s eyes when he turned to face him.

“I want him,” Chester’s soft voice rumbled with a slight growl as he referred to the boy he had seen with the bondage pants. “And he’s going to be mine.”

With that, Chester walked off with an intentional sway in his hips as he felt his friends eyes on his back as he retreated towards the school.

“Why does Chester always have to go mental this time of year?” Dave asked, slightly worried his friend would end up getting himself into more trouble then he asked for.

“He’s a sex maniac, for one.” Joe said, thinking along the same lines as Dave.

“Or maybe he just likes to feel powerful,” Rob shrugged. “He’s always craving attention from everyone and he likes feeling better then someone else. You guys know how he is. Don’t worry about it so much, he’s been doing it for two years and nothings gone wrong yet so I think you can trust him not to do something stupid this year.”

“I still can’t help but think…” Dave trailed off and the three gazed at Chester’s retreating form as he entered the school building, all thinking about what Dave had said but not willing to voice it.


Chester grinned as he sauntered through the hallways, several people yelling out his name and waving him over. Chester gave a small smile then ignored them and continued on his way. He had a tendency to be cocky and arrogant with all of the attention he received but for some reason the people in his school had seen that as attractive and he had never been told off once for his attitude. One of the lead football players caught Chester’s eye and he tried to wave the other boy over. Chester just smiled and nodded, pretending he didn’t notice the request and continued walking. He had more important matters to attend to at that moment.

Chester did not have to walk much farther when his lowered doe eyes caught sight of the angelic boy he had spotted earlier. He felt an all too familiar jolt in his lower regions and closed his eyes briefly to get himself under control. After all, he didn’t want to scare the poor boy away.

Taking several long strides to reach his destination, Chester quickly became eager to talk to this boy. A feral grin spread across Chester’s face as he slowed his pace and watched the boy struggle with the lock attached to his locker. Chester easily slipped between several people before slamming his hand into the locker next to the boy’s head and leaning on his out stretched arm.

The boy turned and snapped his head up at the sudden loud bang next to his ear and flinched when he was met with Chester’s hot breath on his face. He stumbled back slightly, clutching his backpack to his chest and staring at Chester with wide eyes.

“I couldn’t help but notice you were having some trouble opening your locker,” Chester said gently, a soft, welcoming smile replacing the feral grin he had adorned earlier. Aside from the freshmen and transfer kids, the rest of the school knew Chester as a very good actor; you could never tell when he was actually being himself or just putting on a mask.

“You need any help with it?”

“Well, I..um..” The boy was blushing profusely and Chester arched one naturally smooth eyebrow.

“Here, give me your locker combination.” Chester held out his free hand and the boy shakily placed a slip of paper in his hand. Chester pulled his arm back and turned to the boys locker, briefly glancing at the locker combination and spinning in the numbers. On the last number he gave a rough tug and backed away as it opened.

“These locks are a bit stiff…” Chester paused for effect, to see if the boy understood his double meaning. “So you gotta put some effort into it when you unlock it. You’ll get used to it.”

Chester winked at the boy and was satisfied when the angel blushed.

“I’m Chester,” Chester held his hand out to the boy. “I’ve been here for a few years so if you get lost or need anything just come to me.”

“Michael. I would prefer if you called me Mike, though.” Mike said softly, extending out his arm and gently shaking hands with Chester.

Chester grinned. Michael. The perfect name for such a beautiful angel.

“Well, it was a pleasure to meet you, Michael,” Chester drawled out Mike’s full name deliberately. “But I’ve got to get to my class. You think you can make it on your own to first period?”

Mike nodded.

“Someone showed me to all my classes when I got my schedule.” Mike whispered.

Chester wondered briefly if Mike’s voice was always that soft or if he was just nervous to be starting at a new school.

“Right. Well, I’ll be seeing you then.” Chester gave a small wave and slipped back into the crowd of moving people just as the bell rang to signal first period was beginning.

As he stalked into his classroom he couldn’t help but grin. He was sure he had left a good impression on Michael and couldn’t wait until he had this boy in his bed. He’d come to learn the shy ones were always the kinkiest once they were in-between the bed sheets.

