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Love, Fear and Friendship by hattu

Chapter 1


I never believed I could write a story…now see this already number three.

I would like to thank all the people who keep cheering me! A special thanks is for the five people who took the time and reviewed “Quiet Heart” you reviews still cheer me up whenever I read them. You really made my days brighter!

And for this story I owe a big Thanks to me wonderful beta fireworks! You did/do an amazing job! Thank you! *hugs*

I hope you enjoy reading this! I would like to hear what you think of this.

And: Don´t own, never happend, just fiction!

So have fun!

Greetz hattu


Chapter 1

“Thank you guys for this amazing concert, good night!” Mike shouts.

I really enjoy touring and I love to play the drums, but right now I’m glad the show is over. My limbs are killing me and I’m dead tired. I just want a shower and a nice, large hotel bed.

We make our way into the dressing room as fast as our tired bodies will allow us. I can’t wait to get some soothing icepacks. As we enter the dressing room, you can hear six deep sighs because along with our icepacks waits our tour manager, Bob Dallas. We weren’t supposed to meet until tomorrow morning, so that means there are some changes. Or problems. Or both.

“Hey guys!” Whatever it is, we’re not going to like it, Bob’s tone is way too cheerful.

“We needed to put a few small changes in your schedule. So, up with you in the shower now and get on the bus. We’re having an overnight ride and a band meeting tomorrow morning.” Bob chirps, followed by six groans.

Bye-bye quiet, nice little hotel room. Bye-bye nice, real bed and bye-bye peaceful, long shower alone. Hello quick, dangerous group shower with five lunatics behaving like children. Well, really six, but I’m not in the mood today. Hello small, sticky bunk and hello noisy tour bus!

What a joy!

I better hurry up; maybe I can get at least a few minutes of showering in peace.

That worked well, I had ‘long’ six minutes until the others waltzed in. I quickly finished my shower and left. The last thing I saw was Chester preparing his towel for hitting Dave as I walked out. Seconds later, you can practically hear the hell breaking loose.

A squealing Joe runs out of the shower followed by a giggling Brad, a laughing Mike, a depressed looking Chester covered in red welts, and a triumphantly smirking Dave. When will Chester learn? Probably never.

I grab my belongings and make my way to the bus. Even if my bunk is uncomfortable, it is the only place I want to be right now. And if I manage to be fast enough so that I’m already asleep before the others arrive, I may be able to catch a few hours of sleep.

Well, it didn’t work as well as with the shower. I was just getting comfortable in my bunk as I hear the bus door open. Seconds later, my curtain is ripped open and a scared looking Joe blinks at me.

“Hide him! Please! Chester wants to cook his legs!” With that he throws Froggie in and shuts the curtain. Moments later, I hear him running into the back. I tug Froggie underneath my blanket so Chester can’t see him if he decides to take a look into my bunk. Why do they always have to tease Joe? Okay, I admit that it is a lot of fun. Sometimes. I hear the others fighting over videogames and Froggie while I drift off into dreamland.


“There he is!” Ouch, my ears.

“Wha? Ooomphff. Chester?! Get off!”

“You. You hid Froggie! You helped Joe! You need to be punished!” Dear god.

“Whatever! Get off, I want to sleep!”

“You have to get up, band meeting in ten minutes.”

“Urgh.” Tired! I’m tired!

“So get up or I, uhm, I will tell Joe you sold Froggie to me for five cents!” Iehk!

“You wouldn’t dare!” I would be so dead.

“Yes, I would! Now get up!”


“FROGGIE!” Oh shit, Joe.

“ROB!! How could you?”

“I swear, I’m sorry but Chester found him by himself. I have nothing to do with it!”

“Please Chester, can I have my Froggie back?”


“Why?” Poor Joe.


“Chester?” Brad is already awake?


“Where are you and what did you say about breakfast?”

“I’m in Rob’s bunk and I have breakfast right here.” Why do I don’t like this crazy glint in Chester’s eyes?

“Oh okay, and what’s for breakfast?” Hopefully not me.

“Fresh cooked frog legs!” Yeah, not me.

“NOOO!” Ouch! I didn’t know Joe could scream this loud. I watch as Chester climbs out of my bunk and dashes for the back lounge, with Joe on his heals. I groan and let myself fall back into my cushion as Brad walks by.

“You better get up. Bob will be here soon and you wouldn’t want him to find you still in bed, right?” Not a good idea.

“Yeah, thanks Brad.”

I get up and make my way to the bathroom to try and make myself look presentable. Just when I emerge from the bathroom, the bus door opens and Bob arrives. Yeah, I’m on time!

“Band meeting in three seconds in the front lounge and I want ALL band members there in one piece! One…two…three!”

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 1.. Oh, they listened.

“Okay. Brad, Chester, Dave, whoever has Froggie, give it back to Joe. Joe stop sulking, Rob wake up and Mike stop daydreaming!”

“Yes dad!” Well, at least we all think the same way.

“So now that I have your attention, here is the news. We had to cancel your shows for tomorrow and the day after because a storm damaged the roof of the venue. But, we rescheduled them. Unfortunately, your five day vacation you should have in four weeks is now two days shorter. But before you complain, you got a long weekend without shows ahead in the beautiful city of Miami, Florida. I managed to get your entire interviews and press meetings cancelled or moved. Well, mostly moved, but you have the weekend free! How is that?”


