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"Boy next Door" by BBB's Sex Toy

In the future after Linkin Park split up

"You're getting neighbors?"

Mike peeked out of his windows to the three large vans parked into the house next to his. He had thought that people wouldn't like it there. It was so secluded, nothing except for a bar 20 minutes down the road. And 20 minutes past that was where the real town began.

"Seems so." he answered and then turned to look at his boyfriend/friend, Jay. They were an on and off kind of couple and they usually just referred to each other as friends.

"I hope he's cute." Jay said as he wet his lips and stretched on the long couch, smiling at the glare from Mike. They were currently a couple.

"Whatever." Mike dismissed it as he stepped away from his window and to the couch. He took a seat and Jay moved his legs to rest on Mike's thighs.

"I bet you he is hot. Oh! We could have a nasty little threesome... if he swings that way. I bet you he wouldn't turn it down. I mean hell, you're Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park and well... look at me. I am too delicious for anyone to turn down so we got it set..." he rambled on and Mike rolled his eyes, his head falling back as a sigh slipped through his chapped lips. He bit on his bottom lip as his hands rubbed Jay's leg absently.

The name Linkin Park had triggered something in Mike. Something he hadn't liked to deal with when the subject came up. He smiled though, as the memories came.

The group had been huge. Hybrid had been now certified 11x platinum since the release of "Points of Authority" and Linkin Park were riding high. After the Ozzfest tour Linkin Park had decided to take a quick break of two weeks to do nothing.

That's when it had started.

Mike had always had a crush on Chester. The boy was pure perfection. He moved like liquid and had so much soul that when hit those notes sometimes it gave you chills. He had a narrow waist and a beautiful body, all pale and smooth and... who wouldn't lust after the guy?

But Mike was a good boy. He could curb his little desires. It was easy. He'd zone off and it would be all good. The guys would call him spacey and weird and not normal but that was him. And hell, it got his mind off a shirtless Chester, didn't it? Damn right.

Now think about this. If you had a wet and sniffling Chester show up to your door one rainy night, pouting about the next girlfriend who he had caught cheating, what would you do? Take him in of course and that's what Mike had done. Took him in, told him to take a shower and gave him clothes to wear. Even though the shorts were nice, the top was a little fitting and Mike had to resist the urge to tell Chester to just get rid of the shirt all together.

Chester had then sat in front of the fire place that he had requested and frowned. While Mike made hot chocolate, because they were both in the mood, he couldn't help but wonder why Chester was at his place. The blonde usually went to Brad for these type of things.

Mike walked into the living room with 2 mugs and handed his silently to Chester who took it graciously, a small whisper floating from one to the other.

Before Mike could speak in the silence that painted the room Chester blurted out that he had caught Courtney, his current girlfriend with another girl and that along with his heart, his pride also was now shattered. Mike, who wanted to laugh because... Hey! It was funny, turned to look at Chester with sympathetic eyes. <

He told Chester that it was going to work out and maybe he just had to wait for the right girl to come and that you had to fail a few times before you could succeed.

Chester just rolled his eyes, muttering about how anything with a vagina should be cursed. Mike thought it was a perty good speech if he had to say.

But then Chester was convinced that all women were evil and what were the next best thing? Men. And Mike was a man. A good looking man, and Chester noticed. He sat closer and before Mike could read into it Chester's lips were on his and his hands were on his body.

It felt weird. Wanting something so much and then having it. The need for the kiss to last forever overwhelmed Mike at that moment because this was heaven. This was what he had yearned for over years and now that he had it, the fear that in a minute it would be gone scared the hell out of him.

And it just had to come to an end, didn't it? Chester had pulled back with swollen lips, his hands still on Mike's belt buckle and for a quick second Mike thought he was still going to go through with it but then he took his hands away and stood up on shaky legs. He had said his apologies and then ran, still muttering that he was sorry.

Mike felt like an accident and his anger flowed hotly through his veins. A tease was all it was. Whether it was intentional or not, it was still teasing.

He had lashed out and kicked the couch and ended up breaking a toe.

When Linkin Park regrouped together at New York to do the Today show, Mike braced himself for the worst. But it never happened. Chester acted like they were still the best friends they had been before and that he hadn't even thought about the kiss. The mind numbing kiss that rocked Mike's world if only for a few seconds.

And it went back to curbing his desire. To being careful around Chester and it was working. And Mike could actually live with it, as long as Chester was near him that was all that mattered.

That's how he knew he was in love.

So when Joe said he had gotten an acting role again that would last a year, and Brad said he was taking the next months off he didn't pay much attention. The year off would do good.

But when Chester said he was working on his solo album and paused, Mike's heartbeat sped up and he swallowed loudly. Chester had looked right at him when he said "And I am leaving the band."

The silence was deafening in it's own way, and Mike felt smothered in it. He had given a small smile before excusing himself from the room, hearing the distant yells of Brad saying that they had made Chester and had gotten him here but it didn't matter. All that mattered was that he get into a room where no one found him for days. He just wanted to be alone. Not. He wanted to be with Chester. And now Chester was leaving. Not for a week, or a month or a year. But forever to start his own thing. Alone.

Didn't the bastard know how much Mike needed him? Obviously not because the next week it was splashed all over the papers that pop phenomenon Linkin Park was officially over and that Chester was planning to go solo.

Mike looked down from the ceiling and took a deep breath, his chest rising swiftly.

"And ya know, you should really go over there. Welcome them to the neighbor hood that only consists of us and the old married couple at the end of the street that cant hear for shit and has all those whiny little grandchildren. Although they have this one grandson, I wouldn't mind digging into that. I mean, ok so he's only 17. But when he turns 18, he better watch out man." And Jay was still blabbering about it and Mike had to laugh because good lord, man.

"Be quiet Jay." he said softly and Jay smiled at him before sitting in Mike's lap, his hands playing with a lock of hair behind the brunette's ear.

