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Debris by SonataNocturne

The snow

A/N: Hello all, how are you today? :) This is my first series of drabbles, hope you like them. Will be publishing when an idea comes but sure my main focus is still on the three on going stories I have. If you haven't yet read anything else from me, please do so, lol!

We got lots of snow today and this came out... Enjoy this happy fluff!


"Hey come on! You can't do that!", Chester yelled when the half Asian threw a snowball at him and it hit almost his face.

The emcee chuckled. "Dude! I am supposed to hit you with the ball! It went past you!"

"Yeah but not on the face!", the singer started to roll a new snowball.

It had been snowing heavily all day and they decided to have a snowball fight. Or actually the singer had started it by throwing a ball on Mike's back. And Mike didn't want to end it there. The sun had almost set and the stars were showing clearly.The snow made everything so quiet and beautiful and the serenity was unbelievable. Compared to the California sun it was rather unearthly.

"Well stop moving then! Wasn't my intention to hit your pretty face", Mike threw another one missing again.

Chester stuck his tongue out and threw his snowball making it land on Mike's shoulder. Then the emcee threw another ball at him but the singer was quicker and the ball hit the snow bank thudding softly. Mike growled stomping his feed making the snow flew around.

The singer bent down bursting into laughter. "I can't believe how bad you are at this!"

Mike raised his brows grinning. "Oh yeah?"

He ran charging at the singer who didn't see it coming and soon they both were laying in the snow giggling.

"Really? So you think that by pushing me in the snow you win?", the singer snorted rolling his eyes.

"Well... I think this will", the emcee grinned and started scoop the soft snow inside Chester's jacket and shirt making him squirm.

"Mike! Stop! You're making me wet and cold and... god that's cold!", Chester laughed and tried to push the half Asian off of him.

But Mike didn't and they both were now flushed and yelling at each other. The snow was still falling from the aegean colored sky.

After a while the emcee coughed to get a breath and stopped. Chester was staring at him his eyes sparkling from joy and his cheeks red.

"Hey", Mike whispered his breath evaporating in the cold air.

"Hey", the singer whispered back. He was still holding Mike by the collar.

"You know I love you, right?", the other smiled.

Chester sighed the smile illuminating his face up too. "I do. And I love you too."

"You're just too good to be true. So pure and beautiful", the emcee gave a small peck on his nose.

"Well you don't look that bad either. And you are getting soft... Could you please let me go though? I'm kinda cold and wet", the snow had already melted inside his shirt making him shiver.

"Okay. Let's go inside so I can get you hot again", Mike grinned getting up and pulling Chester with him.

The singer chuckled and grabbed Mike to kiss him. While their tongues were rubbing against each other Mike was trying to guide them to the front door. He managed to open the door even when the singer was purring in his mouth and opening his jacket.

"Slow down honey. I can't even get my shoes off", he chuckled when the door closed behind them and Chester was still groping him and pulling his clothes off.

"Can't", Chester laughed and pushed Mike on the floor making his back slam against it painfully.

"Chester!", Mike breathed cringing. He would certainly have some bruises tomorrow.

The singer rolled his eyes. "Don't be so sensitive. The game is still on."

"Oh... OH! Am I also losing still?", the half Asian's eyes widened.

"Yes. But I think you will enjoy the losing too....", Chester smirked and started to button Mike's pants open pushing his eager lips on Mike's.

"Fuuuuuuck...", Mike mumbled as the singer bit his lower lip and dug his hand under his pants.


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