“Great!” Oh no.

“Amazing!” I hate this game. Think Rob, you need a word.

“Breathtaking!” Think!

“Uh…Overwhelming!” Puh.


“Mike?” Bob asked and we all look at him.

“Mike?!” He looks kind of sick, his face lost its entire colour.


“Huh? What? Oh. Yeah, great.” He smiles, but it looks a bit forced.

“You okay Mike?” Even Bob looks concerned now.

“Uh yes of course, I just feel a bit queasy, but I’m alright.” He laughs nervously.

What’s going on? I mean we get a whole weekend in party town Miami and it is just…oh wait Miami! That is it. That could be his problem. I should keep an eye on him just to be sure.

“Well, if you’re sure Mike. That was everything for now so you can get up kids and go play, but please just don’t kill each other.” Bob says, smirking. Okay, he wants us to act like kids, that is one of our specialties. We all jump up and start claiming the Playstation.

Yeah! I’m first in the lounge. Shit, Dave is the second so now I’m going to lose. Why do I always end up with Dave? I just want to win one time! I grumble and pass the controller to Joe before he goes total ballistic on my leg. I swear this guy is…Wait! Where is Mike? Don’t say he didn’t play along, that would be the second time today.

“Err guys? Where is Mike?” Thanks Chester, I’m not the only one who noticed the absence of our emcee.

“I will see where he went.” With that, Brad stands up and disappears in the direction of the front lounge, just to reappear in less than a minute.

“He is in his bunk and he said we should leave him alone. I don’t know what crawled up his ass, but when I asked if everything was okay he threw a shoe at me and told me to leave him the fuck alone and mind my own business.” Wow. I never thought it would get him this hard.

“Whoa! Are we talking about the same Mike Shinoda?!”

“Apparently yes Chester, we are.” Poor Mikey.

“Aww come on guys, he is just PMSing. We all know all too well who the girl is in LP.” Four giggles at Joe’s comment. I remain silent because that was just mean.

“Hey. Come on Rob, you know how queer Mike can be sometimes.” Brad says.

“Yeah, whatever you say.”

Dave and Joe return to the Playstation, and Brad and Chester start talking about random things, but turn quickly to Mike’s ‘queerness’.

And slowly it dawns me. Nobody knows what’s upsetting Mike. That means Mike kept everything to himself. I mean, I was sure Mike would have run to Brad or Chester, but it seems both are oblivious to everything. I just know because of an accident, I saw Mike writing on a numb journal one day. He used a screen name which he never used before.

But if he hasn’t talked about it, than his emotions must be boiling right now. Mike is such an emotional guy. I’m sure he is nowhere near over everything and he is far from okay right now. But why didn’t he talk with Brad or Chester? They used to talk about absolutely everything.

Sure I could go and talk to Mike, but I was never a person for Mike to talk about such things. And Mike doesn’t know that I know what’s going on. And if I told Mike I know what’s going on, he would ask me how I know everything. That would mean I would have to confess that I spied on Mike’s PC. That would be embarrassing, and Mike would be very disappointed or more likely feel betrayed, and that is nothing I want to put him through right now. He seems to be troubled enough. I just…

“STOP! Please stop this conversation about Mike’s ‘queerness’! I might end up thinking that Mike is indeed gay!” Joe suddenly yells. Brad and Chester stare at him with a strange look before they burst into laughter.

“What’s so funny you two?” Joe asks, confused. Brad and Chester are trying hard to get their laughter under control but are failing miserably. Now I’m also interested. What the hell could be so funny? Finally, Brad manages to get some control over his laughs.

“Mike gay?! Joe, Mike is straight as a board!” What? Oh Brad…

“Sure when he was in high school he had a slight gay crush, but I showed him the nice little creatures that are women!” Brad says and his chest swells with pride. Oh Brad, you don’t know that your best friend is gay? That is not good. Not for us, not for the situation and especially not good for Mike!

“Really? He had a gay crush? Who?” Dave wants to know.

“Uh…what was his name? Let me think. Uhm Marc Johnson…no, not Johnson, it was James. Yeah, Marc James. Weird name but he was on the football team.” Oh my god! Don’t tell me please! Mike what the hell are you hiding?! Why didn’t you talk to Brad or Chester or just somebody?

“That is really a weird name but who cares now…” Well, I care. Not for James Marc or whatever his name is, but I care for Mike.

“Yeah, right. So who wants to play Halo?”



“Me too!”

“Rob?” Brad asks.

“No thanks, I’m going to take a nap before sound check.”

“Okay, your loss.”

I leave the guys in the back lounge and enter the bunks. I stop at Mike’s bunk. The curtain isn’t completely closed, so I can see his face. He is either sleeping or pretending to be. I hope he really is asleep because you can hear every single word being spoken in the back lounge. Poor Mikey. I hope the next few days won’t be too hard on him. I hope he finds the courage and talks to somebody. I don’t want to tell him what I did.

Maybe I’m just overdramatic. I mean, maybe I just worry too much. Who says that he will break down into tears just by the sight of the city he lived three months in with his first big love? Maybe he’ll just get a bit sad or depressed for a few days and then everything will be fine again.

I will just keep an eye on him and see what happens.


I hope you like it so far. Let me know!

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