"Mm..." Jay spoke, his breath ghosting over Mike's lips. Mike leaned up slightly and brushed his lips along Jay's and was satisfied by the hand on his neck bringing him deeper into the kiss.

But before it could get really good the doorbell rang and Jay pulled away smiling.

"We have a house guest! Goodie." he giggled and Mike pulled him back by the waistband of his boxers.

"No, I answer my door." he laughed and Jay rolled his eyes. "Now go put on some clothes, you're nearly naked." he said and the stood up as Jay pranced from the room.

He stretched as he walked towards the door, checking out his hair in the hall mirror before opening the big oak doors.

What he saw made his breath catch. "Oh god." he whispered as the woman's wide eyes proved that she was also stunned.

"Mike?" she asked and Mike blinked owlishly.

"Yeah?" he breathed as he took in the tall woman. It couldn't be.

"You live here? I... I thought you were in L.A.?" she asked, a strand of now red curly hair slipping from behind her ear.

Mike shook his head and continued to stare at the woman. If she lived next to him, then that meant he would have to see...

"Chester is going to be so thrilled!" Finally the squeal made itself known and she put the plate of cookies on the ground quickly before giving Mike a bear hug. "Oh gosh, Mike its been so long since I have seen you. Ho have you been? For a while, you are all that Chester talked about. I swear. And I know he is my son but good lord!" she laughed and Mike smiled, still alittle stunned. Out of all the places to live, she picked here.

"So... You live here now?" and Lynn shook her head with a smile. Ok, now Mike was confused.

"Well then... huh?" he asked as she smiled and brought him in for another hug.

"Wait here." she said and then scampered to the house across the street. 10 minutes later when there was no sign of anybody Mike picked up the cookies and shut the door.

"You wont believe who was at the door!" Mike yelled and Jay bounded down the stairs now in just a towel. Mike sighed. Jay liked to show off what he had and Mike always tried to keep him from others.

"Who?" Jay asked as he plucked a cookie from the plate. "Ooh, sugar cookies." he hummed as he bit into one.

Just as Mike was about to answer the doorbell rang again and Mike walked over to the door quickly, hoping it was Lynn again. He had some questions. "Stay here." he said and Jay grinned as he untied the knot and let the towel fall to the ground. "Oh goodness." Mike groaned and opened the big door again and this time was sure he was going to faint sometime soon.

This could NOT be happening. Period.

"Wow." escaped the other man's mouth and Mike felt his eye lids get heavy. He really did think he was going to pass out soon.

Almond brown stared at him and Mike swallowed nervously. He had said a final goodbye to this man years ago, why the hell was here now?

The two stood in silence until Jay popped out of nowhere. "Hey! You must be the ne-"

Mike had only heard 2 seconds of the black haired boy to know that he was still naked and he quickly put a hand over Chester's eyes.

"God." he moaned and Chester laughed in front of him, his hands trying to get Mike's hand from his eyes. He wanted to see. "Get inside!" he yelled and then pushed Chester backwards as they both stepped outside and Mike closed the front door.

He then took back his hand and blushed. "Sorry but-"

"You always have naked twinks in your house?" Chester asked crossing his arms with that defiant smile and Mike let the rest of his sentence die in his mouth.

"Please don't pay attention to him." Mike answered softly and took a deep breath. "What are you doing here?" he asked and Chester shrugged leaning against a statue.

"How old was that boy? 18? Didn't know you went for that raw meat, man." Chester shook his head and Mike rolled his eyes.

"Its not any of your business anyway. Answer my question. I thought you were living with Trace somewhere in New York."

Chester shrugged and looked out at his house that you could only see partially because off the mini forest separating their estates. "I didn't like how everyone was a busybody or a total slacker there. I just wanted some place refreshing. Like Cali, but the woodsy area of Cali. Ya know, this place."

Mike stared at the young man and shook his head. This was just way too weird.

"Its screwy aint it? That... that you'd happen to be my neighbor." Chester laughed that precious laugh and Mike could only nod. Damn this boy for being so damn.... good.

The door opened again and Mike rolled his eyes. Jay was also stubborn along with being an exhibitionist.

"Mike, if you ever slam the door in my face again." Jay warned and then turned to Chester with an open palm. Mike turned and saw he finally had some sweat pants on. "Hi am Jay. And- oh shit! You're from Linkin Park!" Jay's jaw dropped and he turned, looking at Mike with wide eyes. "Oh shit, that's weird." he laughed and then raised his hand again. "Well, welcome to the neighborhood but let me just warn you, me and Mike here are the only sane ones on this block and anything remotely interesting is about 40 minutes out, just so ya know."

Chester smiled and took the small hand, nodding. "Nice to meet you Jay. I am Chester. So..." he looked between Mike and Jay and then raised his eyebrows and Mike was quick to explain and squash any of Chester's assumptions. "Jay has an apartment in town, he just uh, stays here a lot." Mike said as Jay raised a perfect eyebrow.

Chester studied both of them carefully and gave Jay a sincere smile as his thoughts, and eyes, wandered over to Mike who had never looked batter. Who knew being 27 could make you look that fine.

"Um." Mike said, a little uncomfortable. "Well we have to go but maybe... maybe we'll see each other sometime." he said and Chester gave a nod.

"Count on it." and then the blonde was out walking back to his house and Mike leaned against the door, a loud whoosh of air escaping him.

"Ooh, ya know. I was serious about that whole threesome thang." Mike cut his eyes towards the young man. "Not like you would mind or anything." Jay teased quickly before bolting inside leaving Mike to wonder about how just true that simple statement was.


"You asked them over for dinner?" Chester asked and then turned to his mother who had her patented innocent face on. He learned from the best, of course.

"Well, they are your new neighbors. You should make them dinner. Its a must, Chester. Don't act so anal about it." his mother said as she stirred the noodles.

Chester rolled his eyes and ran a hand through his hair. "I can't. I mean, its Mike! I have known him forever. We would have gotten together... later. He probably has other things-"

"Oh hush. You would never cook dinner for him, I might as well since you're so bad at baking. I want you to thank me Chester." she smiled and Chester couldn't help the smile that formed on his lips. His mother was crazy yet right.

