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Bad Day by hattu

Bad Day

Hello everybody!

Wow it´s been now one year since I posted something. But as you see I am still here and I am still reading.

This story actually is from last summer, but I just managed to type it up now. I just have to much time here in Finnland ;)

Hope you enjoy! But even when you don´t please leave a review on your way out!

Greetz hattu


Bad Day

The alarm went of and Mike groaned. Willing himself back to sleep. He couldn´t believe it was already morning, unfortunately the alarm wouldn´t stop. Mike sighed and sat up reaching over, stopping the persistent noise. Just as he attempts to get up a hand stops him.

“Please stay here today.”

“I wish I could, but you know I can´t cancel the meeting with WB. Plus I won´t endanger my life with cancelling on Chester again.” A slight chuckle is to be heard within the cushions.

“Well then I´m forced to sleep away the day alone.”

“I wish I could join you.”

“Yeah, since you can´t, bring home food. The fridge is empty.”

“Uhm aren´t you the one with the free day? How about you get up for food?”

“Nah, too lazy.”

“Fucker.” Mike mutters while leaving for the bathroom.

He starts the shower and pulls down his boxers, before stepping in. For a minute he lets himself get lost in the sensation of the pouring liquid, before he starts to soap himself. The soap has a mind of its own and slips from the artists hands. Searching the ground with his eyes not acknowledging that he moves his left foot, which lands exactly on the soap bar. Squealing Mike slips, hitting his head on the wall before landing awkwardly on the shower floor. Slightly dazed Mike lies still for a second before moaning out.

“Ouch…huh…Rob help!” but no sound can be heard from the bedroom. Rob is sleeping deeply again.

“Rob?! Please…hmpf” Rob obviously to Mike’s misery keeps wandering in dreamland peacefully. Slowly the emcee manages to stand up with help of the shower rack. Holding his head he shuts off the water deciding not to bother anymore. He dries himself and returns to the bedroom. Growling at his peacefully sleeping boyfriend. Putting on the next best clothes and a hat because he doesn’t feel like doing his hair properly, Mike walks down into the kitchen. For breakfast he decides to go for a simple coffee and cereal. Content with his choice he sits down on and takes his first spoon immediately regretting it. The milk is sour. After rinsing out his mouth Mike attempts to deposits his also soiled coffee into the sink only that he trips and spills the coffee all over him. Grumpy he marches back to the bedroom to change his clothes. With one last wishful glance at his sleeping boyfriend Mike leaves.

Barely five minutes into his way to WB he sees a flashing blue lights in his rearview. Obediently he stops at the side of the street, pulls down his window and patiently waits for the officer.

“Good morning Sir, you realized why you were pulled over?”

“No I´m sorry Officer.”

“You didn´t pay attention to the stop sign at the lat intersection.”

“I´m sorry Sir, indeed I didn´t pay attention.”

“I need to give you a ticket about 65 $.” Mike breathes deeply to stay calm.

“That´s okay Sir. I promise to pay more attention.” All Mike could think of was ´Stay calm and never cause a scene in public, especially not in LA` which were the words of their PR agent. Smiling politely the emcee took his ticket from the Officer.

“Drive carefully and have a nice day.” The Officer replies before returning to his car. Letting out a frustrated sigh Mike also continues his journey. Just two turns onto the main road and nothing goes anymore. Total stop. For about 30 minutes he is forced to stand at the same spot not moving an inch. He already called WB to let them know he will be late for the meeting. Roughly 20 minutes later everything starts moving again.

Stressed out and grumpy Mike arrives at the parking deck, which has only one spot left at the very top right in the middle of the sun. Knowing his car will turn into a sauna he marches over to the elevators. Suddenly something slimy hits his head and neck, just as the elevator doors open. In the mirror Mike can clearly see that even LA birds don´t care about your fame. All he wants to do is scream right now. Why, why didn´t he stayed in bed with Rob? Why? The rappers first stop after the elevator is the restroom. Scrubbing at his hat and hoddie to free them from the slimy substance. Mike gives up after 5 minutes not nearly satisfied with the result. With the wet and stained clothes he trudges towards the conference room. As he enters he is greeted with Katie who just puts away the coffee.

“What´s going on Katie? Aren´t I supposed to have a meeting here?”

