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Why Should I Care? by kiba kai

Chapter 1

Title: Why Should I Care?

Fandom: Linkin Park

Pairing: Mike/Chester

Rating: PG-13

Category: Humor, Romance maybe slight Angst later ^^'

Status: to be continued, not sure how many chapter ^^'

Note: IT's a SLASH! = 2 boys falling in love. don't like = don't read, ok? *sniff* I can't deal with the flame...

Disclaimer: I don't own Linkin Park... this is a F.I.C.T.I.O.N

Written entirely in Mike's POV

Why Should I Care?

by kiba kai

Chapter 1

It was a kick ass gig, we kicked many asses actually! I am still so excited with it; all those people screaming, singing/rapping along and a big mosh pit, they all pump up my adrenaline. Brad ran around like someone was standing on his tail, Rob beat the shit out of his drums, Joe was hyper as normal, Phoenix... I wasn't sure what was up with him today, he jumped so damn high I thought he would break his ankle in the process of landing. Oh, and Chester, it was quite a hot day so he took off his white T-shirt... showing off his bare chest.

Our best performance today must have been 'Crawling', Chester practically sang in my mic and the crowd screamed when he held my shoulder, his melodic voice was right in my ears. He is the best singer I have ever worked with, but I didn't plan on working with someone else, though.

Now we are in the hotel room; I am with Brad, Joe with Chester and Rob with Phi. Hotels are all good, we always looked forward to sleeping in a place with a real roof, not on a creaky tour bus all the time. The hot shower here is really nice, relaxing and warm, well I could say that. I didn’t really have time to enjoy it. In about 3 seconds Brad was banging on the bathroom door and trying to rush me out.

"Mike! What the fuck are you doing in there?"

See? ...

"Jerking off?"

Oops! I almost slip down the bathtub. "No I’m not!" Some of the bubbles got in my eyes, "Damn." I muttered.

"You don't have to deny it, you know." I could hear the grin in his voice. After that I hear the hotel door open and shut.

I quickly wash myself off and wrap a towel around my waist. I poke my head outside and see Chester who was about to turn on the TV. I frown "Where's Brad?"

He jumped when I called him, "Uh, he said he would use the bathroom in mine and Joe's room." He took a glance at me and quickly turned away. "You ok?" I asked.

"Never been better." He flipped around to see what was worth watching, he ended up at KoRn's MV 'Thoughtless'. He finally laid down on the bed, looking comfortable in his white wife beater and loose pants. I was about to ask him why he was here, but I pushed that thought aside. I picked the black T-shirt and blue boxers as my nightgown and started dressing.

I think about touring, when will it end? It wasn't that I didn't like it but I really miss my bed. No matter how nice these hotel beds are, they still feel strange to my back. Life on tour bus isn't easy. We have limited space and sometimes it's inconvenient, who said a Rock star's life is full of luxury and woman? They can kiss my ass.

Oh my fluffy bed I love to wake up in... how I miss you.

I finish buttoning my shirt and turn back, expecting to see Chester watching the TV but instead, he was staring right at me.

I blink. "Hmm? What's wrong with my perfectly nice tan body?" then I giggle. He was supposed to laugh, but no... he blushed. Huh? I shrug and sit down on the other side of the bed.

We didn't talk until there was a commercial break. It was some snack, I’m not paying attention to the brand but the presenters are kinda flamers.

"What do you think about these people?" He suddenly broke the silence. I looked at him, wasn’t sure that what he was talking about but his eyes didn’t leave the TV monitor.

"What? Flamer?" I ask.

Strangely, he rolled his eyes and took his time to breath "About gays."

I raise an eyebrow, what is up with him today? “They’re ok. Sometimes people just can’t choose whom to love. I think they’re just different because they love people who are the same sex.” I nod slowly, I never really thought about homosexuals, never discriminated them… but yeah, those were my true opinions.

Chester rolled on his side, facing me "So let's say you think they're acceptable?"

I nod again. "You can say that."

There was a long pause but I was comfortable with it, since my focus was on the DJ on the screen, announcing the new MV of Eminem.

"Hey, Mike." He shifted, making the bed bounce a little.

"Hmm?" I was trying to catch what Eminem was rapping on ‘Cleaning Out my Closet’

He paused again, I wasn’t sure if he thought that I was ignoring him, because he always demanded attention. I was about to turn to him but abruptly he blurted something out,

"I'm gay."