"Yeah, well if this all goes to hell its your fault, ok?" he asked playfully and she laughed and started on the spaghetti sauce.

* * * * *

"You accepted their invitation?!" Mike yelled and Jay pulled on a sweatshirt.

"Sheesh. If I thought you were gonna act like you have a pole up your ass about it, I wouldn't have said anything." Jay shook his head and then pulled on some jeans. "Ya know, this is good for both of you. You know you wouldn't have tried to make any amends if it weren't for me." he prided himself and yawned.

Mike's brow furrowed and he realized his egotistical friend was indeed right. He hadn't talked to Chester in 2 long years and he knew he wouldn't have made an attempt to talk to the younger man again.

It was more than betrayal to him. Chester had just left and abandoned them all. Especially him. His life was music and Chester had pulled that right from under him.

"No." he said sternly as anger washed over him slowly. With each passing second he found more reason why Chester was a son of a bitch. "No. I am not gonna go over there. He can kiss my ass for all I care."

Jay grinned and winked at Mike. "Isn't that what you want, though?" he asked and Mike shook his head, flipping off the younger man.

"Fuck you. I am not going. You can tell him I'm sorry but... nah." and with that Mike was back in his bed, under the covers and so fucking anxious it wasn't even funny. Why did Chester have to be the boy next door?

* * * * *

The four of them were all seated at the long table and Mike felt extremely small. Jay sat beside him munching politely on a bread stick as Lynn talked, her face bright. It seemed the woman hadn't aged. Chester sat across from him and Mike had to try his best to avoid that face.

As did Chester. He had to try and not focus on Mike, the Mike he had left those years ago that was at his dinner table now with his boyfriend. He tried to let that not bother him.

So he was jealous Mike had a boyfriend. Ok, what else was new?

"So, then this girl comes up to us-"

"In the 7/11 right?" Jay asked as he spooned his spaghetti.

Lynn nodded. "Yeah, and she goes up to Chester and says ‘Oh Chester! I love you! I am carrying your child. Our Child. Come with me to the land of the free' and kept on her rambling and Chester looked so scared it was hilarious." the woman laughed and Chester rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, it was just great." Chester muttered and Mike hid his smile.

"Well. Are you done sweetie?" Lynn asked Mike who nodded politely looking at his empty plate and stood to gather his dish but Lynn and Jay stood at the same time reaching for all of their plates. "You two scatter, Jay and I will clean up." she said beaming at Chester and Mike and Chester narrowed his eyes at his mother. He knew what she was doing.

But they both got up and Mike followed Chester out onto the patio. The night was airy and fresh and cool. A breeze swept through the trees and Chester smiled into the sky.

"Is that your boyfriend or what?" Chester asked suddenly and Mike who had been looking out at Chester's backyard looked at the blonde sharply.

He was debating what exactly they were but then he shrugged his shoulders and silently told himself to fuck it. "Well.. Yeah. Kinda. We just... ya know." Mike left it at that before turning back to the trees. That's all Chester needed to know.

Chester laughed beside him and leaned on the wooden railing. "Yeah, that clears it up. Its just that you. You act... you act like his older brother. Not like his boyfriend." he commented and Mike shrugged thoughtfully.

"Well its.. Its weird. I kinda have to, ya know, act all adult like ‘cause he's crazy and irresponsible-"

"Yeah those teens, I tell ya."

Mike looked back quickly with a ghost of a smile and shook his head.

"He's about to be 20, ya know."

"But that makes him 19 right now. That is... lets see 8 years younger than you are, man. That's like almost a decade."

Mike rolled his eyes. "Shut up."

The two stood comfortably, the initial shock of seeing each other seemed to settle and they were actually grasping the fact that they were living next to each other.

"So." Chester prompted and crossed his arms, looking at Mike. "Why are you with him anyway?" His voice was light.

The brunette raised his eyebrows and crossed his arms also. "Why do you want to know?"

Chester shrugged his shoulders and continued to watch his friend. "I don't know, I am just catching up. Now answer."

Mike bit his lip and sighed. They were just good friends. "Ever heard the saying that friends make the best lovers?" He asked and then wanted to hit himself because he wasn't talking about Jay when he said it. "He's good company, is what I mean, I guess." he covered and was satisfied when Chester shrugged again.

"I am good company. Whats the difference."

Mike narrowed his eyes at the forest in front of him and cleared his throat. "I think I love him in some kinda way, but I think its more friendly than anything else. He is just... just a friend with... yeah." He tried to defend but then frowned and shut his mouth, shaking his head. Nothing that had come out of his mouth had been slightly intelligent and now he was paying for it.

Chester smiled and moved to stand beside Mike, their shoulders touching slightly.

"He needs drugs to settle his ass down." Chester chuckled and Mike looked at him with a smile.

"That's funny cause I was just about to say he reminded me of... of you." the brunette laughed and then blushed looking towards the trees again.

Chester grinned and looked down at the wood beneath his hands. "God Mike." he murmured and Mike looked towards him. "Its been years." he said and Mike's face hardened immediately. Whoops, wrong subject?

"Whose fault is that?" he asked and then moved away, looking into the pool. Chester bit his lip and then turned back towards the house. "How you like my house?" he asked and Mike nodded.

"Its pretty nice. It has a beautiful view." he commented and Chester nodded.

"Yeah... whats yours look like?" he asked softly and Mike turned towards him again. Was that supposed to be a subtle self invite?

"Why don't you come and see it!"

That wasn't Mike and the brunette cursed his over jubilant friend. Jay just grinned.

Chester smiled at Jay and then to Mike. "That sounds like a great idea, if ya ask me."

* * * * *

"I want to see your room."

Mike didn't look back this time and just turned on the kitchen lights. "And this is the kitchen. Out there, straight through there is the dining room but no one ever eats in there. We usually just go into the rec. room or something."

