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What's love got to do with it? by shinobi

Chapter 01

What’s love got to do with It? - By shinobi


~ Chapter one ~

I scuff my feet against the gravel that lines the winding path leading up to the school gates.

School. Another day of mind numbing shit is about to be force fed into my already overloaded mind. Great.

I should turn back around and head into town or something. Yeah, even spending my day in the lowest of cities, dodging crack dealers, drunks and cops sounds like a far more tempting prospect than school.

That is, until I see him.

At least I think it’s him. I pause and scramble in my bag, pulling out my glasses. I fix them on my head and smile like the cat who got more than just the cream.

Yes, I grin, it’s him. No mistaking.

I watch as he leans against the wall by the gate, lazily finishing off a cigarette before he enters. I’m captivated by the way the smoke rolls out of his smooth lips and spirals off into the air. He, as ever, looks stunning. His blond hair is spiked, neatly twisted to perfection. How I’d kill to run my hands through it. His deep brown eyes blink, taking in the surrounding life as it passes by, through his black framed glasses. My eyes follow down his body; his perfect complexion complimented by a black ‘DVS’ T shirt and light blue jeans, hanging low from his hips.

I blink, catching my breath. Yes, I’ll definitely go to school today.

My smile fades as I look up again. A petite blonde girl bounces up to him and snakes her arms around him, engaging him in a passionate kiss.

Sighing, I tear my thoughts away and continue up the path as slowly as possible.

Yes, you’ve got it, I’m smitten, infatuated, obsessed, even, with him. He’s my life, my reason for living, my world. The only thing he isn’t is mine.

He’s attached.

Yes of all the people I have to go and fall head over heals in love with and they have a girlfriend.

It always seems to happen.

Either I have a habit of going after someone strictly unavailable or I want someone I can’t have. Whatever it is, I’m yet to discover.

I shake my head out of that train of thoughts and try to visualise today’s timetable in my head. Yeah, term started about a month ago and I can’t remember classes. Partially my memory failure, partially due to fact I’ve been skipping lately....

I stop as a girl on a bmx whizzes in front of my path almost knocking me over.

“WATCH IT,” She calls.

I give her the finger and carry on, my object of affection getting closer to my reach.

I smile as I see his girlfriend has gone; leaving him free for me to indulge, wishing, as ever, that he was mine. Mine to hold. Mine to love and cherish. Mine to make sweet love to until the sun came up, then we’d lie together; wrapped in one another’s arms. Talking, kissing, cuddling. I’d be there for him whenever he needed to talk, needed comfort. Whatever he wanted, I’d provide it.

No, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him.

I sigh, knowing that my love will always remain unrequited. He has a girlfriend, I tell myself, burying the other reasons my true happiness remains unfulfilled deep in the back of my head as I near my angel.

I clear my throat and calm myself down, “Hey Chaz,” I grin hovering in front of him.

“Mike,” He smiles, “What’s happened to you this week?”

Yes, those are the other reasons my love is impossible; I’m Mike Shinoda, He’s Chester Bennington. My completely straight, best mate, Chester Bennington. You can’t fall in love with something more untouchable really, can you?


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