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general hospital by littleblacksubmarines


A/N: huge huge thank you to those of you who left reviews and had my back on writing this! I know it probably starts out kind of bland, but don't worry, things will get better. In my bio, I've included what I like to call Mike & Dave's Infinite Playlist. Just a collection of songs I like to listen to when I write these lovely boys. Give it a whirl, let me know what you think! I live for your feedback.


Dave sighed, sitting down at the desk, rubbing the spot where his leg was tucked into his prosthetic, the rain making the phantom pain worse. Not only was it storming, it was a full moon, as well. The two never bode well, especially in the medical field. He looked across the trauma ICU at his fiancee, Dr. Michael Shinoda. Mike was in a patient’s room, helping the nurse and respiratory therapist place an intubated patient into a roto-prone bed, so that the patient would be spinning in a complete circle in this bed, to help with his traumatic lung injury.

“Dr. Farrell?” the unit secretary, Hannah, spoke up, breaking Dave from his reverie.

“Yeah, doll?” He asked, spinning in his chair to face her.

“Dr. Bourdon is asking for a consult in neuro,” she said, a kind smile on her face.

Dave got up, rubbing his leg one last time, before ambling over to the room Mike was in.

“Mikey, I’m going up to neuro,” he said, eyes soft as he looked at his lover.

“Okay. How’s your leg?” Mike asked, a small smile tugging at his lips.

“Fuckin’ hurts. This phantom pain is no joke,” Dave said, blowing Mike a kiss and wincing as he walked away, trying to push thoughts of the Army and how he lost his leg out of his mind.

He had known Mike since high school, even though they didn’t go to school together. They met through Mike’s friend, and subsequently, Dave’s friend, Brad. Their friend group all went to medical school together, although Dave had joined the Army after 9/11. He was deployed as a trauma surgeon in Afghanistan for three years, but after the Humvee his unit was riding in exploded, Dave was faced with no choice but to let the doctors amputate his right leg from the mid-thigh down.

He was sent to Tripler Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, where his five best friends jumped on the first flight to see him. After recovering and intense rehab, Dave was finally sent home, where he could continue to rehab and be fitted for a prosthetic leg. Him and Mike started dating shortly after, and was a big help in getting Dave his job at LA Gen. Though the two had been in a relationship for four years, engaged for two, and lived together for three, Mike had never really seen Dave’s leg. Any time the two were intimate, Dave either kept his prosthetic on or insisted that the lights were off. Even when Dave slept, though he slept in just his boxer briefs, he kept it covered with a cloth sleeve.

Dave swiped his badge to let him into the neuro ICU, grabbing a few hershey kisses out of the bowl on the counter, heading back to the physician room.

“Robbie!” He grinned, leaning on the doorway, watching his friend all but inhale a slice of pizza.

“Hey, Dave. Man, this unit is hopping. Because of the change in weather, everyone’s aneurysms burst, and they’re all here. Which is actually why I needed you to come up here,” Rob explained, washing his hands and stealing a hershey kiss from Dave.

“You need me for an aneurysm? Now you’re just blowing smoke up my tookus,” Dave grinned, following Rob to the patient’s room.

“You could only dream that I’d get that close to your tookus,” Rob quipped, a silly grin on his face, “but anyway, back to brass tacks. This lady was involved in a motor vehicle accident. I think the aneurysm burst and caused her accident. Do you remember her from the ER?”

Dave looked the woman over, checking her ID bracelet before shaking his head, “No, it must’ve been Mike or a resident. I was probably in surgery.”

The two went back and forth, discussing the patient, reviewing the chart, before it was decided that unless she rapidly declined, the patient would be able to stay in the neuro ICU.

Once back in the physician room, Dave helped himself to a slice of pizza, asking Rob if he had any plans for the night.

“Brad’s in doing a heart and lung transplant right now, I told him I’d wait for him and we could go home together, but I’m so tired that I think I’m just gonna get a ride home with Joe or Chester,” Rob said, “providing that Chester can tear himself away from his tiny humans.”

Dave chuckled, Chester was the hospital’s pediatric and neonatal surgeon. He loved his unit, and went above and beyond for his “kids”, as he called them. Dave did his residency in peds, but his heart was in trauma. Joe was an orthopedic surgeon, he worked closely with Mike and Dave.

“I’m on call tonight, but Mike offered to stay here with me,” Dave said, “I think he worries too much about my leg.”

“Why? Ever since you got your new bionic leg, you’ve been the best you’ve been since you came back from Tripler,” Rob commented, knowing the subject isn't always easy for Dave to talk about.

“I know. I’m good with walking, I can take the stairs one floor up or down, but sometimes it hurts to stand in surgery for so long. I’ve never told Mike, but he can see it,” Dave said, sighing, trying to shake off feelings of inadequacies.

“You know what’ll make you feel better?” Rob asked, a small grin on his face.

Dave just eyed him wearily, he never knew what was going on in his friend’s head.


Dave didn’t expect himself to be holding a pair of twins, but after Rob insisted on helping him up, “Come on, Dave, I’m a gentleman,” and leading him out of the unit to the elevators, the two found themselves in the pediatric unit, Joe, Mike, and Chester all holding babies themselves.

“This really is the best medicine,” Dave commented, looking down at the twins, boy and girl, a smile on his face.

The group of friends sat around, rocking the babies, talking about going to the Dodgers home opener, when the sound of four pagers going off broke the comfortable conversation.

“18 year old male, motorcycle accident, open tib/fib and femur fractures, obvious head injury, ETA 20 minutes,” Rob read aloud, as he was the only one not holding a baby.

Chester took all the babies from the men, placing them back in their bassinets and cooing gently.

“Let’s get it, guys,” Dave grinned hoisting himself out of his rocking chair, grabbing Mike’s arm as Rob and Joe followed them to the elevator.

This was Dave’s time to shine.

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