Chester came up behind Mike, spooking the man a little. "Its nice. Now why don't you show me upstairs." he hinted and Mike rolled his eyes.

"No. You're not going upstairs."

Chester pouted and Mike felt himself weaken. Damn pout.

"Oh come on Mike, I wanna see your room. I showed you mine!" The whine made Mike roll his eyes again and he turned, pinning Chester with his eyes.

"That's ‘cause your mom forced you to. Now I didn't personally care that you did and now you wont see mine." he smiled sweetly before coming to the front door again. He wanted this night to be over quickly. Too much Chester in one day was overwhelming sometimes. "Well, I guess this is goodn- Hey! Chester!" he screamed as the younger man bolted for the stairs with Mike not far behind, hopping the steps 2 at a time.

Chester ran through the hallways with a smile as he peeked into each room briefly. Finally he came upon the large, and very light colored room that almost seemed to glow to him. He stepped in and looked around. He would have never guess this as Mike's room but he had a feeling.

Then he was looking at the carpet as someone pounced on him from the back and he landed with an "oomph".

"I would like it..." Mike said as he wrenched Chester's arm higher into the awkward position. Chester grunted as he smiled. This was so like old times it wasn't even funny. He wondered if Mike noticed. "If you didn't run through my house like a fucking maniac next time. And I would like it if you didn't go through my shit, too." he said and Chester rolled his eyes as he tried to get free.

"I was looking into your rooms-"

"Which are in my house which is my shit. Ok?" the brunette questioned and Chester wiggled to get free.

"Oh come on, baby. We're here now. Just let me look around." the blonde protested but then stopped and Mike quirked an eyebrow. Chester gave a slow and sexy half smile. "Actually, I think I like you on top-"

Mike scrambled up quickly and cleared his throat. Chester waited for him to hold out his hand but it didn't seem like the older man would do it any time soon and he got up himself brushing off his clothes.

"Ohh. You're closet is huge." Chester mumbled as he walked over to it, strolling in it Mike tight on his heels.

"You touch anything, and it'll be your ass."

Chester turned around with an offended look. "You think I am some kind of klepto?"

Mike rolled his eyes and brushed past the blonde, making sure to stuff certain things in drawers before Chester could see.

"Ooh, what is this?" Chester chimed and Mike was scared to turn around. "Baby, I didn't think you were kinky like this- Oh my god! You are kidding me, right?" Mike turned and looked at the younger man with flushed cheeks. Chester stood, going through his drawers, his "private" drawer that had well, private stuff in it.

He grabbed the handcuffs and the cock ring, stuffing them into the drawer, quickly shoving Chester out of the closet.

"Those are Jay's. Now you saw my room, go-" Chester's lips settled on Mike's softly as not to scare the man, but Mike had already tensed and was now looking at Chester with wide eyes, his lips still pressed to the blonde's.

Chester pulled back and frowned. "You're supposed to kiss back, when someone kisses you, ya kn-"

"Where the hell do you get off, Chester! Really!"

Chester took a step back and raised his hands. "Whoa, settle down baby-"

Mike gritted his teeth. "And stop with the fucking ‘baby's."

Chester sat down on the bed, unaffected. "Come here."

"You don't fucking boss me arou-"

"Please, just... come here."

Mike put his hands on his hips. "No. Where the fuck do you get off? Coming here unexpectedly, disrespecting my house AND my wishes and then you kiss me like that? Yeah, that's not cool."

Chester crossed his arms and stayed silent.

Mike's chest heaved and his arms dangled at his side. "God."

Chester smiled. "You called?"

"That's so old... god, Chester! Where did you come from?"

Chester smiled and laid back on the large bed. "Well, my parents, they decided one night that they were in the mood an-"

"Shut up Chester."

"Hey you asked!" Chester's head tilted up and he saw Mike still across the room. "Look, are you that freaked out by a kiss?"

Mike threw his arms out towards Chester, frustrated. "You're not gay though!"

Chester sat up, looking almost offended. "Excuse me? Who says?"

Mike's back hit the wall and he looked upwards. "Please, someone help him. Please?"

Chester laughed. "No, but really dude. Who says I'm straight?"

"You did, you bloke."

Chester's eyebrow rose. "When did I say ‘I, Chester Charles Bennington, am as straight as an arrow' ?"

Mike opened his mouth, ready to say something snappy to embarrass Chester but his mouth stayed open while no sounds appeared. And it hit him, like a mound of cement blocks.

Chester was gay.

Chester. Was. Gay.

His Chester, the one he lusted after for how many years now, was gay...

"Close your mouth, baby." Chester said as he got up and stretched. He stopped in front of Mike's brooding form and smiled. "Mike?"

Mike took a move to step back and was suddenly aware that he was against a wall. "What?" He was glad he sounded mad. He was mad.

Chester looked at him thoughtfully. His hand came up and rested on his cheek. Mike didn't flinch away. "I am sorry, ok? For..." he stopped and looked down quickly. "For a lot of things."

And before Mike knew it, Chester was out of his room and out of his house. He exhaled a long breath he hadn't known he was holding.

"God dammit." he cursed and rubbed a finger over his bottom lip.

Chester had kissed him.

He frowned. "Dammit, fuck."

Chester hadn't been back for a whole week. Mike would be lying if he said he wasn't glad. But he'd also be lying if he said he wasn't a little curious as to his friend's behavior and what had caused that kiss.

But the moment his insides started getting tingly and his smile started to appear he rushed the feelings away.

Jay, though, had been attending Chester's house frequently and Mike was alittle unnerved by that.

Jay came home every night gushing about how he and Chester were so much a like and how he was going back tomorrow and blah blah fucking blah.

Now, Mike lie on his deck, in some trunks and a hat. His dog, Cujo by his feet. It was a beautiful day and Mike was taking advantage of it. He was pale.

"Mike!" Jay's voice was loud.

"What?" he answered, not bothering to open his eyes.

"We're using the pool."

