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These Seasons Are Green by im.no.saviour


A/N: Hokay, so we've got a new one? [nods] It seems we do. Just so I don't get hate mail and whatnot, I have been working on Trepidation but it's not done yet. [hides]

But! This new one! I'm really into it right now, so hopefully you'll like it too. <3


These Seasons Are Green

And these seasons are green

back & forth, in between,

colored leaves to shaking trees

to shaking knees to colored dreams

And these seasons are animosity

hidden glances of curiosity

mind bent - escape velocity

this is it; possibly

And these seasons are unique

antique speak for the weak

meek text, streaks, physique

it's all in your technique

And these seasons are raw

it's erotic hurrah

versed screams of bizarre

floors, walls and those bars

For these seasons are green

and if you know what I mean

nineteen months made obscene

with fresh, fragile, serene.



"Robert, listen, I know this is hard. I know that you feel alone right now; that you want nothing more than to go back to California, to your old life. But this is how it has to be. There are no other options. I’m sorry for your loss, I really am, but I don’t know how to make this any easier for you or for any of us.” There is a long pause that is broken by the teen sighing.

Rob moves his arm to rest his elbow on the handle of the car door, cupping his cheek in hand, staring out the window. The leaves atop the trees are a mix of reds and yellows, the kind that can only be found in New England during the autumn season. His aunt drives him through the streets of the town he hasn't a clue about. He didn't even know East Haven, Connecticut existed until a day earlier.


The music instructor dances about on his podium, his baton waving a three - four time. The jazz students in front of him play a swing song as a drama student comes rushing in, seemingly out of breath and panicked.

"Mr. Veckland! Mr. Veckland," said instructor drops his hands slowly, looking at the student expectantly, "There's an emergency, I need to see Rob."

Rob glances up from behind his drum set, placing his brushes on the snare. "What's the emergency, Alicia?"

"A couple of officers came into the auditorium looking for you. They're out in the front hall now." Alicia gives Rob an apologetic look. He ignores her turns toward Mr. Veckland who nods his approval to exit.

The dark-haired teen slowly takes his steps through the halls, wondering just what he could have done to have the local authorities come looking for him. He had spent the previous evening at Brad's house writing music, nothing criminal there. They didn't even record that cover song.

Two black-suited officers meet his gaze, one male and one female. They don't speak a word until Rob comes to a halt in front of them.

"Robert?" the female questions and removes her hat, revealing her nappy, flat hair.

"Yes?" he takes in the sight of the woman: short in height, dirty blonde shoulder length hair in a ponytail at the nape of her neck. Plain, he thinks, very plain.

"My name is Officer Mercier, and my partner here is Officer Alers. We've got some bad news, son. Your mother has been in an accident." Rob glares at her for one, calling him son and two, for putting it so bluntly. What happened to breaking the news gently?

The male, Alers, immediately picks up on the look and takes over, "Rob, maybe you'll want to come with us to sort some things out. We'll have someone at the hospital speak with you and we'll go from there. Does that sound okay?"

Something as simple as being asked his consent calms Rob. He nods his agreement and no less than ten [albeit nervous and awkward] minutes later, finds himself staring a physician in the face.

The combination of the officers and doctor explain to him that his mother had committed a number of careless actions. Her first was apparently not knowing the basics of how electricity and electrical outlets worked. Her second was not paying attention to the computer, telephone, camera charger, television, digital clock, lamp, and year round Christmas tree being all in the same area. Her third was falling asleep while they'd finally had enough of her crap and sparked. Her fourth was never having an extinguisher in her home. Her fifth was not calling the fire department as the twelve foot tree had begun to engulf the entirety of their living room. Her sixth, and final, was being too stubborn to leave their one floor ranch home as it burnt to the ground.

They continue on to tell him his biological father wants nothing of him, has his own life now, complete with two kids and a wife. There's no room or welcome for an addition there. His grandparents are either deceased or in convalescent homes. His mother was an only child. However, someone was interested in welcoming him into their home. Joan, his father's only sister, an aunt he'd never heard a word about - never mind an actual meeting in his past.

The male officer explains, "While we understand this is a difficult position for you to be put in and even more of a difficult event to comprehend, you've no where else to go. Since you're a minor and no will was ever written out, family is family, Rob. A flight has been arranged by your aunt for tomorrow morning. You'll fly out from LAX to Bradley Airport and from there, you'll begin your life in East Haven, Connecticut."

Despite everything the teen had just been told, that his mother was dead, his father alive and apparently an asshole, moving in with a family he'd never met, he was leaving in the morning. Only one question was dominating his mind: Where the fuck is East Haven, Connecticut?


Rob is brought back to the motor vehicle as the middle-aged woman beside him sighs and rests her right hand on his knee, gripping the steering wheel with the other. It is as if she is waiting for a response from the boy, waiting for him to say, ‘Everything is going to be alright’. She realizes no such response will come from this teen and continues, “Rob, maybe if you went outside for a bit once we get home, I mean, to my house... to the house. My son, Dave, is willing to show you around. There’s a nice boy that lives next door, Michael,” she pauses for a moment, thinking, “and a lovely young man down the street, Chester. You could become their friends.” She smiles half heartedly, knowing that this boy wasn’t going to open up easily. “Just promise me you’ll try, Rob. That’s all my heart needs right now, to just hear that you’ll try.”

He doesn’t want to break her heart, he wants to be okay; but nothing is okay, and Rob has little hope that things ever will be.


Sooo... that's the first chapter. Reviews are encouraged & looked forward to & welcome & I squeal whenever I get any, hahaha. Credit goes to Cass & Cait [<3 & <3] for helping me with names, to Morgan for putting up with my "freaking out" before I posted this & to me [hahaha] for the poem at the beginning. I hope you enjoyed ittt. <3

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