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I hate when you say you don't understand by CaRRo


~~Disclaimer: I do not own Linkin Park... I do not know Linkin park (I wish)...Just read this little story and give me some feedback...(there maybe some grammatical and spelling faults, but just ignore that) Thank's!!~~~~

-Chester´s POV-

I woke up this morning with a strange feeling.

I felt the urge for something. I felt it deep inside of my mind.

Without any idea where I was headed, I went outside and just walked away.

It felt like my world was spinning and I couldn’t make it stop...what did I want, what did I need?

It all started yesterday.

(24 hours before)

-"Hey Brad, what's up for tonight?" Joe asked while he tied his shoelaces.

-"Well...I thought we could gather the band together and go to Mikes place and spend some quality time. Does that sound okay?" Joe nodded and smiled as he tried to open the car door.

Brad and Joe went in to Joe’s car, which was parked outside Brad’s apartment house. As Joe was about to start the car, they saw Mike running towards them. Brad crank down the car window and watched as Mike stopped next to him.

-"Hi guys!" Mike said breathless with a smile on his face. "Where'r you guys going?

-"Frankly, we was going to your place and ask you if wanted to throw a house party with the gang.”

Mike thought for a moment, then said;

-"Well, why the fuck not?" He entered the car and they drove away.

When they reached Mike house, Joe parked the car outside and pulled up his cell phone. He gave it to Mike and asked him if he could call Chester while Brad and he could start to arrange things. Mike nodded and dialed the number to Chester. He heard the signal twice and then Chester answered.

-"Hello?" Chester said in a tired voice

-"Hi Chazy Chaz, it's Mike, what are you doing?"

-"Well, I just got up for five minutes ago and masturbated for three minutes ago, and now I’m talking to you..." Chester laughed and then yawned.

-"Do you want to come over to my place, and spend some quality time with the rest of the gang?" Mike asked while he draw his fingers threw his dark hair.

-"I dunno...I don't feel so good..."

-"Why? What have you been doing?" You haven't been drinking, right?

-"Well... Maybe I just took a sip...Maybe..."Chester laughed.

-"Chaz...It's not funny! You know it’s not good for you to drink too much.!" Chester sighed again and said that Mike probably right... Like always....

-"Anyway..."Mike began" Do you wanna come over or not?"

-"Okay…" Chester said in a sarcastic tone. "I'll be there at six. That's okay? Mike said that it was okay and ended the phone call.

While Mike has talked with Chester, Joe and Brad had gone to the store to buy some beer and some snacks. He went inside and got a beer than called Dave and Rob.


What will happen at the party? Why does Chester have a strange feeling the morning after? Give me a review and I'll might let you know and update...

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