"Whatev-" Mike thought about it. We? He opened his eyes to see Jay run towards the pool, do a cannon ball and then towards Chester who walked over, a grin on his face. "Shit." Mike breathed as Chester walked with such finesse it seemed as if the younger man was putting on a show.

"Join us." Chester was talking to him and Mike shook his head slowly, his eyes glued to the blonde's lean form. It had been too long.

"Why didn't y'all go to your pool?"

Chester laid down his towel and took off his sunglasses. "Jay wanted to come here."

Mike pursed his lips. Chester sat down on the edge of the chair. When had Chester become so forward?

"Mike! Chester! Come in. Now!" Jay yelled and Chester winked at Mike before bolting from his seat and diving into the pool, making a small effortless splash.

Mike watched them, discretely of course. He watched them play, and splash and he smiled because it looked fun.

"You're missin' out, Mike!" Jay yelled and then got dunked by a giggling Chester. Mike smiled and turned his attention to his dog that was nuzzling his foot.

"Hey, sweetie." he cooed and then looked up, staring at Chester's form as he rose to sit on the cement deck surrounding his pool.

He watched as Chester smiled towards the sun, his arms supporting him. He shook his head, water flying from his curls and then he looked down again. His face was serious and his cheek bones stood out, the water glistening on his cheeks. His eyes were dark and mysterious and his mouth was pursed slightly, a sliver of darkness peeked from the inside of his mouth. His face was boyishly manly. God, he was great looking.

Mike looked around and cleared his throat. He needed to be careful.

* * * * *

"Mike?" Jay called out in the dark house. He walked up the long stairs, and then turned around holding a finger up to Chester who was standing in the door way, a little shy. "Mike!!" he called out and was satisfied when a door opened, and he could hear muttering.

"What the hell! I was showering!" Mike complained as he stomped out, completely nude. Jay leered and then licked his lips.

"I can see." he smiled and then moved to the side. When he turned around, he wasn't surprised to see Chester's wide eyes.

"Oh holy shit!" Mike yelled as he grabbed Jay by the shoulders and shielded himself from Chester's big eyes. "Why the fuck... you little fucker. Oh my god." Mike was panting now, red to the tip of his scalp as he rushed into his room. Jay turned to Chester. "Nice view wasn't it?"

Chester tried to hide his smile and then just gave up and grinned at the young man. "I owe you one." he laughed.

Mike came out a few minutes decked out in a long sleeved shirt and some flannel pajama pants. It really wasn't that cold but he didn't want Chester seeing any part of his body.

"So, what are yall doin'?" he asked going to the refrigerator, grabbing the milk and putting it on the counter.

Jay strolled by and grabbed the carton bringing it to his lips. Mike turned around and narrowed his eyes at the missing carton.

"I swear I had just- Jay! Fuck, if I have to tell you one more time..." Mike groaned as he ripped the box from Jay's hands. Jay smiled.

"So Mike." Chester started and hopped up onto the counter. "How have you been?"

Mike turned to the side and looked at Chester with a raised eyebrow. "Um... good." he said warily and Chester chuckled slightly.

"Yeah, its not like I'm going to rape you any time soon, you can stop being so paranoid." he laughed and Mike smiled slightly because he had missed Chester's laugh and dammit he wasn't ready to admit that.

"Whatever." he said gruffly before grabbing his... he looked down into his bowl of milk and rolled his eyes. Yeah, he was so smooth sometimes. He started to go anyway but Chester grabbed his arm and he distantly realized Jay was no where in sight.

"What do you mean, ‘whatever'? Mike." he said and Mike sighed. Chester frowned and Mike looked up. "Look, Mike, it was just a freakin' kiss. I am sorry if I offended you or anything I just..." he stopped and his grip suddenly softened and it was gentle, like a caress now. "I don't wanna be all like," he stopped again and then looked at Mike with a smile, his eyes glinting slightly.

Mike stood, staring and probably drooling because Chester was looking so incredibly sexy and innocent standing beside him, his smile blinding.

Chester stepped closer, his hands pressing the bowl of milk away before they smoothed up Mike's arms, their warmth scalding Mike. He shuddered and stepped forward against the warning voices in his head. The ones that told him to stop before he got caught up and then in the end, realized this was all a joke.

Chester grinned, and his breath swept over Mike's face. When had he gotten so close? Well, it wasn't important now because Chester was leaning in, his eyes tempting, his lips shimmering.

Mike felt himself losing. Felt himself being pulled to Chester, knowing Chester had him right where he wanted.

They were close, their noses brushing against each others and Mike's eyes fluttered closed at the contact. Just a little bit closer...

The bowl fell to the floor with a loud thud and a noisy splash seconds afterwards and Mike snapped back to reality, lurching back from Chester.

His face was pink and he was hot from head to toe. He felt like he had gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"S-sorry." he mumbled and Chester looked almost regretful but then that smile, that sexy smile was back in place and the blonde didn't look affected at all.

"Next time, maybe." he smiled and Mike was left staring after him, wishing away the voice in his head. Wishing Chester would come back and they finish what he so desperately wanted to start.

The music was set, a nice R Kelly beat that Chester knew would set the mood. He smiled as he stripped out of his shirt. His muscles flexed as he lifted the article above his head, the firm body rippling as he twisted. His chest looked smooth, almost like silk and satin. His sides were flat and curved slightly. The hip bones protruded, the starting points of the infamous "V" that every well built male had. And, well... this was a very built male.

But Mike wasn't thinking that. Why the hell would he think that? Its not like Chester was in front of him, giving him a strip tease or anything. They were just going swimming. Nothing remotely sexual about that. Nope.

Mike looked at Chester as he wiggled out of his jeans, his eyes landing to rest on the outline of Chester's ass in his boxer briefs.

No, nothing at all... No...

He watched as Chester's hands absently, or not so, ran over his stomach as he turned around. He pinned Mike with his eyes and the brunette shifted in his jeans that weren't tight enough.


