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Got root ? by vei



Mike unzipped his pants and slid a hand inside his boxers, hissing when it grazed the prominent erection. He was glad that everyone left for once, leaving him all alone to enjoy his porn the way it should be enjoyed. It'd been way too long since he'd last had a chance to go even that far. Hell, technically he even had a girlfriend, but he was way too busy to maintain any form of contact with her going beyond two text messages a day in which he reassured her he still loved her very much. She rarely responded though.

Not like it was bothering him right now, sprawled on a chair in front of his PC at work, which wasn't technically work, but his life itself, considering he hadn't been home or really left this place at all for the last week. He was nearing release swiftly and was already planning how to tidy up efficiently in the ever-conscious and practical back of his mind when a ring at the door brought him back to the harsh reality of his hand getting sticky in his pants, blood pounding in his ears and his erection subsiding, willed down forcefully.

He downed a full cup of cold black coffee waiting within the reach and stood up on shaky legs, scowling at the bitter taste, but at least coming back to his senses thanks to it. Another ring. He wondered who the fuck that was at 10 AM. It was a hideously early hour by their standards and he was only up because he'd stayed up to enjoy his porn, dammit.

He ran a hand through his hair, stale hair gel sticking to it. If it was any kind of an important figure he'd had an appointment scheduled with and promptly had forgotten all about it, no thanks to all copies of his calendar getting messed-up two days ago he was fucked. Because he hadn't showered nor changed clothes for the last 48 hours and was stuck in old cargo pants and a t-shirt saying 'STFU Noob' with just his brilliant smile to defend him.

If it would be any willing to appear at this ungodly hour that's it.

Since the person at the door wouldn't just give up and kept on ringing he headed there with a pained sigh and opened the door, hoping still it would be Phoenix having lost his keycard again. Instead, he was faced with a thin man his age, dressed in an immaculate suit, but clearly feeling uncomfortable wearing it, which was apparent by the fact Mike caught him tugging at his collar when he opened the door suddenly after a few minutes long wait. The looks they exchanged indicated clearly how they expected to see something else entirely.

"How can I help you ?" Mike asked, running his hand through his hair again, attempting to put it in some semblance of order.

The other guy cleared his throat. Mike observed how his hair looked bleached and the fact that he didn't make any move for them to shake hands indicated he wasn't anyone important after all. Not that Mike wanted to shake hands right then, considering where his had been a little while ago. The poor guy probably got lost in the immense office block, he assumed.

"I was supposed to start working here today, at 10 AM."

Mike scratched his head, looking at the guy quizzically.

Chester was beginning to think he stumbled into some kind of an idiot who was blocking the doorway to his new workplace, most likely rendering his new boss furious with him being late on his first day of work.

"Look, you'll let me in or you won't ?" Chester growled, dropping all pretense, seeing as how the guy looked barely his age, wore casual clothes and smelled. He was some courier at best. Chester got hired as an assistant and dressed for the occasion. That gave him a feeling of authority.

"Sure, come in. Who has hired you ?" Mike shrugged, letting the guy in.

"Are YOU in any position to demand that kind of information from me ?" Chester asked sternly, looking around the hallway cluttered with paper boxes with a deepening scowl. Sure the office block was nice, but the interior of his new workplace was looking significantly rundown compared to the rest of it.

"Yeah, I guess I am." Mike said with a sigh. What kind of an asshole had they hired ? And, more importantly, what for ? "I'm Mike Shinoda. The release manager."

The guy looked at him cluelessly, though with increasing interest.

"The head developer ?" Mike tried, to no avail. "The boss ?"

"Wha... ?" Chester blinked stupidly. Okay, so he was hired by an American office of a joint-venture Korean-American company producing smartphones, located in a representational office block in Los Angeles. He would've never expected a boss at this place to be a twenty-something guy who didn't care to shower.

"So, who has hired you ?" Mike repeated, congratulating himself on his patience.

"Joseph Hahn." Chester replied, starting to dig in his bag looking for his copy of the employment contract.

Mike remembered distantly talking with Joe about some controlled usability testing that would be in order and about how that person could actually take care of the boxes cluttering the corridor and take those to the post office and so on, but it was after a beer or five and he didn't take Joe's plans seriously, especially since they didn't have that much money to spare. Then again, Joe was supposed to get some sword worth a good few thousands bucks in the World of Warcraft and sell it on an internet auction. Maybe he chose to actually spend those money on hiring this guy.

"And you're supposed to be what ?" Mike asked.

Chester couldn't stop yet another scowl.

"An assistant ?" He answered hesitantly, starting to think how getting this job might not have been the best idea.

Mike rolled his eyes.

"How good are you with computers ?"

"Well..." Chester hesitated. "I can use Windows, I guess. Word, too. And Internet."

Mike smiled a small smile. The guy was most likely completely clueless as to what they were even doing here.

"Well, I guess if you're willing to learn a few things, you can stay." Mike said finally. "And, there's no dress code." He added, motioning to Chester's suit. "Your place is far from here ?"

Chester shook his head, wondering what was the point of that question.

"Then go home and be back at 4 PM. We mostly work at nights anyway." Mike added, yawning. "The other guys should show up around that time too."

"Okay." Chester agreed hesitantly. He'd never had a boss quite like this. And what was that about working at night ? "Do any women work here ?" He found himself asking, his curiosity getting the best of him.

"No." Mike replied matter-of-factly. "Is that a downside ?" He asked, chuckling. "Hey, what's your name anyway ?"

"Chester Bennington."

Well... Chester the Molester.

"See you at 4 PM. I guess you can go now. I'm out of here anyway." Mike said, disappearing behind one of the doors in the corridor only to come back with a jacket and car keys in his hand and a small laptop tucked under his arm. Chester was still standing there, immaculate in his suit complete with a tie and waiting for something, obviously unsure if he should just leave at this point.

"Come on." Mike said his way before heading to the exit.

They got out on the office block's shared corridor, complete with marble floors, glass panes and exotic plants and proceeded towards the elevator. It seemed as if everyone in the whole building besides Mike was wearing suits and formal dresses. He didn't seem to care about the looks thrown his way at all though. Chester was starting to feel more enthusiastic about this job with every passing second. It seemed as if it could actually be fun. No dress code, sleeping in since he wouldn't have to work until late afternoon, it didn't sound bad.

They got down all the way to the parking lot and Chester noticed with a hint of amusement how his new boss was dozing off in the elevator. Since Joe had given him a pass, he had his pitiful Nissan Sunny parked down here.

"See you at 4." Mike said to him one more time before getting inside somewhat untidy Acura MDX.

Chester scowled. In the end, this proved who was the boss, he thought, kicking his Nissan's tire with unadulterated hate. He got in with a pained sigh and headed towards the exit.

So they were making phones. Only then, he started to wonder what exactly that entailed.

He peeked out from his car curiously noticing how Mike had a pretty big cartoon penguin painted on his car door.

Okay, so he didn't get any of it.

This job still sounded like fun though. No dress code. He wondered if putting his lip piercing back would be overdoing it or not as he headed back towards his hired place to get out of this damned suit already.

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