What the fuck… He’s… gay? I turn to him in what seemed like very, very slow motion. I try to process my thoughts, did I hear him correctly? “You… what?”

“Mike! I’m serious.” He sat up, “Don’t make me say that again.” But he was facing the mattress, his ears were bright red, though.

“You said you’re… gay?” I ask again, just to make sure he wasn’t joking.

He nodded repeatedly, still looking down.

I practically sit up and try to make sense of it, "But, but... what about Sam? You used to be with her!"

… Paused …"I used to, right?" his fingers were drawing circles and squares randomly on the bed sheet.

My eyes widen, "Oh my God... this is why you broke up with her?" He never talked about it before, but ‘We can’t get along’ was far too different to the fact that he was telling me now.

He wiped his face with both of his bare hands, "Not exactly." I notice that his voice was shaking slightly.

"Then what?" Judging from his reaction, I sense something really, really terrible…

He swallowed and looked like he was running out of breath… "It's you."


Have you ever felt like you’ve been kicked out into space? Floating in the darkness and then come back again? Well I hadn’t… but I guess it must feel like what I’m feeling right now…

He continues saying something but I can’t catch it all, I heard the last line though… "What do you say?" He looked a little more confident.

"What are you trying to say?" My voice heightened. I practically back away from him a little.

He bit his lower lip, "I like you Mike..." He pauses and moves a little closer to me, invading my personal space, "A lot." And he looks at me with eyes that could make half of the female population on this world melt…

"Ches... Chester." Damn. Why did he have to smell so good? My head is spinning, by both his words and closeness. He’s still advancing on me with his soft hand on my cheek.

"Mike..." Oh, my God… his warm breath is on my lips… his face is flushed and his lips are slightly open… Hey! If I see this much detail on his face that means I am getting far too close, like those stickers on truck bumpers. I force myself to quit staring…

Fuck, my supposed-to-be-straight-male best friend is about to kiss me, his-straight-male best friend! No! This can't be happening! "Chester!” I yell and he jumps, I am panting… I am so close to having a heart attack at the moment “I, I have to go." My hand randomly points to the balcony, Oops, so I point again to the door.

He is frozen and I make my escape from the room, from the soft bed and from his heated embrace.

I need room to breathe.


After I close the door as quietly as possible, I run like a bat out of hell to Joe’s room, which was 4 rooms down from mine, “Brad, Joe, open up!” I knock loudly at the door while I look back cautiously in the direction I just came from, hoping there would be no Chester in sight.

I hear someone twisted the doorknob. Wasting no time, I charge inside… the door banged directly into Joe’s face. “Ouch! Watch it Shinoda!”

“Sorry.” I say meekly.

“I’m about to go to Rob’s and Phi’s room, wanna go?” He asks with a mischievous glint in his eyes… he is up to something devious, I guess. I shake my head and he leaves.

Brad was on the bed, reading something. I run straight to him and jump on the bed, “Brad!”

He only took a quick glance at me and resumed reading his book, "Hey Mike, looks like you've seen the ghost." Brad remarked. Indeed... ghost.

“Uh, no.” I just needed a safe place.

I sit beside him, looking around like a kid that just watched a scary movie for the first time.

Even Brad didn’t help me much but I kinda feel better after I lay down for a few minutes…

Someone was opening the door. I look up. It’s CHESTER!

I shot up, “What… what are you doing here?”

He gave me an unfamiliar grin, “This is MY room, remember?”

“Oh, ok…” I feel like an idiot and stand up, walking towards the door. Chester is still stood at the door and watches me stammering at his appearance. I can’t help but approach him if I want to get the hell out of here.

But he doesn’t move away, he’s looking at me challengingly as if there would be trouble if I dared push him away from the exit. After a minute of silent battle, he suddenly grabs my arm and pulls me into the bathroom beside the door, I thought about calling to Brad but he was still reading that damn book!

Unexpectedly I find I am pinned against the tiled wall… “Chester!” I hiss. “What the fuck are you trying to do?!” I keep my voice low, fearing that Brad would suddenly get nosey.

He moved his head closer and said against my trembling lips. "I will turn you gay, Mike." And then he backed away confidently,"Soon."

And he left...

I think I'm about to faint.

To Be Continued...

Kai: Mwhahhahha *go insane*

My first stab of humor, please let me know what you think ^^'

Edited by: Kel *hug* ~^_^~

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