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Amphibiman by cyberchic


Out in the murky mists of the swamp lands a car drove along a rough road. " We are lost because of you this place isn't safe" The mother protested to her husband. " Keep your voice down our baby is trying to sleep in the back there" he replies back. The mother turned her head to see her son wrapped up in the baby basket asleep. " Honey, I wish you didn't take this shortcut why didn't you follow the road?” Husband replied " I thought this will be an easy way out but". All of a sudden the car hit a bump in the road and spun into a muddy pothole. " Shit, come on car!!!" He says pushing on the execrator as the wheels spun mud around. Suddenly there was silence. An unusual sound cut through the thick mist air and soon red eyes started to appear in the mist surrounding the car. The fear soon grasps both parents as they were choking and soon it happened.

Frogs attacked the car smashing through the windows and breaking through the doors they attacked the parents and soon spotted the baby in the back seat and started to shove the baby basket out the door and towards the muddy waters.

His mother screams piecing the air and his father wrestled with the execrator trying to stop the frogs from attacking him. Soon the car manages to pull out of the hole and drove away. They never knew that their child was left behind and they never turned back. The baby soon awoke to see frogs surrounded his basket. He cries out in vain as the frog continued pushing the basket deeper and deeper into the murky waters where it was never to be seen again.

After years of growing in the swamp lands the mutant fleas to find his parents in the city of LA where he soon found it hard to blend in. He soon adapted to the life, developed friends but still his true calling card is yet to be discovered. The birth of a new super mutant hero is born. He has the ability to jump high, swim to the deepest depths and able to climb the tallest buildings. He fights by night yet acts like a normal human by day being able to some how control his morphing. But soon things about to change. Joe Hahn is his name DJ with LP is his game, but soon his identity will be discovered and the evil scientists at Planax Crop will manage to get their hands on the ultimate fighting machine.

He is Amphibiman...............

to be continued

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