Chester slipped into a chair seated at a desk at the far back right hand corner by the window. He had a tendency to drift away from the boring drone of his teacher’s voice and he liked to daydream as he stared outside. He couldn’t help but zone out and watch with bored eyes as people bustled into the classroom talking loudly with one another as they seated themselves at their desks. No one sat beside Chester. He had made it quite clear in his first year hear that he didn’t appreciate the company of another beside him, unless it was one of his closer friends, of course.

“Excuse me?” A soft voice interrupted is thoughts. Chester almost turned to glare, but suddenly realized he recognized the voice.

Chester turned his body and titled his head to the side curiously. It seemed to go suddenly quiet and people were holding their breath as they watched the scene unfold, unsure if Chester was going to blow up on the boy speaking to him. Chester smiled inwardly. He would never upset this beautiful angel before him.

“Michael,” Chester drawled out. “What a pleasure to see you again so soon.”

Michael smiled softly.

“I was just wondering if this seat was taken?”

Chester cocked an eyebrow. So this boy was a grade twelve, then? He looked much younger than he actually was, assuming that he was Chester’s age and hadn’t skipped ahead any grades.

“Nope, go right ahead and sit down.” Chester smiled, not letting his confusion show, and pulled the chair out for Michael. Even if this boy was in grade 12, he was still unbelievably attractive and still counted in part of the initiation because he was new. Either way, Chester was planning on having his way with him.

Everyone in the classroom seemed to let out a sigh of relief.

“Thanks,” Michael breathed with relief as well, sitting down in the chair offered to him. “You’re the only one I even remotely know and I didn’t want to sit beside anyone else,” Michael leaned in closer to Chester and continued on with a soft whisper. “Besides, you’re the only normal acting one around here. Have you noticed how odd people act when I walk by them? Is that a normal thing around here?”

“What do you mean by act? Like awed silence and blank stares?” Chester asked knowingly. He had gotten that look quite a bit when he had started school here.

Mike gave Chester a confused look.

“Yeah,” Mike paused, seemingly wondering if he should go on or not. His curiosity got the better of him and he continued on. “How’d you know?”

Chester leaned closer into to Michael, aware that the rest of the class still seemed to be watching but trying to be subtle about it as they talked with each other. Michael shifted uncomfortably as he felt Chester’s warm breath ghost over his cheek for the second time that day.

“Trust me on this Michael, when you look this good, everybody stares.”

Chester leaned back in his chair but not before giving Michael a wink as he pulled away. Mike blushed lightly and also moved to sit back into a normal sitting position. Chester was pleased with Mike’s reaction and as he turned his head to look out the window as their first period teacher walked in, he grinned at the reflective glass. He was making progress quicker than he had expected and was feeling quite good about himself. That was, until he felt a sharp tap on his shoulder and he looked up to meet the fierce gaze of his teacher.

“I would appreciate it, Mr. Bennington, if you would pay attention while I am teaching.” His voice growled.

“Sorry, Mr. Saxon,” Chester laced his voice with artificial sweetness. “But you see, I met this beautiful Asian boy today and I just can’t seem to concentrate on anything but him.”

Chester batted his eyelashes for effect and shot a sideways glace at Mike, who seemed to suddenly have trouble closing his mouth. Mr. Saxon’s face flushed with fury and he snapped a meter stick down on Mike’s desk, seeing as the other boy’s desk was closer than Chester’s, causing Mike to jump and snap his mouth shut.

“I’ll give you some leeway today, Mr. Bennington, but if I see this behavior again I will send you straight down to the office.” He growled and then stalked away back to the front of class.

“Thanks so much the second chance, Mr. Saxon!” Chester called girlishly after him. Mr. Saxon did not reply.

When all attention had finally been diverted away from them, Mike let out the tinniest whimper that Chester had ever heard. In fact, he had barely even heard it. Chester turned to face him and gently touched his arm to get his attention.

“What’s wrong?” Chester asked as softly as he could. He didn’t want their conversation to be over heard.

“He made me bite my tongue.” Mike replied in the same lowered voice, grimacing as the action of talking caused friction on his now painful tongue.

“Hmm,” Chester mused. “If it still hurts after class, I’ll see what I can do about it.”

Mike smiled his appreciation and turned back to face the front of the class where Mr. Saxon was droning on about how important it was to have math skills later on in life.

