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And then the world found out... by vei


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All I say is quit discussing it. Especially here. Isn't it a rule here at LPMB that their private lives should not be discussed ?




Originally posted by mshinoda:

regarding the recent situation with the photos of myself and Rob Bourdon published by the press (i guess you know which ones i mean) - i'd like to suggest to the board's administrators not to treat the discussion about those as a perpetration of the rule about not discussing our private lives. i don't want this board to be perceived as censored when difficult issues come up so even though i do feel uncomfortable about this, i don't think it is fair to stifle that discussion by administrative means.

end of quote

I guess that kind of defeats your theory. We ARE allowed to discuss it. And I guess it is unavoidable. For some people it's breaking news. Some may even stop to be fans altogether.


oh come on. Does it really matter THAT much ? We don't really get to see what other bands do in their private lives and whom they bang either and we don't really CARE. They are musicians. What do their private lives have to do with anything anyway ? If they make great music then it's fine with me even if they slept with their dogs lol


the truth is: it's kind of blown out of proportion among the fans because of how Mike used to be perceived. He just seemed so damn perfect and a good boy for a rock star. I mean, a degree in one of the best art schools in the world, a happy marriage, no history of drug abuse or anything really. All peaches and cream. Maybe we actually needed that one scratch on this perfect surface to be able to relate to him. That's what I think at least.


yeah, i think you're actually right. He was both very private and seemed just too perfect. In a way we've been all waiting for a slip like that. I mean, if Chester was caught doing that we'd shrug and go our merry way. He's got so many stories to tell anyway. Groping a bandmate wouldn't be much really. But Mike o_o

That's like, unthinkable. Until it happens, that's it.


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Whaa... Haven't we said so ? Yay for Mike/Rob !


What sickens me maybe more than the incident itself are those deranged comments by slash fans. Get a grip. That's real life. He's actually cheating on his wife. Considering he's had a wife in the first place his sexuality most likely isn't something nice and easy for him himself to deal with. There's not much about that that would be cute or awesome really.


And how do you know that ? Maybe it is something truly special really. I guess it is up for interpretation.


What I mean is that it's beyond the realm of reading too much out of normal friendly gestures or some accidental touches or looks that got photographed because that ought to happen when that many photos of someone are made. This is not a joke or something anymore. Also, two guys, one married, groping in an alleyway rarely means true love.

If it was love or anything like that, they would've come out by now and said so. They're not really making their situation much better by hiding it at this point.

Or maybe they do. I don't know really.

In fact I don't know what I would've done if this happened to me, because it surely is a really bad situation and I don't see any way out really. I mean there are musicians who lead their life being openly gay like Elton John, but that sure isn't easy either and he had a chance to come out in a more organized and civilized fashion. Mike just woke up one morning to the world that knew that he liked guys and cheated on his wife with one. I mean that's BAD.


Why is it that much of a deal ? Would it be less of a deal if it was with a girl ? Isn't this world weird for such a difference to exist in the first place ?

Some people are gay or bi. This can't be helped. Why should we make them unhappy by treating them worse just because they are that way if they can't help it ? It's just sick.


It's interesting too how most people talk about it as if it was all about Shinoda. Rob Bourdon was there too ! It's not like he's some random guy who can be overlooked as a person. Maybe the fact that he isn't actually married helps a little bit, but he's too had a girlfriend.

I don't really know what to think about this. It bothers me though and I can't seem to enjoy their music the way I used to. That may be the case with more people.


Do you think Linkin Park is actually going to fall apart because of that ?!


There is another topic for that discussion. Please go post there.


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His head hurt. Badly.

He'd spent the last few hours scrolling down through pages upon pages of fan's comments on the event. They expressed a myriad of views, as one could except. From being sick with seeing the photos of two guys kissing and having their favorite band's members display homosexual tendencies through the insecurity about what would happen to the band now, the general moral support, often directed right at him, to the blatant fangirlish behavior or proclamations of their own homosexuality. Somehow, he didn't particularly cherish any kind of those responses.

He wasn't sure what he wanted, but not that. Maybe he hoped they would just drop the matter. It was his private life after all. The fans of his music should keep away from it. It just should be that simple.

But it wasn't. There was a certain price one ought to pay sometimes for success and popularity and devotion of thousands of people all around the world.

But this...

Maybe this was just too much.

He started coughing, getting into a fit that lasted a few minutes.

He'd been feeling like shit those last few days, ever since the photos had first surfaced. His head hurt constantly and the coughing was only getting worse.

It was three days ago, but he could still remember clearly as if it happened a mere minute ago, how he woke up on that day, around 2 PM actually, because after the show the previous night they'd spent the rest of the night on a bus without special sleeping compartments, merely dozing off in their seats and when they'd reached the hotel in the early morning, he'd still fallen asleep the moment his head touched the pillow. Still, he was astonished it was that late. Normally, someone would wake him up around 11 AM so he could actually get ready and grab a lunch before the rehearsal in the afternoon.

He reached for his cell phone. The clock on it was still all wrong, stuck on the Los Angeles time. He groaned. There were two new text messages. At least the roaming was working. One of those from Anna. He read it twice, but still couldn't get it. `When you feel ready to explain those photos to me, call me.` What photos ?

What fucking photos ?!

That he'd need to explain to his wife ?

His blood ran cold at that moment, but he still pretty much hoped he was all wrong and she meant something entirely different.