“Morning Mike! Yes, your meeting should have been here an hour ago. Mr Burkley was tired of waiting and left quite fuming just ten minutes ago. Where have you been? You know you can´t let him wait that long.”

“Yeah I know, that´s why I called. I´ve been held up in traffic.”

“Who did you call? There was no information that you would be late.”

“I can´t remember the name. I called the front desk. I can´t believe it, nothing, really nothing is going right today!”

“Then go back home Mike. I will try to even it out with Mr Burkley and investigate where your call got lost. And next time you just call me instead!”

“Thanks Katie, you´re the best. Only I can´t go home now. Chester needs my help on something, so I will head down to the studio.”

“Uh be careful with Chester today. Sandy was there this morning and said Chester is stressed out of his mind.”

“The day can only get better.” Mike sighs

“Have a nice day Mike. And good luck with the diva!”

“Thanks, bye Katie!”

Mike leaves the room wondering when the meeting is gonna be rescheduled. On the park deck he checks the sky for anything flying around, as he makes his way over to his car. Nearly burning his skin on the hot seats as he gets in. On his way to the studio he prays that there won´t be any more accidents or traffic jams. He is so lost in his thoughts the he misses his turn and only notices it two blocks down. Cursing he searches for an opportunity to turn around. He spots a Starbucks and thinks a Frappuccino may calm Chester down a bit, plus he can use the parking lot to turn around.

Mike pulls his hat down as far as possible and hopes he won´t be recognized. For the first time today, the emcee is fairly lucky. Only the girl behind the counter recognizes him, but she doesn´t screams that out loud. She just ask discretely for an autograph, which Mikes provides smiling.

With his coffee and a Frappuccino he leaves in direction of the studio, this time managing to get the right turn. Smiling he arrives at the parking lot as somebody suddenly backs out of their parking space quickly. Mike hits the breaks hard. A crash can be prevented but our emcee gets a very hot coffee shower. The other driver noticed nothing and just leaves the lot as nothing happened, while Mike curses like there is no tomorrow. Still mumbling curses he enters the studio trying to dry his clothes with some napkins. Barely greeting the receptionist he makes his way over towards Chester’s studio.

“Please stop Sir!” the receptionist calls after him, but the rapper doesn´t register that he is meant until two big strong security guards block his way. Confused he looks up and towards the receptionist.

“Excuse me Sir, but you are not allowed to go any further.”

“What?! Excuse me but I have a meeting in there.” The receptionist eyes him up and down.

“You must have mistaken the building, Sir.”

“No I have not. I have a meeting with Chester Bennington in this very studio.”

“Mr Bennington has a meeting, but surely not with you. So I have to ask you to leave.”

“No I won´t leave! I am Mike Shinoda and I will have this meeting with Chester. So would you please let me pass?”

“I´m sorry Sir but I would need you to show me your ID or something to ensure who you are.”

“You´re new, are you? Well here is my license.”

“That is a blockbuster card Sir.”

“Oh sorry, one moment, there it is. Here the right one.”

“Sorry, but beside coffee there isn´t much to see. Again I have to ask you to leave.” Mike takes a long deep breath and forces himself again to stay calm.

“Okay, could you please contact Mr Bennington and ask him to come out here and confirm he has a meeting with me?”

“I can call, but I won´t. Mr Bennington wishes not to be disturbed.”

“Please! I know Chester is not happy today and not easy to deal with, but I won´t leave before he was here.” Now the receptionist sighs and calls the studio. Chester is clearly not sounding too happy but agrees to come out. Five minutes later he enters the lobby and finds Mike sitting miserably on a chair between two security guards. His clothes all wrinkled and dirty.

“Mike what the hell happened to you?”

“Don´t ask.” Mike states miserably

“Mr Bennington can you assure that this is Mr Shinoda?”

“Yeah, sure I can. Are you blind or something?” The singer snaps.

“No. I mean…I thought…”

“Whatever, come on Mike I need your help with some lyrics.”

“Yeah okay.”

“How was the meeting with WB?”

“Don´t ask!”

“Okay, what´s the story behind all that coffee over you?”

“Don´t ask!”

“Okaaay then I assume I also shouldn´t ask, why I had to pick you up at the door?”