Of course, when Chester had told Mike he would be able to help him with his sore tongue, his intentions had been anything but innocent. He already had a plan formulating in his mind, and by the end of class, his plan had come together and left Chester feeling very proud of himself for coming up with it.


“Do you have all your things, Michael?” Chester asked as he stood by Mike, waiting for the boy to collect all of his belongings.

“Yep,” Mike smiled. “Thanks for waiting for me, Chester, I appreciate it.” He added in a softer tone.

“Oh, it’s no problem at all, Michael, that’s what friends are for.” Chester gave Mike one of the best dashing smiles he had. He knew it made girls swoon and how boys went to putty when he did that smile. He was also glad he had the chance to use it because he needed to weaken Mike’s state of mind if he was going to be able to do what he had planned.

As they made their way out in to the hallway, Mike spoke up.

“So, um, Chester, you wouldn’t mind telling me how to get rid of this ache in my tongue, would you? I remember you said something about it in class and it’s still kind of sore.”

That was the exact cue Chester had been waiting for.

“Oh, of course, I almost forgot,” Chester replied, although he hadn’t forgotten at all. “Why don’t you come over here so I can see how bad it is?” Chester led Mike over to a crevice in the wall where a pop machine had been but had long since been removed.

Chester positioned Mike against the wall and stood in front of him.

“Okay, now open your mouth and stick out your tongue.”

“Wh-what?” Mike spluttered.

“Don’t worry; no one’s going to see.”

Mike bit his lip for a moment and glancing over Chester’s shoulder to be sure no one was watching then opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue.

Chester felt a jolt in his chest when he saw a barbell pierced through the center of Mike’s tongue. He released a heavy breath and forced himself to keep under control. Mike’s tongue actually did look a bit swollen and Chester had to refrain from just tossing his whole plan out the window and-. Chester closed his eyes briefly and then opened them again.

“Hmmm,” Chester hummed in fake thoughtfulness. “It looks a little swollen…Was it bleeding before?”

Mike closed his mouth and thought for a moment.

“Well, it was before, but not a lot. How swollen is it? It’s bad isn’t it?”

“Nothing I can’t fix.” Chester said gently. “Now close your eyes and I’ll see what I can do for you.”

Mike hesitated a moment but did as he was told.

“Why do I have to have my eyes closed?” Mike asked softly.

“Because it’s a secret, Michael,” Chester tapped Mike gently on the nose with the tip of his index finger. “If you find out how to do it, then my tongue fixing business is totally ruined.” Chester said seriously. “Now hush, I can’t concentrate with you talking to me.”

“Sorry.” Mike whispered before going completely silent.

Chester couldn’t believe how easy this was. He couldn’t help the grin of satisfaction that spread across his face. When things worked out this well it was hard not to be happy about it.

Chester reached a hand forward and slowly touched the palm of his hand to Mike’s neck. He gently moved his hand across Mike’s skin to the back of his neck and entangled his fingers in the soft hair that lied there. Mike’s breath hitched slightly but he did not open his eyes as Chester had requested. Chester smiled and lent forward and slowed to a stop as his face came only centimeters away from Mike’s. He was positive that the other boy could feel his breath ghosting over his lips because every time Chester exhaled Mike shivered. Taking his plan to its last stage, Chester shut his eyes, closed the gap between himself and Michael and captured his lips in a soft kiss. Mike gasped, his eyes snapping open at the sensation he hadn’t been expecting and Chester took the chance to slide his tongue into Mike’s mouth.

Mike whimpered softly as the hand cupped at the back of his neck pulled him closer to the strange sensation that was overwhelming him and setting every nerve in his body into a frenzy.

Chester stroked his tongue over Mike’s gently, soothing over the swollen organ that had been so painful for his poor angel. He swirled and caressed Mike’s tongue as gently and softly as he could, holding himself back from becoming aggressive with this intimate contact because this kiss was meant to heal Michael’s pain, not make it worse. His heart almost exploded when he felt Michael’s tongue hesitantly responding against his own. He encouraged the action by very gently flicking the stud pierced through Mike’s tongue and then pulling away slightly. Michael released a soft, involuntary moan, the sound muffled by Chester’s mouth, and responded by swirling his suddenly not-so-painful-tongue around Chester’s.