The second message. From Bob, their tour manager. `Mike, when you wake up get to the room nr 09 on the first floor. Right away. Don't touch the computer.`

Fuck. It was when his stomach churned and his head started to ache. It couldn't be that. It just couldn't. He got out of bed, looked around the room, clueless as to where the bathroom was. The big windows taking up one entire wall with the drapes pulled wide open displayed a hauntingly beautiful view of the oldest part of Prague. He was pretty high up over the city, on what he presumed to be a seventh floor or so.

"Cause everything that you thought I would be has fallen apart right in front of you..." He mouthed the Numb lyrics to his reflection in the glass pane of the window.


Why was he saying that anyway ? Just because the Numb video was actually filmed in Prague ? There was something seriously wrong. Something had happened.

If it really was...

He proceeded on his way to the bathroom, taking his toiletries bag with himself. Once inside he put a brand new blade into his razor and for some unfathomable reason got down to shaving off his beard and mustache, which took a lot of work and about another hour. He got scratched quite badly in the process, succeeding in making himself look quite wretched for tonight's meet and greet. He needed to wait another few minutes for the small wounds to stop bleeding before he could clean them one final time. The water that went down the drain was tinted pink and some residue of his black stubble wasn't still quite washed away off the basin. He dared a look up only after finishing the work up with a bit of cologne that made all the small wounds sting.

"Not bad..." He muttered, running his hand over the small goatee which was all he left of his beard.

So much for the new, more mature look of Linkin Park. But fuck, he needed the distraction.

The coughing fit astonished him. It was pretty bad and left him catching his breath with difficulty, his lungs burning intensely. That so wasn't the time for him to fall sick and especially for having throat problems. He needed to rip some honey and lemon off Chester later.

That would explain the headache. It wouldn't explain the unsettling text messages though. He actually went back to the room and checked his cell phone to see if those were even there in the first place. He wouldn't put it past himself, as exhausted as he was playing a show every night, to confuse a dream with the reality. They were there though. And on top of that the phone rang while he still held it in his hand. Chester. Go figure.

"Mike, you're okay ?"


"I mean, it's 3 PM. We had a rehearsal scheduled for 4. Bob rescheduled it, but it'd be nice if you got down here."

He could picture perfectly how Chester ran his hand through his hair in a nervous gesture in that moment, while squinting his eyes a bit.

"I'll be there in a few minutes. Get me some medicine or whatever. I think I have a cold."

Chester groaned into the phone.

"How bad is it ? You sound pretty good."


"Huh ?"

"You know anything about some photos I'd need to explain to Anna ?" He asked attempting to sound like it was a casual question, but it sounded poignant.

This question, it already sounded as if he was admitting he'd cheated on her. It felt alien. It wasn't his thing to cause trouble like that, to cheat on his wife, to get divorced, to generate a press buzz like that. Chester had a knack for those things while he was merely a good guy who didn't have those kind of problems and even if he did, no body needed to know, not even his band.

"So you don't know yet ? Just get down here."

With that, Chester hung up. Mike looked at his cell phone incredulously. Another text message was flashing on the screen. Brad this time around. `There are already paparazzi all `round the place. Wear something nice.`

Ah, yeah.

He headed back to the bathroom, looked himself over in the mirror once again, attempting to get used to his new old look. Damn, he would have spiked his hair if it were actually long enough to be spiked. He flashed his trademark grin at himself, but it didn't reach his eyes.

He settled on the least flashy clothes he could think of: dark gray jeans, black t-shirt, black DC shoes, dark glasses. After another coughing fit stopped him in the doorway, he put on a black button-down shirt too. He left the room, locked the door and headed to the elevator. He got inside and got down two floors before a woman in her fifties boarded. She was dressed in a meticulous business suit and smelled of expensive perfume. The condescending look she shot at his run-down shoes almost made him laugh.


He followed the woman on the way out of elevator on the first floor and proceeded down the corridor looking for the room nr 09. Meanwhile a short woman with a recorder in her hand stormed past the guards in the lobby and ran into that very corridor, her heart leaping in her chest at the sight of him. The guards stopped her camera man though, she realized, noticing how he wasn't behind her.

"Mike Shinoda ?" She shouted in his direction.

"Sorry, I'm late for a meeting." He replied her way, not stopping in his track.

"Just one question, please. How long has your relationship with the drummer, Rob Bourdon, been going on behind the scenes ?"

He stopped, rooted to his spot, his hand on the doorknob of the room nr 09. The world found out. And came crashing down.

"Mr Shinoda ?" The reporter asked, coming closer, looking at him strangely. "Could you answer the question ?"

He looked scary, she thought, even though she couldn't see his eyes. His hand, hovering over the doorknob, was shaking all too visibly and his lips were trembling.

"Are you all right ?" She asked, realizing how he was gradually turning pale, almost ash gray due to his naturally tanned skin. "Just this one question. Will there be an official announcement later on ? Today ? Or a press conference ?"

He pushed the door, not sparing her a glance.

"Hey, and what about your wife ? What does she think about that turn of events ?"

"Hey, want me to call the security or will you find the exit by yourself ?" Chester stuck his head out of the room holding the door tightly closed most of the way.

"How would you comment on your two bandmates' homosexual affair ?" She asked without missing a beat.

Chester let Mike in and shut the door in her face. She actually gripped the doorknob, but the door proved to be locked right away.


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