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Wonderful by UnwillinglyMasked

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own Linkin Park. I do not have any rights to the song "Wonderful" by Stone Temple Pilots. I do though own this particular plot and if stolen you shal suffer the consequences. Laughs menacingly

A/N: This story is based upon the song "Wonderful" off of STP's Shangri La De Da. Actually Wonderful live featuring Chester Bennington on the Family Values Tour 2001 CD is where the idea came from technically. I posted this on FanFiction.net and had about 5 chapters up. I'm just gonna re post them gradually then continue with new chapters, :). Since I do have chapter 1-5 done, updates should be somewhat regular. Reviews are great, :). Now on with the story.

"Chester!" I scream searching through my duffle bag frantically. "CHESTER!"

"What!?" I hear him scream from outside of the tour bus.

"Get your scrawny ass in here!"

I continue grumbling under my breath, still searching the contents of my duffle. I throw shirts haphazardly over my shoulder. A large mound of clothing is starting to form behind me.

"CHESTER!" I scream once more.

"Whoa, no need to scream, I'm right here." I turn my head to the right and see Chester standing in the doorway between the kitchen area and the bunks.

"Where are they?" I ask irritated.

"Where's what?" I look down at his feet.

I jump up, sending some shirts that fell from my lap down to the floor. I point childishly at his shoes. "Those! My shoes! On your feet! Where are those!?"

"Well, obviously they're on my feet Mike." Chester says simply.

"I know that, but why!? They're my God damned shoes!"

"Jeesh, Mike. I just wanted to borrow them."

"Asking would be nice!"

"Sorry." Chester shrugs.

He turns on his heal, the heal of MY shoe, and starts to walk away.

"What are you doing?! I want my shoes." I say.

"I'll give 'em back. Don't worry." Chester says and continues to walk towards the exit of the bus.

Stupid fucker. What is up with him and shoes? And it isn't like he doesn't have enough of them. But nooo, he has to have mine. He even has the same pair, here, ON THE BUS! He says he likes mine better because they're worn in. He has too many pairs of shoes to wear them all in I guess. See, now if it had been Brad I would have snatched my shoes of his feet without a second thought, or if it had been any other member of the band, for that matter. But it wasn't Brad... it was Chester.

I look around me. Shit. Now I've got put all of this crap back into this itty-bitty bag. I really hate packing. But, hey at least I'm not packing to go somewhere. I'm packing to go home. Ah, home sweet home. I get to sleep in my own nice waterbed, with my nice, cool, silk sheet. The contemplation makes me sigh happily. Home for three whole months! What joy! And by the end of those three months I will be wed happily to Anna. I smile at the thought.

I clumsily fold my shirts and pants and stuff them into my bag. We're already in LA. Actually we're already in the parking lot we are supposed to be so that we can be picked up. But, unfortunately, we are half an hour early and nobody's here yet. I finish packing up then head to the bathroom to wash up. I must look pretty for Anna. She's coming to pick me up.

I splash cold water on my face, welcoming the feeling of cleanliness. After patting my face dry I inspect my hair. I dampen my fingers and twist pieces of my hair to form perfect little spikes to set off my face my face. After making sure each spike is just right, I gently run my finger over them, making them fall apart slightly. See, doing my hair is an art. Make faultless spikes, and then mess them up so it doesn't look like I spent too much time on it. Of course it still looks fabulous though.

After one last check in the mirror, I exit the bathroom. I grab my duffle on my way past my bunk. Well, what was my bunk. Now I get a bed! I walk out of the hall and into the kitchen area. I put my laptop into its carrying case and grab a Sprite. I then walk to the very front of the bus and jog down the steps.

The California sun is shining bright, and the sky is completely cloud free. It's a gorgeous day. Each of the guys is sitting on the ground in somewhat of a circle. All of their bags are resting behind their backs. I go to join them.

"Good to be home." Joe says starring up into the sky.

"Even better, it's for three months." Dave reminds us.

"Chester I want my shoes!" I say as I sit down on the hard blacktop.

"Stop complaining, Mikey. It's not like you aren't gonna get 'em back." Chester says, idly untying and retying his shoes.

"Wait... Chester, don't you have that exact same pair?" Rob asks, looking over at Chester's feet.

"Yes, he does." I say. Chester just shrugs.

Before I can reply, I hear a car coming into the parking lot. I turn and see a dark blue Eclipse, which is Anna's car. My heart leaps. I jump up and run over to her car. She opens the door and quickly gets out. I wrap her up in my arms and bombard her neck and lips with kisses. She giggles as my lips graze her neck.

"Miss me?" She asks.

"Hell yeah." I say picking her up in my arms and spinning her around; she laughs hysterically.

I place her down on her feet again and grab her hand. I led her over to where the guys are sitting. They all exchange their greetings. Anna starts discussing the tour with the rest of the band. I simply stare at her. She's so beautiful, and she's all mine. I smile goofily. Her short brownish auburn hair gleams in the sunshine. The engagement ring on her finger occasionally catches the sun causing it to shimmer.

Soon Samantha pulls up in Chester's brand new red Mustang. Chester runs over screaming, "My baby, my baby!"

"Well, nice to see you too." Samantha says.

