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Mike I

Hey there,

First of all: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! You don't know how much it means to me! I adore all of your stories and it feels so good to share my own with you!

MissDomho, AaronShinoda and Technicolorlover: Feel hugged and loved! Thanks for taking the time to write some reply :)

PenelopeInk: Thanks! I uploaded chapter I again, with spaces. I wasn't aware how it looks like when uploaded. Hope it's better now!

So, here is Chapter II, Mike tshis time. Short, but it just came to my mind and I had to wrote it down. Hope you like it <3


„Do you know, what I miss most?” Anna is shaking her head, tightening her arm around me, placing my head on her chest.

„The absolutely random conversation we had. It never mattered if were on a day off, in a writing session or in the dressing room a few minutes before going on stage.” I can hear her chuckle before she answers.

„Oh yes, I can imagine that. You perfected that through the years. Really often I had no clue what you were talking about at all.” My eyelids are closing and I breath in deeply.

„Yeah... but we actually knew it all the time. No matter how none-sense it seemed, we always knew what is was about.” Anna’s fingers are stroking my shoulder and I can feel her breath in my hair.

„You had such a deep connection that you could have talked without using any words.” I nod against her body and a deep sigh is leaving my throat.

„We did. When other shouldn’t hear us or simply when it was too loud around.” Her fingers are wandering down my arm, grabbing my hand and placing it on my chest, directly over my heart.

“You know what? You can still do that. Talk to him, I mean. I’m sure he is listening.”


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