But no, nothing sexual. Casual swim, that's all. That's...

Chester was peeling off his boxers and Mike felt his breath escape him all at once, his eyes wide, subconsciously wanting a peek at the front side.

He threw the maroon underwear to the side and then peeked over his shoulder. "Lets go skinny dipping instead."

And Chester was outside once Mike regained his equilibrium enough to realize that Chester was naked in his pool.

Chester. Naked... Chester. Naked... Chester. Naked... That was as far as he could get because his senses were on overload already.

He stood up on shaky legs, carrying himself over to the door. He saw Chester already in the pool, a fat smile on his face.

God, Mike thought as he walked outside into the breezy night air. He took off his shirt, laying it on a nearby chair.

"Is the water cold?"

Chester turned and Mike smiled. Chester was cute wet.

"Nah, not really. You gotta get used to it, though." he said and the dunked back down.

Mike shrugged and took a loud breath as he started to take off his jeans. He let the denim fall to his feet when he kicked them off. He stretched a bit and then went to the water's edge, dipping in a toe. He retracted it a millisecond later, cursing.

"Good lord! That's freezing Chester!"

Chester smiled. "Oh come on, Mike." but Mike shook his head rapidly.

"I am not about to freeze my balls off in there."

Mike watched as a sly look came across Chester's face and knew he was in for it.

"I could warm you up, baby. All you gotta do is ask..."

Mike shook his head but stopped once he saw Chester's pout. "Oh come on, Chester."

"Mike, you promised me you'd swim with me-"

"Only if you left me alone after. And now I don't really care because that water is freezing and... Chester, no. You can stay in..." he stated as Chester started towards the curb, propping himself to get out. The young blonde stood with a menacing smile. Mike, trying not to look beneath his waist, recognized it immediately. "No, Chester. You hear me? No." but the blonde advanced anyway and Mike backed up until his thighs met the table and that's when he started running, a laughing Chester not far behind.

"Mike! You promised!" Chester laughed as he hopped over Mike's potted plants.

Mike looked back with a smile as he ran for the life of him, skipping over the diving board and running around the hot tub. "Chester..." he giggled and saw Cujo by the sliding door. "I'm gonna get Cujo to bite you in the ass if you don't stop." he shouted, still grinning.

He made it to the door and put his hand on the handle, raising his eyebrow in question. "Make me." he warned and Chester stopped a few feet in front of him.

The young man put his hands on his hips. "Go ‘head."

Mike narrowed his eyes at the missing fear in Chester's eyes. Cujo was big, could tear the boy to pieces... why wasn't he scared?

But before anything Chester charged for him, picking the older man up, flinging him over his shoulder.

"Chester!!" Mike screamed as the younger man laughed taking the few steps toward the pool. He smacked Chester's ass hard and the young man jumped slightly.

"Ooh, Mike. Do it again!" he teased as he walked.

"Chester! If you throw me I wi-" Mike fell into the cold water with a large splash, his flailing arms and legs smacking against the water's surface. Chester sat on the side laughing, grabbing at his sides.

Mike came up with a large gasp as he sucked in air. He looked at Chester with dark eyes. Water dripped down his face and into his eyes. He brought a hand up to his eyes as he used the other to tread water.

"I-I'm going t-t-to fuck-fucking kill you!" he shouted as he slowly made his way over to the side. Chester just smiled and winked before diving in behind him. Mike wasn't far when the blonde came up for air. He pounced the instant those blonde curls came into view.

Chester lashed out, landing a small blow to Mike's stomach but the older man didn't relent. Then Chester went for the armpits, Mike's lethally ticklish spot and the brunette squirmed away with a laugh.

Chester resurfaced and stuck his tongue out at Mike while getting air into his lungs. They both floated towards the shallow end.

"You could have killed me." Chester complained as he shook his curls. Mike put his hands in front of him to shield him from the watery attack.

"You're alright."

Chester smiled. "As are you, Mr. ‘I'm gonna bitch and moan because the waters too damn cold'."

Mike rolled his eyes and shoved a large splash at Chester who turned his head the other way, blindly doing the same.

"Ah! Stop." Mike pleaded once Chester gained control and didn't stop. "Your gonna die!" he shouted and then jumped at Chester, holding his hands by the wrists. Chester smiled and Mike felt his face lift also.


Mike nodded, and looked towards the house, Cujo sitting patiently by the door.

Then, suddenly, he felt fingers on him and he gasped as he turned his head quickly to Chester who was smiling at him.

Chester let his hands twist out of Mike's hold and onto Mike's body instead, wrapping around the brunette's waist.

"N-no." Mike warned but he didn't move away. In fact, he was sure he moved closer because he was being pulled closer and before he knew it, his thigh was pressed in between Chester's legs. His hip brushed against Chester and the blonde exhaled loudly.

"Come on." Chester whispered as his hand came out to cup Mike's cheek, to bring him even closer.

Mike shook his head but let his eyes close as Chester's breath fanned over his face. "God." he breathed.

He could feel them getting closer, the heat from Chester's skin hitting him in waves and he shivered. When he was sure there lips were just centimeters apart, the sliding door opened and a rambunctious dog ran and jumped in the water, toppling the couple.

Mike stood up straight, flushed and turned to a guilty looking Jay.

"Um... oops?"

And with one look to Chester's red face, Jay knew he was in for it now.

* * * * *

"So whats going on between you and Mike?" Jay spread the mayonnaise on his sandwich smoothly, licking the knife before tossing it into the sink.

Chester glared and washed off the knife before using it on his own sandwich. "Do you have mustard?"

"Second drawer on my left." Seconds later Jay sighed. "My left. Now answer my question."

Chester shrugged and kicked the door shut. "Nothing, thanks to you."

Jay blushed and took a large bite out of his sandwich. "I said I was sorry, jerk."

Chester grinned and then put the mustard back in the fridge. "Mike's still being a prude."

"Yeah, well that's only because he's mad at you."