“You´re right. Please just tell me how I can help you.”

“You´re not quite a happy-bunny today.”

“No, not anymore sorry. Can we just look at your lyrics?”

“I´m not quite sure, if you really can help me when you´re that grumpy.”

“For fucks sake, just show me those damn lyrics!” Mike yells and punches the control board. The computer flashes and gets dark. Chester pales and stares at the dark screen.

“What did you do Mike?” he asks shocked.

“Nothing just restart the damn thing.” Mike replies unfazed. Chester restarts and hastily checks all the files.

“Their gone. Fuck, fuck, fuck, their gone!”

“What is gone?”

“The vocals, recorded with Sandy this morning.”

“They can´t be gone. Let me have a look.”

“They are gone. Search for Hrikyumaagt/twt.” The emcees finger fly over the keyboard, getting more and more hectic by minute. After a few minutes he slowly turns towards the singer.

“I am sorry Ches but there really not there.” He admits quietly trying to get himself prepared for Chester’s reaction.

“I can´t believe you! You know how much work I put into this vocals?” the singer screams.

“Yes, I know. I am sorry but I didn´t meant to.”

“We worked at them for three days. Three days Mike!!!!”

“Well, why didn´t you made a backup?” Right as the words left his mouth Mike knows what a big mistake that was.

“A backup?? You mean a copy that can be stolen? No way! Why did you punch the board? You know how fucking sensitive these computers are! You just destroyed three days of work!”

“I did what? Why is it my fault that the computer is fucked up?” Mike screams back.

“I can´t believe you Mike! You should help me, but all you do is being the asshole of the day and erase a whole lot of work.”

“You didn´t just called me an asshole did you?” The emcee gapes at Chester.

“Yes, I did and right now I don´t think I can use your kind of help. So just get out!” The singer screams and points to the door.

“Get out??!!”

“Yes get out or I call you friends the security guards!”

“Well then do your shit alone!” Mike fumes and storms out. He feels like screaming the whole world down, while leaving the studio and getting into his car. His emotions are boiling inside the emcee, which reflects in his driving. Not long into his journey home blue lights flashing in his rearview. Mike curses under his breath. For what feels like the thousands time today he forces himself to calm down. To stay calm, just for the few minutes in presence of this Officer.

For the second time this day, pulls down his window and again the words of their PR agent echoes through his head. ´Never cause a scene,…`

“Good afternoon Sir. You realize why you were pulled over?”

“No Sir, I´m sorry.”

“You were fairly too fast. To be exact you were speeding 20 mph to fast.”

“Oh, I´m sorry. I didn´t pay attention to my speed.”

“I will need to give you a speeding ticket about 75 $.” This all feels strangely like a Déjà-vu to Mike.

“That´s okay Sir. I will pay more attention now.”

“Drive carefully and have a nice day.” Says the officer before handing Mike his second ticket of the day and leaves. The emcee breathes deeply, wanting to murder someone so badly right now. Clearly someone up there was holding a grudge against him today. He really should have stayed in bed with Rob. Thinking of Rob, reminds the Rapper that he is supposed to bring some food home. Shortly he thinks about what he could cook for his beloved but then decides some fast food will do. With his luck today he would burn down the house.

Once again the troubled singer draws in a deep breath, before starting the car again. Five minutes later he parks in front of their favorite Chinese takeout, just to discover that it is closed today. Nothing surprises Mike anymore. Looking around he decides the pizza place two shop down the road is the pick of the day. As he enters the teen behind the counter throws him a look that could kill.

“May I ask for your order?” the teen mumbles grouchily.

“A plain Magaritha and one with sardelles, anchovies and double cheese, please.” Mike orders ignoring the death glares. After today even this teen can´t scare him anymore. Instead, like always when he orders Pizza the ultimate question runs thru his head. How, how is Rob able to eat sardelles and anchovies? It really makes him questioning the drummers taste. For the rest of his waiting time, Mike tries his best to stay unnoticed. The last thing he needs today is to be spotted by Paparazzi or some crazy fans. Finally his order is literally slammed down on the counter.

“16.75 $.”

“Here we go.” Mike hands over 50 $.

“Your change. Goodbye!”

