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The Halloween Dare by Penelope_Ink

Rock Stars Indeed

Hi everyone. Here's something a little different. A little funny and a little spooky. Hope you all enjoy it. I won't have it finished by Halloween, but tis the season, so I figured, why not?

Happy Reading :)


“It’s been said that we’ve gone soft as a band,” Mike Shinoda stated as he sat in the red leather tub chair. Beside him - his bandmate Chester Bennington, and in front of him a bird-like woman with questioning eyes and strained lips, like she was worn out from prying into people’s lives for the popular magazine she worked for.

“But it’s not true,” Mike continued, giving a quick glance to his bandmate before he added, “and we’re going to prove it.” And that was that. He scooped his bottle of water from the floor and threw back a chug.

“We’re going to do an old-fashioned dare,” Chester elaborated, as he sat forward. His cut off black shorts and white t-shirt made him look younger than his forty-one years as his eyes sparkled every time he spoke. “And what’s more rock and roll than that?” he asked with a wide grin that showed all of his teeth.

Before the interviewer could even ask, Mike was back up to bat as he mimicked Chester’s excited pose. “We’re going to be spending the night in a haunted house up in Northern California. A really gruesome murder took place there back in the 1920s, and ever since this place has had a history of unexplained paranormal occurrences; it’s completely insane. There’s been a whole string of eerie - just bizarre - events that have surrounded this house and the property it’s on. They’ve even had experts come in and take readings and things like that. It’s really intense to hear the stories.”

The interviewer nodded as she sat on a small stool, a camera set up beside her to record the interview she knew would soon go viral. “That’s something you don’t come across every day,” she said. “When will all this be happening?”

“We’re going to be heading up there next week,” Mike answered. “We’ll be spending two days in the house, starting with the night before Halloween.”

“Devil’s Night,” Chester clarified. “They’re locking us in and we can’t come out until the morning after Halloween.”

“Are all six of you going?” the interviewer questioned. “Or will it just be the two of you?”

“We’re all going,” Chester said as he held his microphone in one hand and moved the other around as he explained. “We’re going in as a band and we’ll come out as a band, ghosts or no ghosts. We’re going to own this. Sometimes you have to test yourself. You have to find out where you stand. Where your heart is. You have to figure out if you have the guts to tough stuff out or not. You have to put yourself on the line and see what happens.”

Mike nodded as he watched his bandmate talk. Chester was always so charismatic. So alive. So drawing. So natural. I wish I could be more like that.

“We’ve all matured over the years,” Mike added, thoughtfully. “We all have responsibilities, families and kids and we know that some of the fans are missing the angst and anger that used to fuse our music together.” He shrugged then, his eyes wandering to the hideous brown carpet under their feet. “We can’t go back to that, and I don’t think any of us would want to. We’ve moved passed that as people, and in life. But we’re hoping that our Halloween Dare will show just how soft we are not. Not that we need to prove anything to anyone,” he made sure to add. “But it’s something we collectively decided would be good and awesome at the same time.”

“Fuck yeah!” Chester threw in with a fist pump. “You want badass? Try raising six kids. Or spending the night in a haunted house,” he stated with a goofy shrug. “Both are scary as hell. But no, seriously,” he said as Mike started to laugh beside him, “we’re doing this for our fans more than anything. We know they’ll get a kick out of it and for us, we get to show that we’re not lame old men who have no guts. We’re not sellouts and we’re definitely not soft. We’re still Linkin Park. We’ll always be Linkin Park,” he emphasized as he looked to Mike to finish his thought in that uniquely Mike-like-way.

“You don’t have to yell and scream and be in a horrible place in your life to make your music or your message meaningful. We love the music that we’ve made together this time around, and the songs on the new album are incredibly personal to us, despite the lack of anger and angst in them. Spending the night in a haunted house might seem kind of silly,” he admitted with a slight pause, “but to us it’s a challenge that we’ll tackle together as a band - as friends - and we’ll come out on the other side of it together.”

“Unless one of us gets poltergeist-ed,” Chester added with a chuckle. “Then we’ll be holding auditions.”

“And then you, too, could be a part of Linkin Park,” Mike chimed in with a smile as he pointed to the camera just a few feet in front of them.


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