Chester's eyebrows shot up. "What do you mean? He's mad at me? About the kiss thing? I thought he had gotten over that millions of years ago."

Jay nodded and scrunched up his brow. "No, not about that, about the-... hold on, you don't know?" He then shook his head and laughed to himself. "Well duh, he wouldn't have told you. Ok anyway." Jay began munching on his food while Chester sat with bored eyes.

"Hello? Tell me why he's mad!" he finally said as Jay smirked.

"But its not my busin-"

"Oh shut up Jay and tell me. You have the biggest mouth ever, since when do you care about who's business you're spreading around? Especially Mike's?"

Jay smiled. "I know I have a big mouth, sir. And I put it to good use."

Chester smirked and Jay winked. "And alright, you talked me into it. He's still bitter you left. Hey, do you want a soda?"

Chester stood his mouth agape. Mike was bitter? After all these years? Well, the blonde rationalized, it made sense. I mean he did just up and leave. But the group would have split one way or another. They had said they were all behind him. He thought Mike was included... guess he was wrong.

"But, I mean..."

Jay sighed and looked at Chester. "Did you know he had feelings for you for like... ever?"

Now, Chester's jaw rested on the faint blue tiled floor and Jay bit his lip, hoping Mike didn't find out that he had let out that piece of information because it seemed the younger man hadn't known after all.

"Are you serious?" Chester had always known Mike played for the other team. He just knew it. But he hadn't known Mike actually had feelings for him, ones he could actually reciprocate.

Jay bit his lips because he desperately wanted to tell this kid that yes, Mike had pined over him for years and still did. But it wasn't his place.

"Well, yeah. But you really have to talk to Mike about that, I me-"

"Huh? What about me?" Mike asked walking into the room.

Jay laughed because that always seemed to happen. He then looked over to Chester and saw the younger man staring at the wall like it was the prettiest thing in the world a blush on his cheeks. He narrowed his with a smile. What was that about? He had to wonder.

Mike strolled over and went through the refrigerator, staying in extra long trying to avoid that Chester was standing right there. Since earlier, the young man was the only thing on Mike's mind and, to put it bluntly, that wasn't good.

"So... how is everybody this beautiful day?" Jay asked cheerfully and Mike and Chester both groaned at the same time. They looked at each other and Chester blushed before turning away.

"Uh, see yall later. I gotta, um... yeah." He was out the door before Jay could raise his eyebrow.

"What was that about?" Mike asked as he watched through his window Chester walking over to his yard.

Jay shrugged. "Don't ask me."

* * * * *

Chester paced his room. Ok, so Mike had feelings for him. That's what he wanted, right? Yes that's what he had wanted for a long time coming. But, then why did Mike just blow him off all the time?

Chester's eyes brightened and he slapped a hand to his forehead. "Because he's still mad about the break-up. Dammit." He mumbled to himself.

"God." Chester hissed as he tangled a hand in his hair. Now Mike was never going to give in to him.

"But..." A slow grin splayed across the younger man's handsome face. A devious plan assembled in his brain and he nodded.

It was simple.

It was easy.

He grinned. He had it in the bag. Mike would be his by the end of the month, tops.

Jay opened the door and left it as he walked back to his bedroom, all the while not opening his eyes.

"Thanks for the good morning, J." Mike mumbled as he walked through the threshold of his house, shrugging out of his light jacket.

He walked into the living room, dropping his bag by the side but stopped abruptly as he spotted the young curly haired blonde passed out on the leather couch.

The pink and orange sunset casted rays against his beautiful skin, transforming him into something greater, and prettier, than anything human. His lips parted as a small sigh escaped him, and he moaned as he shifted.

Mike let his gaze wander lower, resting on the jeans that were an inch from showing the man's treasures. Not that Mike would have minded or anything.

He shook himself out of his daze and grumbled to himself. He had promised himself it wouldn't be like last time. Because with the way Chester was acting as of late, he wasn't sure he could be able to restrain himself.


Mike turned around and saw Chester sitting up now, rubbing at his eyes. His heart softened at the sight. Chester could always make him melt.

Chester smiled at him, a sexy little thing and Mike felt his tender smile fall. Oh no...

"Can you come here?"

Mike took a cautious step back and Chester chuckled, but his hand reached out for him.

"Please, my back hurts and I need a good..."

Mike shook his head quickly. "Nu-uh. I-I don't have good hands-"

"You have pianist hands, Mike. You have good hands." Chester's voice had taken on a throaty whisper and Mike felt himself being drawn to the younger man.

His mind was hazy as Chester smiled deviously and flipped onto his stomach, his body reacting to only Chester's touches as he climbed on top of the blonde. His hands were shaking slightly as he started kneading Chester's shoulders. The brown eyed man groaned underneath him and slowly twisted his hips. Mike closed his eyes quickly.

"Don't-don't do that..." Mike breathed and Chester grinned into the pillow.

"But it feels good." he moaned again as Mike's hands pressed harder into the middle of his back.

Mike licked his lips and continued, trying to focus. Why did he agree to this anyway?

"God, your hands." Chester's whisper was husky and it made the room temperature go up. Mike shifted uncomfortably on top of Chester. Oh, he realized. That's why he had agreed.

Then, suddenly, Chester flipped Mike over, landing in between the stunned brunette's legs.

His crystal brown eyes were wide with shock and Chester wasted no time as he leaned in brushing his lips with the older man's. He waited for Mike to respond and was rewarded when the older man started to move against him, his tongue meeting Chester's in the middle.

Chester urged Mike's legs up, and Mike complied, wrapping his right leg around Chester's waist. He sighed into the kiss as he brought his hand to the back of Chester's head, bringing the younger man in deeper.

Chester groaned as he pulled back only to go back in, leaving a trail of wet and slow kisses to Mike's cheek, jaw and neck, leaving a lovebite on the long column. He wanted to take his time. He wanted to go slow.

His hands traveled over the light cotton t-shirt his friend wore and slipped easily underneath, his fingertips gliding lightly over the hot skin, his palms pressing against the firm muscles seconds later.