Chester felt his heart flutter and his lungs ache and he knew he would have to pull away soon. He gently caressed Michael’s tongue before slowly sliding his own tongue back into his mouth and gently pulling out of the kiss. He opened his eyes slowly and was met with Mike’s own closed ones. Mike’s mouth was slightly agape and his cheeks were flushed and Chester couldn’t resist leaning forward again and pressing a chaste kiss to his swollen lips.

Mike slowly opened his eyes, shocked and confused at what had just happened.

“Wh…What..?” Mike asked breathlessly, unable to get his mouth to form the whole question.

“Mmm, I hope you’re feeling better after that Michael,” Chester licked his reddened lips and hummed softly in appreciation at the distinct taste that was so obviously Michael’s. “Because I certainly am.”

A bell resounded in the hall way and Chester took a step backward from Mike.

“I’m sorry, Michael, but I really must be going,” Chester sighed dramatically. “Perhaps we can talk another time.”

Mike was still too stunned when Chester slipped into the moving crowd of bodies to notice people who had seen the kiss take place shooting him looks of envy and jealousy. It was only the first day of school and already the two hottest people on the premises were already taken.

As Chester moved along with crowd and was barely a few feet away from Mike, he abruptly turned around, causing several people to stumble and come to a stop in front of him.

“Ciao, Michael! Call me some time, babe!” Chester called and blew Mike a kiss. He winked at the startled, embarrassed look that had over come Mike’s features and turned away and continued on his way to his next class.

Several people had turned to see who Chester had been speaking to and suddenly an uproar of talking broke out. People began crowding around Mike talking a mile a minute and asking questions that Mike could barely pick out from the gibberish. He shot a desperate look down the hall way and saw Chester had already gone. Obviously he had expected Mike to handle things on his own after he had finished his act.


“How dare you play such a dirty trick on me!” Mike cried loudly.

He had found Chester lounging at a falling apart picnic table with his friends and instantly he felt his chest burn with a fury he never knew he could possess. He had stormed over to the table and started demanding answers while Chester looked at him with shock shinning in his eyes and his friends gave him a sympathetic look. Chester had quickly realized what his ranting was about and dragged him off to a tree where they were least likely to be over heard.

Currently, Chester was trying his best to sooth his angel but Michael would just not hear any of it.

“It was very cruel, Chester, especially when you left me a crowd of people to deal with!” Mike waved a hand to try and get his point across.

“I’m sorry, Michael, it was cruel of me,” Chester replied gently, taking Mike’s flailing arms into his hands and holding them softly. “But I was just doing as you asked of me.”

“I…I never…I didn’t ask you to..to…” Mike trailed off uneasily.

“Yes, you did,” Chester said calmly. “And if I recall correctly, you asked me to make your tongue feel better and that’s exactly what I did.”

That last statement left Mike feeling a little more than speechless and he opened and closed his mouth several times before giving up.

Chester smiled.

“Good. I trust this whole situation has been dealt with, then?”

Mike didn’t reply and just stared at Chester, completely baffled by him.

Chester turned his head away for a moment as someone in the distance called his name and beckoned him over. Chester nodded and turned back to Michael, abruptly pulling the boy against his firm, 6’2” frame and held him there as Mike struggled in his grip for a moment. He leaned forward brushing his lips against Mike’s ear and enjoying the feeling of goosebumps along Mike’s arm.

“I trust you know of the term ‘seduction’, Michael?” Chester breathed, his lips ghosting along the outer shell of Mike’s ear. Mike just barely nodded his head and he was already dreading where this was going.

“Good. Because the harder you try and pull away from me,” Chester whispered, pulling Mike tighter against his body. “The harder I’m going to push back. And you’ll find it very hard to resist me when I do. So watch where you’re stepping because you’re in my territory now.” He kissed Mike’s ear softly before pushing him away gently. “I’ll see you in class tomorrow.” He whispered before sauntering away and making his way over to Joe, who had called him over earlier.

When he finally met up with Joe, he felt bad for leaving his angel alone again and decided he would need to make it up to him tomorrow. He didn’t want him to feel rejected at all and would have to make sure to protect him from the onslaught of people he had been overwhelmed with, as well. He would show his angel what it felt like to be loved and then have it ripped away from him. Chester sighed thoughtfully. It was all just part of the initiation and he was never one to break a tradition


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