“Bye.” What a friendly young man, Mike thinks sarcastically. He places the pizza in the backseat and gets into the front. As he puts away the change he notices it´s only 12.25 $. The grumpy teenager cheated 21 $ out of him. He punches the steering wheel but refrains from going back. He just wants to get home. Rob surely will cheer him up. The pizza smell lets Mike mouth water and he can´t wait to get home and have dinner with Rob. He is nearly in a good mood again as he stops in their driveway. Taking the pizza from backseat Mika makes his way over to the porch.

On the second step the emcee trips over his own feet. The Pizza boxes fly forward while Mike lands half on the porch and half on the stairs. Defeated he lays still not moving an inch, thinking Rob must have heard the noise. Rob will come and save him. But nothing happens. After a few minutes even Mike realizes that the drummer won´t come, so he picks himself up slowly. Robs Pizza is still safe in his box while Mikes is hanging in the Rosebushes. The rapper lets out a defeated sigh. This is definitely not his day. Picking up Robs pizza he opens the door and gets inside searching for his boyfriend. But Rob was nowhere to be found.

Not in the kitchen, not in the living room, not by the x box. Mikes anger fastly turns into sadness. He literally feels like crying, this whole day was too much of a disaster. Sniffing he climbs up the stairs, just wanting to fall his bed and forget this day ever happened. Not the slightest bit he is expecting the display he views upon opening the bedroom door.

There is his lover. Completely naked in a sea of rose leafs and candle light. Any other day Mike would be instantly aroused and all about happy on such a display. But today he just sighs kicks out his shoes, walks over to the bed, let’s himself fall into the sheets pulling a cushion over his head. Rob watches his lover dumbfolded. This was clearly not the reaction he wanted to provoke; he never even thought Mike could react that way.

Suddenly a muffled scream is heard from under the cushion, making the drummer visibly jump. Stunned he watches the screaming lump beside him. Cautiously touching the emcees shoulder.

“Hey Mike, are…are you okay?”


“Mike please, I thought you would like this surprise.” Rob states timidly.

“You better sleep on the couch today.” Comes a mumbled response from under the pillow. The drummers lips start to quiver, he never thought he had hurt Mike so much this morning.

“O..o..okay” Rob sniffles and gets up to leave. Immediately Mike head shots up and he looks at Rob.

“Hey Rob sorry! I didn´t meant it that way. I just think you might be safer there, because today your boyfriend is a walking catastrophe. Everything what can go wrong, goes wrong. Everything that can break, will break. So just for your own safety, please take the couch. Oh and there is a pizza for you on the kitchen counter.” Rob looks at Mike puzzled.

“Did you already eat? I mean where’s yours?”

“In the Rosebushes by the front door.”


“As I said I am a walking catastrophe today. And as much I would love to jump at you and ravish you, I am afraid you will get burned, or I get burned or some other embarrassing sex accident will happen.” Rob starts to laugh.

“Not funny!” Mike hisses. Rob takes the cushion away and snuggles up to his boyfriend.

“Why so pessimistic?”

“Because this was the worst day of my life! Now I just want to sleep so this can be over.”

“Aww who was mean to my little Mikey?” Rob mocks him.

“Seriously Rob, I am a magnet for everything evil today.”

“Such a little drama queen, you´ve taken lessons from Ches?”

“Rob, I got pulled over twice, got two tickets, got stuck in traffic, was late to the WB meeting, my message of being late never made it to Mr Burkley so he is now ready to rip my head off, if Chester doesn´t do it first. Because after missing the turn to the studio, a Frappuccino shower, a stupid new desk guy at NRG, I was finally so stupid to start a fight with the diva only to accidently erase some of his vocals. Not enough a bird shit on me, the pizza guy cheated 21 $ out of me, I tripped on the front porch and threw my pizza into the bush. So please please for your own safety sleep on the couch and leave me here!”

“That all happened today?” The drummer asks surprised.



“Please just let me sleep now.”

“Yeah just sleep. I will keep you safe.”

“Aren´t you afraid you might get hurt?

“Don´t worry I never would be afraid of you!” Rob states, wraps his arms around Mike and plants a kiss on his head.

“Your decision.” Mike mumbles sleepily

“Just sleep.”

The end/loppu


Hope you liked it!

Thanks for reading!


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