Mike groaned into the air, his hands fisting in golden curls, his eyes squeezed shut. This was what he had wanted for, just about ever and now he had it. He had Chester.

Chester's hand settled on his crotch, giving it a tight squeeze, and Mike cried out. But this was going to have to end. He didn't want just a hand job.

"Stop." he whispered but Chester continued kissing his collarbone before coming back to his mouth. Mike eagerly accepted the skilled tongue but the minute Chester slid a hand into his pants and he almost lost control, he pushed the youth away.

"St-stop." he said forcefully and Chester lifted up slightly, his eyebrows scrunched together.

"But I though-"

"I know. I know, I-... Never mind. Just get up."

Chester did so and Mike scrambled from underneath him, smoothing out his wrinkled t shirt, discreetly adjusting himself.

"Uh.. Yeah, lets, um-"

"Forget about it?" Chester offered but his raised eyebrow got Mike thinking the younger man wasn't particularly fond of that idea.

"Um, but yeah."

Chester narrowed his eyes, but then his good ole grin was back and it alarmed Mike.

The younger man grinned and he passed Mike on his way to the door, letting his hand run over Mike's stomach.

"Alright." And it was that simple because Chester hadn't given up and Mike saw it in his eyes.

The minute the door closed, he let out a loud breath and slumped back against the sofa. He looked down to his tented jeans and groaned.

* * * * *

Mike was walking up his driveway with the mail in hand. He was normal now and it felt great. He flipped through the pages and sighed as most of them were bills. He looked up when he recognized a song that was blasting from Chester's house. He knew Chester was washing his car but he had refused to look at the younger man as he walked out of his house.

Now he had because he liked the song and well yeah, he couldn't really look away.

Would you? Chester Bennington, in some see through white shorts, drenched to the bone as he washed his car. Come on now.

Mike was sure he was drooling as Chester bent over to pick up his sponge, his shorts transparent, and oh guess who decided not to wear under today? Mike found that out quickly when Chester turned around, waving at him.

He grunted and hurried into his house, slamming the door, missing the smile of satisfaction on Chester's face as he returned to washing his car.

* * * * *

"What are you making again?"


Jay's eyes lit up and Chester smirked. Mike narrowed his eyes. Dumb Jay for always having him over. He licked his lips, still remembering Chester's taste and shivered. Dumb Jay was right.

"Shut up Chester, go get laid." Jay retorted and continued on his merry way. It was hard to faze the younger man.

Chester smirked again. "I am trying to." he mumbled and Mike rolled his eyes. The blonde hopped up onto the counter, and Mike was on him quick.

"Get off the counter."


Brown eyes narrowed. "Because I don't want your ass on my counter." Mike replied easily and Chester grinned that frankly sexual smile that Mike feared. It always meant trouble, and if trouble meant two minute make out sessions then yes, trouble it was.

"But you want it in your bed, no?" Chester's grin had turned wicked and Mike had had enough.

"Shut up Chester, and go away."

The blonde didn't seem to hear him as he spread his legs wide. "Come on, C. Admit it."

Mike scoffed and continued stirring the Angel Hair noodles. "Admit what? And I t-told you to get off the counter."

Chester moaned softly. "Admit that you want-"

"Chester!" Mike didn't let him finish as he shook his spoon at the man. "Get off the damn counter!"

Chester grinned and hopped off the counter easily, blowing a quick kiss to Mike before sauntering away.

Mike didn't look back at Chester once, no, not to look at the blonde's nice ass in those sweat pants. Nope, not once.


"Mike, I think you should stop being such a prude." Chester chomped loudly into the telephone and reached for the sugar.

Mike rolled his eyes, holding the phone on his shoulder as he opened the fridge. "Did you call me just to call me names?"

Chester laughed, loudly. "No."

"Well, for the last..." Mike bent backwards to look at the clock on the microwave. "10 minutes you have called me a prude, a nerd, a dork, an OCD obsessed freak, a girl and a sailor."

Chester furrowed his brows together. "No, I said you had a mouth of a sailor. Not that you were one."

"Same damn thing."

"Did damn need to be in there, Popeye?"

"Fuck you, I'm about to hang up."

"No!" Chester stopped him quickly. "I wanna talk about this."

Mike took a large chug of his beer. "About what?"


"There is no us."

"Exactly!" Chester raised his hand to emphasize his point. "You know you want there to be. If just for one night... Hey, thats a song."

Mike rolled his eyes and Chester swore he could see it. "Ok, ya know what? I'ma tell you the truth. I want you, Chester. Really, really badly. I mean, I haven't had sex for weeks. But that does not in ANY way mean that I want a relationship with you." Maybe that would shut the boy up. Chester was so frustrating sometimes.

Chester smiled. "That's not what Jay told me..." he said in a sing song voice.

Mike paled and then turned to glare at the stairs. Jay would hear from him, for sure. "Fuck what Jay told you. Nothing he ever says is true and now we are officially off this topic."

Chester shrugged, knowing he'd bring it up soon enough. "Alright. Ey, come over."

Mike narrowed his eyes at nothing in particular. "Why?" he asked cautiously.

Chester chuckled. "Because I want company."

"Why don't you ask Ja-"

"Because I don't want Jay. I want you..." he smiled to himself. "To come over. So, what? 10, 15 minutes?"

"Who said I was coming?"

"We'll just hang out. I got this new popcorn, its good as shit."

"I didn't know shit was good." Mike grinned.

"Don't get smart. Ok, so now get off the phone and get ready."

Mike shook his head with a chuckle. "Who said I was coming?"

"And tell Jay his punk butt owes me for pizza."

Huh? "I'm not coming Chester, give it up."

Chester stopped chomping and grinned like a mad man. "Ever seen Training Day?"

Mike narrowed his eyes. "Bye Chester."

"Bye baby, see ya in a fe-" The click resounded in his ears loudly but Chester knew. Just knew.

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