"I meant the car, silly." Chester says. I laugh at the site of Samantha hitting him playfully with her purse.

"Hey Sam!" I say as Samantha and Chester walk over to us hand in hand.

"Hey Mikey boy!" Samantha says giving me a one armed hug.

Samantha and I have always been close. With all the shit Chester can pull, she needs somebody to lean on, and it's usually me. I've gotten countless calls in the middle of night from Samantha. It's always 'Chester's awful!' or something of the sort. I'm usually the message boy whenever she and Chester are in a fight.

After a few more minutes of idle chatting I announce it's time for Anna and I to go.

"Well, everyone. I think I should be getting home. Lots of sleeping to do. And since this lovely women is my transportation, she's coming with me."

"Oh Mike don't leave me!" Chester says grabbing my waist.

"Sorry there, princess." I say with a laugh looking down at Chester.

"Anna," He adds a sniff here, "take care of my big boy, k?"

"Will do, Chester. Don't worry." Anna says smiling.

"See ya Mike. Don't get too comfy at home. We gotta start recording soon." Brad says.

"I know, I know. I swear you remind me of my mother!" Brad smiles goofily.

"Lata, Mike!" Rob calls out from the ground. He is now lying down on the concrete like an idiot, using his bag for a pillow.

"Rob? I hope somebody steps on you." I say with a grin.

"Jee thanks Shinoda."

"Oh don't take offense Rob. Mike's just naturally a prick." Joe says.

"Uhuh. Bye to you to Joe."

"Bye Mike!" Joe chimes innocently.

"See ya Mike-o."

"See ya Phi Phi." Phoenix dubbed me with Mike-O on our second tour. I retorted by christening him Phi Phi.

"Bye everyone. Thanks for keeping Mike sane." Anna says.

Anna and I walk to her car. She's talking about something, but what I really can't pinpoint. I'm so caught up in the fact that I'm going to be home with her for three months that I don't hear anything besides our own footsteps. I open the door to the car for her. I go over to the driver's side and climb in. Anna hands me the keys and kisses me on the cheek. I start the car and drive off. I look back at the guys and wave before turning onto the road. A wave of sadness suddenly drops over me, and I don't know why.


We arrive at my house in about thirty minutes. All I want to do is go and lie down on my nice waterbed and snuggle down into my sheets.

"You sure you don't want me to stay?" Anna asks.

"Nah. I'm just really tired. I want to get some rest. You don't mind do you?"

"Oh of course not. You get settled in and I'll come over tomorrow."


"I'm glad you're home Mike." Anna says and squeezes my hand.

"Me too, sweetie." We share one last kiss and then Anna gets back into her car.

"I'll call you tomorrow morning. I love you, Mike."

"I love you too."

I watch as Anna pulls out of the driveway. She blows me a kiss and I "grab" it and put it in my pocket. I walk across the lawn and up to the front door. I grab my keys and unlock the door noisily. A walk into my house and inhale deeply. Nothing smells like home. I smile and kick the door shut with my foot. I walk through the living room, shucking of my shoes as I go. I flip on the kitchen light then proceed down the hall.

I open the second door on my left and flip the light on. Ahh, bed. My bed. I peel my shirt off and drop it on the floor. The air from the fan bites at my bare chest. I shiver and quickly take off my pants, leaving me clad in my blue plaid boxers. I turn on the lamp next to my bed and run to turn off the main light. I dive into bed and hurriedly pull the covers down and nestle beneath them. I'm shacking due to cold.

I sigh as the warmth of the covers engulfs me. I reach over and turn the lamp off and quickly withdraw my hand back into its tepid cocoon. I roll over and bring the pillow next to me into my arms. It feels so warm against my chilled flesh. I snuggle into the fabric and exhale noisily.

"Chester you're so soft." I say out loud, and then quickly realize what I said.

"Oh my God! I just said Chester! Oh my God!" My self-conscious nags at me loudly.

Who am I trying to kid? I have a thing for Chester. I don't know why, maybe just cold feet before the wedding. But you can hardly blame me. He's so close to perfect it's scary. He's confident and so natural about everything he does. Not to mention he has the body of a god. Oh my God! I just said that about a guy. What's wrong with me!? Again my self-conscious snaps at me. I have to admit I have thought about guys many times in a sexual way.

I always wanted to try being in a relationship with a guy but was always too scared to tell anybody how I felt. After the band took off it became impossible. The press would go bananas over something like that. I can just see the headlines now. "Linkin Park Hotty Goes Gay!", "Shinoda Steps Out of The Closet!", "Linkin Park Front Man Fesses Up!". I put my hands over my face a groan loudly.

And now there's no way in hell I can try being with a guy because in a little less than two months I'm getting married to the girl I love. But that doesn't change the fact I have feelings for Chester. Don't get me wrong, I love Anna more than anything, but there's this irksome thought that I like Chester too. Maybe it will all pass once I'm married. Married. The word gets lost in my head.

Chester's married. Happily married nonetheless. I can just imagine what Samantha would say if I told her I liked her hubby. I chuckle at the thought. I try to banish these thoughts for the moment. I close my eyes and let sleep take a hold of me. I don't feel like thinking about this now. I'll think about it tomorrow, I tell myself as a drift off into sleep.

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